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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during December 2016. Posts are sorted by date and linked to the source material from Facebook. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. Kenneth Engelhardt and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

Patreon reward update

1 December at 2:12 pm

**Patreon Reward Update: In addition to the video and Skype Addition, I've added my Self-Skylander items as rewards. The Higher Donation amounts will get their items autographed. Thank You.

Pmurt should advocate the presidency

4 December at 2:24 am

Trump, impeached, would be a good thing, but Pence should not be President either. I would feel so much better if Trump would advocate the position, and take Pence with him, and let Hillary be President, as it should Very Well Be.

The word Chris is looking for is abdicate.

Sense of humor

4 December at 2:40 am

I found 21/33 of them of fair to good humor.

Feeling crappy

7 December at 5:07 am

feeling crappy

Woman soul, (not) getting a job and Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie

7 December at 6:19 pm

Three things this post.

One: I AM a full-on Woman soul. In Fact, and my real and closer friends can and will tell you the same, I feel better with positive, less confrontational actions, especially pleasant conversations, offering emotional support, and slice-of-life feminine things. I can't help that I grew up with Transformers G1 and beyond in my background, viewing schedule, and lifetime, and developed an interest in the toys and collecting some of them. A lot of women can tell you the same that we all sometimes like a break from the emotional details and view something Fantasy or Violent. And a number of males don't always like violence, either. So, Next time you doubt me being a Lesbian Transwoman, based solely on me playing with Autobots and Decepticons, Think Again, haters. I Love all female bots and cons: Arcees, Windblade, Chromium, Elita-1, Firestar, Airacnid, Aracnia, etcetera. Take your pick of the few.

Two: I Can't get a job, and I have tried, as well as considered a LOT of details. Making beyond the certain amount per month in a job cuts into my SSI. The Trolls and Bullies have Killed my Background with all of the mis-content they have mostly misconstrued for the worst, as well as those that they have tricked, conned, deceived and blackmailed out of me. And I have my mother to worry about and care take; it IS a tiring process on my mind and emotions; Good GOD, my emotions! 😥 Among the other stresses that weigh me down emotionally and mentally, as great and heavy as the planet Pluto, or a LOT of Hippopotamuses, On My Head.

Lastly, On ScrewAttack: Deadpool Vs Pinkie Pie?! WTF?! Are they Actually going to take the creepy pasta into account? >:( Ugh. Pinkie will Lose against Deadpool. That is Sad.

That's all for now.

Jackie Mei, 6:39 pm:

Have you tried jobs that let you work from home or don't care about your identity? I know there's opportunities for you out there!

Chris, 6:42 pm

I have TOO much on and over my head.

Kim Wilson, 10:19 pm

Christine Weston Chandler You and I have talked about this a lot, you don't have anything keeping you from getting a job. I don't know why you'd mention the background thing, because I've told you that your criminal background check would be 100% clean. Maybe you forgot? You could definitely work and get an extra $800 month, at least. I'm confused as to why you talk about money problems when you could just get a job. Oh! Maybe it's a "complain problem" instead of a "real problem"? When I come home to my boyfriend, I complain about work. But when he tries to suggest fixes for my problems, I get mad. It's because I just wanted to complain, I just wanted to let off some steam. So now before we even start talking, he asks me if it's a "complain problem" (one that I don't want fixed) or a "real problem".

Kim Wilson, 10:21 pm

Christine Weston Chandler It sounds like your money problems are just a "complain problem". You should probably take down your patreon if it's just a "complain problem" and you don't want to try to get a job.

Chris deleted both of Kim's posts.

Catch more Pokemon

7 December at 6:56 pm

Chris posted to a Pokemon group (link redacted).

We are not even close to the 100 million goal; sync your games and catch more Pokémon.

He linked to a Pokemon article.

Chris, 6:57 pm:

Pokemon 100 million.jpeg

Look at how Tired I am

7 December at 8:16 pm

Seriously: Look at how Tired I am.

