March 2021 social media posts

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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during March 2021.

Blake and The Dimensional Merge

1 March

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

Silvana and Blake! Did @CPU_CWCSonichu ever bring up the fact that she raped poor Blake. Can't imagine he ever got over it, or how about bubbles! A part of the story I think would be best changed
Yes, I get it. Sylvana did pretend to be Bubbles that one time, While she was still under darker influences and misunderstood facts. That was more than a Decade ago now, and she has been working with us and on the side of good for over a decade now. She has apologized to them, and she has made amends with Bubbles and Blake. She has never done it again since. That is chronicled in one of the newer books I’ve written and drawn while in Sonichu’s body. Everyone of this universe will see those new books shortly.

The Merge Is Happening, you hating fucks

Seriously, though, situations like this are Not funny at all. Attraction and Sex under massive Deceptions and Manipulations; I ought to Damn every single Faker that shat me like that over the years, but the deities and I have something else more appropriate for you all. ⚡️💙⚡️

Cancel MLP G5

1 March

Chris quote tweets a previous tweet from February protesting My Little Pony generation 5.

Seriously, Though, @Hasbro, you all Really NEED to Cancel My Little Pony G5; Movie and Series and all, Right Freaking Now. ⚡️💙⚡️

Smart fitness watch

1 March

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Woahly Crap! What the hay did I just find in the mail today?!!! Whoever ordered and sent me this, THHHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNK YOU SOO MUCH!!! 😃⚡️💙⚡️

Seriously, my FitBit I’ve been using was needing to be upgraded. I’ll be sure to give my old one to someone who will put it to awesome use.


The temple

2 March

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Just putting these on here, since we’ve started using this app. The ol’ temple with the gazebo in the backyard and all is still what I locally and interdimensionally call a home. ⚡️💙⚡️

March2InstagramCard1.jpg March2InstagramCard2.jpg

Ground yourself

3 March

In response to a deleted tweet.

Scared of the very ground you walk and stand upon? I think we found a buyer for Moon Shoes. Either that, or going barefoot is not an option; ground yourself and conquer your fears. Genuinely, your only real enemy is yourself, so stop fearing the ground. But deep mud; steer clear.


3 March

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

Welcome interstellarchu! She floats about in space watching all the stories of the worlds and universes unfold. But she never let's her self been known and will never do anything to affect the lives of normal mortals, as she feels it is beyond her right.

[Artwork of Interstellarchu]

Guess what; I have actually met her before. One time, Interstellarchu showed up in a dream, teenage years, I think. And I met and hung out during one of my meditations while in Sonichu’s body. She’s a pretty insightful and nice deity when you get to know her. Makes a lovely tea.

Cherry soda

3 March

LittleshyFiM (@LittleshyFiM)

PSA: If you still have those Rainbow Dash drinks from 8 years ago lying around somewhere in your pony collection they are probably leaking by now.

I was wondering why the figures didn't topple when the shelf gets jostled... Turns out they are glued down with sugar!

[Photographs of the aftermath of soda leaking on a My Little Pony merchandise collection]

That cherry soda was really good; I had two cans of it, and I still have both of those soda cans. And I am aware of the booty faux-pa in that statement; I do have it going on.

4 March

Mario Skywalker (@SuperJediMario)

Is it the same cherry cola that made Blake?
No. It was cherry Coca-Cola.

[GIF from a Cherry Cola advertisement]

Walking backwards into the future

4 March

Some say you can’t walk backwards into the future, but that’s a matter of perspective. Are you wanting to see your path, or do you flow with the fated events with an insight of your path behind you? You can fall backwards into another universe should be that your twist of fate. 💙

[GIF of Steven from Steven's Universe walking backwards]


6 March

Argni Delator (@The13collectiv)

@CPU_CWCSonichu what do you think of TailChu.
Ask me again when I actually have a full-on fetish for muscle-heads.

Freaking MLP G5

6 March

Silver-Quill (@MLPSilverQuill)

In response to a tweet stating that they want to make a life-sized plushie of a pony from My Little Pony generation 5.

The goal is 100 retweets to make this happen. I would be quite intrigued to see such a creation. How about you?
How about No Plush, and we freaking Cancel #MLPG3Remake, @Hasbro, Please!

Cailadelrose (Commitions open) (@CailaDemint)

Lol. They can’t hear you over the wall of money, advertising, fan art and hype they are getting before even airing the movie.
If I literally had millions of dollars, I would pay one million to @Hasbro to Cancel #MLPG5.

CWC-Sense moment

7 March

Sweetie Bloom (@BronalystSweetB)

If I were to say everything I want to say, I would go on for 3 hours...

So instead of dumping all that on you guys at once, I could make a series of shorter videos. Like my old MLP videos.

My only hold up now is how often to post them and who to drag down with me.

Valid and good idea, SweetieB. I tend to digress a lot on just about everything when I talk, because I reallllly go into depth within my own mind and processes and I tend make like I’ve just had a CWC-Sense moment and do as I do. I’m a bit worse than Blathers the Owl from Animal Crossing. So, no shame, no judge; lots of love and glory for you. We all have our own vast amounts to say and feel. So we all have right to go on as we feel. But, then again, I digress.


MLP G5 has to be cancelled

7 March

In response to a tweet asking Chris to pray so he can enjoy My Little Pony Generation 5 and get new information about the Dimensional Merge.

