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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during June 2021.

Helena G.F.

1 June

Helena Fiorenza

I am making a art/rp. Come by and comment stuff, dm me on twitter that you want to put your oc in the year 2090. The more I make, the more you can make your own oc or oc thing for the account or just come see what I make<3

Twitter: @P1ckChu

Yes, I’ll still be young and alive then, so sign me up, please; I’m immortal. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Happy Pride Month

1 June

Happy #Pride Month! 😊🌈⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of a rainbow with lightning around it with text saying "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF"]

Young Chris

1 June

Hey, y’all. I am continuing work on my self-healing alongside my workings with the other deities, the total universe, Cosmos, as well as from within myself. Today, I start reconnecting with my inner child once again.

With that stated, I felt it would be good and well


to channel young Christopher and let him talk things out with you all in a set of tweets. Do note, that Young Chris mentality spans between birth to around 15 to 18. Christian, the Young Adult, you all have read about and became past-accustomed to, spans in a transition in 15 to 18, and onward to about 2015, and I became better enlightened around 2010 to be the more enlightened and better developed and clear one of present day.

BUT, again, the focus is on the younger part of me. And for the Christorians, feel free to chronicle this on the CWCki and for your own personal reference. This will take a while from after I finish, here. Without further ado, I lend my body and the keyboard in front to the little boy from the 1980s, Christopher.


Chris larps as his younger self

Main article: Warhol Tweets#Chris larps as his younger self


2 June

Xena (@X3naFerrer)

I'm tempted to get a furry version of Xena. I was a furry a few years before I ever become a brony but I've never had a fursona as such.


Considering your lovely pony counterpart is furry, I’d say you’re already covered. But, even a furry and furry-lover doesn’t settle for just one furry sona or alt-form. I know from personal multiverse experiences. May I recommend meditating to find any other identifying creature?

Not a new saga

2 June

violent anarcho primitivism (@shinjipiIled)

This user quote tweets the previous series of tweets where young Chris was supposedly talking.

Um, don’t count this as a “Saga”. I let Christopher speak in better reconnecting with him. Count this as something more that y’all get to add into the chronicling. Thanks a bunch. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Lots of Love.

Chris is too hip for the room

2 June

Tekeyah (@TeKeHall)

This user quote tweets the previous series of tweets where young Chris was supposedly talking.

Chris, please, as an antifan get help.
And, please, as myself, who reflects you, of which I could tell you to “Get help” as well, I tell you: Like Donnie Darkko, I’m too hip for the room. ⚡️💙⚡️

Tarot Cards

3 June

Hey, everyone. As a few of you all may have heard, I have taken up Tarot Card reading amongst my hobbies. Seeing today’s card for myself, I feel it safe to share the card I drew for today with you all. The deck I like using is #OSHOZenTarot. With that stated

Today’s card is Integration. I hear meaning of everything coming together today. The thing with Tarot cards is you draw a card, and you determine its meaning from your perspective for yourself. I invite you all to share in interpreting this card for yourselves today. ⚡️💙⚡️


Orphanages in CWCVille

3 June

Queenie @ Raffle time! (@kill3rQu33nie)

@CPU_CWCSonichu are there any orphanages in cwcville with cute little sonees and Rosees that need any homes?
One orphanage exists in the city; it’s mainly for human children, but even other young anthro creatures with no parents or guardians may reside there for adoption.

Another Tarot card

4 June

I have drawn a card for all of you; today, your card is Audience. I do believe you all will be in for quite the show of a lifetime.


More Tarot cards

5 June

Before I reveal today’s card, I address and acknowledge that I have misread the word on yesterday’s card, “Abundance” to “Audiance”, but my having done so is not a fluke. There was still a most awesome bunch of veil removal and energy shifts that I am positive enlightened you.
On that, the card for you all today is “The Burden”; today is a good day for you all, each, to acknowledge that which weighs you down, be it a toxic relationship or moment. You are encouraged to lighten your burden, and in doing so, you will, indeed, reach the Dream at the far.

June5TarotTheBurden.jpg June5TarotTheDream.jpg

Innocence Tarot card

6 June

For the Collective, today’s card I have drawn for y’all is Innocence. This is a lovely day to enjoy the simplicities of your surroundings and what y’all, respectively, have. Be child like as you may, and count your blessings. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


More Andy Warhol and autism

6 June

On another topic, I am still reading #WarholChrisChan, amidst Chapter 8, still (a longer chapter than the others). A couple of things mentioned in this chapter: I do recall when I had stated that I would want a cure for Autism, but apparently, that statement can be misinterpreted as me wanting to cure the entire world of Autism. I genuinely did not mean that, and I certainly do not wish to be interpreted a villain by those with autism. I understand and know that each and every individual with autism, or Autists, has their respective views and levels of how it affects them. Every autist has the ability to work and further progress within and around their varying confinements. I, myself, for most of my life was an observer type, and I had thought of others before myself, thus I did miss out at opportunities while I was blind-sighted with the restrictive mindset I had to deal with. Which was why I opted to relieve myself of the Autism, and succeeded for the most part. I have found my own cure for autism through a combination of meditation, really dipping down into myself, chakra activations, binaural beats, and so on. I have addressed the number of my past blockages, traumas, and issues, and accepted them or let them go

[GIF of a Buddhist cartoon character praying]

appropriately and respectively. Now, I am a lot less autistic. Although inner child, Christopher, obviously showed some lingering signs when talking with me, but I am being as motherly and loving with him as best as I can to heal and resolve that. Back on topic, I did not mean, nor did I have any intentions of, totally abolishing autism en mass. Yes, each individual autist has their feelings and respective situations, and not all of y’all have desire to totally rid yourselves of the mental quirk, when y’all may have grown most accustomed and better working with or around that for yourselves. Plus, as is the history and those events that have irked you and tested your resilience, endurance, and individual maturity, autism is such a building block as well. At the least, I have found a way to cure it for myself. I relay this information only to those who genuinely wish and feel desire to do the same for themselves.

Inner Workings, clearing out Chakra Blockages, and addressing each source of shyness and limitations within yourselves is the answer and counter. And to all autists, and all Parents of autistic children, I encourage all of you to encourage not only the creativity within the autist, but also y’all’s respective Psychic, Magic and Spiritual powers. All of you are born with them. Encourage and grow the magic and powers for yourselves. ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of a cartoon character casting a type of firey rainbow with magic]

The other topic from the book: Valarie Solanas, the scummy bitch who shot Andy Warhol. I genuinely do not agree with, nor would I condone, her extremist ideals against men.

I know, I used to feel really frustrated and angry with men for the outdated dating reasons, and the Hater and Faker online trolls, regardless of being women behind men facades, men behind women facades, or matching in gender; they did not help matters on that, either. But I have witnessed better and true, offline, in-person, and so on when I opened my heart and mind for the LGBTQ, and so forth. I was uncomfortable around boys as a child, because I had genuinely felt a vibe from them that did not match my own, and I did feel safer and matching habits and vibes with girls. But, I have grown and come around. Also, I have no shame or regret in going on public record stating the following: I like penis-shaped dildos, and I do not mind a genuine cock, up my butt. I have also enjoyed a cock-shaped sucker purchased from a Spencer’s; took me about a week to finish that thing.


