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The following covers Chris's Facebook activity in June 2012.


  • 2 June - Chris spends the day in fear of the poster campaign.[1][2]
  • 4 June - Chris snaps at the trolls.
  • 8 June - Chris is jealous of all men.
  • 9 June - Chris suspects a troll at McDonalds.
  • 9 June - Chris invites his friends to his lemonade stand charity.
  • 12 June - Chris doesn't understand people.
  • 14 June - Chris swears at a McDonald's employee and blames her for giving him a hard time.
  • 15 June - Chris muses about a TV show.
  • 18 June - Chris is lonely at McDonalds.
  • 23 June - Chris blames the trolls for his emotional problems.
  • 25 June - Chris is shocked by My Little Pony parodies.
  • 26 June - Chris is nostalgic and blames the trolls for destroying his artistic inspiration.
  • 27 June - Chris erupts in anger at the trolls.
  • 27 June - Chris gets banned from another McDonalds.
  • 28 June - Chris experiences extreme mood swings.
  • 29 June - Chris is depressed and angry about his life, going on about Michael Snyder, calling him “CHILDREN FUCKING-DAMNED”.
  • 30 June - The power is out at Chris's home.
  • Unknown - Chris hopes someone will bomb The Game Place and kill Michael Snyder.

Posts from Chris

T Day

2 June 2012

It is here: "T" Day. 6:15 AM; according to the Forum, the bastards got an early start about two hours ago.

All I am capable of doing is remain inside the house with my mom and the pups, keep an eye on the local news and outside the window,...
...and wait.
Everyone else that gets this message, please relay to your friends. Locate any to all of the Trolls handing out and posting...
any Anti-Christian Chandler posters and flyers, arrest the bastards, and destroy ALL posters/flyers of the topic you all find.
Please Help in countering their heinous name-smearing campaign. Thank You, and God's Speed and Blessings.
Just reviewing the older posts of the plot; a group of them will meet at Fashion Square at 11:00 AM in or around the Food Court Area.
Watch around Rio Road, and Rio Hill Shopping Area.
Some of them may wear ugly clown masks, similar to "Twisted Metal"'s Sweet Tooth Character.
Some of them may dress up as Ghosts, Triple "K" Style and idea.
Dressed in Pickle Costume/Suit Outfits.
They may or may not be armed with weapons.
Do not let them make any comments on he 1st Amendment, or "Barracks got our back."
"They may have hired a Skywriter."
Crap! They may have hired a Skywriter.
Destoy any video recorders/recordings they may shoot or make; prevent any of their footage from going online.
The trolls have gotten everyone informed wrongly about me by about 2:00 PM; one of them started making their way to my house at about 4:30PM
PLEASE. Somebody tell me he/she did something against the trolls and their poster plot today!!! I am Not seeing anything good.
Swell! Nobody cares enough to give me a visual confirmation on the poster plot, and the known/unknown haunts me over and over.
I could be DEAD and no one on my Facebook would give a damn. Thanks a lot! |:(

Finally Kim replied:

I just got home from work, sorry I couldn't comment earlier! Of course I care, you shouldn't think like that. Sometimes people just draw a blank and aren't sure what to say.

Anna piped up:

Here is my reason for not saying anything: I know that it's all fake, and that you've fallen for it once again. Nobody's out there posting signs or protesting or anything. But if I say that, you won't believe me. And you have 11 friends on Facebook, many of whom do not even live in the Charlottesville area & so could not check on things for you, & the rest may not have even been on Facebook yet today. & those that have, might not be subscribed to you. So they may not have even seen your posts.


I am probably an idiot for asking at a time like this; HOW do you know; did you have some Intel of your own; did you know a detail I did not? Please Explain, Anna.


You're not an idiot. I know because people are still messaging me on Facebook telling me so - people who are still your fans, & because it's extremely obvious to me that the pictures of the posters hung up in places are fake. I've gotten very good at spotting the difference between real and fake over the years. And by using logic, it's easy to see that nobody's going to spend money on a plane ticket/gas/hotel room/taking off work just to come torment you for a day.

