December 2012

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On 6 December 2012, Chris introduces himself to the Miiverse.
On 11 December 2012, Chris declares himself to be a gamer.

December 2012 was the final month of Chris's least active year since his discovery. It was also Chris's second C-Mas without his father. With him making it past this month without returning to YouTube, 2012 officially has the distinction of being the first year since trolling began that Chris hadn't uploaded a single video.

December 2012 was also the month where Nintendo Power ceased publication.


  • 5 December - Chris makes his first posts on the Miiverse.
  • 6 December - Chris makes several more Miiverse posts, and introduces himself with a signed portrait of Sonichu.
  • 8 December - Chris complains about the gender-bending implications of the game "Zombi" on his Miiverse account.
  • 9 December - Chris makes two comments about "Captain Falcon's Twister Race" on the Miiverse.
  • 11 December - Chris declares on Facebook that he is proud to be a gamer.
  • 12 December - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he has bought a Wii U.
  • 13 December - Chris likes a YouTube video about the end of the world.
  • 16 December - Chris invites his friends to join him in the Miiverse and mocks the trolls for not discovering this account yet.
  • 20 December - Chris posts a RapidShare link of the soundtrack from the 1990 WTJU Jazz Marathon, which his father both hosted and performed in.
  • 21 December - Chris watches the movie 2012 and thanks God that the world didn't end.
  • 23 December - Chris shares more opinions about "Zombi" on the Miiverse.
  • 25 December - To the surprise of no one, Santa Claus once again fails to deliver a sweetheart to Chris on Christmas.
  • 26 December - Chris discusses New Super Mario Bros. on the Miiverse.
  • 28 December - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he still desperately requires a sweetheart.
  • 30 December - Chris comments on a My Little Pony video.
  • 31 December - Chris writes on Facebook that he feels terrible and is not making any New Year's resolutions.