October 2012 Facebook posts

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Chris's profile pic for October.

The following encompasses Chris's activity on Facebook in October 2012.


  • 10 October - Chris complains that no one cares about him.
  • 12 October - Chris has a new Simpsons game.
  • 19 October - Chris uploads a new profile photo.
  • 19 October - Chris has trouble flirting.
  • 21 October - Chris wants the trolls to forget about him.
  • 27 October - Chris feels like a zombie.
  • 27 October - Chris has no idea what the word "empirical" means.

Status Updates

Does Anybody Else Truly Care

10 October 2012

Aside from Anna and Kim, does ANYBODY ELSE truly Care about me and my family and our health and being?

And TROLLS and ALL I do not know in person or at all DO NOT COUNT, because they ALL Seriously Do Not Care about me, my health, being and peace, and my family At All; None of those bastards DO NOT Understand at all that we are poor people just living our lives and trying to find harmony and peace.

Obviously, my half brother, David Alan Chandler, does not care about me either, or he would communicate personally with me more often, since we both share the same intelligent father who passed away, and I miss our dad very much Every Day!
Damn, I am lonely!

New Simpsons game

12 October 2012

Hey, You should check out The Simpsons(TM): Tapped Out. Get it on the [App Store]. Then register for Origin so we can be neighbors. You'll even get free donuts (mmm, donuts!).

Search for Sonichu and add me as a friend.

New profile pic

On 19 October, Chris added a new profile pic, depicting himself with long shiny hair.


19 October 2012

Just a thought I have realized.

I have recently had drilled in my head that a FLIRT is as Simple as Looking at the woman I would be interested in the eye and Smile. Sadly, for ME, I see woman; it takes my lame Autistic Brain MINUTES to make a decision of interest, and by the time I decide to look and smile, the dame is long gone. |:(


Chris is sincerely sorry

21 October 2012

I send out this message to all people, especially the Trolls and Cyber-Bullies on the Internet.

I, Christian Weston Chandler, am guilty of a lot of things that have been mistakenly uploaded and leaked online; I have for a long time been stricken and made beyond crestfallen by the repercussions of my actions and words. And great mockery and egging has befallen me for years now, and it seriously needs to stop now. There are no "laughs" longer to be made at my expense, and the running gag is at the end of its tracks. It is better to Forgive and Forget, as told by Jesus, our lord, and is the way of our almighty God. So to everybody who has felt wronged with stuff I have done in the past, I am really, sincerely sorry. All I ask is for everybody's forgiveness and for everybody to forget my mistakes, errors, everything. Please, just forget about me in total; please, disband all online groups and individual hatreds against me; please, remove everything about me off of the Internet, your minds, and your hearts.

I feel like a zombie

27 October 2012

If I had local friends to actually hang out with, and they had invited me to a Halloween party, I would likely go as a zombie.

I would go as a zombie, this year at least, because I have been feeling like a zombie often lately. A) I often feel lost in thought from going off track in thought. And I often feel lost in life as well. B) The bad people, gravely and greatly counting the fucking Trolls/Cyber-Bullies, as well as the tyrannical Michael Snyder for destroying my life from his set up in having me arrested, spend a horrifying night in jail, going through trial after trial after trial of crappy court dates, only to be totally drained from losing to him. Which brings up C) I often have been feeling tired more quickly from each outing full of errands I run for my mother every day, although some of them do include time for myself. Having to reside in the same room with her becomes tedious and can become frustrating to me, but she is still the sweetest, most caring, compassionate, understanding mother I have grown up knowing with fondest memories. D) I have actually felt the total blank-minded mental state that can be derived from having just woken up and still feeling really drowsy, as well as post mental shut down after an extended amount of stress has surged through my mind. E) Zombies actually totally creep, gross, freak and scare me. Which is why I take pleasure in shooting them in the head or chopping them up into bits in video games before they can drain my avatar/main character.

I find and see the Trolls/Cyber-Bullies are equal to the zombies mentally; All of them totally lacking of a better purpose in life, trying to find a measly destiny by bullying, terrifying, raping, abusing, blackmailing, etc, etc, etc; the list goes on and on, the living daylights out of people who were, or are still, strong in confidence and self-esteem, or emotionally or mentally otherwise. What pathetic pus-filled, immature, bratty morons they are. What is this world coming to with shifty people like them occupying it? Another valid point; they lack total empathy for other people, or otherwise no one would have made that very first post of me on that crap website over five years ago. I really loathe them all. And I hate Snyder with a passion for destroying my life the way he did.

But I digress.

And even should the trolls somehow get to screencap this post in the future sometime, I pray they take a good, long, deep look into themselves individually as the terrible people they really are and understand trying to project their own faults onto me and the other people they have haunted.

Linnea Hiltzheimer wrote:

Christian, you can't let anyone bring you down. You are amazing. Always remember that <3

Anna concurred:

I'm with Linnea on this one. None of those internet faggots matter. The people who love you are the only ones you should ever listen to.

Chris replied:

Yes. You are right, and I thank you.


27 October 2012

On a different topic, here is a word for today: "empirical". Simply put, it means to have fact(s) solely from experience and lack of scientific-like evidence. So, throw away the book talk; be empirical and believe what you know is fact.

Quoted from Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D in the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine".