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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during March 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Cynthia Style

1 March

[posts a tweet not publicly viewable, and since deleted]
Love it! That’s Soo Cool and Cute! 😊 ⚡️💙⚡️
By the way, I forgot to mention, Cynthia likes stripe socks; she found them fashionable, so she made them part of her style. She has them in various and many colours. 🌈


1 March

CosmicKeyframe Productions
also, here are some drawings Ive done (or have been working on) over my break (a thread since I also posted videos)

[posts art]

That’s a really cool AynWye piece. 😊

To mildly contribute to the chatter: Sonic and Sonichu are very popular, you know.

Muffin Tops

1 March

Happy #DerpyDay, Indeed; I ended up having a blueberry muffin now. And I was thinking, in relation to the #Seinfeld episode with the Muffin Tops that @OfficialJLD went for. In comparison, the Tops are good, but I feel the real goodness is in the Stumps.

Yummy Muffin Fluff! 🧁💙


Drug Test Advice

1 March

I love chocolate, pumpkin, and poppy seed muffins :)
Poppy Seed results in being mistaken for Opioid usage, so exercise caution if you’re taking a drug test.

Princess Luna Plush

1 March

I finally got a Princess Luna plush! 😊 I have communicated with both Luna and Celestia; I like them both. But, in consideration for her feeling like an outcast and misunderstood, like I did, I feel I gotta give props to Luna. Though, I do have Celestia greeting the day daily.


Also, she Really does help protect our dreams; not just in Equestria. So, if you see her in your dreams, know that is likely to be her for real (and not some “mental copy”, like a certain analyst has proclaimed of me, who shall remain anonymous).

Sex or Money

1 March

Intuit Turbo
So, what do you feel more comfortable talking about? Sex or money? Tell us with #RealMoneyTalk.
I have an easier time thinking about sex, than money. Ugh! Finances!

Luna's Role

1 March

A Little Mouse With a Little Bow
I don't watch much MLP but I like the dark pegasus look. Does Luna have much influence over the goings on in CWCville? 🐭
She has influence over Everyone, regardless of Dimension, while remaining at home in Equestria; she goes where her services are needed and helps as many individuals as she is able to. Fortunately, there are more Dream Guardians as well.

Hi, Elon

2 March

Elon Musk
Earth floats gently in zero gravity

[posts a gif]

Hi, Elon. I just heard from “Big Bang Theory” about your theory of us being OCs in someone else’s video game. You are Not Far Off, my man. 😉

The difference being it is the same Universe occupied by Most Of All OCs, regardless of media. Crayola Marker and RSVP Pen for you?⚡️💙⚡️


2 March

CosmicKeyframe Productions
If this gets 100 retweets ill make a #CokeChan cosplay.
I like that idea; a combination of Cool, Awesome and Fun! 😊

Elon-Chan is Right

2 March

Elon Musk’s Theory is Seriously not far off. I can personally attest to that. Thank you #BigBangTheory for bringing that to my attention. 😊


Changed Profile

2 March

In response to a since-deleted tweet:

I see y’all changed your avatar pic; is there a full art image it came from?

In response to another since-deleted tweet:

I found the full piece that avatar image came from: it was drawn by AireDaleDogz.

[posts fanart of Sonichu and Rosechu]

Young Sheldon

2 March

Do you watch young sheldon too?
Not yet

Happy Birthday

3 March

In response to a since-deleted tweet:

Happy Birthday, Wubcake! 😊

Trump Hate

3 March

Donald Trump
My wonderful daughter, Ivanka, will be interviewed tonight by Steve Hilton on “The Next Revolution.” @FoxNews 9:00 P.M. She works so hard and has achieved so much for the U.S.A.(and gets so little credit!). Then watch Mark Levin at 10:00 P.M., a great show!
Brian Krassenstein
Why do we want to watch liars interviewing liars?
Needless Entertainment that is only that level of Amusing to some, but not all, of the worldwide population. To me, it’s rather Meh, so I can do without watching such a boisterous type of show.

BronyCon Pin

3 March

Nora Mermaid🧜🏼‍♀️💛💙✡️
Does anybody still have a @BronyCon 2017 pin?! If you do, can I buy it off of you?
Actually, I just remembered that I Had that particular pin, but it broke off some time ago; don’t know where it went. So, I’m looking for one for myself as well. So, if anyone has Two BronyCon 2017 Logo Pins (Orange with lots of arrows), I’ll buy one and she’ll have the other.