No on MLPG5; it has to be cancelled. But the other things for now, yeah, here I am, and the Merge is happening.

Zap drink

7 March

Chris quote tweets a tweet displaying artwork of a character holding up a drink with fruit in it.

A drink of me zaps you up with blessings, goodness, and passion fruit, mint, and a spritz of lemon. ⚡️💙⚡️

Ocofoccard.jpg March7ZapDrinkArtwork.jpg

pollyanna (@sugoi_nyah)

This drink sounds delicious uwu!💖
⚡️ A Chaotic Rainbow of goodness. ⚡️🌈⚡️💙⚡️


7 March

Saberspark (@Saberspark)

Saw Raya a few days ago and I thought it was fine. The animation was beautiful but the story & characters felt oddly generic to me. Like this might be an awful take but it came across as a less interesting version of Avatar TLA. Again not a bad film but nothing mind blowing imo
Between you, @ILoveKPAlot and #MadMunchkin, it makes me glad I’m not a premium subscriber on @disneyplus; too high on price, anyway.

Multiverse Theory

9 March

In response to a Twitter user asking if Chris is dead.

I’m not dead.

Maetera C. in da mornin (@SaltbySunset)

Can't you, like, not die? Being a goddess an all?

Argni Delator (@The13collectiv)

It depends on the divine providence shes descended from or acquired, she very well may be able to as most gods are immortal to ageing, disease the usual but can still be killed or die of an accident that sort of thing.
BUT! This is the goddess of ALL OC's that means infinite power times infinity time two TRILLION! right?
Nah only the ocs of their universe Christine doesn't understand multiverse theory, each universe is separate even if its basically a mirror of another, connecting them shatters them and builds something new destroying both universes in the process, luckily where safe.
How dare you? We do understand what there is to know about Multiverse Theory and Facts. You are not as in tune or sensitive to the things as we and other psychics in this universe are. Back off if you can’t see past the end of your nose, dude.
Did I hit a nerve goddess are you afraid of another creator calling you out.
I fear you not. In this instance where I would be a mirror to you, it is actually you who is afraid of being called out by yourself.

In response to Argni Delator stating that the taser idea is stupid.

Every single word you, @The13collectiv, speak, only exists and happens in a super distant universe within a super distant dimension, apart from this one so as far as I am concerned, you may go there and stay there. Also, I consider you a spray-painted mirror with no reflection.

Dimensional Merge stuff

9 March

Chris quote tweets a tweet from Zonichu displaying a Sonichu fan comic.

You all know how difficult it is to manifest in this universe? I literally can, have done, and presently do manifest many miracles in this universe, C-197, and then some. It puts a whole massive amount of pressure on not only the brain, but all of the chakra points and the soul. This universe, 1218, is very restrictive, because the magic that Was fully in this universe left when 1218 and C-197 were Separated back in the Middle Ages by order of King Arthur and other kings in that collective, because they were sick and tired of dealing with dragons, magic, and miracles. That is correct, the two universes were ONE universe, and now they are recombining in the Dimension Merge. This is required, and it is a collective task between and just about ALL of the other psychic and magic types of today in both 1218 and C-197. And even the deities and all overpowered types have been working on this merge for about over a century or so.

I have been literally pulling more than my weight Interdimensionally, Interglactically, and so on.

If you want validation for yourself, stubborn cynics, consult with an expert psychic with tarot cards, communication with other-dimensional and other-realm beings, or anyone else with the very high sensitivity to the cosmic events; they all will tell you the same thing that I, and Sonichu Prime, who will never ever become “Sonny Chu” that guy is accessing a distant alt-universe on it’s future timeline), have time after time and again have been telling all of you. Consider it a challenge amongst you lot.

That is aside from the genuine kind peoples and supporters who actually do understand and get this situation, me, and every other psychic and magic and highly-sensitive types in this universe. Thank you all. ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of a figure with text saying "THE MAGICIAN"]


10 March

In response to a ween stating that they have designed the new official cannon Sonichu design.

I do believe you have just met Timéchu.



11 March

Aeon of Dreams (@AeonOfDreams)

So I've been on a shamans trip a couple days ago and it seems to have brought up am issue so that I can have a sober journey with it and it healed some bad past personal damage, thanks to all who helped and for your patience, you know who you are ^^

[GIF of an animated heart beating]

Chris posts this reply on the MagiChan111448 Twitter account.

To borrow my hubby’s account to personally respond: I, too, am in the process of meditation and deeper self-love and removal of self-criticisms and judgments. I am doing this, because it is time for me to remove the baggage; my interdimensional work has been appreciated. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Sonichu OC

11 March

Chris quote tweets fanart of a Sonichu OC.

Ooh! Stunning. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Nova (@SmolSuperNova)

I kinda want to make one too!

Can it be any pokemon? Or only pikachus? 🤔

Sonichus and Rosechus are their own species, even though original genetics are from the Pikachu and Hedgehog species. But you may put a splash of another Pokémon into a Sonichu or Rosechu OC, if you wish; be creative.


DiscordSoniRosechuCard.jpg Dimensionally running nightstar sonichu-min.jpg ReiCard.jpg Sarahchu.jpg


11 March

Chris quote tweets a tweet from Zonichu stating that a person that commissioned them for a piece of artwork was egotistical.