To The Trolls

4 June 2012

I have continued reading your posts and alerting the authorities of your actions. NOBODY came to my house at all, you lying, cheating bastards. Frankly, I grow tired of continuing to read your shit lies, including the biggest hoax of yours, the Poster Campaign. Nobody put up any damn posters or handed out frigging flyers at all. I have been reading your posts personally through "trombonista's" account; there was NO MOLE.

Sincerely, Christian Weston Chandler June 4, 2012

Stressed, tired, old and confused

4 June 2012

I feel stressed. I feel tired. I FEEL OLD.

Kim suggested:

You and your mom should try and take a vacation somewhere nice and quiet. Maybe go up to the Shennadoah Valley on a cool day and enjoy nature. You can take the puppies there too!

Chris could not be consoled:

Nobody really, truly understand me.
I do not understand everything either.

Chris the super villain

8 June 2012

I feel lonely again. I saw a young male/female couple; he nibbled at her ear; I felt like I wanted to make him disappear (not kill).

I feel like I am inches away from becoming a super villian, who not wants to conquer the world, but wants to be rid of all males 21-50...
.. years old by transporting all of those jerks into another dimension, or accelerating their individual ages to 51 each.
But I know a lot better than that, and I just bottle that anger up into my fist and punch the air, free of any living being.

Suspicious possible troll

9 June 2012

I am at McD in Ruckers; there is a B.K. Y.Adult sitting behind me; he acknowledged me; he is quite possibly a troll.

Kim asked:

How did he acknowledge you?

Chris responded:

A familiar greeting grunt and a nod.
Very Suspicious.
He has his head down A.T.M; going to wait until he leaves.
Typing or playing on his phone; he may be posting on Forum or communicating with his kind. Continuing to keep distance.
The dude finally left at 12:15, so I left too.

Alex's Lemonade Stand

9 June 2012

Just a note, I will be hosting my lemonade stand for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation tomorrow.

It will be held at my church at 1901 Thomson Road in Charlottesville, VA, at 12:00 Noon, after service and during a picnic there.
All on my friends list are welcome for good food, lemonade and meeting new people. Plus donations for A.L.S.F. are appreciated too.

Chris has raised $50

10 June 2012

Including my ten dollar donation, I have raised $50.00 for the foundation.


12 June 2012

I feel in another slump, because I realize another reason behind my shyness and all. I Do Not Understand... Especially people, and more especially, the people who hate me. And the lack of understanding bothers me, because it is like any unknown to any person; all unknowns frighten all people.

IDK, maybe if I can understand people, and how to deal better with the hateful people, I'd probably feel less inhibited. And at the moment, even so, I still am stuck at home most of the time with my responsibilities between my mother, our dogs and cats, the finances, household, etc. {:(



14 June 2012
McD 2.jpg

Do NOT go to the McDonalds at Forest Lakes in Charlottesville, VA, or this old grouch will give you a hard time for cussing all over the place, even though you say only One damn word.

Movie review

14 June 2012

I've just watched the movie, Chronicle, Director's Cut. It was a 4/5 movie.

I saw myself in the lead boy, I forget his name A.T.Moment, in what I would do to the Trolls, Snyder, the PLace building portion.
But I feel that I would have done it tactful, Like Matt. When Steve was lost, I felt as emotionally broken as "A" did; equal to losing Mr.C
My dad, Mr.C. I and Mom still deeply miss him very much.

Danny Tambirelli

15 June 2012
TV show.jpg

I think I look more like Danny Tambirelli when he grew his hair out in episode 321 of Figure It Out, except I'm Blonde.

LOL; he wore his hair well then.

Also, does anyone remember which episode has Lori Beth playing that her toy zebra is dead.


18 June 2012

At McD in Ruckersville; sitting in a quiet, peaceful, dark corner; enjoying a choc chip frappe, it's good...

Feeling lonely, meh, blank, wishy-washy... meh.

Major emotional trainwreck

23 June 2012

YES!!! I AM a Major Emotional Trainwreck, so What The Hell of it is Interesting to YOU Damn Trolls, aside from the FACT that ALL of you have made me this way from YOUR Damn Manipulations???!!!

Bode & lonely

25 June 2012

Just a random thought: I prefer to say "bode" over "bored"; sounds similar, and I like word play. So, yeah, I'm bode & lonely right now.