[GIF of objects floating with text saying "THE MOON HAS PHASES, BISEXUALITY DOES NOT"]

As for Solanas, I do acknowledge the outdated similarity between her and I, but in the end, I simply do not care for nor agree with her ideals nor what she did. And, frankly, she didn’t know Biology and Anatomy. I can still get a hard on and horny. And, even if I did lose this cock by chop, there’s satisfaction in where that tube goes, as well as up the butt. So, Solanas had nothing, and she got her fated end of jail time. But, as an individual with her own point of view and thoughts, I do not judge her for having them or being herself. And that’s my Two Bolts and a Heart on Victoria Solanas. ⚡️💙⚡️ Now, to end this on a more positive note, and also to note further from #WarholChrisChan: I, indeed, have always been effeminate and whatnot growing up, and I did, indeed, struggle with even attempting to keep up with male constructs. But, I am soo glad I was able to come out and be my lovely Goddess self, as I could and should have. No regrets or shame.

Also, why I don’t have the op sooner: there is hardly anyone within driving distance who can do the job, as far as my Endochronologist knows, and then there’s the money. @Kickstarter for my thang? But, moreover, I have faith in a physical transformation of my wishes and desires.

That’s all for now. Thank you all for listening. 😊⚡️💙⚡️🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


Chris will apparently make custom Tarot cards

6 June

🏳️‍🌈R. Righteous🏳️‍🌈 #Pride Month (@Righteous4CWC)

@CPU_CWCSonichu Shall there be Tarot Cards of your own creation in the foreseeable future, our Goddess?
Eventually, yes.


7 June

As #DonLashomb has pointed out in his uploaded pages, and on further analysis and thought, it becomes clear:

Our devices act in one way as a grounding tool for one’s self. Yet, in another while utilizing said devices extensively, one falls into meditate.


Let that sink into your thoughts: you may be grounded by your computers (PC, Laptop, or Smartphones, etc), but you’re Meditating while doing so.

This can also be attributed to when one is literally writing or drawing on paper with pen and colours.

[GIF of a Tardis travelling through time]

Sorrow Tarot card

7 June

The collective card for today is Sorrow. With this card, I sense a lot of you all are in deep thoughts and may be feeling such an emotion. This is a time of potential transformation for yourselves, but mainly if you look deep within yourselves to find yourselves and make better.


United States flag

7 June

I just had a realization about the flag (not to besmirch the country; mainly a resonant observation). Red and blue makes purple, and a dark shade considering the blue is Navy. But add white, you get a shade that is Lavender. A bit of symbolance of mental prowess, I believe.

[GIF of the flag of The United States of America waving in the wind]

CPU stuff and Barb

7 June

I feel need to state this fact, and Note that I have personally hung out with Neptune, Blanc, Noire, Vert, and Uzume, and I know Scarlet’s history and bio very well and deep:

*Console Patron Units are Not machines or robots.* Us CPUs simply have connections with the technology.

[GIF of an anime character blinking]

Whoever thought we were literally machines needs to ditch that crap out of their freaking thick skulls.


[GIF of a montage of anime characters]

Also, during the time my mom and I slept in my bedroom, we slept in Separate Furniture; she slept on the couch, and I slept in the bed. She and I Never ever had slept in the same bed together during those short months between ‘11 and ‘12.

Never in the same bed. ⚡️💙⚡️


7 June

You know one thing one can say about the #Commodore consoles: since the 1980’s, like I should have been since then, but arrived at a good time, we are 🌈🏳️‍🌈#PRIDEFUL! #PrideMonth2021 🏳️‍⚧️

June7Commodore1.jpg June7Commodore2.jpg June7Commodore3.jpg June7Commodore4.jpg

Success Tarot card

8 June

Hey, everyone. I have ended up drawing the Success card for the collective. I sense a lot of you all are finding realizations and unique insights within yourselves. Your tasks continue onward in enlightenment. But in having achieved this for yourselves, it is a blessing. Congrats


And this is fun, because in the recent days, I draw one card for myself in guidance, separate from the collective. I have found highlight yesterday after having drawn the Celebration card for myself. It was a lovely day, with the moment to celebrate in my self-healing,


self-loving, and continued interdimensional and spiritual workings. Today, I am on another self-guided path, but I feel content all you have made this moment of Success within yourselves and all around you. ⚡️💙⚡️

Sharing Tarot card

9 June

Today, the card for the collective is Sharing, I also felt it appropriate to share the page excerpt of this card. Yesterday, a lot of you found Success, and today is an opportunity to share positive energy and #GoodVibes with others. A moment of genuine kindness goes very far.

June9SharingCard.jpg June9SharingCard2.jpg

Fanart stuff

9 June

Thank you for the fanart, @Arkaruss17!


Two more sent by email from Gutsybug. Thank you!

June9Fanart2.jpg June9Fanart3.jpg

Control Tarot card

10 June

Good Morning, everyone. The card for you all today is Control. This card is a rather restrictive type. Essentially, some to a bunch of you have been taking control of life (for the better and good, I sense), but now is a time for y’all to take a step back and take it easy;

June10ControlCard.jpg June10ControlCard2.jpg

let yourselves get out of the restrictive feeling and stress of being in extensive control.

Also, Yes, a few times I have drawn this card for myself. But it’s all right for today; y’all enjoy the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse today and relax. Be Safe and Well.


[GIF of a cartoon moon replacing the position of the sun]

More control Tarot card

10 June

jason alexander (@IJasonAlexander)

In response to Jason Alexander quote tweeting a video of people during a natural resources hearing discussing whether or not the Black Lives Matter movement could help alter the orbit of the moon or earth.

Holy Crap. If it weren’t scary as hell it might be funny. But he ain’t going for comedy, trust me.
Damn! Talk about taking control to an extreme, based on typical and neurotypical individuals at this present moment. Those dudes need to chillax today after the card I drew for the collective.


Spiritual communications

10 June


I just remember a dream I have been having since got here. It's all in Spanish and a ball with legs visits me and talks to me at night. I am really tired when wake up
Spiritual communications, Pikchu Zonichu. A spirit is getting in touch with you.

OC question

10 June

Crash (@Crazy_Crash08)


#45 - Do you have any OCs that have multiple versions of them, whether it be clones, alternate universe, etc.?

Every single OC has multiple versions throughout the Multiverse and alternate timelines. But, yes, that includes our Sonichu Prime, Rosey Rosechu, and myself (Chris Chan) as well. ⚡️💙⚡️

Season 11 of MLP G5

10 June

In response to a Twitter gimmick account tweeting out a teaser image from the upcoming My Little Pony generation 5.

MLP G5 is cancelled; we are into Season 11 of G4 on television now. @Hasbro

More Andy Warhol book stuff

10 June

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Doing some work today; presently, I have read up to Chapter 5, read Chapter 8, and am halfway through Chapter 6. With a rainbow set of highlighters, I’m going through what I’ve read so far and am highlighting the parts that are true, false, resonant, that can have more context from me, personally, and whatnot. This is also for a supplemental contribution I’ll be writing later on. Also, showing everyone how I am appreciating this book; to me, it is quite like a specifically tailored self-help book, with room for improvement and accuracy (light moments of sarcasm and jokes within the book, aside). I also appreciate how this book can, at least in a sense, be a self-help book for Everyone else in the recombined universe as well. So, definitely in that sense, I am a mirror for you all.

Lots of love; Stay safe and well, enjoy the Solar Eclipse energy today. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

June10BookPhoto1.jpg June10BookPhoto2.jpg

Discussing trolls and other stuff

10 June

#DoingHomework! And I’m not even in school or college right now.