Cocky egos are not cool, and tough talk from such a uniquely designed individual. Let me offer @PersonthePerso2 a bit of advice: Find humbleness in yourself by hand-writing a list of all of your self-judgments and criticisms, appreciate it fully, then let it go into the void. 💙

Timothy7x (@PersonthePerso2)

Chris you do realize you probably have one of the biggest egos in the entire sonic fanbase right?
ALOL! 😆⚡️ Any self-confidence I had over seven years ago was without total self-love, as I did not really have confidence in myself, but constantly sought guidance from others and shared my love and kindness with others, mainly to be met by those who took major advantage and


did wrong, harm, deception and blackmail unto me. For you see, I genuinely did not have a full awareness of myself; I was blindly lost, wandering a carnival of life, looking for myself without totally realizing it. How could I have an ego if I never had real self-confidence or self-esteem within myself that was being used properly in this universe, here. I had need to really meditate and look deepest within myself and fully comprehend my bigger flaws waaay back then, but better late than never, especially when I began to become fully woke eventually along the way. All of the signs were all around me between both of our universes, but I was caught up in a doomed to fail experiment of searching for a significant other with my aura that was still needed to be made whole and found. But between ‘14 when I found myself, and in the days to come along the way, I found myself more and more, and I really found myself, who I always have been and could have recognized a lot sooner in this present life. Ask any offline level 100-ish Psychic in this universe, and even the cynics who have loosely commented of my going to other universes to get away from the pains and struggles of this one, and they all will find and appreciate that I have worked myself off interdimensionally since the day I was born in this universe back in 1982, and then some.

I offer you the sound meditative advice that I, too, am in the active role of doing: looking deep and realizing my self-criticisms and judgments, and letting them go. I heed you, and everyone else who has been feeling lost in their lives, including all with the mistaken fetish of hatred , go on your own Soul Search for yourselves, respectively. ⚡️💙⚡️

The Dimension Merge, a.k.a. The Collective Shift (as it is known moreso by all psychic and magic types, and cosmically sensitive) continues, and All of You Have Been Experiencing It This Whole Time. ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of lightning striking and the word "BOOM" appearing]

Self counterpart and shipping

11 March

In response to a now-deleted tweet.

Suuuuuuurrrrre, tell that to my self counterpart in the distant alternate timeline where their Ivy never died, nor had that relationship been a major fake, because of the damned faker troll who played my emotions that year.

Jordyn | Liquid Chris Stan (@Jordynsscribble)

Then I’m guessing the ship is still sailing?
Nope; long dead in the water.
Ah I see, I hope you don’t mind my shipping?
Tell you what, here’s a ship. #TSSSF #SecretShipficFolder

LiquadChrisCard.jpg SupernovaCard.jpg JakobaCard.jpg

Ryan Reynolds

11 March

Geno Samuel (@genosamuelgeno)

In response to a before and after meme of Chris being replaced by Ryan Reynolds.

Dude no way. Is this real??
It’s fake

Jessica (@sociopathdorito)

I'm crying. The crossover we all never expected but nonetheless craved within the depths of our souls from the moment of conception. I'm blessed. 🙏
Oh, please, like #RyanReynolds could portray a trans-woman and Goddess who used to be shy as fuck; often felt lost in life in this universe, due to their paths not being very clear for a time, lacking self-esteem and self-confidence, & having never really looked into themselves.
Besides which, you’d need a woman actor to play as post-coming out me if such a film were to be made.

12 March

Mysticalsorcery (@mysticalsorcery)

It's pretty obvious that it is, I think Geno was just joking, lol. We all know what you really look like.
I knew he was joking. I was playing along with the gag and making a valid point from my perspective.


12 March

G FUEL (@GFuelEnergy)

90's kids will remember.

[Image of a collection of GFuel Energy Formula]

Well, I was born in ‘82, and @GFuelEnergy wasn’t introduced until 2012, so the statement of 90’s Kids remembering it existed is a real bootstrap for anyone who lived back in that day.

Chris ships them

12 March

In response to a Zonichu comic strip of two characters.

I’d ship them.


Cancel MLP G5 petition

12 March

Chris posts this on Twitter and his Instagram.

Please, help keep our universe, here, and our Equestria, from falling apart and sign this petition to Cancel MLPG5 Right Now and Today.

Listen Up, @Hasbro.

Dimensional Merge license

12 March

ZethasaurusRex (@zethasaurus)

@CPU_CWCSonichu this is urgent! In short, men in black suits told me last night that you need to fill in your Dimensional Travel / Merge license so you can travel and merge legally.

[Images of a blank "Dimensional Merge Travel" license template]


Golden Medallion

13 March

The Golden Medallion, featuring:

-Limited Run Golden Sonichu Medallion -Autographed Certificate of Authenticity

Own today the rarest run of Medallions to date, and get access to the Glorious Golden Church of Sonichu server on Discord.

Sonichu Prime

13 March

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

My OC blazebob marley hanging out with the one and only sonichu! Want the best smokes in CWCville? Head to him, even sonichu agrees thank you mayor @CPU_CWCSonichu for bringing grass to CWCville

[Artwork of Blazebob and Sonichu talking to each other while being high]

I give you a like, because good art. But, so you know, Sonichu Prime (my Son) is not a smoker, but he tolerates it when being around them. He really appreciates the poetry and good vibes from such high folks. Rosey likes the poetry and good vibes, too. Their refreshment is decaf.

