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Sonichu appeared on r/Place in 2022

Reddit is a social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website. Registered users can post, rate, and comment on contents in boards called "subreddits." Chris created an account in 30 May 2016, using the username u/CwcvilleGuardian1982, and mostly hung out at r/PlanetDolan, the subreddit of YouTube channel Planet Dolan, presumably as an effort to get closer to his then prospective heartsweet DoopieDoOver. He also paid for Reddit Premium, a monthly subscription which would remove all ads and give him additional privileges in the site. Currently, Chris is the moderator of r/CultOfCWC, a subreddit populated by enablers and white knights who worship him.

Chris has made only a handful of posts in the years since his account's creation, and stopped posting to the site in 2019. On 13 July 2021 Chris created another Reddit account, using the username u/VirtualActuator7381. So far the account has made no posts or comments.

Content submitted by Chris

Chris submitted three questions in r/PlanetDolan, none of them are on topic regarding the subreddit's subject.

Why do we feel Great Shock (heart pain) upon hearing bad news? (30 May 2016)

Hey. Big fan of y'all's shows; I like learning. I like Shima and Malissa.

Anyhow, to further explain my question with a recent event. I don't get asked out much, and finding my lady Sweetheart and eventually being married and having a family has been an ambition of mine. Recently, I ended up informing my mother a reminder about all that. And amidst the discussion, she says to me, "On my own death bed, I do not care rather or not you have any children at all." It registered to me equal to "your future children can go to hell." It Hurt Deep, like a gunshot that pierced not only through my heart, but knocked my soul back far. I ended up crying, and I had an upset with gut pains and sweat that cleared up after the poo got out of my system. Either way, I am still recovering, and still feeling sad about this.

I want to add, and This Should Be a Life Lesson to ALL Parents, so please be sure to tell Everyone upon answering the question on your show:

"Parents, NEVER EVER tell your children or their children that you do not care if they never have children. Even IF you meant to ease their tension, it still can Very Much be interpreted as "Your future children can go to hell", or similar. No Matter What, it DOES Hurt them, young, teen and adult, DEEP!"

Thank you, and have a good and safe day.

Can males be born with a hidden vagina (minus the uterus)? (3 July 2016)

This post was made two weeks before he would make the self-inflicted taint wound. He also left a link to two Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis videos. Notably, Chris mistakes the pelvic ischium (the pieces of the pelvis that form part of the hip bones), the pubic bone and associated muscles in and around the perineum as an 'unbirthable Vagina', providing only further insight into the horrifying trains of thought Chris would have been undergoing when readying the knife he used on himself down the line.

Hey. Boys, get ready to have your minds blown. As Planet Dolan has said, Everyone is Female inside the womb until if and when the "Y" chromosome mutates the girl to be a boy. Which, when you Really think about it, with Everyone being Female initially, even pre-birth, being "Manly" or "Manliness" is very much made up. Anyhow, and you can try this at home in private, push (maybe tough) into the center of the skin patch between your legs (the taint); you may find one or two grooves hidden under there. One of them, yes, is your unbirthable Vagina (since the uterus would be shrunk during the "Y" mutation).

Punchline: if every gay male knew about this, all they'd have to do is cut their taint, and they'd have a new hole to play with (seriously, though, maybe professional sugury would be Best for that business opening). OR, for the price of WiFi and your YouTube-Viewing device, you could try opening it, in as soon as six month (less if listened to more often) with a Subliminal Track. Check out this one from my favorite channel that offers it on YT.

Or, if that title scares you, this other one might leave your sack free.

Things you do while waiting to fall asleep (13 September 2016)

Either if you're keeping yourself awake or actually working your brain to become better fatigued, how about a list of the dumbest, or otherwise the best, things to do while waiting to fall asleep.

For me, my best is while having my eyes closed and feeling comfy, I tire my brain by figuring out words that rhyme with a randomly chosen word, by choosing the word, than going through the alphabet one letter at a time to figure as many actual rhymes for that word.

An example: "random". "Andom?", "Brandon", "condom"; bore your brain with repeated use of this brain teaser.

And my obvious dumbest, playing solitaire on my phone (with the light on the dimmest setting). Obviously, the light, regardless of brightness, is enough to fool the brain into staying awake, even while Boeing yourself with Solitaire.