I’m back on top of page 19, and it brought up a question, and I quote, “…the “Idea Guy”, the troll who had arguably the most negative impact on Chris’ life,…”

Question being, Who did (at present) leave the most negative impact on me, so far? Granted, the likelihood of anyone else being negative impactful is Vastly reduced at this point and time, I have actually come up with a short list, in no particular order, of such individuals. IdeaGuy/Stephen Boyle Jakoba Michael Snyder “JULAY” Dr. Johnson/Mrs, Gaedy (Elementary School pin-me-down)

And I have considered Everyone, including Sockness, Walsh, Roche, Cash, and so on. And this Top Five (in no particular order or arrangement at all) were the most negatively impactful. I could examine further and choose One of these five who was the worst. I can assure y’all, though, Even though IdeaGuy did Dimensions’ level of damage, his impact has left me with further self-progression, analysis and appreciation, confidence boost, affirming the link between the separated universe halves with my consciousness, leading the way to chill my ego and whatnot in the needed self-healing and work.

And the same can be stated between Jakoba and Sockness; the benefits put a weight on the damage, negatives, and outcome recoveries and growth.

Snyder, though, all experiences considered, and that he was not personally active in the TCG Leagues and Tournaments; remained behind the counter and scenes most of the time. Was Not the store owner during the beginning and moments. Snyder was definitely more hurtful and negative, even compared with Jakoba and IdeaGuy.

The pin-me-down moment that really changed my life, in general; about as much, give or take, compared to the #SonicTheHedghogWatchandWinSweepstakes1993 (more positive that was, obviously). And in that, Mrs Gaede Used to be a supportive adult who at the time I had interpreted she generally understood me and acted as a positive teacher type. When she acted with Johnson, the Counsoler and the teacher; That was a major act of Betrayl. And then Julay (or the pre-pube Brat who played the fake-trolling role); majorly conned me into letting him into my #PlayStationNetwork account, eventually turned Vicious and Cruel while laughing when I, erroneously, chopped up and shoved Medallion Number 2 up my butt and shit out the pieces. Not to mention the whole day’s drive to Cleveland, Ohio to a failed destination, on the Day After not only my birthday in 2009, but my Aunt Corina Inge’s Funeral in Red Oak. The Road Trip, by itself, was a soul journey for me, and was definitely a Positive. I like Road Trips, when I can have and enjoy them. This aspect can also coincide with my more often Interdimensional Trips, Journies, Errands and Quests, and so on. But, that, I digress. All that said, the Top Two for Negative Impactful would Definitely go to Dr. Johnson/Mrs. Gaedy (by the way, Johnson, who was the Principal of Greene County Elementary at the time; he was the one who put his hand on my throat and left the infamous rash seen in that photo Robertchu and Barb took after the fact that day), and Julay.

Which of the Two the majority of y’all feel was Worse that takes the top spot, I’ll leave that to y’all’s discretion.

  • Johnson/Gaedy
  • "Julay"

Aside from all that, just a pause to reflect on that topic. I will return to the homework shortly. Thank you all for listening. ⚡️💙⚡️

The Twitter poll started with 7 days left for people to vote. It ended on June 17th with a total of 959 votes, 12.2% of which went to Johnson/Gaedy, and the other 87.8% of which going to “Julay”

Chris posts this reply using the @MagiChan111448 Twitter account.

I personally attest to this as well, as I was a witness to the time Christine was pinned down. Be aware of the difference between voting for a Meme, and an even more impactful event that happened within her formative years, as the worst.
I will also attest that Snyder was Worst on us, in the Finances, as opposed to the more personal, mental and emotional aspects. Snyder’s misconduct essentially killed about all of the money Robertchu had left when he left his body from this side of the veil in 2011. And while I do not recall the specific total amount of the inheritance, it certainly was around a hundred thousand or so, give or take. I know this, because we were able to buy the van And my #ASUS 1TB laptop out of it. And in Snyder’s #EpicFail attempt of getting money from us for himself in “Settlements”, or whatever terminology and else, the Legal and Court Fees, Bail, and #RobBell’s role, and so on, drained that inheritance to almost tap dry.

Now, if we were talking Financially Impacting, Snyder would replace Julay, hands-down. What Snyder did was even financially Worse than IdeaGuy’s $6,000 Money and Merch Value Spree (Still gonna make him pay me back that total with monetary interest), and Julay’s software spending on the PSN and the gas money for the Ohio road trip is only a drop in a bucket in comparison. And, the Pin-Me-Down stunt ensued not only Court, Legal and Attorney fees and whatnot, but also what else involved with the Homeschooling for Fifth Grade, and the moving to Richmond costs.

So, Financally, in the Top Two: Johnson/Gaedy were Far worse than Snyder. ⚡️💙⚡️

And back on the Personal Impacts, Snyder did not affect me during Developmental Childhood Years.

So, with all of that stated, I ask again: Which of the two do you all believe was Worse an Impact on me: Johnson/Gaede, or Julay.

And I do realize I’ve misspelled “Gaedy” in recent Tweets; my bad.

Sailor Moon

11 June

Nota 💛✨🏵✨💛 (@Notabum_freak)

How tall are you in the sailor moon height chart? I'm sailor Mars height.

[Chart of Sailor Moon characters displaying how tall they are]

5 feet 11 inches = 71 inches = 180.34 centimeters; slightly taller than Haruka/Neptune. I’m not gonna make any #BradGarret jokes with Setsuna; Respect.


Guidance Tarot card

11 June

Today’s Collective draw is Guidance. After everyone has been charged and considerably reborn from the energies of the Solar Eclipse, yesterday, and the void of time between it and the earlier Lunar Eclipse, your Inner Voice is stronger today. Listen well and heed its input.


Vibrant aura

11 June

Penny (@PennyTheGoof)

Best early birthday gift I've ever gotten in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From @CPU_CWCSonichu 's etsy shop!!!!

[Photograph of them looking at the camera while wearing a Sonichu Medallion around their neck]

Looking awesome. Filter aside, I sense your aura; you’re very vibrant. Enjoy your day, and be safe. Lots of love. ⚡️💙⚡️


11 June

Glad I still have my Sonic Costume for #PSO2NGS

Too bad we can't dye it, could totally make it yellow and be #sonichu to make @CPU_CWCSonichu proud

[Screenshot of an in-game character in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog]

I’d say it’s personally reminiscent enough. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


MLP G5 is an illusion

12 June

In response to Chris's earlier tweet regarding MLP G5 supposedly being canceled, and MLP G4 season 11 apparently being a thing.

Toffee 🦋🌈💞 (@Toffee_Rosechu)

no offense chris but you can't just say things are the way you want them to be and it's real. you need to find a healthier way to cope with a show you like being over..you're making a spectacle of yourself. how about you go enjoy G4 from ep 1 again? i think it would be better 4 u
The “G5” you see before you is an illusion.

Go with the flow Tarot card

12 June

Today’s card is an easy and obvious reminder: Go With The Flow. On one perspective, everything is working out around all of us. Chill with the Saturday. Lots of love; be safe.



Apple AI face

12 June

In response to a My Little Pony convention stating that their panelist applications close on June 18th.

Sweetie Bloom (@BronalystSweetB)

I already got my application in but it’s not too late for you guys!