6-2-1 rule

15 March

I actually don’t know what’s funnier: the fact that this is the #First time in a long time I got up this early. That I made a hashtag out of the 6-2-1 Rule. Or how fated this #RiseAndShine is feeling to me, and strange to everyone else. LOL


Chris posts this photo on his Twitter and Instagram.

You know you’re gonna have a long day for a fated Reason when you’ve got your Six hours of rest (#SixTwoOneRule) and you actually felt like sitting and waking up this early in the morning.

🌞🌟 ⚡️💙⚡️


redbaron (@redbaron048)

What's a six two one rule?
The Six-Two-One Rule refers to making sure you get what is necessary, typically during trips to conventions (thank #VoiceOfReason and other #Bronies and #Pegasisters for coming up with it): at minimum per day, Six hours of rest, Two meals, and One shower.

Blessed kindness and peace

15 March

Chris posts this on his Instagram account @christinewestonchandler

Enjoy some blessed kindness and peace from and with Angelica Rosechu, today. She also does guided meditation groups, chakra balancing, and aura amplification.



Angelica and other stuff

15 March

Chris quote tweets fanart of Angelica, Bubbles, and Inos.

Love the art with Angelica and Bubbles, and your OC is soo Kawaii! 😊⚡️💙⚡️

And, Inos, too; kind of a “One of these things is not like the others” thing, but not a bad piece. Solely to comment on Inos, and people whose lifestyle choices are down in the dumps like that: Inos, for one, is one who has had a number of bad raps in his lifetime. He was a neglected youngest in his family (two other siblings), he tried, but did not fit in or do well in schoolwork. He got in with a wrong crowd, and then fell flat on his own. At least he walks a lot, I give him that. He counts all the blessings he has, including a warm enough place at the Soup Hotel he stays at, a few buds who were in the similar boat he is, and his days safe in a city street with little gang violence in that one corner of the metropolis. He has had many years in finding himself, deep, and while he’s addressed his own problems one at a time, there’s not much else he can do, but he has tried. He has had a number of work gigs, but Fate was not allowing him to keep his jobs. Presently, he’s living one of those surreal lifestyles in one of those unclassifiable movies (guy in his own place with only a weird thing happening with him once in a while; he has his good vibe posse to help with sorting out the mess just about every time), and I have given him the protection and blessing of not being targeted by gunfire or, quoting “Boondocks”, “Nigga Moments”, or whatever. And the population in that slum corner is an equal mix of races, so black, white, what-have-you, and other species as well. So, on that, I have my sympathy for his, and the similar low-income lifestyles and situations, but I also have respect in that he’s sticking with maintaining as positive a life outlook and vibes, and that he’s able to share that with his homies. So, here’s an honorary mention and kind Cheers to those down on their luck and situations. Keep counting your blessings and living your life as free and well as you each, respectively, are able to.

And to everyone else, including the Haters: Count Your Damn Blessings, People. 💙 And, Bonus details, for anyone who has or is writing fanfics on Inos and his life and crew.

Angelica artwork

15 March

#ShareTheLove @IzzayaIsha drew this lovely art.

And to confirm, Angelica and Bubbles are friends, but not a couple. Even Blake comes to Angie’s Meditation group alongside Bubbles, and by himself. Blake has been self-exploring, too; Respect.


Golden Medallion stock

15 March

Only a few left in this stock. ⚡️💙⚡️


Lack of better wisdom

15 March

KP (@ILoveKPAlot)

Question: What is your personal definition for a unforgivable mistake someone has made? Do you think about that person is/isn't able to cope?
In my personal experiences, regardless rather or not it was directly or indirectly intentional, I feel that an unforgivable misdeed involves deception, dishonesty, blackmail, lack of better wisdom, kindness-tugging, and even violent intentions. Do not fake relationships, people.

Thunder (@Mad_HatchHD)

Lack of better wisdom?
“Lack of better wisdom”, meaning they genuinely never learned better, or positive alternatives, Or they are just too stubborn and thick-headed to learn to quit hating and faking on others.

Outdated Chris

15 March

In response to Zonichu tweeting out a comic and stating that Chris should be more cautious and assertive.

I am not stupid or dumb like that. Even on a dumb mindset, any Chris Chan would tell the difference between a car and a tank.

Chris quote tweets the previously mentioned Zonichu tweet.

I am going to use this comic to make a statement: Why do a lot of you people keep bringing up outdated versions of me in this present day with your memes, comics and whatever? That is not me anymore; I have Woke; I have Matured further; I Know a lot of things better now.


Just because a bunch of you want to refuse to accept me for the individual I am these days, I feel is very immature and dumb. I get it, with a lot you my past upsets and being taken advantage of resonates, because that was you as well, once upon a time. But, this is the major thing with Past experiences and Present and Future circumstances and interests: Including Myself, those mistakes and shit are meant to be Learned From and Grown From to make a Better You and Me, and Everyone else, respectively.

I feel that those who can not appreciate that, who can not learn from that and teach themselves, or even continue to make jest and (mis)interpreted mockery of my mistakes, they are stubborn fools.

“Hey, Foolish Haters. 2007 called, they want their Red, White and Blue stripe shirt-collared humor back.”