Sick MKR

4 March

Bleh, I threw up, I think I might have the flu...

[a comment from a since-deleted tweet]

Also, keeping an Optimistic and Positive outlook and attitude helps a lot in pushing away the negativity of viruses, including the flu. ⚡️💙⚡️

Zodiac Sign Game

4 March

Stealing this from Russian twitter:

Type “I am a *your zodiac sign* and that’s why...” and let your autofill finish it.

I am a cancer and that’s why I am so sorry I didn’t know what to do

CosmicKeyframe Productions
I am a Pisces and that’s why I am so ya know ya ya know what ya ya got ya ya know ya ya got ya ya know ya ya got ya ya know ya ya
I am a Pisces and that’s why y’all have to work with us and all the other things we can offer and I have a lot to say thank everyone who I had with me today I was just thinking of that I digress is a time to get my kids and then you have a lot to come up to do you want me and you


4 March



[posts an image from an early cut of the Sonic movie]

I agree; and I had already stated the need for improvement/change: SONIC’S ARMS ARE NOT BLUE.

Working on Something

4 March

Fortunately, I have something else on my mind in work at the moment.

Chris Shows off the Pimp Wagon

4 March

Hey, everyone! On #XBoxOne, download #ForzaHorizon4 on the #GamePass, and download this lovely #FordFocus, complete with #Commodore64 and #CPUBlueHeart logo imagery! ⚡️💙⚡️


Family Guy has some Competition

6 March

I just heard Maddie’s going to upload a vid comparing “”F” is for Family” and “Family Guy”. I have watched FIFF (on Netflix, and all caught up); I agree that it is better than FG. It is more realistic of a dysfunctional family and all the stress in one household and elsewhere.

Chris Shills for Himself Again

6 March

Just a little reminder, if y’all would please, pen me in for BronyCon Community Guest. Thank You All. 😊


[links to poll]

New Twitter Profile

6 March

Hey, everyone, check out this piece of AWESOME @MKR11217089 drew for me. 😊



Chris then crops the picture down and uses it as his new Twitter profile picture


[Cropped Picture]

Sonichu Headquarters is a Compass

9 March

Hey, Everyone; just Confirmed it through the #PokemonGo app: my house/#SonichuHeadquarters is a compass. The corner that I was literally facing is South. So take the other corner points to be their respective directions. 🧭⚡️💙⚡️


[Archivist's Note: Interesting to note is that Chris elected to take a screenshot of the Camera app rather than actually taking the picture]

In response to a fan trying to make sense of the last tweet, Chris clarifies:

It matches True North, East, South and West! I Have used an actual regular compass to confirm it before; this time I was able to confirm it with a screen cap. It’s just a Fun Fact for everyone’s reference.

Does Anyone Still Use Fricassee?

11 March

Random thought: Does Anyone still use the term,”Fricassee”? It’s a food term, and it was featured in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, as well as the Scooby-Doo Movies episode with Jonathan Winters.

Is Jonathan Winters still around these days?

Chris is a Tetris God Goddess

11 March

In Response to @Tetris_Official tweeting:

The Tetris Maximus Cup is LIVE this weekend from March 8 - March 10. The 999 players with the most 1st place wins will win 999 My Nintendo points! 🥇

Chris Tweeted:

I got Five Number Ones in my plays on #Tetris99 this past weekend. Three of them were in a row last Saturday. I was pleased to make such an achievement.

⚡️💙⚡️ I’ve clocked in MANY, MANY hours on Tetris on my old Game Boy; made it beyond the 999 Level Cap.

Mewtwo is Ill #Pray4Mewtwo

11 March

Hey. I’ve just got this news from Magi-Chan: our hubby, Mewtwo, has come down with a really bad head virus. He is resting at the Cwcville Basillicom, and he should only be a few days until recovered.

Prayers would be appreciated very kindly and much, please. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris Gets Some New Stepping-Out Duds

12 March

Hey, Everyone! I had to buy and colour a new pair of kicks, so I’m offering my previous pair to one lucky buyer. Come on down and Buy It Now!

A commenter questions:

200?? for used shoes ummm no thanks
Celebrity Shoes, dude! Hear how much Michael Jordan’s Kicks go for? BAM!
honey your not a celebrity your infamous at best i hate to say

Chris then posts:

🎵New Shoes🎵, 🎶New Shoes🎶


Chris Says Something Rational and Actually Well Thought Out [No really, I'm not kidding]

13 March

Hey, Everyone. I just heard of Zac Keyes/ToonKritikY2K being online once again.