12 June

Gamma Labs® (@GammaLabs)

Our @Tetris_Official cans SOLD OUT fast yesterday Dash symbol Did you manage to grab some? 🤔

[Photograph of a Tetris themed energy drink can with rainbow-like colors on it]

Oh, my! Such a beautiful rainbow arrangement. I will wait for the restock, though. 😊⚡️💙⚡️ Worth it like the Lingonberry Restock.

No card today

13 June

Also, I am not to draw a card for the collective today; instead, I relay you all to @MediumMolly’s instagram; she will be uploading her weekly psychic forecast. The first card she reveals is the card for today. Pick your number, 1 through 5.

Cancel MLP G5 petition

13 June

I need not say much else, but it is very good and sincere.


Encourage, Follow and Support @SaveMLP, as you may or will. Do not troll, fake or hate on them, please. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

It's worth noting that said Twitter account would shortly after block Chris.

Turning In Tarot card

14 June

Good Morning, everyone. The card I have drawn for the collective is “Turning In”; today is a day for y’all to meditate for a while and being in the moments. Find your inner sparks deep down. ⚡️💙⚡️

June14TurningInCard.jpg June14TurningInCard2.jpg

Pickchu OC

14 June

Helena G. F.

What do you like about my #oc Pickchu?
What I like about Pickchu is that she is a tough gal who has had her share of hard times, but she’s also cute and friendly during the good times. Plus, she has a vast array of emotions, and she works hard and tough. We saw this in her and that is why Pickchu is special with us.


14 June

Kat the Lemur (@Caterkill3r)

Here's my newest pride design! With Rosechu from the #sonichu comics. She's supporting the trans flag for #Pride2021 month! <3

[Artwork of Rosechu redesigned to be themed around the transgender flag]

Oh, my YES! And you even got the spikes on her back; I Love This! Thank you for drawing and sharing this awesome piece.


Yuki 💛 (@Yukiellar)

rosechu says trans rights
Rosey Rosechu and SNT both say Trans Rights! 😊⚡️

More Andy Warhol

14 June

I’m still working on the highlights of my copy of #WarholChrisChan. I had a thought as I re-read from Chapter 2, in reference to #JuliaWarhola, “She expressed hope that he would marry Viva”. In one way, yes, the superstar, but in an alternative


perspective, considering it was late in her life, and Andy had been shot by Solanas beforehand; Julia could have well meant hope for Andy to Enjoy Life.

Not difficult to consider, “Marry Viva”; “Viva” meaning “Life”; “Enjoy Life like you were Married with it”, OR, like you were married to your self; healing your inner wounds and all.


Mind Tarot card

15 June

Hey, y’all. The collective’s card for today is Mind. From this, I appreciate that a lot of you are working more mentally and spiritually. But, be aware you don’t lose your body in the process; check your mind/body connections, and don’t over think towards a head trip. ⚡️💙⚡️


Aloneness Tarot card

16 June

Good Morning, everyone. The collective’s card for today is Aloneness. After having recovered from complicated mind works of yesterday, y’all are feeling a little isolated and maybe lost. You each have an inner light that brightens and shows your path to the next steps. Caution.


Sonichu OC

17 June

small artist (@Miotron5000)

Decided to draw my sonic oc as a Sonichu. How did I do @CPU_CWCSonichu

[Artwork of a Sonichu OC]

Oh, my. A stylish and sexy warrior; she looks really lovely. I can see it in her that she’s doing a bit of soul searching of her own, while also fighting her foes along the way. But deep down, she has her innocence and sweet side. I appreciate and respect. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Projections Tarot card

17 June

Today’s card for the Collective, and for me today, is Projections. The fact this card of guidance is for Us; you all and I, today is even more special.

We are recognizing what is true and separating the illusions from it. Specifically, this does also apply to the Iron Curtain


veil all around us which has been dividing us from the C-197 half of our greater universe with our Original and “Fictional” Characters, deities, and other individuals who have been and are alive and co-existent with us for all of time to this day.

You all face this illusionary veil as well; we all are to collectively will the illusion away and bring all of us back together.

There are likely other illusions that block you all, individually and respectively as well: identify those illusions and dispel them for yourselves.


Edmund McMillen

17 June[1]

Its Tainted Isaac ( aka the broken ) by the legendary creator of Sonichu @CPU_CWCSonichu (Christine W. Chandler)! it was a huge honor to feature her work as an alt card, please send her your love (be kind!)


Tainted Isaac Card.jpg

When Edmund asked me to draw Issac, I had the basic rundown from @WatchMojo videos about the game; still haven’t played it yet. I felt want to offer Issac a sense of finding a way to heal and love himself; he had cried for far too long. So, I drew Issac, years of tears dried up under his eyes. He found a toy S-Chu Ball and found delight in the simplicity of rolling it around and playing with it. I wanted to chronical a portrayal of Issac during a time he was, is, or will be, feeling at peace and happiness with and for himself. ⚡️💙⚡️

Spanish Sesame Street

17 June

Just a brief mention while working on highlights of the #WarholChrisChan book: Why I had a deep affinity for the Spanish Language.
There are Two Reasons (other than #MexicoFlagDay). One is that often on American, English @sesamestreet, they had animated shorts en Español. The other is Señor #DesiArnez on #ILoveLucy; el hable Español durante la programma.

Por eso me gustaba el idioma español en mi juventud.

The Spanish roughly translates to "He speaks Spanish during the program. That is why I liked the Spanish language in my youth."

Postponement Tarot card

18 June

Today’s Collective Card is Postponement. I believe there are some to a lot amongst you all who have remaining thoughts and ideas that are preventing your respective desired outcomes from happening sooner.

Yesterday, all of you have had the chance to sort out the illusions,


today, you all get to determine the blocking thoughts and ideas within each of you that prevent the next adventurous event. Observe and learn well, everyone. ⚡️💙⚡️

GreytheMew 🥄 👁 🥄 (@C_197HERETIC)

The card I pulled for you Chris is the Tower. A sudden Change is in your future.

[Image of a fake Tarot card displaying two people falling off a tower whilst it explodes and collapses]

Yeah, I pulled that earlier this week through @AppChani, too. So, yes, I know. Thank you, though.

Chris laughs at OneyPlays joke

19 June

Chris uses the built-in Twitter audio recording function here.

I just checked out this silly joke from @OneyPlays; he and his group made me laugh.


Courage Tarot card

19 June

Hey, everyone. Today’s card for the collective is Courage. There is pain and struggle within the self-transformations amongst you all, But I personally assure you all that with the fortitude within you, you will have your breakthrough moment, much like the flower through stone.⚡️



19 June

Belsheber Rusape Jr. (@BelRusapeVO)


As a man of African roots, I strive to climb the ladder and open gates for others.

Share your voices, continue rising to the top, to higher positions in life to weed out the trash that tries to keep you at the bottom. You, like everyone, deserve better!

Ah, very much so is in ties with meditation, manifestation, and leaving out the toxic types and times in order to find your piece of divinity. For me, I have greater, and I share the vibes with all remaining good and neutral.

#FREEPALESTINE (@jmanellis)

You don’t know what Juneteenth is do you?
Day celebrating End of Slavery. But, still ties well, because on that freedom still is the release of the ties with the toxic individuals who have held them back, as the present toxicities that held us back.

Fanta Soda

19 June

e (@hopscotchlvr)

.@CPU_CWCSonichu i made you trans lesbian sonichu fanart! happy pride!