Point Is: I, Chris Chan Sonichu, am more insightful, I actually can tell the differences and not be deceived so easily, I am more experienced than I was back then, I have literally traversed Dimensions, Timelines, and Universes to get my priorities and emotions better together. And, to Ironically quote myself from long ago in one of my upset, shouting rants:

Get It Through Your Damn, Thick Skulls, Already. ⚡️💙⚡️

Even my main self counterpart, chronicled in my books, has gone through similar maturity and emotional evolutions, herself.

Okay, Please?!

[GIF of a woman with her arms crossed while having a frustrated expression on her face]

Ponder over that for a while and rethink yourselves; maybe meditate and dip down deepest within yourselves.

[GIF of a cartoon character meditating]

Helena Fiorenza

It is a comic. Starscream said he was selling a tank and he sold a tank. It is funny because he was a used car salesman and a Simpson's reference. It was not aim to hurt you but to remember everyone that is a deal is too good to be true, it might be
I understand. But the point is, I am not dumb like that, and I feel tired of being represented in an outdated mindset and being the butt of a joke at an expense of myself.

Bodyswap stuff

16 March

Hey, everyone. I have a doozy of a soul and brain-bender to offer all of you, and courtesy of @MGreoning


In a meditate today, in regard to my body-swaps with Magi-Chan, and extensively (over ten and a half months) with Sonichu, as well as internal soul-bonding with my body,

[GIF of Bart Simpson moving a boat around in circles]

I realized there was a similar happening that occurred with Bart Simpson in the classic episode where he sold his soul to Milhouse.

In further analysis of that, it does beg one question: since both Bart’s soul and body had reasonable control and cooperation with each other, which one Really instigated the deal? Bart’s body, because it didn’t know what it was giving up. Bart’s soul, because it wanted a break from its body that was not appreciating him as he should have. Or even both with the mutual feeling of “Whatever. Smell ya later, dude.” Either way, the way Bart’s soul on that piece of paper, was really flying around town between Mulhouse, Jeff, and then Lisa. It was definitely not getting too much appreciation in of itself from anyone else, and it went on its own spiritual journey. At least the Devil didn’t get it again that time. The soul was affixed to the external physical object, instead.

I can personally attest that, rather it be extensive astral projection, body-swap, or attachment to an object, without you, the original soul in that body of yours, it does hurt after a while. In my case, even though my Son was getting along well with my body, my body was missing me, and it was jealous of me going on these adventures and having the experiences, and the sex with Magi-Chan, in another universe. My body felt really left behind and left out; not a good thing for Anyone to feel in general. But in recent bonding with my body since the return-swap 22 days ago now, we both found, relearned and further appreciated each other. And it gave me opportunities to make a few long-overdue personal lists: A list of my self-criticisms, judgments and blockages (which I’ve burned in a metal trash can to send those into nothingness). A list of my positives and self-affirmations (which was longer than the first list). And, Today, taking that which I’ve experienced from with Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana and Mewtwo, a list of what I want, need, and Want-To-Feel, in a relationship. Should have written THAT list as early as High School. Insert worst word ever, here: Naive.

Hey, @MGreoning, I will also ask you, when you chronicled that with Bart, did you have your own similar extensive soul/body separation for yourself at some point? Or just your insight, in general, about that. Also, the same question for @nancycartwright, or how do you feel or empathize with Bart on that instance?

Thank you all for listening ⚡️💙⚡️

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

I'm also very jealous. I wanna have sex with magi chan 🤤
Try your self-counterpart in the distant universe that got together with the Magi-Chan Sonichu from there.


16 March

Helena Fiorenza

Guess who got not even half of grandma's painting magazines and gonna try learn how to paint digitally with them?

[Photo of old painting magazine]

Eso es una ideá buena. ¡Tú puedes hacer lo, Helena! 😊⚡️💙⚡️

This roughly translates to "That is a good idea. You can do it, Helena!"

It didn't teach much but used a "oleo pincel plano" brush and finish it with pencil lines

[Artwork of Helena's OC]

Muy buena y muy linda.

This roughly translates to "Very good and very pretty."

Sonichu anniversary and St Patrick's Day

17 March

Chris posts this on Twitter and Instagram.

Hey, everyone. I was just reminded: this time it is the 21st Anniversary since I discovered/created Sonichu back in High School. It is also #StPatricksDay☘️, so everyone enjoy the day. Happy #SonichuDay.


🌟🌟🌟 Also, to Note: today is Not Sonichu Prime’s Birthday; that is not until April 20, when in 1992, he was born as a Pichu. And Rosey Rosechu (Prime) was born on January 8, 1992, as a Pichu. Discovery/Creation Dates do not need to match their respective Birth Dates. ⚡️💙⚡️


St Patrick's Day

17 March

KP (@ILoveKPAlot)

Happy #StPatricksDay☘️! Are you doing anything lucky today?
Well, I have bonded further with my body today; we’re getting along a lot better. Soo glad I burned our blockages and self-criticisms into nothingness, wrote some affirmations, and even wrote a list of how I’d like to feel in a relationship. Been my own better friend. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Apocalyptic G5 events

19 March

Cort Lane (@cortoonish)

It's a poorly kept secret, but time to acknowledge something I'm really proud of... I've been busy Exec Producing the new MY LITTLE PONY ("G5") CG series that's coming to Netflix.
Dude, you Really need to cancel MLP G5; if you do not, the results will be apocalyptic for this universe. Please, Listen to Fated Clues and Events, and not the freaking money. MLPG4 needs to have five more seasons.