Dark parodic shit

25 June 2012

Ugh!!! In reference to the dark animations found recently on YouTube of My Little Pony...

Vids like "shed.mov" and "cupcakes in HD"...
It Really Disturbs me... Why do people want to kill Rainbow Dash? Seriously, What...the...Fuck?!
Do these people hate Tomboys/Tomgirls, or is it that she is a brave hero character, or just What the Fuck?
This Dark Parodic Shit is among which what killed my inspiration to draw and write more of Sonichu and Rosechu.
That shit makes my soul vomit. What the Fuck?

Oh, my life

26 June 2012

Just watched Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away" music video; it touched me; made me think of the life that got away from me in 2000...

I really wish I could go back to 1999 and make myself and my family stay in Midlothian.
Oh, my life. :_(

Trolls destroyed my inspiration

June 26, 2012

Going back to the Dark Parodies for a moment, I've just realized that for me at least, it is not only, and as much, the violence, mislabels, being mocked, made dumb of, etc. in the dang parodies, but the Timing of their creation and distribution.

I feel I had hardly that much time to fully elaborate the characters and their individual personalities, roles, it all, the ideas and stories, in my mind to paper, we're still just sprouting, not even close to full bloom. And when the Dark Parodies arise before everything that is fact to my creations and stories were all made full and clear, it causes total counter-creative chaos to me, the original creator/artist/storyteller, and too much of the chaos is Too Much on my mind and focus and creative inspiration are all lost in a massive writer's block.

I hate all of the people against me, those who find me "interesting" in twisted ways, those who harass me for "new content", those who just do not understand or get me at all (and that is Everyone), on the Internet around the world, because they all seriously are to blame for mentally and emotionally raping me to a state of total depression and lost inspirations. I made all of my mistakes falling for their cruel Manipulations; That is my fault. But for making me the lost soul that I am today from harassment and rape, EVERYTHING is ALL THEIR FAULT, BLAME and SINS!

Those damn people need to seriously think about the massive damage they mutually in combination all have made.


I'm still amazed at how so many people think they can justify baiting and trolling an autistic man by calling him naive or saying he deserves it for _____. There is nothing you could do, Christian, that would make you deserve ANY of this treatment.


Thank you.

Hey! Damn trolls!

Clearly cracking under the pressure of being duped by the trolls and his impending arraignment in July, the once smug Chris degenerates into self-pity even further. Ironically, Chris has been guilty of almost every single thing he wants the trolls to stop doing to him.

27 June 2012

Hey! Damn Trolls, Cyber-Bullies, and People ALL Around the Fucking World!!!

Quit HATING Me!!!










Quit DRAWING Me!!!

Quit MOCKING Me!!!




Anna suggested:

Solution: do not use the internet anymore, and change your phone number. It's either that, or this continues forever. That's just the nature of the trolls.

Chris replied:

I can NOT change my number; TOO Much are linked to it, and I do not remember EVERY Last important person/company linked. Plus it is on my business cards.


But you don't have a business, and how many calls do you get that aren't from trolls?


Firstly, I don't need to have a business to have business cards with my contact info and 3DS Mii QR code and Mii image on them. Second, I get all of the important calls for this household these days; I can not afford a new number.[3]

Discriminated at McDonald's

27 June 2012

I have just been discriminated a AGAIN at the McDonalds at Forest Lakes; Do NOT go there either, or of you do, throw newspaper in the damn old bitchy, black woman's face!!!

Difficult time lady.jpg
This woman gave me a difficult time too.
I am soo tired of people hating me.

I can't stand it. And I don't understand...

Chris fishes for pity

28 June 2012

I feel I am losing my will to live, if I have not done so already from having a dead soul.

After taking a shower this morning, I went to my old room, got my Megatron G1 figure, removed its attachments, and in its Gun mode,...
I shot myself in the head. I am THAT depressed and internally dead, if Anyone on my friends list,...
Aside from Kim and Fighta,...
Ever gives a fuck, damn or time of day for me anymore.

