April 2013 Facebook posts

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The following covers Chris's Facebook activity in April 2013.


  • 4 April - Chris makes both public and private comments about The GAMe PLACe.
  • 20 April - Chris posts two interesting photos of himself.
  • 20 April - Chris makes a mysterious reference to a "new woman" in his life.
  • 22 April - Chris posts a photo of one of his cats.
  • 26 April - Chris colors his hair.
  • 29 April - Chris is worried about a false report that Sega is abandoning Sonic.
  • 29 April - Chris complains about the lying trolls.

Status Updates

Leaving the Game Place behind

Chris, five years after his ban and a half-year after its legal enforcement, was still obsessing about Michael Snyder and The GAMe PLACe. He made the following private comment:

4 April 2013

I, Christian Weston Chandler, fully no longer want to ever, forever, approach the Game and Hobby PLace.

It Truly Is the Breeding and Meeting PLace for Trolls and Cyber-Bullies. Long before October, 2007, there were very few people who would have anything on me personally, worldwide, because those people only existed Locally to me and with Constant in person communication with me. Those people only existed at the PLace. And the very first person who turned Troll against me is none other than Megan Schroeder. She conscripted Snyder, Mimms and everyone else against me.

And when my family as I started getting close with identifying them as our perpetrators and The Prime Trolls, Snyder was looking for a reason to ban me, and so he did.

Megan Schroeder is the Prime Queen of the Trolls; the PLace IS truly a Troll/Cyber-Bully Breeding an Meeting Place, and I never, forever want anything to do with it. The PLace should definitely be destroyed and shut down for good.

And I want to exact my fullest revenge and divine retribution with Megan Schroeder. SHE should be jailed and beaten up, that vile, wicked, traitorous bitch.

A public comment

Publicly, he left the following simple declaration:

4 April 2013

I, Christian Weston Chandler, fully never ever, forever, want to have anything to do with the Game and Hobby PLace.

How sassy!

20 April 2013

They explain themselves.

Haters to the left.jpg
Own free bitch.jpg

A new woman?

Chris and Anna are possibly discussing the above photos, posted on the same day.

20 April 2013

Yep, doing this for a new woman in my life; Kim brought her into my life.

Anna McLerran posted:

Good people don't make you do things for their own enjoyment.


22 April 2013

I got my cat, Lucy, resting on my shrinking mound.


New hair color

26 April 2013

I still feel very lonely and stressed, but the hair re-color was good.


Protect Sonic's good name!

Chris complains about Sega hosting a mascot contest, erroneously believing from the linked article that they were trying to replace Sonic the Hedgehog.

29 April 2013

Okay, now THIS pisses me off. I am not one who is to be blamed here; there are a lot of sick people who perverted Sonic's good name. Especially those who made him out as a homo, when he is not. Hell! He had a thing going on for a long time with Sally Acorn in his comic book series.

SEGA, Sonic was praised a lot better than Mario, because Sonic has more attitude, is stronger and faster, and he talks in his games more than the catchphrase-spewing plumber did.

And in any case, Sonic has replaced my hero before him, the American Rabbit. Shelving Sonic away will be the worst mistake SEGA will ever make since they stopped their console series at the Dreamcast.

Sonic For SEGA RAW!!! And Forever!!!


Besides which, no matter what any new mascot comes around, ALL of the sick, bored People and Internet Trolls and Cyber-Bullies will leech the good name away from him or her or it anyway.

The better option is to stay strong with Sonic.

"The Trolls Who Cry Woman"

Chris posts a rather insensitive musing, comparing online socialization to teenage pregnancy, starring in porn and being raped. He also goes on to rant about "being set up" (most likely referring to his date with Emily and the Pickle Man.)

29 April 2013

Here's a musing:

Heard of "The Boy Who Cries Wolf"? Today's Internet Trolls and Cyber-Bullies who pretend to be the opposite gender to everyone they talk to online, making socializing online the worst mistake of anyone's life since teenage pregnancy, starring in a porn, or rape. And when a date is set up, they always stand you up, or if they do make it, they have someone else hiding nearby with a camera to record the whole thing to transform into something dark, evil and sick to be used against you to smear your name.

Today's version of the classic should be called, "The Online Trolls Who Cry Woman".