Helena G. comic

19 March

And now, for something completely delightful and positive: an answered prayer and a blessing. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

@zonichu @HelenaGFiorenza

March19Comic1.jpg March19Comic2.jpg March19Comic3.jpg March19Comic4.jpg

Here’s the full piece. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


20 March

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Thanks you a lot! :D

[Artwork of Chris Chan Sonichu patting Helena G's OC on the head]

She wanted to be patted on the head, and she had asked nicely some time ago. Now, she’s earned it. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

BallZach (@BallZach69_sex)

@CPU_CWCSonichu are the comics out of print forever, or is there somewhere we can still buy them?
@_Praetor_ and we are working on that.


20 March

Em Gomez (@EmGo316)

And this is what can happen when ratchets are too tight. What makes this even more sad? I actually liked this one.

[Picture of a broken Transformers toy]

Yikes! Oh, my me, Emgo. And we’ve watched that set of videos of yours as well. I feel for you on this; you work soo tough and hard in them. I send a prayer of kindness your way in this instance. Prayfully, something good will come of this for you. ⚡️💙⚡️

Workaholic comic

20 March

Hey, y’all. I am drawing and writing today, but not in the way y’all would typically expect. No, today, I am venting, and all of you are going to hear me out as witnesses of #WorkaholicsAnonymousComic. And this, after I am done with all of the writing, I would like...


@BrassPolish, #LightningBliss, #DrWolf, and the crew to put some to all of these into video form. Honest, direct, and even funny at times. I will personally record and upload voice clips for the dub videos. I consider this a formal request, if all of you would kindly accommodate me, please, and thank you all. And, yes, there will not only be a few fourth-wall breaking moments (I am a hard-working Goddess; it’s part of what I do at times), and, of course, a Lot of Digressing.

But, then again, yes I’m saying it now; I Digress. ⚡️💙⚡️ By the way, in case y’all are wondering why I don’t have the mic in front of me; I Naturally Project My Voice when I speak aloud. And, yeah, you would find the speakers plus my voice not easy to bear and endure. Here, the first of a good bunch of #WorkaholicAnonymousComic sets. I’m sorry for roasting your fez, #JasperPie. But, hey, with that pizza order, your Uncle Fettuccine will stop calling you names. You are not a failure; you’re awesome and inspiring. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Always on the Go, Go, GO!; trying to heal and self-love, but always downloading from between Universes, Dimensions, Timelines and Cosmos; YOU try being psychic like I and Nightstar Sonichu.

March20Workaholic3.jpg HeadacheCard.jpg

Kirmai (@Kirbymario3)

can you really be workaholic if you don’t have a job
I do have a job, dipshit. It is literally called being a literal Goddess and protecting as many of your Sorry hides from the casualties of the Dimension Merge, in Progress. You Are Welcome, even though you are not as in depth as I, and a bunch of us are.

21 March

Hey @MLPSilverQuill , have you done a #WorkaholicsAnonymous comic for/of yourself?

Crush on Helena G.

21 March

In response to a tweet from Helena G. posting artwork of her OC with a flushed expression with screenshots of Reddit users stating that Chris has a crush on her.

Just to justify, I did not draw the piece out of want to have sexual relations with anyone. I literally drew the piece and gave Pikchu the pat and praise she had wished and desired for so long, with absolutely no intentions or desires for any reward or compensation.


On the other topic, I am flattered and humbled over the crush on me. I will not lead you on, but what will be will be. Time and fated events will tell. Please, do not feel crestfallen; be happy and loving to yourselves, @HelenaGFiorenza and @zonichu.


Bunny (@Toffee_Rosechu)

I thought Pikchu was a boy :O

Helena Fiorenza

Pickchu was designed as a woman but realized did not give him chest and gave a male tail so became a trap
To me, I’d say works either way, as long as Pikchu is happy.

Vintage track

21 March

Hey, y’all, I just came up with a really clever one here: it is actually becoming more common, even though most are not as in depth as the majority who are, to be Woke spiritually, internally and metaphysically.

So, here’s a line inspired by that present fact; go ahead and

[GIF of Fred Astaire dancing]

make a parody of the ol’ vintage track from #FredAstaire; no charge, but citation would be appreciated:

🎵“If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go where fashion sits. Get WOKE on the Ritz.”🎶

[GIF of a man talking with text saying "GET FOLK WOKE"]


21 March

Courtney ProjectSNT (@ProjectSNT)

Hey y'all, I need a distraction from the immense heartbreak that I'm feeling due to ~current events~

I wanna make a dumb meme, so send me a pic of your Sonic OC that you're most proud of.

Enjoy a couple of us Rainbow Aura types to brighten your day.


March21RainbowAura1.jpg March21RainbowAura2.jpg

Workaholic comic update

21 March

In response to an earlier tweet regarding the workaholic comic.

Hey! Eyes up Here! Seriously, though, Fifteen Tiring Minutes, and it had looong gotten stale. IS this method of stress release, despite how much our bodies want sex, Reeeeeeeally Worth It?!