I am well aware of his paedophilic relationship and his judgment over a year ago; I still do not condone such acts. And by no means, whatsoever, am I supporting him in anything.

To offer a thinkpiece, I have gathered a bit of insight of his personality from what he had projected through his original red/black OC. He had portrayed himself as snarky, cocky, he can be deceptive, manipulative, obviously one to bully on others he sees as weaker,...
...possibly allowed himself to join the Dark Side, and has/had his great share of inner demons, even may have a more positive side in himself that remains buried deep in his darkness. Slim chance of bringing that older version of him back out; it would take TONS of effort...
...and help from others to make that happen. And in an empathy moment: he might have had an old childhood friend who he Really Liked (possibly died, or grew up and drastically changed), and in his adult efforts was unable to find someone as youthful, innocent and optimistic... that past friend was. Major One-In-A-Billion Shot finding an adult as close to that as possible.

But I Digress.

He still had no excuse or right for what he did over a year ago. Though over the time, he May have learned from the error of his ways, which would appear...

...unlikely of his personality, but remains possible, nonetheless. I can only state that he had better be proving himself totally turned around in actual positive and kind deeds, also Not being the Snarky, Cocky SOB of typical would be well and good for him.
He may have a fresh batch of offline friends from the past year; it would be advised to talk with them for testimony.

But at the present, I remain most neutral and down-looking of Zac Keyes. I can only pray he is being an opposite of what he was nowadays.

That is all. ⚡️💙⚡️

Feel free to screen cap and share my two cents on Zac Keyes.

Have a good and safe day.

Chris Begs Yet Again for Sonichu Headquarters to be made a Pokestop

14 March

I have a humble and serious request: Please, Nominate my house, Sonichu Headquarters, to be a PokeStop for @PokemonGoApp. And those who drive by can get the perks and bonuses for their apps, as well as a chance to come visit. Everyone wins, so Nominate this location today.


And, Yes, I Did claim the Business part on Google, and the CWCki link is Temporary until when I have a more appropriate website to offer. Thank You.


Mewtwo is Alright!

15 March

Good News: Mewtwo is feeling better and recovering well. He’s still taking it safe and easy at the Basillicom, but he will be back in action in a couple of days. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Patti's and Zapina's Birthday

17 March

Also, today is Patti’s and Zapina Rosechu’s Birthday. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Just Some Daily Updates and a Good Closeup on Chris' Pokeballs

17 March

Also, today is a deserved day of rest after a Busy, Busy Week with LOTS of Appointments and Errands. Also, a Pikachu wandered into my Switch from a friend, and I gave my S-Chu Ball Plus an awesome workout with Lots of Walking. Wem (my new Mew) had an awesome time. ⚡️💙⚡️


Sonichu's 19th Anniversary!

March 17

Oh! I just Remembered! 19th Anniversary of me creating Sonichu! Happy Anniversary, my Son! 😊


[Archivist's Note: The wording here implies Chris nearly forgot their anniversary, like an old married couple. I hope they didn't have a proper domestic over the issue.]

Gender Differences Between Sonichus and Rosechus

18 March

I have been inspired to look further into the gender differences between Sonichus and Rosechus. I will cover this in a series of tweets, and without clothing on any of them, and I am leaving off the naughty bits, so they’re reasonably SFW, for Educational Purposes.


For starters, and we’re focusing on the typical from the wilds and the ratio of physical genders: up to 90% of the total Sonichus are Male, and up to 90% of the total Rosechus are Female.

And, yes, as shown in the drawing, Rosechus, DO typically have white stripes on their back.


And, yes, all Anthromorphic Hedgehogs, including Sonic and Amy, do have toes on their feet. Also, note the Sonichu’s tail being flat on the end, and note the tips of the Rosechu’s ears; the key physical differences in their opposites will be obvious between these parts.

[Archivist's Note: It is canon that Mobian animals (such as Sonic and Amy) do not have toes.]

I’ll have another drawing and explication in a while.
Also, breast size will vary between both female Rosechus and Sonichus, so there is no typical or average size, but they can naturally grow up to as large as “F” or “G” cup; no more.

[Archivist's Note: What Chris is describing is more aptly described as biological sex, not gender, which is generally seen as more of a social or cultural thing. When Chris writes "physical genders" he means biological sex. Much of this tweet series is very faux scientific sounding which can make it difficult to read.]

