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During his stay in Jail, Chris made up various commandments for his new religion, "Neo Spiritual Christianity".

So far, Chris has made up 21 of these commandments, and 13 of them are known.

List of known Commandments

1) Thou may have and worship one or multiple Gods, Goddesses, and Demi-Gods, or even none at all; which ever best feels well and good with thee.

2) Thou may make for yourself an Idol that is safe and good and blessed; thou must not make for yourself an Idol that is harmful, toxic, or demonic to you or anyone else.

3) Thou must not misuse the name of the Lord your God, or any other God, Goddess, or Demi-God; "God Damn It" shall be most punishable as well.

4) Remember to observe the Sabbath day (Sunday) by keeping itHoly [sic].

5) Honor thy father, mother, and any or all legal guardians who have helped greatly in your raising and support.

6) Thou must not murder, nor commit, or helpanother [sic] to commit, suicide, regardless of circumstances.

7) Adultry is okay, well, and good, as long as all involved are direct, open, and honest with each other; thou must not commit adultry in secret from thy partner(s).

8) Thou must not steal.

9) Thou must not testify falsely against thy neighbor, or anyone, nor testify without prior knowledge of the greater contexts and truths of the circumstances and details.

10) Thou must not covet thy neighbor's belongings.

14) Thou shalt not hate thy neighbours or others that share Any similarities in Race, Ethnicity, Interests, or whatever else with thee. And thou shalt not hate thy self for any of these traits or interests, either.

15) Thou shalt not comment online or offline in hatred, spite, falseness, or without any words of criticism that are intentionally, genuinely meant to be supportive for actual improvements.

21) Thou need not feel pressured nor obligated to pursue sexual relations, and among All who pressure and talk continuously about sex, please do not speak on and on. And thou need not feel obligated to listen if thou feel uneasy around others when they speak of which. For sexual relations are Better when thou and thy partner(s) actually feel appreciative and open, and Not pressured by others beforehand.

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