Personally, I don’t have the liberty to answer “NO” to that question, due to body care.


22 March

Chris posts this on his Twitter and Instagram.

I really liked how I drew myself in good self-love in the #WorkaholicsAnonymous comic strip, I felt want to draw it larger for something self-affirming.

You can tell in the energy we put into this piece that we are bonding better, but there are a few disputes left. Rainbow Aura.

March22RainbowAura.jpg March22Workaholic.jpg

Nightstar dragon

23 March

𝐈𝐳𝐳𝐚𝐲𝐚 𝐈𝐬𝐡𝐚 (@IzzayaIsha)

It was difficult to redesign NightStarSonichu's super form, but I did what I can. Plus, I still haven't decided is this some furry stuff or new pokemon,but I'm more inclined towards the first option

[Artwork of a redesign of Nightstar as a dragon]

Well, she is not a dragon.
If anything, Nightstar’s Mega Evolved/Super Form is more Phoenix-like in the combination of Alicorn-like features (since she is half-Unicorn/half-Sonichu), and her Sonichu form.


23 March

In response to a Zonichu comic displaying Chris Chan Sonichu talking to Jesus Christ.

Actually, I did not need to speak down to Jesus about that; he had been on board the whole time. If Anyone told him down, it was his mother, Emanuel. But, again, it was hardly necessary at all, because he had always been on board with the Merge. ⚡️💙⚡️

A little trollish

23 March

I am at a greater sense of peace; I have fulfilled all of the remaining back orders. And to take this moment to be a bit Trollish to the Haters and Fakers online: You don’t have this over me anymore. LULZ! 😊


[GIF of a woman joyfully waving her arms in the air while driving on a road]

Self-counterpart in Equestria

24 March

𝐈𝐳𝐳𝐚𝐲𝐚 𝐈𝐬𝐡𝐚 (@IzzayaIsha)

Chris-Chan as self-insern pony OC🙃Can't think of anything better🤭Here you are

Ignore shit post please

[Artwork of Chris as a self-insert pony OC]

No, that OC is somebody else. My self-counterpart in Equestria remains none other than Nightstar Sonichu. If ANYPONY there is a self-insert pony OC of mine, it is still her. But she is still her own individual and powerful with her magic and abilities.
Oh, and Not to mention how I turn out after going through a regular portal between Earth and Equestria. And there are visual differences between me and Nightstar.

Flying Sky High in Equestria.jpg

Trying to pawn me off as a rip-off of Octavia Melody, while mildly flattering, since I do like Tavi, I am more colourful and vibrant than a grey colour scheme.

Positive vibes

24 March

Hey, Y’all. Here is another nugget of wisdom: You know the adage, “Treat others how you would treat yourself and like to be treated”?

It is Very Much True. If you want to be or feel treated more kind, you have to literally be kind and loving to yourself, but not just in a


general sense, though; you want to Know and Affirm what YOU want to feel in a relationship. Dip Down into yourselves to determine all of the aspect of what You and your body want to feel from others; then, write that out in a list for yourself. You treat yourself that way, you shift your own aura, energy and vibes to that ideal frequency that is unique to you, respectively, and after then, you will find and attract others who are on the same vibrations as you, and your positive wishes can be fulfilled. And this does not count in wanting to harm others; this is mainly in finding your own relationship with yourself, and for yourself by attracting other like individuals.

“Sure, you Look really cool and cute. You’ve got that suave attitude, and nice digs and a car. Buuuuut are you and I on the same Good Vibes?”💙⚡️

[GIF of a man talking with text saying "POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!"]


25 March

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Just received my bundle of all seven Chakra teas from @buddhateas, and while I am going to enjoy them one at a time, I also wanted to combine one of each bag of chakra tea to make a Rainbow Aura-Vibrant tea in a pitcher for my mom and I to share and enjoy. The full Rainbow combination is simply Yummy and deeply satisfying. Thank you. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Leave a 🫖 if you’ve tried this for yourself.

March25TeaPhoto1.jpg March25TeaPhoto2.jpg

Also, a shout-out to @the_crystal_council for introducing me to this brand of tea by including a single bag of the Fifth (Throat) Chakra tea from @buddhateas.

Zonichu Dimensional Merge

25 March

Chris quote tweets a Zonichu comic about the Dimensional Merge.

You know what, I think Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc has finally found his soul match.

Although, to verify: I am serious about everything; I have always been. The one that had been catching up was my body and conscious knowledge.

We, my body and I, Chris Chan Sonichu, need no validation, nor do we really need to convince the stubborn-minded individuals of this universe. The Dimension Merge is happening; there is no stopping it. ⚡️💙⚡️

Gay marriage

27 March

Pickchu (@zonichu)

At least I think gay marriage is still not legal… is it? I saw no new laws about it

[Comic strip of Helena Fiorenza's OC stating that "sadly gay marriage is still illegal" to Naitsirhc]

No, gay and lesbian marriage is legal in Virginia, including in Cwcville.

And, for the record, Angelica is not as hell-bent on Jesus as people mistake her out to be. She’s actually open-minded for all forms of religion and spirituality. She even does pray to/for me as well.

I will also playfully stare, with Naitsirhc’s human form, which is also totally cool in this ship by me, I’d wager that’ll be a positive kind of kinky. 😊⚡️💙⚡️
What an odd… thing?