Good News

28 June 2012

Well, for once, there is a little good news tonight. After watching the latest vid in that dark parody set, Party.mov, I found out the detail I have been overlooking, "Ask Jappleack". I found the vids of the comic panels posted on ask-jappleack.tumbler.com, uploaded by "epicduck123". It dawns upon me in the part where Original Twilight Sparkle informs Jappleack about the parallel dimensions set apart from Original Equestria (Prime). The parodies that have been made from my Sonichu, Rosechu and Cwcville, are all considered alternate dimensions from the Cwcville Prime that still remains MINE and MINE ALONE!

Summary: to put everything into an easy to draw out perspective in my comic pages is simply to realize the alternate Cwcvilles and their characters, combine my creativity with the Psychic Powers of Magi-Chan to expel all past outside influences, Including Troll Influences and Manipulations.

That plan will be set in motion and drawn, after I get the damn court shit resolved, try to find peace of mind free of the Internet influences, regain a huge amount of self-confidence, and relocate my inspiration, along with a new creative location, set up new routines for myself, Get My Life Back In Good Order, find my girlfriend/sweetheart...

And I will require someone to advise me in getting published Officially and Offline, attend to the public relation management, and all of the shit I should have gone into a LONG time ago. You Know, a Manager?, Publicist?,

Lawer?,... that sort of Professional or Expert type Legitimate person.

Shit, it is a LOT of stuff, and I am NOT all-knowing.

In any case, I am still seriously feeling bummed out, depressed, dead soul, constantly hurting and all of that. *sigh*... ugh! OY!

Domo Short

29 June 2012

This is my favorite Domo Short, because of the song. http://t.co/uA30JAq

Damn Michael Snyder

29 June 2012

Damn Michael Snyder, and all of those who have made me further ill from unnecessary stress. I found it difficult to get up as early today, because of how hot it is today. At least we have air conditioning here. And the dogs are being good; it's peaceful right now.

But what really is depressing to me is a lot of things. On a normal day at best currently, I go out for something to eat; get a long walk in; get time to myself to think and reflect (feel lonely and sad). But mostly, I am just an (appreciated) errand boy for my mother and and our pets. I still find it very difficult to meet new people from my too great shyness and autism. I go online to kill time often, but I can not meet new people, because of the damn trolls and cyber-bullies and all that socially discouraging shit. I am not making any to many new real (female) friends. No Progress is made for me; not much is really getting done for me. I am a mouse lost with very little idea of a solid plan in this grand labyrinth of life.

And even worse, I have been encountering people who started hating me, in reference to the recent bans from those two McDonalds. That NOW makes FIVE places I have been and am banned from around here; counting Fashion Square (DAMN That Manajerk), Piedmont Virginia Community College (DAMN Mary Lee Walsh), AND the PLace... CHILDREN-FUCKING-DAMNED Michael Snyder!!!

I Seriously Have Been PUBLICALY INVISIBLE for YEARS! The DAMN Trolling-Stupids have manipulated me; smeared my once good name through the worst mud, muck, and bodily fluids; mentally and emotionally raped me continuously; made the worst imaginable reputation of me on the Internet, AND relayed THAT into OFFLINE LIFE in gossip, rumors, and presidentially grand Fucked-Up Campaigns!!!

My mind is comparably as worse off as a terribly bad drug addict; constantly blank, irritable, untalkative, ignorant to most social cues, Lost In Life, yada, yada, yada. Except I do not do any of those drugs or smoke.

...and I just do not understand most people and a lot of shit in life.


30 June 2012


Mom and I, and Green Lea Subdivision are without power; connected at McD.

There is a TREE Down ON the POWER LINES in the South Bound Lane on Spring Hill Road since 10:00 PM hour last night. Called Rappohannock Hours ago; Frigging Tree is still killing us at home. My family is desperate for the Air Conditioning, especially my mother.

Someone PLEASE Send Someone to remove Tree NOW.


Hellfire entrance and doors


It was probably in this month that Chris made the following statement, which he quickly removed:

I Pray that someone else Will plant a bomb in the Game and Hobby PLACe and Blow The Whole Damn Store Up! It does not Deserve to EVER have "C-Ville" in its name above its accursed, sullied, Hellfire Entrance and Doors! Death to Michael Snyder too.

That Bastard, among Bastards, Ruined and Destroyed my Life, Emotions, and Being!