Meme-wise: "Look at how Tired I am."

Chris tired 12-2016.jpeg

Kim Wilson, 11:16 pm

Christine Weston Chandler's got some of that dank kush. (Probably not though.)

Chris, 1:19 am (Dec 8)

I never had any dank kush at all.

Cutco spatula knife

8 December at 12:41 am

Chris shared a link to a Cutco spatula knife, the same model he used for Thanksgiving.

Wishing Bob a Merry Christmas in his new life

9 December at 4:55 am

I miss my father everyday. He's enjoying Christmas in his new life.

Chris shared a video with the post, however, the text on it reads, "I miss you, Mom. I sure wish you could be here for Christmas."

Finances are a problem

9 December at 5:01 am

Finances are a problem.

Chris shared a comic about financial problems.

Sorbet lost, then found

13 December at 5:03 am

I hit the hay at about 9:00 last night; Sorbet was absent; I searched all around for him; I knew he was not outside, and I could guess he was hiding and napping, but I felt unsure and worried. Pollo just woke me up for food, so I opened up a can of Friskies and served him and Lucy. Then I went upstairs and called for Sorbet. I heard him meowing, but I could not see him. Then I heard the meowing loudest by my old bedroom door, so I opened it, and he was trapped in there. I learned that my mother had gone in that room last night to check the thermostat, and she was unaware that Sorbet's curiosity led him to slip in and explore. And after checking the thermostat, she left the room and closed the door.

Moral of the Story: always take a moment to check nearby for your loved young ones, especially while they are all energetic and explorative.

I was shocked to find him trapped in there, then I was most relieved to have found and rescued him. Thank you.

Mei, 5:41 am

You are up so late!

Chris, 8:29 pm

More like awoken by Pollo for food, and took another stab at finding Sorbet, and could not fall back asleep. Ugh.

Didn't catch enough Pokemon

13 December at 5:08 am

Chris posted to a Pokemon group (link redacted). He shared a link to a Pokemon Sun and Moon article about a global contest to catch 100 million Pokemon.

Sonic Boom parody

13 December at 5:16 am

Also, after hearing of Sonic Boom's "The Biggest Fan" episode, I found and watched it. Despite the segment on the arm colour in the portrait and the common fat, glasses, and hair on Mark the Tapir, and there was no mention or hidden cameo of Sonichu anywhere in the episode; I personally see No resemblance of myself in the Mark character. Especially in how far he took it to keep being able to be near Sonic; I am not mental or crazy like that at all.

Have a good and safe day.

Mark tapir.jpeg

Marie, 9:25 am

I saw some similarities, but they could also be similarities found in a lot of people...but at the same time, if it was a nod to you, that's a pretty big nod

Chris, 8:29 pm



13 December at 7:42 am

Chris posted to a Pokemon group (link redacted).

One thing I really like of Sun and Moon, the return of GSC Poke Balls (AKA Kurt's Balls; albeit a number of them were among the worst Poke Balls). Check out Both JWittz's Top Ten Best and Worst Poke Balls, and look on Bulbapedia to learn more of and better appreciate, the Jhoto Ball Sampler.

Top Ten Best [1]

Top Ten Worst [2]

Dark Pokemon lineup

15 December at 3:04 am

I'm a Gym Leader, and I was given Dark type.

I'd choose...


Favorite Pokemon

15 December at 7:13 pm

Love for my favorite Starter Evolution of Sun/Moon, Primarina.

Waterman, 8:13 pm

Is it because seven out of eight of them are male?

Chris, 17 Dec, 10:46 am

No. my starting Popplio is Female; now a Primarina.

Mei, 9:23 pm

he is a beautiful pokemon!

Chris, 17 Dec, 10:45 am

SHE; my Ariel Starter was Female from the start, so Pu Tuhs!