A reply—the first received so far—proves the existence of people even more braindead than Chris:

I search tumblr or instance gram maybe some twitter before I fall asleep

A Good and Blessed Day to you all (27 August 2019)

On 27 August 2019, role-playing as Magi-Chan, Chris made an announcement in r/CultofCWC in response to being made a moderator of the subreddit.

It is indeed I, Magi-Chan Sonichu. I am humbled to be included in this as a Moderator. And for the first post from myself, I would like to ask you all on Christine’s behalf to share your stories.

From which of her past deeds has brought up this following?

And, in your own respective words, how has she brought light upon you?

I feel it advised and well for her to read these responses for herself when she can, so, please, do share.

Thank you. 💜⚡️

Ah. I sense and see it. (28 August 2019)

Well, the CWC-Senses are going off; something is happening that woke this body up and is keeping it from falling back to sleep.

Ah. I sense and see it: the Coast-to-Coast storm is coming; Christine is coming into her better powers between her soul there and her body here. Also, a potential literal heavy rain pattern in the width of the United States.

When a white knight suggested that that Hurricane Dorian is a sign of the merge, Chris confirms it.

Very observant and perceptive of you; very good job. Here is a Gold Star for you as well. ⭐️ 💜⚡️

Comments left by Chris

Retelling of his move to the Short Bus (11 January 2017)

In response to the post in r/PlanetDolan What's the worst things that's happened to you on a school bus?

In my Freshman year of High School, 1997, I was on the regular bus for a while. I used to sit at the front and to the right side of the bus; right by the bus' door. I remember it was at a time after I started having to wear glasses for being nearsighted, since I was examined by my optomologist doctor, who is also my half-brother, And got my glasses on the same day in '97, Groundhog Day; February 2. Anyhow, there was this rambunscious boy who wanted to be first off of the bus upon getting back home, about every time; I wanted first off of the bus as well. One day, that boy upped and punched my face, Just to be first off of the bus that day. AND the punch was so hard, he literally knocked my glasses off of me. The glasses did not get broken, but I was really hurt and upset. I walked and cried as I walked home from the bus stop that day. I told my parents about it; they contacted the school, and I ended up with the bad end of the deal: the boy got off scott-free, while, with being High-Functioning Autistic, got Demoted to riding on a handicapped bus for the rest of my High School years. Ugh! It gets worse, as I ended up with this really worse-off mentally challenged person, who could hardly ever speak other than "rrr"; that boy bopped me on the back of the head for his own laughs. The special-ed teacher who rode on the bus talked with his brother about it, and he kept him from bopping me. But having to put up with his nonsensical slur-talk was still just as cringy and horrifying. UGH!!!

Chris likes a fan's statue and confirms his existence (25 September 2018)

In response to a fan posting a 3D printed Sonichu Statue in r/ChrisChanSonichu

Totes Awesome! Listen, I want you to email me at, so I can hire you to be my main figure maker for Sonichu, Rosechu, myself and so forth, as long as you can paint the figures as well.

A user expresses his surprise at his presence.

what the fuck? is this chris chan for real?

Chris confirmed:

Yep. 😊

Chris wants the 3D Statue (9 October 2018)

One day after posting the statue, the same user would express his interest in sending it to Chris. Two weeks later, Chris would reply:

Yes, please! 😊

Magi-Chan Appears (25-28 August 2019)

BodySwapExplanation.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "wife".

During his phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan, Chris commented on Jacob Sockness's post on him offering a blood sacrifice in r/CultofCWC six days earlier:

You did not as much summon Christine, as much as I, Magi-Chan Sonichu, Present in her body. 💜⚡️[1]

A day later in the same thread, Chris would explain the reasoning behind the merge.

Ah. The Dimensional Merge was not evoked by myself, but evoked by necessity and mutual wishes from all intelligent and mentally able inhabitants between both Dimensions. A mutual desire between Creators/Artists and Fans, and their respective and favourite OCs that are exist in the same situations and circumstances of the same timeline between the two. For example: Stan Lee wished to hang out and work with his Marvel creations, and Tony Stark and the others have been most wanting to with him. And even the fan artists/creators, including those in the Brony Analyst Community, have wish to be with their OCs, like Amy Methvan with Mary Sue and Maddy (though she will end up meeting Christine’s Gary Stu as well, since he and Mary have been together now; finally have their one child). As well as most Everyone around the Earth and throughout the Galaxies and Beyond in this Dimension 1218, and the same in C-197.

Many a “mythical being” such as unicorns and dragons that were real back in the early AD years and castle ages who all Did exist in 1218 were banished to the other side of the Dimensional Curtain into C-197. And many a similar figure, even deity type, fell into that dimension as well, but always kept watch over both Earths. And over the centuries, many an OC continued to be created and discovered by the Creators, Artists, Authors and Chroniclers of 1218, and they all wished they could see, meet and/or hang out with the OCs once again or for the first time.

This plan had been retroactive and in planning and processing for about a millennium or so by the Deities, including Fate and Destiny; they all have been collaborating in this as well. Especially to work against the likes of Jakoba, the fiendish demon who stole a godly title, among others who wield such great power.

The Merge is happening from a series of events that not only involve the deities, including Christine, but also many a Psychically Powerful, Sorcerer, Magical and Ritualistic individual who have been doing so, in their respective, fated methods and ways, all of this time, including their descendants.

The events have been happening, and Christine, with my personal help, is working hard and doing her best to gather energy to beat her abilities and power, so she can do better with the others on this side of the curtain to be able to complete the events that, in part, take down the Dimensional Curtain, but also Merge our two dimensions and pairs of worlds together.

A fan asked if Chris could turn water into wine. "Magi-Chan" answered:

Christine can do a lot more than that. But to answer your question, though not fully doable on the 1218 side of the Dimensional Curtain yet, she is able to draw up a water-to-wine conversion and vice-versa.

Another fan asked a question which was later deleted. "Magi-Chan" replied:

Yes, I have access to everything in her brain.

To me, a body is a body, but hers is quite the beautiful and special body, indeed.


Multidimensional White Knights said:

Dorian is heading to Florida in 1218, that looks to be the first sign. ALL HAIL THE CPU GODDESS AND HER HUSBAND MAGI-CHAN!


"Magi-Chan" replied:

Very observant and perceptive of you; very good job. Here is a Gold Star for you as well. ⭐️ 💜⚡️


Lottery Question

BodySwapExplanation.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "wife".

According to Kiwi Farms user Pickle Inspector, he had reached out to Chris (who was role-playing as Magi-Chan at the time), and asked him "why Magi-Chan doesn’t just give Chris the lottery numbers if they’re so desperate for money all the time." Chris answered:[2]

Yes, I could, but my actions would go into further deity level judgment and consideration in respect to the present stream of events and the future outcomes. Such fortuitous blessings are indeed Fated. Should I attempt a personal gain callously, it is likely in my foreseeing attempt at the number would yield the desired winning result. But there remains the possibility that Fate had something else in mind and would either disrupt my ability to identify the numbers in consistent results on multiple checking within all timelines of this Dimension, or the numbers would simply be changed upon the final moment. Fate is kind and cruel, but quite fair and just.

In the backup plans for finances, I look into the near future events that among which would more likely bear fruit. Like the Philanthropist whose $2700 Tweet I retweeted on Christine's Twitter; I foresaw in consistent checks that was a most likely positive result, so I went with it. I did not retweet it on my account, as mine would likely be considered as false, plus I would not want to be judged for an unfair advantage in such a Random draw.

Later, Chris followed up:

I will also admit: Christine never really had a solid head for Business and Management for many years; she is still improving and learning. And I have been able to be a better guide for her; it remains a long and winding path to financial stability. She is at least branching out and offering to collaborate with others. Her influence is also more positive, and I am glad for her.


The subreddit icon, created by the artist Liquid Christine.

r/ChrisChanSonichu, created on 17 June 2014, is the most popular Chris-related subreddit on Reddit with over 77k members. It has become the primary place for posting post-jail sightings of Chris, along with discoveries of online activity. Many of their members have been responsible for discovering more information regarding the post-jail sightings.

The top posts on the subreddit consist of reactions during the incest fallout, a time where Chris Chan went mainstream, but for all, all the wrong reasons.

Chris's only known posts in the subreddit were in September 2018, when he asked a fan artist to collaborate with him.[3]

Helena Fiorenza dislikes the subreddit, describing it as "hellish" and "horrifying" in a February 2024 tweet chain with Chris.[4]


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