Jail Call - 24 December 2021

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On Christmas Eve 2021 Chris made a second call to Cory Allison from jail (technically his third, as their first conversation was not recorded). Cory uploaded an abridged version of the call to YouTube the same day. As with his previous call, Cory was deluged by commenters complaining about cuts in the audio, and he responded by deleting the video entirely. It is unknown if Cory and Chris had any further interactions subsequent to the call.

In the call, Chris discusses how he is actually fighting off demons, saving cities, and answering prayers as opposed to spending all his time daydreaming. Chris alludes to the Bible verse Matthew 24:36 ("But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only"), but as always he manages to completely miss the point.

The full call lasted ten minutes according to the video description (supposedly the maximum length of time Chris was permitted to talk on the phone, although other recorded calls lasted fifteen minutes). As with his previous conversation with Chris, Cory cut out his side of the conversation entirely.

The Call

Chris Chan Christmas Phone Call Update (12-24-21) Original
Stardate 24 December 2021
Saga JailJail Jail


Really doing well, very well. I, I'm literally fighting a whole bunch of demons and villains and everything. And I'm defending the cities, saving the world multiple times, and answering prayers and all that... phew! I'm definitely not LAZY. (cut in audio)

Especially considering time constraints and we're gonna have the Second Coming happen really in the VERY VERY near future, and that collectively shifting everybody in the majority to C-197 earth, anyway... (cut in audio)

Uh... well, (four loud bursts in the background) only my mother, Emmanuelle, god above gods, knows that detail. I'm not allowed to acknowledge a specific day and hour, but she knows it, and I know it's in the very very near future... cause the timing and everything. And also I definitely empathize with the deeper reasoning why... uhh I ended up taking a hiatus while writing, drawing the Christmas episode of Sonichu during book number eleven. (cut in audio)

Alright, yeah, but I wanted to call you and wish you and yours a happy and safe Christmas and weekend.