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I have already told Barbara directly about the [body-swap]; she took it very cool and calmly without any emotional outbursts or stress.
Chris, role-playing as Magi-Chan[1], inadvertently showcasing that his mother has long since given up on him.

Spirit possession is the belief that spirits can possess a person's body. Chris believes he has experienced possession by his imaginary friends. He has increasingly used it as a maladaptive coping mechanism to avoid reality and criticism, such as when he began to role-play as Sonichu as part of an elaborate fantasy to cope with being unable to attend the real-world BABScon, or when he role-played as Mewtwo to defend himself from criticism levied by a Twitter troll.

Uzume Tennouboshi

Uzume as she appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia.
Miss Uzume Tennouboshi. She had been dormant inside my Dreamcast, and I pulled her out. We've been sharing my body since. Yes, she is able to control my body when she has control, and speak through my lips in her voice.
Chris, on being possessed by a fictional character.

Uzume Tennouboshi, also known as Orange Heart, is a Console Patron Unit (CPU) in Megadimension Neptunia VII. She represents the Sega Dreamcast.

On 8 November, Chris wrote a lengthy missive[2] on the "ongoing" events in his real life, alongside Cwcville. According to him, Magi-chan teleported to the real world and scanned Chris's Sega Dreamcast, saying there was a powerful force inside the console. Chris left the console on for 24 hours to "charge" it, and then touched it, getting shocked, and somehow pulling out a fictional character into his body. Chris claims Uzume can control his body and speak through him with her own voice.

On 13 November, he retconed his delusion, saying that he had not been sharing his body with Uzume, but a clone of her named "Orange Spiral Seal," also mentioning a battle against "Kurome." He no longer has the voice of Uzume in his head, but still retains "the powers of the four main Goddesses, as well as [his] own powers."[3]. A fan of the Hyperdimension games deciphered Chris's autistic textwall:

According to the lore of Megadimension VII, Uzume Tennouboshi and Kurome Ankokuboshi are two halves of the same being. In the case, the personification of the Sega Dreamcast, with the former represent its potential and the latter its failure.

In the best ending of MDM VII, Kurome is defeated, and Uzume manages to reabsorb Kurome into herself, while the former as the dominant of the two, thus preventing further damage to reality by the latter and rendering them one gestalt being like they were before the split in the backstory.

Chris has apparently read up on this and has rendered his own butchered, bastardized retelling, only tacking on some other nonsense to tie it into his real life insanity.

According to ACTUAL canon, this changes jack shit aside from the fact Uzume's Hyde counterpart to her Jekyll is no longer running around doing evil shit, but that's IT.

The rest is just Chris going further off the deep end.[4]


Barbara was more of a “Guilty Pleasure” waifu
Chris as Magi-Chan, demonstrating his oedipal complex[5].
Chris’s signature from July 2019.
Magi-Chan’s signature from August 2019.

For one month, from 14 August 2019 to 14 September 2019, Chris believed that he had swapped bodies with Magi-Chan[6]

He acted the role on video in First recorded statement of Magi-Chan Sonichu - August 15, 2019. During that time, he primarily tweeted from his MagiChan111448 alternate Twitter account, role-playing as Magi-Chan, and even signed Magi-Chan's signature on drawings.



On 26 November 2019, Chris discussed his belief that he had body-swapped with Tri Sonichu (an OC and recolor of Magi-Chan, created by MKRNightVee), in order to work on the Dimensional Merge, and that he ended the body-swap after boosting Tri's abilities and making him overpowered[7].


Chris changed his Discord handle to Sonichu.

From 31 March 2020, Chris believed he has body-swapped with Sonichu, as part of an elaborate maladaptive coping method for missing out on the BABScon convention[8] which had been cancelled due to COVID-19. Using Sonichu as a mouthpiece, Chris claims he was able to visit BABscon in C-197, which had supposedly been cured of the pandemic. Chris continued acting out the role of Sonichu while he was featured as a guest on Chris Chan & Max Mandu LIVE / Leftovers Tonight.


Never Speak Against Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Ever Again, or I shall see to your appropriate torment and punishment, myself. Farewell.
"Mewtwo" on Twitter.

On 14 May 2020, to defend himself to a troll over Twitter who cast doubt on Chris's claim to be leading the Dimensional Merge, Chris paused his role-playing of Sonichu to role-play instead as his imaginary husband Mewtwo. "Mewtwo" took to Twitter to lambast and threaten the troll.[9]

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