New profile pic

15 December at 7:14 pm

Chris changed his profile picture to a Primarina, from Pokémon Sun/Moon.


Transformers are prioritized

17 December at 10:50 am

Reminding everyone about my WishList for this year; contrary to popular speculations: the Transformers listed are of Higher Priority of Everyone on the list, especially Soundwave, Japan Powermaster Ginrai, And Bumblebee. Thank you.

He included a link to Emgo316's Bumblebee video on YouTube.

Buy our lawn tractor

19 December at 12:54 pm

My mother wants to sell our riding tractor for $595.00. For more information, call Barbara Chandler at the number in the listing of the tractor below. Thank you.

Chris linked to a Craigslist listing with the tractor.

DooBattie and a cold

21 December at 9:41 am

This turned out to be a really Fun "DooBattie". I'm feeling down with another cold, but this video made me smile.

He linked to ScrewAttack's Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie video.

Number 14 was aflame in '14. LOL

21 December at 6:08 pm

Chris saw his own post from 2014, due to Facebook’s On This Day feature, and shared his thoughts on it.

Almost Two Years since we got move back in after the housefire of '14. I remember how stressful it was in rushing to move everything from the rental home back to number 14. Huh. Number 14 was aflame in '14. LOL Anyhow, it was a really rushed day on December 31st of that year. Feel blessed, everyone who at least has a place/Home to feel warm and able to sleep. Not everyone in this world is so fortunate. Take care, Stay Safe and try to stay warm during the cold months (unless you're in the Tropical climates, then I would just say Take Care and Stay Safe).

Meanwhile, this new cold has me feeling more off than usual; feeling lightheaded and varying level of loopy; more chicken soup for me. Thank you.

Kiss and Hug meme

21 December at 10:07 pm

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post that linked to an article on a kiss and hug meme.

I actually support that; not every child or adult wants to be kissed or hugged. Temple Grandin certainly was one as well.

A nugget of wisdom

21 December at 11:25 pm

Feeling: a burning in my sinus.

Nugget of wisdom: You work and stress often, you leave yourself vulnerable to a virus. A stressful life is not a healthy one, and I feel for you if your life is a constantly stressful one beyond your own control. Ugh.

Sparse sleep spurts

21 December at 11:44 pm

Yep. Tonight is going to be a long night with sparse sleep spurts. Zzzzzz....

Cooking tips and Sorbet playing in the tub

22 December at 10:14 am

Feeling: congested

I just had some green eggs and turkey-ham; still yum. You know what, if you make the green eggs (with spinach, not food color), fry the ham, cut them into rectangle pieces, sandwich the ham or turkey-ham between two pieces of green egg, hold them together with a toothpick, that would make a yummy hor dourve.

And Sorbet did a really funny thing today. He's been playing in the empty bathtub lately, when I am not taking a shower, of course. Obviously not an easy task for a cat, but he pulled the shower curtain from tucked inside the tub to completely outside. I laughed when I saw that. What a clever, fun cat he is.

Reposting lawn tractor ad

22 December at 10:14 am

Chris re-posted the Craigslist ad for the lawnmower. The listing was later taken down by a ween who reported it.

Kim Wilson, 3:22 pm

Christine Weston Chandler Hmm, I might know someone who'd want it. But can you give a better price? Your given price is a little high.

Chris, 3:23 pm

Call my mother; it is her tractor and she wants to sell it.

Mutant file

22 December at 10:09 pm

Nice Results.

Mutant file results.png

Chris linked to the game.

Happy Festivus

23 December at 4:33 pm

Break out the metal pole and face the Feats of Strength. Happy Festivus, for the rest of us. Happy Festivus.jpeg

At 5:16 pm, Chris edited the message with an addendum on trolls.

**Of course, Everyday is Festivus for Haters and Internet Trolls, because they all needlessly Air out their grievances. LOL

State of CWC's life

23 December at 10:39 pm

feeling sad.