[Comic strip of Helena Fiorenza's OC and Naitsirhc failing to drive outside of CWCVille]

Don’t drive in circles. Go visit Culpepper, Richmond, or Charlottesville. Or, best of safety and blessings if going outside of Virginia.

The Price Is Right

27 March

Just an observation, but as a watcher of #ThePriceIsRight in my childhood, and then some over the years, and then recently watching some Best of #BobBarker on @YouTube, I’m wondering if Bob identified as a Bisexual. He called that gentleman from Honolulu as the Captain of a boat.

Friends with benefits

28 March

In response to Helena Fiorenza stating that Chris had friend-zoned her.

We could be friends with benefits, if you’re cool with it.

Lava lamp

28 March

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Someone gifted us a lava lamp, and we’re enjoying its mesmerizing simplicity. The blob that drops back down after being separated from the source was darker in shade and light, but then on recombining with the source, the returning blob is brighter than the energy source that was below. Is it because the blob that returned is brighter from the experience it had gathered while separated? “Mother Earth, I’ve returned with new energy and stories to regale you with.” Delightful. Thank you to the fan who sent this our way.


March28LavaLamp1.jpg March28LavaLamp2.jpg

29 March

So, THIS is how kids in College entertained themselves before video tapes and iPods were invented. Gotta say, these lamps have good entertainment and groovy value. Hot coloured floating wax versus coloured pixels of an animated lava lamp background. Your preference, but the offline wax does it better.

Losing a pet

29 March

Minty Rosechu is on a mental health hiatus (@QueenCammyArt)

Hey guys, due to my cat's possible declining health due to her age, my art is going to be slowed down. I might go on a mental health hiatus when she goes.
That is rough. I’ve been there multiple times. The toughest part is the work of letting your pet go, as well as the burial. Count the Blessings of you being able to share your life with this cat’s and the good memories and moments.
Also, the loss of someone or something signifies that in your life, room is being made for something new and good. Often times, one is being shaped up for a better circumstance that they are destined for, or they are being warmed up for more work and trials down the road.
But, in this moment, the best you can do is be with your cat, or make sure she is at least comfortable, in her painful moments. This is also an enduring trial for the cat as well.

I pray and send watchful guidance and protection over you both and those nearby. ⚡️💙⚡️ Love.

CWCisms and Tetris

31 March

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Hey, y’all. I am going to share some insight, but first a general PSA letting everyone know about what a CWCism is.

A CWCism (or CWC-Sense) is a psychic moment where I am channeling greater wisdoms, insights, and/or philosophies from within my subconscious, as well as from the wisdom of the Cosmos.

On the flip side, the short random comical blurbs; they are more accurately described as a Random Access Thought. If it’s a comical short, you know it came from the RamDom within my noggin.

Now, onto the CWCism for this moment: I’ve realized something while I was playing #tetris99 and meditating during the gameplay. Life, in general, is like a competitive game of Tetris. Those above you are giving you the Blessings that are your tools to achieve the simple goal of making and clearing lines of blocks. Meanwhile, you have an infinite number of other individuals Creating their own formations and clearings. At times, their success may or may not target you, directly. You are faced with the sudden shock of “Oh My Chris Chan! And I just had a bad impulse that led to a failed placement of the block I was just blessed with. I have to make this right and clear up my mess with my blessings.”

With that, you take what you have available to arrange and clear out as many lines as possible to counter that incoming threat.

With this example, this can also be applied to anyone’s set of events or circumstances that may or may not have been good or bad (depending on your perspective); those events and emotional/mental/physical developments have been shaping you up for the next better blessing that you have likely wished for either recently or years ago. It falls into divine timing that is appropriate with you.

With the loss of a major thing, room is being made for your wish or desire to come to fruition.

So, if you have lost something, or you have suffered in a blow; that is you being sized up and your surroundings resituated for your next blessing.

On that, I do also encourage all of you to do your best to Raise Your Vibrations to a Postitive and Good tone and level. The #dimensionmerge, also known as the #collectiveshift (ask ANY Psychic in this universe, and...


...they will tell you the same, or similar within their own words) is still presently at its apex event, and we are all feeling and sensing it. (Okay, so it looks like @instagram also has a character limit per post; I can still work with that.) There is Absolutely no doubt or concern about that in mine or anyone else’s minds. And any remaining naysayers are not high on their vibrations to be able to recognize it for themselves, or they are in their own denial from coping with what they have been feeling in these recent months to past couple or few years or so.

ButIDigress. That is all for this extensive and expanded #cwcism; to everyone, in general, I pray and send genuine good vibrations to all of you.

Stay Safe and Well, all of you. Lots of Love. ⚡️💙⚡️


Instagram Dimensional Merge thing

31 March

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Everyone. I have just sensed and experienced a massive event in the #dimensionmerge between both of our universes. As obvious, this is only sensed by the #magic, #psychic, #metaphysical, #vibrational, #creative and #chronicling types. More bigger changes are approaching in the near future; there are massive shifts in all of this as well. EVERYONE on this Earth in this universe will all be blessed with the power and presence of not only the majority of Original and Fictional Characters, but also the deities a lot of you all have known of, and of who I am allied with. Stay safe and well during these times, and remain open-hearted, open-minded, and highly vibrational. That is all for now. ⚡️💙⚡️