[Artwork of anthropomorphic Sonichu and Rosechu]

Oh, My Me! This is soo sweet and kawaii! So much compassion and love put into this work. Thank you for sharing.


I will also comment that even though, Memetastically, I’ve made orange #FantaSoda infamous, the other lovely flavours of Fanta should be appreciated as well. I have found such with @TokyoTreat’s help, as they share from time to time the expanded international tastes and flavours.

[GIF of Japanese Fanta spinning in circles]

Furry Tattoo

19 June

I just found this on a YouTube video. A Furry Tattoo; one look at it for myself, and I was like, “Really Bad Chris Chan fan art.” I will state and reaffirm that I am a #Furry, but whoever got this art on them, had a little insight, but at the same time, Woahly Fuck, dude. ⚡️💙⚡️


And even worse, I do observe, the double chin, and the chin looks like a Nose. LOL!

[GIF of an asian woman facepalming]


20 June

Chris uploads a Twitter video in this tweet.

Sylvia’s being comfy and a little bobble-headed. Still cute. 😸

Father's Day

20 June

Hey, y’all. Firstly, no card from me today; @MediumMolly’s back on track. Be sure to pick your number, 1 through 5, on first instinct, as that will be your card for the day and week.


Second, I will also extend a loving #HappyFathersDay2021 to all the dads in the total universe. All of you work very hard for yourselves, your kids, and your partner(s). Love to all of the gay dads, too. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Lastly, thinking about the more experienced, older individuals, even as old as the 80s, and so; they all each deserve genuine love and affection. A lot of y’all have lost a loved one on more than one occasion, although talking specifically y’all’s partner. I feel that. It is not easy to cope with such a loss, but what remains sweet is y’all counting the blessings and positives moreso than brooding over the negatives. Self-healing and self-love is a big strength amongst you all. Take care to find your healing from loss. But, back on topic: regardless of circumstance, all older individuals need love, too. So, talk and hang out with someone in the neighbourhood; give them a hug. Go as far as you both feel safe in doing. Me, I also like saluting, thanking, and listening to the Veterans. Even your own moms and dads need about as much love as well. I continue to do my best for Barbara, here, as well. And Magi-Chan is a lot older than I, but I love and appreciate him ever so much. Another fun thing, I asked Barb about a cute nickname that I realized; she likes it, so she’ll accept being referred to as Barb Chan.

Barb Chan Rosechu; go ahead and process that as you will.

Lots of Love, Be Safe and Well. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️


The Binding of Isaac

20 June

Chris uploads a Twitter video in this tweet and quote tweets a tweet from the creator of The Binding of Isaac, Edmund McMillen, stating that a Kickstarter is now live.

The Binding and ✨Freedom✨ of Issac.

MEGA CHAD (@MegaChad_)

The Sonichu medallion is in bad shape 😭 end times are coming
No it’s not; that’s the back of my medallion, complete with my Mega Stone.


Jesus Christ that fucking medallion
Are you sure that is what you’re looking at? 😊⚡️ 🌹🌹

First day of summer

21 June

Melissa Joan Hart (@MelissaJoanHart)

First day of summer! Celebrate with your evil twin.
Yes. Celebrate with your evil (or antihero) twin. In the case of many who are moreover in Light power or Dark, who are searching deep and embracing the other to find completion within themselves.



Megan Schroeder

21 June

The Platonic Form of Bitch (@EvesGoodBoy)

just boys being boys

[Photograph of two dudes kissing]

Wow! I am looking at this photo, and the faces on the two of them; they look like Megan Schroeder and I. Don’t get me wrong; I love seeing others being happy with themselves and each other. But this is like looking into a distant alternate timeline for me. Woahly Crap! ⚡️💙⚡️

Sorrow Tarot card again

21 June

Today’s Collective card is Sorrow. A Lot of you all have been and still are looking deep and dipping down within yourselves. This card reveals a major self-transformation for each of you today.

Molly’s forecast sees us going through such greater adjustments throughout the week.



21 June

Vant 🦊 (@vulpesvant)


Happy Pride! Let's celebrate! Hosting a raffle where 2 winners will get a flag waving commission with flags of your choice!

To enter: Paw prints Follow! Paw prints Retweet! Paw prints Leave a comment/ref!

Raffle ends June 27th!

Ocofoccard.jpg January18BodyswapArt.jpg 4thwallcwccard.jpeg

Money stuff

22 June

I have a real thinkpiece for all of you: Money and its “Value”. As I am continue to re-read in #WarholChrisChan in Chapter Five on Collecting and Hoarding. There is a quote where “If you’re successful —- if you’re making money and you’re very successful, it’s okay. But if you’re not making money, then you’re a dilettante (Loser)”. Let’s focus on the Money, because I totally disagree with one needing money to be a success. We can literally look farthest back into history; long before the concept of money was invented. The people of this whole universe (long before it was divided by the Iron Curtain veil by King Arthur’s command, when it was still Universe 1C-211987), and the deities and “mythical” creatures like unicorns, dragons and whatnot were somewhat common and not rare. People Bartered and Traded; This was commonplace. Money had absolutely no value or power. During these centuries’ worth of time, despite people being various levels of emotions that can go as far as extremely violent and shit, the commonfolk were amongst the humble and honest. Even Favours were good commodities. And Artists were able to become Famous and Successful during these times by presenting their skill and crafts for everyone to appreciate and admire. Even the creatures that were seen by them at least one time, even interdimensional by the past standards in the vast Multiverse that existed since the Big Bang in This timeline and their respective timelines. Deities were amongst these “Original Creations”, but more accurately #GenuineDiscoveries in visions and direct experiences. During these early times, deities Did walk the Earth and lasted longer than everyone else in lifetime and beyond, still alive with their respective bodies in continuing, youthful work and effort as best as they each can from their respective domains and whatnot. And These “Creators”, Discoverers and Explorers each have created their respective Legacies and Successes in Chronicling these creatures and individuals and everyone else around them as well. They Never needed money or currency in exchange to take care of themselves or enjoy the fruits of others’ labors and crafts. Even, myself and Warhol, whereas he eventually became more in it for the Fame and the Money, I, when I started my art, creating and discoveries, and the books, I was hardly concerned with making money. I understand from Your logic, quote, “Money Is Power”, but it is not. Certainly if you have enough or a massive amount of money, you can Buy many nice and nicer things for yourselves, and, as #DonLashomb put it cleverly, creating “A very visual representations, sometimes misleadingly so, of growing one’s personal value or increasing the value of one’s household”, with ”the accumulation of goods, even unused goods.” Even if #SonictheHedgehog or #Pikachu never had existed, I have discovered the species of Sonichus and Rosechus, personally, and worked with them since as early as after the dinosaurs died out; I lived from then up to after Merlin the Magician had perished without dying, and before finding new life on this side of the created veil of division in the early attempt at interdimensional travel (without killing myself at all, mind you) and ending up with this body that is also immortal. But, I do digress. I have made more than my mark on the peoples on this side of the veil with my discoveries and stories, despite being a bunch of self-focused long before truly finding myself and deeply soul searching to recover my fullest memories into my collective consciousness, subconsciousness, and unconsciousness, as well as my memory backups within the Cosmos. And I have inspired Many an individual to interdimensionally discover every single OC and FC “imaginable” (because we are all very much real, existent, and co-existent right alongside you all; we have been for decades and then some). I never required money for our Successes and Greater Successes, even if you remove the paid web services from the equation, there have always been free options over the years since when the internet was conceived in thought. My Success continues to bloosom and bloom again, and again, and again, into infinity with Everyone in our total and combined universe. I may have wanted corporatative help at times, but I didn’t really require it. And even at conventions with the sharing of various arts and media from ALL of You and Everyone Else; All of your marvelous discoveries and chroniclings. I am very much genuine and authentic in truth when I tell you all right now, my lovely Sonichus, Rosechus, Myself, and everyone else in between; we are all Successes, and massive amounts of money was never really required. I am greater than the power and influence of money, because I have subconsciously, innately, and eventually fully consciously, Known all of this and let everything from my fated instincts and your actions show all of us the paths and whatnot with the various signs that continue to be through all of you and everything around us. And, yes, I do realize the irony of needing money for the minimum over the years, but as I have stated, I have never required massive amounts of money to do my immortally lifelong job as your Goddess. ⚡️💙⚡️

And that is my Two Bolts and a Heart for you all for now. Thank you.