A few random wisdom pearls:

-I once actually knew where all things were in my house; since the disaster, everything has been relocated and randomly shuffled about. I hardly know where that thing I recalled still having is located now.

-When my father was alive, I had more freedom; now that he has passed, I lost a lot of freedom and remain to take after the tasks he had left behind.

- You can only escape in your mental depths and recluse for so long before you are pulled back to reality, and too many things leave you feeling like you get little peace at home.

    • sigh** Learn what you will from what I have shared, as you hear me now and understand me tomorrow or later.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas

24 December at 4:13 pm

Here's wishing all a happy, safe and not-so-hectic day on Christmas Eve.

Thoughts on relationships

24 December at 9:41 pm

Referencing the following anime in my thought below: AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

I was made aware of this anime from WatchMojo's recent Top Ten Feel-Good Anime list; the point they highlighted from that was relationships that actually developed from video games and such. And I had heard of "relationships" coming up from playing online co-op video games or something. This logic is beyond my understanding, and I feel like I missed out on a sort of opportunity or something. What do I know about that? I've spent my life with lots of single-player video games, and raised from my senior citizen father and my 40's mother on the traditions of old-fashioned meeting people and making relationships from there. And Yet, from 2000 to about 2011, I flunked bad on being able to meet many people and starting much of anything, aside from the few actual friends I have made.

Regardless, I was feeling desperate for my long-term companion/sweetheart,...

I lost my train of thought.

Anyhow, I feel a bit of frustrated and mentally jumbled from all that. Ugh.

Thank you for listening.

Now, be sure to get a good night's sleep for the possible overnight miracles that can happen.

Merry Christmas.

Waterman, 11:08 am (25 Dec)

Do you want to play a co-op game of HeXen?

Chris, 5:27 pm

No, and I do not own that game.

Waterman, 5:28 pm

ohh... well, how about 2P nintendo games networked on an emulator?

Chris, 5:29 pm

William Elliott Waterman I do not mainly game on PC, remember?

Waterman, 5:29 pm

well... there's pokémon... there's not much co-oping on that besides trading, though (I loved the battle pyramid from generation 4)

Chris, 5:30 pm

Right now, I am resting with this cold that lingers in my nose.

Waterman, 5:31 pm

oh, sorry about that. Merry Christmas.

Quinn, 2:16 pm

It's never too late to step outside your comfort zone and give things a try.

Focus on the positive and have a wonderful Christmas!

Chris, 5:28 pm

It is too much for me to handle right now. Ooh. Vertigo is hitting me again while I am laying in my bed.

Sorbet likes to play with his little robot

25 December at 1:06 pm

Merry Christmas!

Sorbet likes to play with his little robot.

Chris uploaded the video to Facebook.

Quinn, 2:23 pm

Glad to see he's enjoying his little amiibo! 😸❤🤖

Cute slippers by the way!

Chris, 5:26 pm

Can't really call the toy an amiibo, since it is without the base and chip.

Waterman, 5:24 pm

Is that the one that got trapped?

Chris, 5:26 pm

The one that lost half of its left rear paw, and recovered with my help.

Take down the CWCki, or Not to take down the CWCki?

Chris saw his own post from 2015, due to Facebook's On This Day feature, and shared his thoughts on it.

27 December at 12:00 pm

HERE'S the bugger that bit my ass bad and killed my creative groove a year ago. Thanks a Lump, tattle-telling Internet Trolls/Haters. You lot are Not helping anyone.

On that topic, I have realized the further reasoning behind to take down the CWCki, or Not to take down the CWCki; that Was the question upon me that I have been pondering for a longer than needed while.

