December 2012 Facebook posts

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The following covers Chris's Facebook activity in December 2012.


  • 11 December - Chris declares himself to be a gamer.
  • 12 December - Chris announces he has a Wii U.
  • 13 December - Chris likes a video about the end of the world.
  • 16 December - Chris invites his friends to the Miiverse.
  • 20 December - Chris gives the public a Christmas gift which cost him nothing and which he didn't make.
  • 21 December - Chris gives a movie review.
  • 28 December - Chris is still lonely.
  • 30 December - Chris comments on a My Little Pony fan video.
  • 31 December - Chris has no New Year's Resolutions.

Status Updates

Chris is a gamer

11 December 2012

Yep, I'm a Gamer too.


Chris has a Wii U

12 December 2012

I have upgraded to a Wii U too. I donated my old Wii to my church after transferring my data to my U. It was appreciated greatly.

End of the World?

13 December 2012

I liked a @YouTube video DECEMBER 21 2012 - END OF THE WORLD?


16 December 2012

If any of y'all, my friends, gets a Wii U, with a Nintendo Network account, you can send me a Friend Request to my username, Christian, (SonichuChandler).

It is to laugh heartily that the stupid Trolls have not yet realized that they could TRY looking for my Wii's or 3DS'Mii in order to find me in the Miiverse. LOL

A Christmas Gift

20 December 2012

I offer for all the complete set of songs and intros from the 1990 WTJU Jazz Marathon that my father hosted and played music of Jugs, Kazzoos and Washboards, Blues and Boogie-Woogie, plus three more hours of good jazz that was recorded with it on the original 6 Hour VHS.

Merry Christmas.


21 December 2012

I have just finished watching the movie "2012" for the first time. It was as epic as I have heard in the past few years. Not only was it as good, but I feel better watching it now, compared to risking worrying about the E.O.W. a lot more if I had watched it before today. Hollywood magic did it again, and reality proved it wrong again.

Apocalypse NOT, and Thank God and Jesus this worry is finally over and done.

Sweetheart desperately required

28 December 2012

I am back to the same old feelings; lonely, depressed, etc. makes me almost wish the world had ended, so I wouldn't have to continue feeling the pain.

I desperately require my true (female) Sweetheart-to-be AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN...

Double Rainboom

30 December 2012

I'll believe it to be true when the full episode is okay with all of the people, and it is (@YouTube

Fuck Resolutions

31 December 2012

My N.Y.Resolutions for years has been to find a woman friend and make her into my Sweetheart from the ground up. Sadly, that still is long overdue to be done.

And I have been mostly feeling depressed, stressed and paranoid. So I do not really have any new resolutions at all.