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Lainchu, as drawn by MKRNightVee.

Lainchu, also known as Lainchu the Chronicler, is an OC created by Chris, whose purpose was to document select chats in the Watchmen's Discord server The Place (and unofficially, to provide Christorians with first hand information), based on the protagonist of the anime, Serial Experiments Lain, in which a teenage girl finds herself engaging with a virtual world network, reminiscent of the internet. Naught has implied that he got Chris interested in the anime.[1]

The Players

Four people, all of whom were in The Place, had taken up the responsibility to take the role of Lainchu, all with varying results.


Naught, the second leader of the Watchmen (following after Owls), would be the first person to play the role of Lainchu.[2]


Klop, the founder and first admin of the Official CWCki Discord Server, was the second person to roleplay as the character. He took over very briefly in 7 August 2020 until late August.


Anaxis, the third admin of the Official CWCki Server, was the third person playing the character and served as Lainchu from late August 2020 to July 2021.[3][4]

On 19 February 2021, the Watchmen banned Anaxis from their Discord server The Place. The Watchmen attempted to replace him with a Discord account run by The WCT.[5] However, Chris sided with Anaxis during the conflict[6][2] and continued to communicate with him outside of The Place.


The WCT from mid February 2021 to March 2021, was elected by the Watchmen to take over the role of Lainchu after they had banned Anaxis from their Discord server.[5] WCT created a separate Discord account named "Lainchu (Current Host)" to interact with Chris; consequently, from Chris's perspective the Fourth Lainchu was a stranger. Chris rejected the Fourth Lainchu, stating that he sensed "Lainchu within Anaxis moreso than this dude."[2]

The Lainchu Drama

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