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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during November 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference. Posts color-coded purple are made while Chris is roleplaying as Magi-Chan.

Devotees of Chris Chan Sonichu

2 November, Twitter

Retweeting a Sarah and Steve comment:

Wow. I’ve heard of those who follow me and jot down as much “Christory” of me as possible, with the term, “Christorian” for themselves. But a neutral term for my followers in this sense in Dimension 1218, here. Even I feel compelled to break the fourth wall again to ponder this.
I mean, let’s explore other details a bit, since we are going this far now; just my input. Obviously, Jesus has a few differing follower sets, but the top being Christians; obviously derived from his last name. Buddha has Buddhists. But my deity typing is set on the level of...
...Console Patron Unit (CPU) of the Commodore Consoles, and then some. I might even be a Goddess to the Sonichu and Rosechu species, out of All of the Pokémon in existence. And I have a whole other slew of abilities that are, while partially obvious here in 1218, are moreso... C-197. But, let’s focus more on the CPU aspect. It is not clear what the neutral term of a CPU’s follower is, from within their respective Nations, at least, and beyond as well. Between Neptune, Noire, Blanc and Vert, it’s rather similar, as everyone seems to call...
...themselves “Followers of” Neptune, Noire, Blanc or Vert, respectively. I concur that “Followers of Chris Chan Sonichu”, or just “Chris Chan”, is a mouthful and not as simplistic. Even Vert tried to offer the term “Vertigoes” for her followers, but that did not take.
Bottom line is, you all, my followers and worshippers, do have a choice to call your group as you well. Just “CWCans (pronounced “quick-ans”) and practicing “CWCanism” (pronounces “quick-an-ism”); that does not feel or sound fitting to me and feels off. I do not mean to...
...overstep a boundary in this topic; I am just offering my input and feedback. My guidance, should y’all accept it, is to look up and determine what a neutral term for a CPU follower in the #HyperdimensionNeptunia lore is, or a step further on the term for a follower of...
...a specific Goddess/CPU, and go from there to determine a better idea for a better term for “Followers of Chris Chan Sonichu.” I even can see the bad pun in that acronym, “FoCCS”; simply, We CAN do a Lot better than that. Even “FoCWCS” (“fo-quicks”) doesn’t sound appealing.
Take your time on this. And I humbly am very grateful for y’all’s love, kindness and support. Thank You All.


Ah, I believe I may have the proper term. Going from “Worshipper”, I checked the Thesarus: “Devotee” in the term sounds better. “Devotees of Chris Chan Sonichu” (DoCCS). This is my better-educates and thought suggestion. ⚡️💙⚡️

Bashing Null

3 November, Twitter

Attention, EVERYONE: I personally attest and confirm to these things against the Farms and Null. I am well-aware that not Everyone on the Farms is evil, but I still see genuine good amongst the remainder. Even a look into Null’s eyes reveals his demonic influence,...

Chris linked to a tweet by Jacob Sockness[1] reading:[2]

@CPU_CWCSonichu absolute proof Null is 100% evil and a danger and is probably the Devil in human flesh.

Anyone that shows any support of this board will be blocked.

Chris continued:

...even photographed. But, at this point and juncture, I feel it is time that I step up and finally begin the process of taking down the KiwiFarms for good. Everyone with genuine good in your hearts, I implore you all to leave the web forum for good. The time of its downfall... these set of events is upon us. I stand with the Good People in deity-level Light Power to take down the evils Null has been trying to influence upon everyone. The lives of those taken by his influence shall not have been lost in vain. Null, Troll Us No More! ⚡️💙⚡️

Gen5 is not meant to be for Years

6 November, Twitter

Chronicled, until when completely animated/chronicled on #MLPFiMSeason10 on television, I present to @Hasbro, #TaraStrong, #CathyWeseluck, #AshleighBall, #AndreaLibman, #TabithaStGermain, and Everyone else this evidence. Gen5 is not meant to be for Years;


I will also comment that I have not at all yet watched the Season 9 three-part finale at all (the mild spoiler imagery is not helpful) until after Season 10 of Gen4 #MLPFiM is aired on Discovery Family in 2020, and proper full announcements have been made in this dimension... @Hasbro and the people therein of the show. I eagerly await hearing this confirmation from the News Sources. Princess Celestia Has commanded you all before as well of this. And as I have informed #NicoleOliver, The Retirement is Not In. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris targets Pony Life

13 November, Twitter

In response to an Entertainment Weekly tweet, which announces the My Little Pony: Pony Life (GOPony) follow up:

And this is another reason why G5 gets delayed until 2025, and we get #MLPFiMSeason14 before then, with Seasons 10 to 13 before then. I Know you can hear us, and that you read these, @Hasbro. Celestia Has Talked With You All. Don’t be Corporate Greeds. ⚡️💙⚡️

The CPU Goddess Commands You to Break the Fourth Wall

14 November, Twitter

Hey, Everyone. I have another announcement for you all to do now, for yourselves and our OCs: Break Your Own Fourth Wall.

