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Lainchu, as drawn by MKRNightVee.

Lainchu, also known as Lainchu the Chronicler, is an OC created by Chris, whose purpose was to document select chats in the Watchmen's Discord server The Place and elsewhere (and unofficially, to provide Christorians with first hand information), based on the protagonist of the anime, Serial Experiments Lain, in which a teenage girl finds herself engaging with a virtual world network, reminiscent of the internet. Naught has implied that he got Chris interested in the anime.[1]

The Players

Four people, all of whom were in The Place, had taken up the responsibility to take the role of Lainchu, all with varying results.


Naught, the second leader of the Watchmen, was the first person to play the role of Lainchu.[2]


Klop, the founder and first owner of the Official CWCki Server, was the second person to roleplay as the character. He took over from 7 August 2020 until 29 August.[3]


Anaxis, the third owner of the Official CWCki Server, was the third person playing the character and served as Lainchu from late August 2020 to July 2021.[4]

On 19 February 2021, the Watchmen banned Anaxis from their Discord server The Place. The Watchmen attempted to replace him with a Discord account run by The WCT.[5] However, Chris sided with Anaxis during the conflict[6][2] and continued to communicate with him outside of The Place.


The WCT from mid February 2021 to March 2021, was elected by the Watchmen to take over the role of Lainchu after they had banned Anaxis from their Discord server.[5] WCT created a separate Discord account named "Lainchu (Current Host)" to interact with Chris; consequently, from Chris's perspective the Fourth Lainchu was a stranger. Chris rejected the Fourth Lainchu, stating that he sensed "Lainchu within Anaxis moreso than this dude."[2]

Discord Q&As

The Discord Q&A is an 11-part question-and-answer series with Chris, consisting of questions screened from the community. Lainchu was involved for all but the first and fourth segments. Klop asked questions in Q&A 2 and 3, with Anaxis disseminating the conversations, and Anaxis handled Q&A 5-11. A Discord server, CWC Questions, was also set up by Anaxis to field questions for Q&A 5-11.[4]


Anaxis released three Chroniclings, or segments of chats which occurred in The Place, at Chris's request and with the permissions of server members. The Journey to the Merge (16 September 2020 - 9 January 2021), The Vaughn Interlude (3 January - 24 January), and Thinking with Portals (31 January - 8 February). Afterwards, a series of disputes by several The Place members resulted in Anaxis being removed. Chris, who took Anaxis's side, chatted in DMs instead, allowing Anaxis to release a fourth Chronicling, A Medium's Guidance (9 March 2021).[4] Chris also authorized Anaxis to release a fifth one, which Anaxis gave the working title A Future in Motion (17-18 March 2021), however Anaxis opted to hold off on doing so, though eventually released it as part of his essay The Lainchu Manifesto.

Watchmen infighting

The Watchmen group, particularly during its iteration in The Place Discord server, was prone to infighting issues. Drama from infighting had an effect on the Lainchu role.

During late 2020, The Place member MKRNightVee, joined later by Val, showed hostilities towards Anaxis, who held the Lainchu role.[7][8][9] On 19 February, Kyle, who had recently been made owner of The Place, attempted to resolve the disputes by banning Anaxis.[4]

In DMs, Anaxis, who had been preparing for another Discord Q&A, mentioned to Chris that he had been removed from The Place but was not given a reason.[10] Chris then asked The Place what Lainchu had done to be kicked out.[11] Kyle, later joined by Naught and MKRNightVee, responded with various accusations and rumors about Anaxis, though did not provide proof.[12][13] Chris disagreed with Kyle's remarks and requested that he allow Anaxis back in.

In the second layer of The Place, which Chris did not have permission to view, the Watchmen attempted to replace Anaxis's role of Lainchu. The WCT was voted in to take over the role.[5] In doing so, WCT created a new account named Lainchu (later renamed to Lainchu (Current Host) at Kyle's suggestion).[14] Creating an alternate account proved to be a misplay; from Chris's perspective, the new Lainchu account was a stranger. Chris called out the attempt to replace Anaxis, saying, "on the flip side, you're not the original Lainchu" when the alt account tried to interact with him.[6]

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