May 2022

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Chris in May.
"Happiness can still be a Hug away; even if you're hugging your self." A poignant piece of jail art drawn by Chris on 6 May 2022.

May was the fifth month of 2022. Chris opened the month still incommunicado but was transferred back to jail on the 3rd. He sent out two letters and some new artwork.

Notable events

  • 3 May - Chris is returned from Western State Hospital to Central Virginia Regional Jail. In the process of his transfer, he is allegedly pinned down by the hospital staff, dredging up repressed traumas from elementary school.[1] A new mugshot of Chris is taken following the transfer, his third since his arrest for incest and the only photograph of Chris to emerge in all of 2022.[2]
  • 4 May - The Jail Medallion Promotions, recorded audio of Chris promoting medallions for Praetor, are posted on their OfficialCWCmart listings.[3]
  • 6 May - Chris draws five Praetor Jail Art drawings: "You'd Better Have Faith and Believe It," "Happiness Can Still Be a Hug Away," "Introducing Donnie Sonichu, Direct Son of Blake Sonichu and Bubbles Rosechu", "Neo Holy Sigils for Self Love and Spirituality" and "Wild and Punchy in Flight."[4]
  • 8-9 May: Chris writes and sends a letter to Helena.
  • 10 May - Chris sends Jail Letter - 11 May 2022 to Kenneth Engelhardt.
  • 11 May
    • Chris receives a check into his jail account for $309.72, resulting in a main balance of $637.19.[5]
    • Kenneth receives Chris' letter in the mail.
  • 13 to 15 May - Chris misses out on Seaquestria Fest, an unofficial My Little Pony convention held in Ocean City, Maryland (which he had been blacklisted from since March 2020).
  • 14 May - The 11 May letter is posted publicly on Onion Farms.[6] Chris also draws two Praetor Jail Art drawings: "A Prayer of Angelica Rosechu" and "Sonichu Prime and Rosey Rosechu Prime's First Visit to a Village of Wild Sonichus and Rosechus in 2004."[4]
  • 31 May - Chris buys six items of popcorn and one item of "Natural Fiber" from the jail commissary shop, spending a total of $15.35, and leaving over $400 in his account.[7]