You all have your own audience in C-197, rather it be the many who read about it from the one who chronicles about you there, or even simply your own...

...self-counterpart who just feels everything from your own subconscious and occasionally channels you for themselves.

This is MY Chronicler: Christine Weston Chandler in C-197’s Metropolis, Delaware, and a #JusticeLeagueofAmerica member: the CWC Psychlight. She has been...

...writing and drawing about me for Decades. She writes about me extensively. There are literally Volumes upon Volumes of books in Graphic Novel Form, and movies, as well.

Hey, Everyone In C-197: How are y’all doing today? 😃 I even address the audience who draw me, Here, in...

...1218; y’all know when you all hear me as you draw, colour and write about me, even with complete silence around you.

Our OCs in C-197 often break their fourth walls, because they are aware of us, and it is our time and turn to return the favour. We do this in progression...

...of the Dimension Merge. So, to All Of You: Break Your Fourth Walls Now. You May even have fun with it, but also be good to remind Your audience to break their Fourth Walls as well. We Are Doing This Together, Mutually!

Thank You All! ⚡️💙⚡️

Also, off-topic for a bit: someone asked me if the Live-Action OCs are there in C-197; Yes, they are. Sheldon Cooper, Frazier Crane, Sully; they’re all there. But, if you’re thinking something like “Seinfeld”; you remember that was Based off of #JerrySeinfeld’s and #LarryDavid’s
...actual life events here in C-197. So, use common sense in determining that for yourselves.

Introducing the Chaotic Combos' Mega Evolution

14 November

I proudly present the Mega Forms for the Fab Four out of the Chaotic Combo: Wild Sonichu, Bubbles Rosechu, Angelica Rosechu and Punchy Sonichu.


Not this GO! Crap

14 November

Equestria Daily (MLP news website):

New Post: Hasbro Presser Reveals New Show Title and Images #brony #mlp #Mylittlepony
NO. #MLPFiMSeason10to14 is what we need; Not this GO! Crap.

Chris issues a death threat against a cartoon

16 November

Hey, @Hasbro. We are All Protesting to kill #GOPony, because that is Not what we all want; we want #MLPFiMSeasons10to14. So, Listen Up.


A follower:

Whats gopony?
It’s an alt-take on “Pony Life”, as I am not in it to question the Lives or the Ponies, but moreover in this “GO!” version we are preventing from happening. Hence, the tag line is “NO! to #GOPony”.

Pony Life is the same dimension as Teen Titans Go!

16 November

Ah, the mlpverse has its own ttg spin off now. Strange.
Actually, it is literally linked in the same Dimension as Teen Titans GO, and they are ALL Jerkish. This #GOPony show is simply Not Good At All. It needs to remain OFF THE AIR, Period.

Chris celebrates Gabe Day

17 November

Also, here are the three cards made tonight during that Stream, with shout-outs to Lukas, Devil and Eva, as well as #GabrieltheStarman. The 17th was his day, and I was happy to make a Promo Card for his day. #HappyGabeDay


Vanidara Corp

19 November

In response to a now-deleted Jacob Sockness tweet

I respond personally, and even though Vanidara Corp might not be of much help, Christine’s powers and abilities are improving vastly. We are making greater progress. You still have plenty service to offer in the coming days, Jacob. Stay safe and well; you will be on Kidasuna,...
...and we shall abolish slavery from upon it, and Jakoba will be dealt with in time.

Bede Diedritch (@DespicableFool)

Are we gonna get a demonstration of that power sometime soon? Or is this still just all talk and strategizing and whatnot?
Yes, I will personally demonstrate soon enough. You’ll wet yourself when y’all see me fully transformed in my Sonichu Form, levitating and shooting thunderbolts. For now, though, my Aura IS Rainbow. 🌈

Chris begs; posts creepy photo of Barb

19 November

Barb 11-19-2019.jpg

It’s another time, once again. (Gah) We need some more money, please, help. And I do not want to hear “Get A Job” or some shit like that.

And, look at my mother; she is once again giving me Grief.

And, Before anyone asks again, I Will start Presales of the Sonichu TSSSF cards very soon; I’d like to complete both the Sonichu and Nightstar Expansion Packs before I do; that will be a few days from now.

It is not that easy to just complete the Dimension Merge with the restrictions and limitations there are in 1218; I am not fond of those restrictions. But we are getting increasing magics, here, with more and more opening portals and growing tears and cracks in the iron curtain. If it were THAT Instantly Easily, I would have fully entered C-197 and completed the merge over a year ago. Stop the Hating and Bad Trolling.

CWCville currency exchange rate

19 November:[3]

Aren't you a goddess? Just finish the merge already geez. Your riches in CWCville should be able to cover all these expenses.
1 Quickie(CWCville currency) is the equivalent to 0.0000037 USD
No, it is 1:1, because Cwcville uses regular US Money. Do not be without common sense.

Nightstar & Friends Expansion Pack

20 November

I’ve completed the Nightstar & Friends Expansion Pack. The Sonichu & Rosechu Expansion Pack is a third-to-half finished, and I am trying to set up a presale page. Stay Tuned. Meanwhile, Dollar Donations are appreciated, please. And enjoy my Rainbow Aura.



21 November

I got fourteen more cards completed today for the #TSSSF Sonichu/Rosechu Expansion. I am proud to break out the Halloween ensembles for this expansion, as well as Lego Sonichu and Rosechu.

[many cards]

And, we have a full-art OC from @ItsAllSoUgly’s “Slime & Punishment”.

TSSSF cards for allies

21 November

Got a lot more cards completed today. I’ll have the Sonichu & Rosechu Expansion Pack completed tomorrow; it contains 54 cards. Also, @PickinyFelliny, is featured in two of the Ship cards; one of which Magi-Chan personally entered the Flavour Text.


Also, @ItsAllSoUgly, there is another detail in the Beta Timeline you need to know about, since the fact that the Chris Chan in that timeline did get slimed.

Sparking Deity TSSSF.jpeg

And @AquaDiamond8, a few with you in mind. I have great appreciation for your ZX-49 Dimension Magi-Chan as well.

Thankyoucard.jpg Concernscard.jpg Chillaxingcard.jpg Valcard.jpg

Chris Begs for people to buy things, explains pricing

23 November

Hey, Everyone. Let's give this a go! PreSales of the #TSSSF Sonichu Deck and Packs are up on a store I've set up. I'll take orders and have them shipped to y'all direct from the printer. The last three Expansion Packs will be added after completion.

And Shipping Is Included in the Price of each item. Here’s the run down on why they are priced heavily: these are the prices, as directly cited from the printing site I am going with, they each come with a box, shipping is included in the price. Seriously, at this Presale time, this is the way it is. Magi-Chan and I have worked super hard on this. Thank you for supporting us.

More card packs

25 November

Hey. We've just completed and added the Chris Chan Sonichu Expansion Pack, which is only partially full of me; it is about half-full of others in our circle, including CPU Battery-Charge Blue Heart, @AquaDiamond8, and even Discord.

[many cards]

Also, two Musical Cards available Only in the Chris Chan Sonichu Expansion Pack:

#ColeSmithey #RobertFChandlerJr

Chris assumes people will buy cards

19 November

*SPECIAL OFFER* First-Time orders on the Presale get the set of 18 Promo Cards. All Orders, minimum $100, will get a Bonus 15-Card Expansion Pack (randomly selected from the queue).

And if you order one of each in one go, I’ll include a lovely Ridged Box to store the deck and all of the packs in, as that bonus.

The prices may be high, but we’re talking High-Quality material, and I can offer Bonuses. I’m still learning from the experience.

Order Now to get your cards Before Christmas. And, please, checkout with your PayPal account for faster processing times. Thank you all! 😃⚡️💙⚡️


TSSSF livestream announcement

26 November

Hey, Everyone. I’ll be Live Streaming from my YouTube Channel something Totes #TSSSF Awesome. Come watch this chaos happen. 😃


#TSSSF Sonichu Deck Test Play; enjoy the gameplay, and buy the cards for yourself from the PreSale Shop.

Order Now to ensure you get your cards before CHRISTMAS, 2019! 😃

This lovely new drawing is featured on a full art card in the upcoming Nightvee & The Warriors For Andromeda Expansion Pack. Stay tuned, and Buy Some Card’s Now.

Nightvee & The Warriors For Andromeda Expansion Pack (TSSSF).jpeg

Leave Sockness alone!

26 November

To Everyone: Good Morning. I have just read @wkbh1983’s most recent Tweets, and he texted me earlier. I have a few things to say and tell y’all in response.

