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The Place chats (January 2020)#Roleplaying as Scarlet Selinia

I have already told Barbara directly about the [body-swap]; she took it very cool and calmly without any emotional outbursts or stress.
Chris, role-playing as Magi-Chan,[1] inadvertently showcasing that his mother has long since given up on him.
Chris depicts Uzume's spirit possessing his body.

Spirit possession is the belief that spirits can possess a person's body. Chris believes he has experienced possession by his imaginary friends. He has increasingly used it as a maladaptive coping mechanism to avoid reality and criticism, such as when he began to role-play as Sonichu as part of an elaborate fantasy to cope with being unable to attend the real-world BABScon, or when he role-played as Mewtwo to defend himself from criticism levied by a Twitter troll. This practice has been colloquially referred to as LARPing, short for live-action roleplaying, after the real-life practice.


Chris uses spirit possession as a means of validating his belief in the Dimensional Merge.
[Chris] believes this shit for real though because he tried to talk like Uzume (which sounds no different from how he normally talks, only he tried to raise his pitch and couldn’t pronounce the name of half the Neptunia characters).
An Idea Guy.[2]

When Chris believes he has swapped spirits with an imaginary friend, he role-plays as that persona. While doing so, Chris refers to himself in third person. In calls and videos he (tries to) change his voice and vocabulary, but usually fails. In a later video, he made the excuse that "When you possess somebody else's body, you gotta work within their vocabulary and their limitations, and whatever."[3]

He sometimes changes the profile picture and name of his social media to match the OC he is "possessed" by. Chris appears to have forgotten he can do this on Twitter, forcing him to preface his tweets with "Sonichu:" to remind followers of the role-play. He also changes his signature on occasional drawings to match the OC's name.

This behavior was unseen from Chris until the Idea Guys, Teen Troon Squad, and various other enablers role-played as characters from CWCville to bend Chris into their will. After their removal, Chris retained the idea of role-playing by saying his OCs are manifesting in dimension 1218 (the real world) through his body for various reasons.

While role‐playing, Chris says things that would sound very weird from "Chris's" mouth. While roleplaying as Magi‑chan, for example, he called Barb a guilty pleasure waifu.[4] He might say this to prove that he is no longer Chris, as he would never say such a thing… right?


During Chris's phase of role-playing that he is possessed by the spirit of Sonichu, he (as Sonichu) refers to both Chris's spirit and physical body as "Mama," as both an allusion to how Sonichu referred to Chris as Father in the comics and to reflect Chris's transgender status.

Uzume Tennouboshi (8 November 2017 - 13 November 2017)

The Idea Guys were here.

Chris was brainwashed into believing that Chris was sharing his body with Uzume.
Uzume as she appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia.
Miss Uzume Tennouboshi. She had been dormant inside my Dreamcast, and I pulled her out. We've been sharing my body since. Yes, she is able to control my body when she has control, and speak through my lips in her voice.
Chris, on being possessed by a fictional character.

Uzume Tennouboshi, also known as Orange Heart, is a Console Patron Unit (CPU) in Megadimension Neptunia VII. She represents the Sega Dreamcast, and so far, she is the only female character that Chris has ever LARPed as.

On 8 November 2017, Chris was brainwashed by an Idea Guy into believing that he was sharing his body with the spirit of Uzume.[5] John Yamada, an alias used by one of the Idea Guys, texted Chris and crafted a role-play scenario in which Chris's Sega Dreamcast was the portal that could connect Chris to his imaginary safe space CWCville.[6] Guided by suggestibility, Chris subconsciously filled in the role-play scenario further, believing that Magi-chan teleported to the real world, scanned the Dreamcast, and confirmed there was a powerful force inside the console. Chris left the console on for 24 hours to "charge" it, and then touched it, getting shocked, and interpreted this as him pulling out Uzume, a fictional character, into his body. Chris claimed Uzume can control his body and speak through him with her own voice.

On 13 November, he retconned his delusion, saying that he had not been sharing his body with Uzume, but a clone of her named "Orange Spiral Seal," also mentioning a battle against fellow Neptunia character Kurome. He no longer has the voice of Uzume in his head, but still retains "the powers of the four main Goddesses, as well as [his] own powers."[7]

Magi-Chan (14 August 2019 - 14 September 2019; late September-October 2019)

Barbara was more of a “Guilty Pleasure” waifu
Chris as Magi-Chan, demonstrating his oedipal complex[8].
Chris’s signature from July 2019.
Magi-Chan’s signature from August 2019.

For one month, from 14 August 2019 to 14 September 2019, Chris believed that he had swapped bodies with Magi-Chan

He acted the role on video in First recorded statement of Magi-Chan Sonichu - August 15, 2019. During that time, he primarily tweeted from his MagiChan111448 alternate Twitter account, role-playing as Magi-Chan, and even signed Magi-Chan's signature on drawings.

Chris at times resumed the Magi-Chan roleplay in talks with the Watchmen.[9][10][11]

Tri (26 November 2019)


On 26 November 2019, Chris discussed his belief that he had body-swapped with Tri Sonichu (an OC and recolor of Magi-Chan, created by MKRNightVee), in order to work on the Dimensional Merge, and that he ended the body-swap after boosting Tri's abilities and making him overpowered.[12]

Val (12 December 2019)

On 12 December 2019, Chris role-played as the Magi-Chan alt Val in an attempt to manipulate its creator AquaDiamond8 into drawing fanart depicting lore by Jacob Sockness. Aqua refused, and Chris quickly dropped the role-play after.[13]

Sonichu (15 April 2020 - 25 February 2021)

Chris changed his Discord handle to Sonichu.

From 15 April 2020 to 25 February 2021, Chris believed he had body-swapped with Sonichu. He also believes it began earlier, retconning a beginning date of 31 March 2020, which conflicts with him not yet being in Sonichu's character in the 10 April 2020 Red vs Blue Reaction Livestreams video.

Chris initiated the body swap as part of an elaborate maladaptive coping method for missing out on the BABSCon convention[14] which had been cancelled due to COVID-19. Using Sonichu as a mouthpiece, Chris claimed he was able to visit BABscon in C-197, which presumably avoided the pandemic, much like World War II.[15] Chris continued acting out the role of Sonichu while he was featured as a guest on Chris Chan & Max Mandu LIVE / Leftovers Tonight and continued to act as Sonichu all the way through February, with only brief interruptions when he pretended to be Mewtwo and himself from another dimension (detailed below).

An enabler by the name of KwaiiSandbag reached out to Chris early in 2021, having been inspired to do so after contacting Chris following a binge-watch of Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History. By claiming that that he was a psychic, he told Chris that he could help reverse the body-swap process in a series of calls. Chris finally stopped roleplaying as Sonichu on the 25th of February 2021, immediately following news about My Little Pony G5; he heralded his 'return' by continuing to ramble about the Dimensional Merge and bash the G5 cartoon.[16]

Sonichu and Rosechu (November-December 2020)

Chris acting out this particular role-play in Lego form.

During December 2020, Chris (pretending to be Sonichu) claimed to The Place that Chris's body was being controlled by both Sonichu and Rosechu. Rosechu had supposedly joined Sonichu a few weeks beforehand. "Sonichu" also illustrated the concept using Lego custom minifigs to represent Chris being video-game controlled by the electric-hedgehogs.[17]

Mewtwo (14 May 2020)

Never Speak Against Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Ever Again, or I shall see to your appropriate torment and punishment, myself. Farewell.
"Mewtwo" on Twitter.

On 14 May 2020, to defend himself from a Twitter troll who cast doubt on Chris's claim to be leading the Dimensional Merge, Chris paused his role-playing of Sonichu to role-play instead as his imaginary husband Mewtwo. "Mewtwo" took to Twitter to lambast and threaten the troll.[18]

Randy Stair (6 November 2020)

Main article: Randy Stair

Randy Stair was a mentally disturbed YouTuber who went on a killing spree in June 2017 before killing himself. Chris learned about and took an interest in him after viewing a YouTube documentary by The WCT.

On 6 November 2020, Chris believed he channeled the spirit of Stair possessing his transgender Ghostsona Andrew Blaze, recording an audio file to "help her get a post-death message out."[19]


Chris roleplayed as Robertchu, what he calls his father, according to a summarized jail letter.[20]

Other versions of Chris

Chris of Dimension 1214 (27 August 2020)

As an excuse to break his Sonichu roleplay, Chris pretended to be himself from another dimension to answer a short Q&A session on 27 August 2020.

Chris again role-played as 1214 Chris in September.[21]

Younger Chris (1 June 2021)

Chris channeled his past self in June 2021,[22] after he had begun reading chapter 5 of Warhol / Chris Chan, in order to consult with his inner child and search for unresolved issues.[23]

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