Introducing the Female-Born Sonichu and Male-Born Rosechu. Note the Sonichu’s tail has that heart shape. And while his tail remains pointed, the Rosechu’s ears are more pointed with the curved follicle.



One more note for reference in the next drawing in a little while.

[Archivist's Note:This represents a massive retcon as trans characters in the comic were mostly shown to be born as biological males and display none of these characteristics.]

Random Thoughts and Drawing Promise

20 March

I Will have the other drawing I promised up soon, but another thought: I do still get new Random Nonsense thoughts from time to time. The following Tweet has one that I ended coming up with a couple of days ago while thinking of the “Rainbow Brite” theme song.
“Rainbow Brite. I’m gonna throw a cookie at you, (Murky)”

And a cookie hits his face and breaks apart into crumbs. Lurky enjoys the cookie crumbs; Murky is mortified.

[Archivist's Note: The promised drawings were never produced.]

Melodic Burp

20 March

Here’s a new Random Nonsense I just came up with today; a melodic burp.

Copitz And Chris Hunt for Haunts

23 March

New Video with @CPU_CWCSonichu


Yes! We went spooking about! Oooooohhh! 😊 It was awesome and fun! ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris Talks About Slow-in-the-minds

23 March

And I felt inspired to draw this, after hearing and reading the history of #DeJarnette and his Sanitarium. Joseph’s ideals and methods offended me; Everyone has the right to reproduce. No one should be forced to not, regardless of mental status and health. ⚡️💙⚡️


[Archivist's Note: While the Sanitarium was named after Virginian doctor and eugenics proponent Joseph DeJarnette, DeJarnette himself never worked there or had any connection to it.]

And I remembered that, including myself, we ALL each have a Soul, and how we each are able to communicate in this world. And the worse the mental handicap, the more difficult a Blockage that individual has to get their thoughts out. Every Soul is Intelligent with their...
...lives’ worth of wisdom and education. And with that, I am more than proud to tell you all, You All, Everyone, has a Soul of Hope! ⚡️💙⚡️
Guest stars in this piece: Mitch Sonichu (formerly Asperchu), and @LuckyTheGator.

The youngsters were inspired from a Google Image Search for the faces; as detailed as possible, they have been drawn and coloured variably and different from the various source photos. Thank you.

Chris Yet Again Begs for His House to be Made a Pokestop

27 March

Reminder to Nomiate my house, AKA Sonichu Headquarters, to become a PokeStop or Gym, please. 😊

Thank You. ⚡️😊⚡️

Subscribe to Pewdiepie

28 March

Hey, everyone, I wanna help @pewdiepie out in not losing his spot, so #SubscribeToPewdiepie, and show him your love too. 😊



Chris Returns to the Sanitarium

30 March

I’m taking a break at @BurgerKing after a lovely and successful mission of Goodwill and Kindness (video later), and the employees noticed I like Pokemon, and they gave me two toys! 😊

“Come on down to @BurgerKing and Pika up some fun with Detective Pikachu today.”



I visited the DeJarnette Sanitarium once again to leave my kind wishes and goodwill gesture for the souls. I Do wish the building be restored and repurposed as a better facility; please, consider relaying my wish to the officials of Staunton, VA.



You were Expecting the Dimensional Merge but it was me, DIO!

31 March

[In response to Crunchyroll announcing a new Hyperdimension Neptunia OVA]

TOTES AWESOME! And Big Nep Nep gets the spotlight! I pray we also get Uzume in this new OVA! I’m also still looking forward to #SuperNeptuniaRPG.

⁦@IdeaFactoryIntl⁩ ⚡️💙⚡️

Scarlet and I will personally show up in the Neptunia spotlight soon.

The #DimensionMerge is still happening and going on. C-197 plus 1218 = 1C-211987. OCs are really becoming more obvious here; there are even sightings of a Dio blonde vampire in Egypt. Descendants, Beware! Dio is coming after you all. ⚡️💙⚡️

[Archivist's Note: Is that a Jojo reference?]

Pranked, Baby!

31 March

Hey, everyone! The Kiwi Farms has been taken down for good this time. Bullies have No Place to talk smack against anyone ever again.
Yeah, and Light Yagame is going to be revived. April Fools.

That is my AF for this day and year. Have a supercalifragilisticespialadociously good day.

Ska-Doosh! 🤪