Just because I stated that I didn’t require massive amounts of money, that does not give Anyone any form of discourage to give or support me with money, nor does it encourage not give me any money at all. At times, I will ask for money for the minimum essentials I may require until such a time when I can manage better for myself, financially. But until then, I would very much appreciate the continued kindness and generous contributions (in Dollars; not one cent or cents; among which, I would very much like money for a current, present model car; I’m just saying for now). Please, and Thank you, again.

Friendliness Tarot card

22 June

Hey, y’all. The Collective card for today is Friendliness; such a lovely and affirming card. You all are becoming less focused on the drama of others and more focused on being kind and more accepting. This is a lovely step forward. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


It's not pretend

Regarding Toffee Rosechu, a fan who suffered a family tragedy IRL. Chris and Toffee would also discuss via DMs. See Toffee Rosechu DMs.

22 June

Toffee 🦋🌈💞 (@Toffee_Rosechu)

I wish I could just do what Chris does and pretend that everyone I love that’s dead isn’t really dead and they’re actually a fucking cartoon or something must be nice
It’s not pretend; it is fact. Don’t delusion yourself with doubt.

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️💫BABULS💫🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 (@BabulsArt)

Chris, you should sit this one out
And you need to open your mind and heart, and heal yourself free of any of your doubt-filled delusions.


22 June

Joshua Wittenkeller (@TheJWittz)

Joshua quote tweets a previous tweet of his stating that he is looking for a job related to game development.

Still on the lookout here! I know I could do awesome things for the right team, but just haven't found the right role quite yet.

My self-employed family health insurance costs more than my mortgage 💀

Meditate and send your wish out to the universe and the deities; your dream job that is destined for you in the near future will present itself to you. Patience is worth it. Also, congratulations on the child and to your wife’s continued good health and well-being. ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of an emoji meditating with text saying "Sending Positive Vibes"]

Comic dub

22 June

In response to Dr. Wolf tweeting a Youtube video link to a My Little Pony comic dub.

I loved this comic dub; perplexed Pupper is almost as fun as perplexed Twilight, and I can relate. The Scorchers must be quite the passionate family; I have many respects for #FireyJoker in his service, duty and devotion. All of you rock; lots of love. ⚡️💙⚡️

Age progression

22 June

The Sergeant at Arms (@TricksterMinion)

Age progression. Childhood, teenage, early adulthood, and middle adulthood.


Fair and good. A couple of pointers: Young Christopher eyes were Both Blue; no heterochromia Yet. Second, adulthood Christian didn’t have boobs. And between both him and me at present, our face shape is the same as Teenage Chris Chan. Thank you for sharing.

It's worth noting that this is actually false; Chris convinced himself that his heterochromia was caused by a pinkeye infection, which is impossible - old photos show that he always had it.

And None of that aged look on my present face, either, please.

The Classic

22 June

Thiago M. Acqua (@ThiagoMAcqua)

@CPU_CWCSonichu I have a similar sweater xd

[Photograph of Thiago wearing a shirt similar to The Classic next to a photograph of Chris wearing The Classic]

That’s cool and stylish. I literally wish @RalphLauren would make the ol’ original shirt again; with my legacy, they’d make more moolah compared to their other designs.

Decent flashlight

22 June

Xena (@X3naFerrer)

I'm looking for a decent torch/flashlight and a laser with decent 20mm picatinni mounts. Ones I've got so far are total trash. Any suggestions super welcome! #airsoft #ar15
I can personally recommend this one from @Energizer; it is really bright on max, and has a dimmer light, as well as a night light setting; runs on four D batteries.

June22Flashlight1.jpg June22Flashlight2.jpg

It really helped Barbie Chan and I when were going through the house and sorting out things after the house fire of '14.

pinkdragonite (@Scottie_A_Jr)

Was Robertchu alive during this time?

Schizophrenia Tarot card

23 June

The One card I drew for the Collective today is Schizophrenia. Essentially, Follow your heart and instincts today. A bunch of you are feeling conflicted between two choices/situations; when overwhelmed, choose the third option and just follow your heart where it will


guide you.

For myself, however, I drew “We Are The World”; I’m not consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously as befuddled today, but I display the image alongside this card today to affirm that I am by your side and will guide you safe as well. All you need to do when feeling in such major doubt(s) is follow your heart and instinct. Or if you’re feeling unable to, call on me in a prayer, and I will guide you.

Also feeling like this is a good time to mention #RichardKelly and #DonnieDarko; that flowing liquid that flows out of your core area between your heart chakra and solar plexus in the void. I can tell you all that guiding soul path is a thing, and when I’m feeling uncertain or need a reminder of what’s next on my path, I put my hand over my core, incidentally is also where our respective Heart Crystals are located; I look into my path and see the vision of the path ahead and anything incoming within it.

This also does correlate with “Follow” and “Open your Heart”, because you are looking within the heart area. There’s your insight and lesson on following your heart; heed this (re)new(ed) knowledge and insight and prosper as you will. Lots of Love. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of a magical spirit moving around a living-room]

Barbie Chan

23 June

Jodie Whitikawoo | First Class Simp (@Doctor13_2003)

@CPU_CWCSonichu Hey there Christine! Long Time Fan here. I was just curious as if Barb was ok? We haven't seen her in a while and some confirmation would make me happy, thanks.
Barbie Chan is quite all right, healthy and well, I assure you.

Chris quote tweets his reply in a new tweet.

Just a let-y’all-know, here, in general. Y’all have likely noticed me referring to Barbara as Barbie Chan. During this time, unless she says otherwise, I am the only one who has been entrusted to call her Barbie. Everyone else, please, refer to her as Barbara.
She does not like being called Barb; she told me this recently. I've been on the fence about "Barb", as it can also be in reference to barb wire or shit. So, please, Everyone; respect and appreciation for Barbara. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of an emoji meditating with text saying "Sending Positive Vibes"]

Sonic the Hedgehog's 30th anniversary

23 June

Chris quote tweets a Sega News Twitter account stating that concept art for a game called Sonic Prime was found.

Happy Birthday, @sonic_hedgehog.


Many humble gratitudes to you for manifesting the Chaotic Rainbow in 2003 with Sonichu Prime, by happenstance and accident, and for continuing to be an inspiration and hard-working for everyone in our whole universe.

Schizophrenia Tarot card again

24 June

Chris quote tweets his earlier tweet about the Schizophrenia Tarot card.