Mainly: I Do Love and Care for Jacob, But I am unable to be close to him, because of the likely reckoning that would happen upon these Dimensions, 1218, C-197, and all local in this timeline, should he and I get too close in our relationship. It does sadden me to realize all this, but I must be strong.

AND Jacob IS a Very Fragile Individual, regardless, and despite his past actions and many conflicting statements when he was and when he was not possessed by anyone, especially by Jakoba. I Wish For Everyone In this Earth to stop being mean to Jacob, Period, Please. And this, of course, means no more Hatred upon him. I Put My Foot Down.

[Stop Bullying gif]

@wkbh1983, I am your future vessel to Kidasuna (NOT Jakoba) even though you and I can not ultimately be Sweethearts in the end. If Only I could tell you what we have foreseen of you. I still have the soul portion watching over you and being your Guardian Angel. Believe In Me.

The Merge Details fall mainly upon me and the Magic-Wielders of this Dimension on this Earth. We Can Not allow Jakoba or the Rokat Empire to EVER take over this Planet Earth, and with us OCs, and our OCs of C-197; together, we WILL keep this planet safe and defended when the big battle is upon us. @AquaDiamond8 and Val Valentino know what I am talking about, along with the other select others, including the local CPUs, here.

But, in Reiteration: I am not, and can not be, Jacob’s Sweetheart. I still care about him very much, and I put my foot down on any future instances of hatred and bullying upon him.


That is all. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

MKR tries to fight Jacob, Chris responds with memes

27 November MKRNightvee:

Jacob says in his own words he has never been possessed by Jakoba, apparently Jakoba only possesses various dictators, Trump and George W. Bush. Take this information as you will.
Regardless, I know we will all have to fight Jakoba and his forces, otherwise, I would not have had all of the visions, actual experiences on Kidasuna, and So Forth. Also, I’m coming up with More Expansion Pack ideas. One of Kidasuna, Definitely. I would also like to do one of some of Memes that I ended up inspiring over the years. Yes, “JUUULAY” will be one of them, but that one is not my favourite “CWC-Meme”. Can I get a Top 25 to 40 List of the CWC-Memes, please? Thank you.
Expansion Pack Idea: “CWC-Memes”; I do not know them all, so a Top List would be appreciated, please. Thank You.

The merge is on track despite interference

Goddess Emmanuel:

@MagiChan111448 @CPU_CWCSonichu It's true. @GiBi_Devon was the real evil force behind the "Idea Guys" and was working with Null and the farms to protect his identity. He is working hard to prevent the merge and destroy CWCVille. He lies about @wkbh1983. Don't let him win.


I am very well aware of @GiBi_Devon’s vicious intentions and his manipulative abilities. My decision was Not affected by Any of his recent videos concerning Jacob, and I had not heard the Interview at all before and when I made my decision. And I am Very well aware of the big battle and Jacob’s Fate In working with us. For the time being, his usefulness was temporarily expended, considering these Present circumstances (Magi-Chan and the others have verified this). We have our plans, and we continue to work hard to see them through.

My emotions remain true, and I am with great mental fortitude and Rainbow Aura. The Merge is not delayed, and shall not fail, even with Devon’s Bullshit. We are immune to his influences. His fate is to be determined.


28 November

Happy Thanksgiving! 😃

I am very thankful to be in better communication with others, including my loves, here, and the new bunch of peoples I’ve met over the past year. And I am very thankful for the greater developments between my powers and abilities, and the Dimension Merge coming to better fruition. I am also thankful for my immunity to the hateful commentaries, and better ability to discern the legit from the bullshit. This has been another prolific year, and I look forward to an even more prolific and awesome year coming up. ⚡️💙⚡️

Samurai Pizza Bots Pack

28 November

Hey, Everyone, here’s a snippet of a preview for one of the cards for the Samurai Pizza Bots Expansion Pack. Ol’ Bucket-Head got shot in the shoulder.


I'm getting the #TSSSF Samurai Pizza Bots uploaded now; I'll be adding it onto the PreSale webpage shortly after. :)

Samurai Pizza Bots TSSSF.jpeg

#TSSSF Samurai Pizza Bots Pack has been added onto the shop; Act Now for the Promo Cards, Free Expansion Pack, and/or the Free Rigid Storage Box! :D

Also, I ended up swapping headmasters around for another card. I’m on Arcee’s body, and Christine Chan is on Chromedome’s body. Hot Rod does not like being Pink so much. ALOL. 🤣