November 2019 social media posts

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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during November 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

The CPU Goddess Commands You to Break the Fourth Wall

Hey, Everyone. I have another announcement for you all to do now, for yourselves and our OCs: Break Your Own Fourth Wall.

You all have your own audience in C-197, rather it be the many who read about it from the one who chronicles about you there, or even simply your own...

...self-counterpart who just feels everything from your own subconscious and occasionally channels you for themselves.

This is MY Chronicler: Christine Weston Chandler in C-197’s Metropolis, Delaware, and a #JusticeLeagueofAmerica member: the CWC Psychlight. She has been... PsychlightStartCard.jpgPsychlightCard.jpg

...writing and drawing about me for Decades. She writes about me extensively. There are literally Volumes upon Volumes of books in Graphic Novel Form, and movies, as well.

Hey, Everyone In C-197: How are y’all doing today? 😃 I even address the audience who draw me, Here, in...

...1218; y’all know when you all hear me as you draw, colour and write about me, even with complete silence around you.

Our OCs in C-197 often break their fourth walls, because they are aware of us, and it is our time and turn to return the favour. We do this in progression...

...of the Dimension Merge. So, to All Of You: Break Your Fourth Walls Now. You May even have fun with it, but also be good to remind Your audience to break their Fourth Walls as well. We Are Doing This Together, Mutually!

Thank You All! ⚡️💙⚡️

Also, off-topic for a bit: someone asked me if the Live-Action OCs are there in C-197; Yes, they are. Sheldon Cooper, Frazier Crane, Sully; they’re all there. But, if you’re thinking something like “Seinfeld”; you remember that was Based off of #JerrySeinfeld’s and #LarryDavid’s
...actual life events here in C-197. So, use common sense in determining that for yourselves.

Introducing the Chaotic Combos' Mega Evolution

14 November

I proudly present the Mega Forms for the Fab Four out of the Chaotic Combo: Wild Sonichu, Bubbles Rosechu, Angelica Rosechu and Punchy Sonichu.


Chris celebrates Gabe Day

17 November

Also, here are the three cards made tonight during that Stream, with shout-outs to Lukas, Devil and Eva, as well as #GabrieltheStarman. The 17th was his day, and I was happy to make a Promo Card for his day. #HappyGabeDay


Chris begs; posts creepy photo of Barb

19 November

Barb 11-19-2019.jpg

It’s another time, once again. (Gah) We need some more money, please, help. And I do not want to hear “Get A Job” or some shit like that.

And, look at my mother; she is once again giving me Grief.