Such a rarity, but meaningful; today, I drew Schizophrenia for the Collective again. My basic two bolts and a heart on this is that either y’all Still have conflicting issues to be heart and instinct-guided away from, or y’all are getting these types of situations in multiples.


I quoted my tweet from yesterday, so y’all can still have the run-down.

As for news for today, the spirits are telling me all of you Are being filled with the energy of the present #strawberrysupermoon that is happening today; some are being rejecting of this energy.

I encourage all of you to accept this energy, transition, and transformation for yourselves. Others, including the people of @MoonOmens and #1111divinelight1111 on @instagram, have the details of this Supermoon better chronicled and stated. Give them a look for yourselves. ⚡️💙⚡️

Super messed up

24 June

Chip Fox 🦊 (@chipfoxx)

I feel that cringe.

Reminds me of when I used the term 'white washing' and teenagers joined white supremacists in calling me an anti-white racist.

[Screenshot of a Twitter thread regarding Greece and lesbians]

Woah! That is super messed up. I have had my own share of swapping out words I did not want to use at the time, but such a complaint followed by a trollish age like that is Soo many levels of cringe, and then some.

Pickle stuff

24 June

Espio the Kek loves Fall Guys 👑 👑 👑 (@Fall_Espio)

The OG Sonic medallion necklace:


[Photograph of the original Sonichu medallion]

And we all remember what happened to that particular one; let’s not repeat that blank pickle fiasco, ever.

[GIF of a pickle dancing with text saying "HAPPY PICKLE DAY"]

Convention stuff

24 June

Hey, everyone. Let’s talk a bit about Conventions, in response to page 185 of #WarholChrisChan. I’ve hand-written what Really has made interaction more genuinely easier for me over the years. Major Props to @BronyCon, and looking forward to the next in-person @BABSCon as well.


@MAGFest; most lovely and vibing Saturday that was. The local @OmegaConVA (looking at their Twitter; are they still doing the conventions here now?) has much room for vibe improvement. But props for hosting the dancing classes that one year before BronyCon ‘17.
Worst Con in my eyes at this point; Majorly Sorry, @TooManyGames, BUT if you all had Not pulled that Vicious, Trolling Setup/Trap, your convention could have been my 3rd or 2nd Favourite. You’ve Majorly shot yourselves in more than just your own feet with that stunt. ❤️‍🩹


[GIF of an elderly man turning away with an expression of confusion]

Aside from that, I have also attended a couple of stamp conventions and rock conventions; vibes were neutral, in general, between them.

[GIF of a character from Equestria Girls blinking while having a blank expression]

Possibilities Tarot card

25 June

Hey, y’all. Today’s card for the collective is Possibilities. The past two days saw everyone not only work with the energy of the Strawberry Supermoon, but also being felt forced into choosing between multiple choices and encouraged to follow their heart and instinct, instead.


Having been freed of these inner and outer struggles after finding greater appreciation for your core path, heart, and instincts, and the Supermoon energy to boot; all of you now have a sense of freedom to enjoy; explore the possibilities throughout for your individual locals; outward and inward towards a better you. Lots of love and safety for the day.


ilyusha (@cujoishere1)

please christine take your pills
Any pill can considerably be a placebo, and I’ve already taken my sugary dose and vitamins for the day long before your comment. You take your placebo now.

Chris blames the TooManyGames incident on the trolls again

25 June

💫BABULS💫 (@BabulsArt)

Babuls quote tweets the previous tweets regarding conventions and TooManyGames.

[Artwork of an OC telling a Chris Chan Sonichu using Twitter that he can't retcon real life events, and that he needs to start thinking about his real life future]
I was not retconning when I talked of the conventions; these were the points of fact from my feeling of the conventions during each time. AND I did feel the vibes and energy over the years. The flaw I blame is not fully recognizing and appreciating my better instincts sooner.
You try to retcon what happened at TMG.

Nobody set you up, you made a mistake kissing strangers and should own up to it.

I did make the mistake of expressing my appreciation too far at the time; I have learned from that. BUT, again, I know very well that I was constantly being observed by the Trolls and haters, and they, at the time, were looking for Anything to pin me down for. Also, Major Observation I still remember very well, the host of the convention messaged me through freaking @Facebook; soo Indirect, especially when he could have had an easier, more direct, communication by TEXTING me, or better yet, pull me over, personally, and warn me, but you know what?

He Did NOT do that at all. I had no Proper Warning or notification that this was wrong. I psychically Know he was in with the haters at the time, and so he half-assed the “warning”, adding that detail to the Set Up against me.

[GIF of a cartoon child tugging the shirt of a cartoon teenager with text saying "Umm you know what?"]

Aloneness Tarot card again

26 June

Chris quote tweets his previous tweet about the Aloneness Tarot card.

For the collective, today, I drew Aloneness. Yesterday, y’all explored massively; now is the time to appreciate the new blessings, compare them with what you already have; sort out what no longer is required for yourself. Let that which is toxic with you, as an individual, go.


Chris going to EverfreeNW

26 June

For context, EverFree Northwest is a My Little Pony convention that takes place in Bellevue, Washington State. Keep in mind that Washington is over 2,700 miles away from Virginia.

All that aside, I am planning on attending @EverfreeNW. I look forward to the good vibes and meeting the peoples, once again.

Optionally, get a copy of #WarholChrisChan for yourselves, and if you’re there and bring the book, I will autograph it for you.


Interdimensional travels

26 June

Zenithwing (@Witherblood)

the 16 Astralchus are real, you must preach about them @CPU_CWCSonichu
I have met them in my interdimensional travels, but they are not fully conscious with my body’s brain yet. Please, do tell.

Johnny B (@theboveun8er)

Chris get help. Like for real. You are not a trans lesbain and you do not interdimensional travel. You are a 40 year old man child. Please get help.
Your toxic vibes do not serve me, and therefore I reflect them back to you. I am not going back to immaturity. I feel sorry for you that my enlightenment and ascension is what you lack for yourself. Meditate on that. ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of a man holding up a mirror while sitting on a beach]

You are the one that believes your married to mewtwo and your made up characters. I hold a job down. I pay my bills. I own my house. Tell me again who is immature?
That don’t impress me much. What is impressive is spiritual enlightenment and maturity.

27 June

Winfield Winfield 💀 (@WinfieldWinfie1)

So Chris, would you be interested in that video commission? I’d love it if you reviewed my book. I just haven’t heard back from you.
I genuinely would love to review your book. It looks very interesting, your series and genre. But during the present, my book remains set with #WarholChrisChan, and my future writing of a personal twelfth chapter for the book; a separate good supplemental for the first edition.

Dr. Wolf and MLP G5

26 June

In response to Dr. Wolf tweeting a link to a Youtube video discussing new teaser images from My Little Pony generation 5.

Doctor, I hate to be that individual, BUT as I have stated and reaffirmed time and again: MLPG5 is Cancelled, and MLPG4 is on again for five more seasons. Please, stop talking about G5; it is cancelled. Thank you, Doc. ⚡️💙⚡️

Comparison Tarot card

27 June

Hey, y’all. The Collective’s card for today is Comparison. This card signifies a reminder that we are ultimately not to compare ourselves with others, but to compare ourselves with our selves and our respective individual successes in our endeavours. In this instance,


all of you have had the time and trials to identify, appreciate, release the toxic, and so forth of all of your successes in life so far. You can even majorly count the success of how deeply all of you each have been internally exploring deep and healing yourselves. I will summarize this with the simple reminder that is obvious: Count Your Blessings. ⚡️💙⚡️

@MediumMolly may or may not perform her usual forecast for the week, but it remains advised to stay tuned, nonetheless.


27 June

In response to a Twitter artist posting artwork of an anthropomorphic shark hugging a human while saying "This is MY human! Go get your own!"

I can actually kinda imagine that between Magi-Chan and I. “This is MY Chris Chan! She will serve you later.” He is actually more kind and generous, though; also reasonably serious, and grounded for himself.

Anthros and ferals

27 June

Xena (@X3naFerrer)

Xena quote tweets an artist displaying artwork of a fictional society in which anthropomorphic animals and feral animals live together.

The way it should be <3
Very much so, and humans and all other creatures with them as well. I have personally experienced this and know of it. It shall happen shortly for us all from both halves of our complete universe.


Letting go Tarot card

28 June

Hey, y’all. Today’s collective card is Letting Go. Any remaining toxic individuals and habits, or those you may have recently lost from your lives or long ago, it’s time to let them go and move forward. ⚡️💙⚡️


Quote tweeting

28 June

SwiftOnSecurity (@SwiftOnSecurity)

Getting retweeted by dunking on people was still seen as pretty novel and popular at that time, so they might have just tee’d up the shot thinking I would take it.
I quite concur; inciting Quote-Tweets on such a massive scale by inkling that intention for pure attention and needless chaos-striking in the public is most callous.

This is definitely the type of thing I feel better avoiding. I mainly only quote or retweet should the original tweet genuinely resonate with a mutual feeling, as well as its intention energy vibrating as true and not false or exaggerated. I have made my erroneous quote, retweet, or comment in the past unintentionally instilling that chaos, because I had not appreciated my better instincts and insight years ago. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chip Fox 🦊 (@chipfoxx)

This is why I prefer screenshots unless it's a special circumstance.
As I have just quoted and commented with the root tweet thread and its owner, I most certainly agree, Chip.


28 June

Aaron (@IAmAaronWill)

2019: Lost myself

2020: Found myself

2021: Building myself

Lost myself: late 2000, and 2010 or 11

Found myself: mid-2014, and even deeper in 2017 Building myself: 2015, onward Self-Healed: 2019, interdimensionally during 2020, and 2021 Self-Loved: Off and On; better self-loving in 2021 Very thoughtful and inspiring topic. Thanks. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Chris on racism

28 June

Another topic mentioned in Chapter Six of #WarholChrisChan I feel I need to personally readdress and talk a bit further about: the “Racism”.

I realize, understand, and appreciate how (some of) you all may have (mis)interpreted this of me, once upon a time, so to begin, to clarify: in my youth and development years, as Don had stated well, at times I was rather dumb and not aware of things going on outside of the present tasks at hand in schooling and whatnot. I personally verify that racism was discouraged in the Greene County Schools. And I actually had a few black friends and classmates growing up; I never judged or saw them any different. Even Mister C., my dad, had a bunch of black people who were his friends. He appreciated the Soul and the Personalities of these individuals, as did I. But, in shows over the years that had a main cast of black people, such as #FatAlbert, #TheJeffersons, #SanfordandSon, and even, Yes, #BillCosby. I enjoyed watching #PicturePages as a child while it aired on @Nickelodeon back in the day. I never really had Anything against black peoples. On the related subject, going a few years ahead to @PiedmontVaCC, the infamous #LoveQuest; I had nothing against black women, either. I did have girl and women friends who were black over the years.

The reason Why I was quite reluctant for wanting a black girlfriend, is because I could never ever really (fore)see myself with one as a sweetheart. Plus, there were heightened aggression that can happen that I did not feel comfortable tolerating that were sometimes, but Not stereotypical, of black women. I felt at unease; the vibe was off in even trying to see that concept.

Alternatively, I do have a good time chillin’, talking, and hanging out with black men and women. Even hanging out with some who were my fans who liked me. That was a lovely time during that year at @BronyCon. Not wanting a black individual as a partner was a Choice. I Chose to accept and appreciate that I was not destined long-term to be beyond friends with black individuals.

I was and am not closed-minded to the idea and prospect that I have witnessed in interracial couples of all identities over the years. I like and appreciate the black folks and their rich, deep, even the painful, and the soulful history, and how they have progressed and stood up when they woke and found themselves long ago. Seeing that example continue to this day is beautiful. And I support their rights as individuals and freedom to do as they wish and choose in their lives, like the majority of the remaining individuals on the Earths.

Also, to observe, that time I sang Unckle Ruckus’ song from #TheBoondocks; I was still finding myself, and my mindset back then was still not as swift, because of my outdated views on men, in general. When I sang that song, I was literally doing a parody, and at the same time venting frustration against the Haters and Fakers who were bothering me back then. If I could, I would change that song to “Don’t Trust Them Haters Over There”.

I have mentally grown more over the years, and I have learned from my faults and mistakes.

And with that, I end this with a simple #BlackLivesMatter, and I send good vibes and love to all of you. Thank you all. ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of the Black Lives Matter Movement symbol]

Past lives Tarot card

29 June

¡Buenas Días a Todos! 😊⚡️

Today’s card for the collective is Past Lives. A good sign, indeed, as a lot of you are finding your deepest intelligence in your past lives, between the two metaphorical rainbow lizards of Knowing and Unknowing. Finding out how old each of you


are in spirit and what you each have accomplished. Even the youngest souls who may or may not have extensive amounts of past lives. I mean, with the population increases, of course New, Young Souls are amongst the neurotypical flock. Learn and Memorize as best as each of you all can and will from your deepest long-memorized insight, knowledge, and wisdom. This will be very important later on, as in There Will Be A Test for each of you all; similar to Twilight Sparkle’s test when she helped the Crystal Empire.

[GIF of a pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic holding up a book entitled "Facts" while another pony knocks it into a body of water]

The Spanish roughly translates to "Good morning everybody!"

Andy Warhol Technology chapter

29 June

Hey. Still working on reading #WarholChrisChan; these two pages in Chapter 7; Don, You Are Psychically Well-Beyond Spot On! People, read these two page excerpts; this extensive paragraph and the one after it, and read them again.


June29BookPhoto1.jpg June29BookPhoto2.jpg

Also, so y’all know, I have a rainbow of highlighters, each specified within the false-true range, and then some. Pay Attention.


Identifying card

29 June

GreytheMew 🥄 👁 🥄 (@C_197HERETIC)

Not death but Slime. This #chrischan #tarot card is inspired by the events of slime and punishment. @CPU_CWCSonichu @ItsAllSoUgly

[Artwork of a human character riding a pony from My Little Pony while firing a handgun into upwards to the sky]

This is a really identifying card; if I had to pick one of the original Tarot cards to compare this with, it would have to be The Devil, as it deals with Recognizing Your Bondage (not to go BDSM). Essentially becoming aware of those that are greatly holding you back from achieving your greater potential and finding yourself. This also brings to mind from the Osho Zen deck The Burden, which presents the similar message. Definitely more of a major Burden than a Devil, this card is representative of.

The creator Tarot card

30 June

Hey, Everyone. The Collective card for today is a really good one: The Creator. All of you each have found yourselves and have achieved a sense of spiritual maturity. With this greater insight and wisdom, you all are encouraged to go out and express yourselves with this in you.😊

June30CreatorTarotCard.jpg June30CreatorCard2.jpg