    • To Have the CWCki online: it supposed advertises me and my characters, and so forth. Thus sparking conversations keeping mine, Sonichu and Rosechu, a still talked-about topic worldwide. The problem with this website, being that it has been and still defaces me and mine in quite the derogative mal-manner; being updated with the mis-events from the Haters' attempts to con me into performing questionable things while I was still in a more naive mental state prior to 2011. All Theoretical Exes very much included in that head count. As well as my misguided attempts to erase the defacing web articles and all individual derogative files therein.
    • BUT that is why they have created their Forums, to continue talks about me, period. Wherein they are considerably Free to post all of their hate, otherwise, and so-forth, with little consequences.

With the Forums to talk of me upon, I see less reason to have the CWCki up.

I Had past wondered if the website was a necessary evil, despite being against my will and behind my back, which brought up the "To Be or Not To Be"-like question. With that reasoning, I am now back on mental force to be Down with the CWCki.

Thank you.

And Furthermore!

Following the previous post, Chris decided that he had an idea for how both the Kiwi Farms and CWCki should be merged, neglecting to realise the logistics and money that would be involved in such a merger.

27 December at 12:22 pm

And Furthermore, all the CWCki really needs to be now is a glorified Front Page for the Forums, with All links on that front page, going to the similar topic link in said Forums, and thus, Liberating the domain name of, so it can Finally be used for the better, officially and Personally, by myself and personally authorized friends and co-workers.


JWittz's priceless Pokemon response

29 December at 1:06 am

JWittz is PRICELESS in his response to this hiker's line.
JWittz pokemon.jpeg

Chris linked to the video.

Offensive Walmart mug

29 December at 1:10 am

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post.

More shocked than angry; WHO allowed that line to be on Anything sold in a public store? Most disgraceful.

Advocate or die, Trump!

29 December at 1:11 am

Chris commented on a LGBTQ Nation post.


At 2:14 am, Chris edited the message for proofreading, but not to remove the death threat.


An archive of this post is here.

Ice cream isn't just for gays

29 December at 1:15 am

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post.

What the Hell? Ice Cream is for all people!

A puzzler for Trump

29 December at 1:43 am

Chris followed up on his LGBTQ Nation comment by posting a puzzler for Trump.

Hey! #DonaldTrump. I have a puzzler for you.

In the alternate reality/dimension/universe where A, Every person there is the Opposite born gender from here (in an example, the Donald Trump there is a Woman, and Every President of the United States of America there has been Female), and B, the LGBTQ is the Norm and the discrimination happens against the Straight People. Would You, the Donald Trump of This reality/dimension/universe, allow the Donald Trump(ette) in That opposite reality/dimension/universe, Sign the Anti-Straight Law, that would allow discrimination of Yourself, Ever?

If your answer is No, then it should be fit that you Not discriminate against us, the LGBTQ, as the people there Discriminate against the Straight.

Yet, if your answer remains Yes, then you, sir, would end up being a Self-Loathing Person, as you allowed the continuing of Discrimination of Yourself in that reality/dimension/universe that is the Very Same Planet, AND the Very Same United States of America, that You, Yourself, regardless, dare to reside and take office in.

#DonaldTrump, Advocate the Office and let Hillary Clinton run this country, For the Love of Religion, and for any shred of Self-Love you have for yourself. Or die from yours or someone else's hand.

Good day.

At 2:02 am, Chris edited the message for proofreading, but not to remove the death threat.

#DonaldTrump, Abdicate the Office and let Hillary Clinton run this country, For the Love of Religion, and for any shred of Self-Love you have for yourself. Or die from yours or someone else's hand.

An archive of this post is here.


30 December at 6:33 pm

The Z-Ring makes a good silent ringer for your phone, with the synching ringtones. Keep your phone silent and a bit far from you; three buzzes before the song to catch the call and silence it before the song plays.

Chris linked to his Z-Ring Fun Extra video.

Kangaskhan theory

30 December at 10:36 pm

I had a thought about Kangaskhan and why it is born With a baby in its pouch from the egg; they're twin Sisters; Not mother and child. Kangaskhan: the Sisters Pokémon; one big, one little.