March 2021 social media posts

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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during March 2021.

Blake and The Dimensional Merge

1 March

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

Silvana and Blake! Did @CPU_CWCSonichu ever bring up the fact that she raped poor Blake. Can't imagine he ever got over it, or how about bubbles! A part of the story I think would be best changed
Yes, I get it. Sylvana did pretend to be Bubbles that one time, While she was still under darker influences and misunderstood facts. That was more than a Decade ago now, and she has been working with us and on the side of good for over a decade now. She has apologized to them, and she has made amends with Bubbles and Blake. She has never done it again since. That is chronicled in one of the newer books I’ve written and drawn while in Sonichu’s body. Everyone of this universe will see those new books shortly.

The Merge Is Happening, you hating fucks

Seriously, though, situations like this are Not funny at all. Attraction and Sex under massive Deceptions and Manipulations; I ought to Damn every single Faker that shat me like that over the years, but the deities and I have something else more appropriate for you all. ⚡️💙⚡️

Cancel MLP G5

1 March

Chris quote tweets a previous tweet from February protesting My Little Pony generation 5.

Seriously, Though, @Hasbro, you all Really NEED to Cancel My Little Pony G5; Movie and Series and all, Right Freaking Now. ⚡️💙⚡️

Smart fitness watch

1 March

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Woahly Crap! What the hay did I just find in the mail today?!!! Whoever ordered and sent me this, THHHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNK YOU SOO MUCH!!! 😃⚡️💙⚡️

Seriously, my FitBit I’ve been using was needing to be upgraded. I’ll be sure to give my old one to someone who will put it to awesome use.


The temple

2 March

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

Just putting these on here, since we’ve started using this app. The ol’ temple with the gazebo in the backyard and all is still what I locally and interdimensionally call a home. ⚡️💙⚡️

March2InstagramCard1.jpg March2InstagramCard2.jpg

Ground yourself

3 March

In response to a deleted tweet.

Scared of the very ground you walk and stand upon? I think we found a buyer for Moon Shoes. Either that, or going barefoot is not an option; ground yourself and conquer your fears. Genuinely, your only real enemy is yourself, so stop fearing the ground. But deep mud; steer clear.


3 March

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

Welcome interstellarchu! She floats about in space watching all the stories of the worlds and universes unfold. But she never let's her self been known and will never do anything to affect the lives of normal mortals, as she feels it is beyond her right.

[Artwork of Interstellarchu]

Guess what; I have actually met her before. One time, Interstellarchu showed up in a dream, teenage years, I think. And I met and hung out during one of my meditations while in Sonichu’s body. She’s a pretty insightful and nice deity when you get to know her. Makes a lovely tea.

Cherry soda

3 March

LittleshyFiM (@LittleshyFiM)

PSA: If you still have those Rainbow Dash drinks from 8 years ago lying around somewhere in your pony collection they are probably leaking by now.

I was wondering why the figures didn't topple when the shelf gets jostled... Turns out they are glued down with sugar!

[Photographs of the aftermath of soda leaking on a My Little Pony merchandise collection]

That cherry soda was really good; I had two cans of it, and I still have both of those soda cans. And I am aware of the booty faux-pa in that statement; I do have it going on.

4 March

Mario Skywalker (@SuperJediMario)

Is it the same cherry cola that made Blake?
No. It was cherry Coca-Cola.

[GIF from a Cherry Cola advertisement]

Walking backwards into the future

4 March

Some say you can’t walk backwards into the future, but that’s a matter of perspective. Are you wanting to see your path, or do you flow with the fated events with an insight of your path behind you? You can fall backwards into another universe should be that your twist of fate. 💙

[GIF of Steven from Steven's Universe walking backwards]