December 2015

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December was the 12th and final month of 2015. This month, his "Crazy" style of video-making has made a glorious return. He also continued complaining about how GameStop is unfair. And, if these were not enough, the majority of the month, since it would be Christmas in a few days, he expressed the need to e-Beg so he can get what he wants. This might have come to the fact because when his house burned down the last year, he was given a care package, so he thinks he is entitled to it every year now.

Mother of God...

Events of December

  • 1 December - On Facebook, Chris unveils new Sonee & Rosey Amiibo for sale on Etsy.
  • 2 December - Chris posts an update video on his war against GameStop and the other businesses, determined as usual to get his way!
  • 4 December - Chris makes a post claiming that, after three days of wearing a custom bra fitted with vibrating eggs, he has created a method of natural breast enlargement.
  • 4 December - TheCWCvilleLibrary is terminated. However, an archive of the channels' content has been preserved.
  • 6 December - After five days of silence on YouTube, Chris uploads a new video about Oestrogel and vibrating bras and stuff.
  • 7 December - Chris posts another video where he rages against GameStop's decision to take action on his stupidity.
  • 13 December - Chris posts "Seasons Greetings". In this video, he talks about his two cats, and asks his fanbase for Christmas gifts and money. Notably, Chris is holding Lucy the entire duration of the video.
  • 15 December - Chris posts a dance video where he dances like he just smoked a ton of cannabis. A few hours later, he posts another video in which he butchers a classic Christmas song. He spends an inordinate amount of time addressing how some numbers vaguely resemble letters of the alphabet.
  • 19 December - Jimmy Hill passes away.[1]
  • 22 December - Chris wants to squeeze more money out of his fans, so he posts a new video in an attempt to squeeze money out of them.
  • 25 December - Christmas. On this day, Chris uploaded a holiday greeting addressed to Karen Riley, even though she never even requested one.[2]
  • 26 December - Boxing Day, and the 1st anniversary of the culmination of the war against the 'Blue-Armed Bandit'.