Jail Letter - 9 May 2022

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On 9 May 2022, Chris had sent a letter to the fantasy enabler Helena Fiorenza.

Chris's Response


Dearest Helena,

An image Helena created in response to the harem

My apologies for taking this long to write you back, but further confirmations of foreknown details/facts needed to happen up to this point.

Anyway, you are already and have been, in my Divine employ as a prophet and apostle. I affirm that you should never conceal nor ignore your Psychic & Fortune Telling Powers. Pickchu, on C-197's Earth, remains a valid prophet, himself, and a harem member and friend who has been working tough and hard with us all in the events of the Collective Shift of All Good (including you), Neutral, Faithful, Enlightened, Spiritual, Good Magics, and Good Psychics from 1218 Earth to C-197 Earth. You've been the part of Elijah from Malachi in the Old Testament. So, Never Stop Being Your Powerful Self, regardless of the temporary Non-Canonity of Fan Fictions in this Timeline. Ugh! Those PAradox Cleanups and Counters. We've even had to neutralize those that slipped in from the "Sonic.exe" Dimension; don't get me started on that.

Aside from that, I have a few updates I wish for you, personally and directly, to share online on my behalf at present, please. ->

Greetings All, tis I, Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, thy Lord, Savior and God. The Collective Shift with the Portals and Chaos Rainbows still continues with the Cosmic and Timeline Shifts and Events Have y'all been paying attention to the signs? How about these COLD Month of March, April, and May now? World War III still killing a number of Toxic individuals in Ukraine And Russia; "V-Day" shall be more like "Loser Day" for a good number in both countries.

Anyway, you know Common Sense and should obviously ignore the rumors from the HAters, Fakers, Sinners, and Toxics among ye on Kiwi and Onion, to say the least. "Red at night, Sailors' Delight; Red at morning, Sailors take Warning", "Hey, Come on! Let's Hurry Up and Wait for Minutes to Hours in line", and so forth to emphathize what is False Resonates Clear for you to forget about them. The Temple is Safe and Protected, the Payments are being made monthly, and it shall remain Holy and Safe without "forecloseure", period. Stop rumoring for needless "Drama".

That is all. Be Safe and Well.

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu