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This page lists members of the Watchmen, sorted alphabetically. Of note is that the Watchmen name was adopted in August 2020 to describe members present in Discord server The Place; some members on the list below were no longer part of the group by the time of the naming.



Anaxis, the third admin of the Official CWCki Server, and another former CWCki editor, played the role of Lainchu in The Place and The Knights of CWC.[1] Anaxis was the third to have the role, after Klop, who handed it off on 29 August 2020.[2]

Anaxis was a target of infighting problems in The Place Discord server, particularly by MKRNightVee and Val. Beginning in November 2020 and extending through December, MKR threw a tantrum at Anaxis over her being demodded from the Official CWCki Server, carrying on after he mentioned that the demodding was done by his predecessor after a group discussion, that it took her months to notice being demodded, and that he declined to re-add her to modstaff.[3][4] In January 2021, during a debate on the ethics of Christubers, Val instigated more drama with personal attacks, with MKR joining in, and both expressing they wanted Anaxis gone.[5]

Anaxis was one of the people involved in the Watchmen group chat, Regarding Chris, questioning Bella's role in the Incest Call leaks.

On 4 April 2023, Anaxis began posting an ongoing essay, The Lainchu Manifesto, covering his interactions with Chris and the Watchmen members.


Christine...Please stop this, Mewtwo is not real, the merge is not happening, you need serious help. If you need help there are people to help you with these delusions. This is incredibly unhealthy for you.
AquaDiamond8, March 2019[6]
Still i dont want [Jacob Sockness] attacking my people when the merge happens, Christine has said there will be no more war or need for violence in the merge, my Sapphire has forseen this
AquaDiamond8 changes her tune, November 2019.[7]
AquaDiamond8 and Magi-Chan. Drawn by Aqua November 2019.

AquaDiamond8 is a Twitter user who has bounced from being a ween,[8] to a white knight, to an enabler and Watchman. In November 2019, during the Jacob Sockness saga, in hopes to lure Chris away from Sockness, Aqua joined the Watchmen and embraced Chris's delusional beliefs, changing her Twitter handle to CPU Goddess Aqua of the Mac Book Pro. Later, Aqua began drawing fanart of her OC interacting with Magi-Chan.[9] She then posted a Pokémon drawing, claiming it to be an alt-dimension Magi-Chan:[10]

In September 2020, Aqua confirmed in the comments of a Dillin Thomas video that they were no longer a part of the Watchmen.

in all honesty at first i genuinly wanted to help chris but after the incident with Wendy i wanted to make things better, and try to help him, and as someone with autism, and who has family that acts like chris, i knew how dificult it is to get them to beleive certain things. I guess going along with it and pretending to be a goddess was better than letting her be on her own and let someone else take advantage of her.

Note that i never wanted anything from Chris, and did want to help, and despite what Dillin says about MKR or some of the "enamblers, not all of them are bad, MKR is the nicest person i know and i know that she truely does care for Chris.

I wanted to to help them with keeping sockness away from Chris and though it took some time ive seen chris is no longer taking his crap serious. I do keep up to date whats been going on, but i dont interact.[11]

Aqua drew art for Chris.

The Fool

The Fool was a late addition to the Watchmen, added in April 2021 by Naught, who noted his interest in tarot.[12]


Klop is the creator and first admin of the Official CWCki Server and a former CWCki editor. In August 2020, he coined the "Watchmen" group's name, naming it after the DC Comics graphic novel. He initially wanted to be called "Rorschach", a character from the Watchmen graphic novel who acted as a kind of chronicler.[13]

Klop was the second to hold the Lainchu role. On 29 August 2020, he passed it onto Anaxis.[14]



Main article: Kyle
Kyle in TSSSF form.

An admin in The Place Discord server, Kyle, also known as Nova[15], was present in the Google Hangout chats. Kyle was also the inspiration for Chris's Kylechu OC. Kyle has mentioned working at a suicide hotline, though he has mentioned that at least one caller had gone through with taking their own lives,[16] something which was revealed in Discord leaks, both audio and text.

Chris had mixed feelings on Kyle. In a 26 June 2021 text to Null, Chris said that Kyle "talks soo damn much, boasting his smart-talk, interrogating my intentions and present mentalities. Damn, he's seriously tiring."[17] Kyle was one of the first people that Chris told of his plans to shock his crystals with electricity, citing a click-baity article about using the phenomenon to open up portals and believing that Kyle could help explain piezoelectricity to him. Kyle attempted to reason with Chris regarding this. When Kyle questioned Chris's findings, Chris was flustered.


Main article: MKRNightVee

Meghan K. Ringo, also known as MKRNightVee, CPUMagentaHeart and thepixietailartist, and sometimes referred to as Maker by Chris, appeared in early 2019. She got into contact with Chris through a friend looking up Chris's phone number for her.[18] She presented herself to Chris as being the CPU goddess of the Nintendo Switch, offering him validation on his fantasies of having magic powers.[18] She has stated that her goal isn't to feed into Chris's delusions so much as to offer advice and help.[18] Chris offered her several of his possessions in his Last Will and Testament.


Main article: Naught
Naught's Kiwi Farms profile picture

Naught, also known as Bismuth and CPU Bismuth Heart to Chris was the self-proclaimed "leader" of the group, taking over the group after Owls left.[19] He monitored and doxed potential weens or outside enablers. Naught also kept records on orders for Chris's TSSSF cards and his Sonichu comics. Naught also showed Chris various anime and manga, much of which Chris had implemented into his fantasies. Naught has also implied himself to have shown Chris the inspiration for the Lainchu character, Serial Experiments Lain. In June 2021, Naught posted fellow Watchmen The WCT's dox onto Kiwi Farms in retaliation for WCT declining to share his Kiwi Farms account with him after Naught had been banned from the site following the use of sockpuppets after told to stop from Null,[20] which lead to WCT ousting Naught and two others who had sided with Naught from the group.


Main article: Owls
Owls IRL.

Ryan Winger, more commonly referred to as Owls, in his interactions with the Watchmen, also known as GhostBird50 on the Kiwi Farms,[21] and as CpuTurquoiseHeart to Chris,[18] [19] initially advised MKRNightVee in interacting with Chris and founded the Watchmen's Discord server. Owls also acted as a liaison between Watchmen and Guard Dogs member Marvin, though fellow Watchman Naught alleged that he hadn't been reporting back to Marvin.[19] Owls eventually left the group, stating he wanted no more part in Chris's situation or in Internet drama,[22] and was succeeded by Naught. This seems to have come when he got involved in a feud[23] with several other obscure Chris orbiters.



Peachy, a member of The Place, pestered members of Praetor. In February 2021, Peachy mentioned having used multiple Instagram accounts over a span of weeks, beginning from when The Place learned of Praetor, to attempt to contact Annie, getting no response from her. Peachy also mentioned being in DMs with Owen, and offered to attempt to get info from him for The Place.[24]


Silvia also known as Spunky and Emily,[25] was one of the people Chris told regarding his affair with a "lady friend over 50".

Spunky posted an account describing her treatment by the Watchmen members Naught and MKR:[26]

Hello there.

Please call me spunk or silvia.

I was a former watchmen who had the kiwifarms account thetarotreader96 as well, but naught wished for me to hand over the account for his purposes, and sadly renamed it death of chans. He told me that it would be beneficial to the group, but I see i just fed his plots without even knowing it.

In the beginning, I was told by naught and others that I would be of value, which was odd because I didnt have anything to offer except friendship, (yea yea you can all judge me for my thought process.) I didnt know how to operate the farms at all, and I didnt know most of the code names and all. Sadly though, I (believe) was doxxed for they knew my full name without me telling them. In the server I thought I was making friends, but it seemed that they didnt care about me at all, making fun of me (naught telling me to shut my mouth alot, and MKR putting me down and was apparently had a hatred towards me for no legitimate reason at all, besides what I can assume is because I speak to Chris like a normal person and can relate to him with mlp and just general nerd stuff.) and making me feel inferior to them, especially naught and MKR. It really hurt for I never wished any harm on anyone. As naught put it "I was just some random fur who wanted to be friends with chris." Which is still true to this day. Its a little hard to lay it all out, but if you all have any questions please dont be afraid to ask me. But I will say this, the watchmen are mean people, they will use you for their personal gains and will easily backstab and will use "loving words" to make you feel accepted. Behind the scenes they are just mean individuals.

I thank you all for hearing me out, and hope you all have a good day.

Spunk or Silvia.



Main article: The WCT

Sean Walker, also known as The WCT and CPU Onyx Heart, and primarily known in the context of the Watchmen as Conner or neko, had created The Knights of CWC, "taking over" after a conflict with Naught. He archived calls involving Chris and occasionally gave interviews to observers. In November 2020, Chris took an interest in mass shooter Randy Stair, whose belief system regarding cartoons and alternative universes bears more than a passing relationship with Chris's, after watching a YouTube documentary on Stair produced by WCT.[27] In February 2021, WCT attempted to become the fourth person behind the role of Lainchu but Chris rejected his attempt. In June 2021, Naught doxed WCT for declining to share his Kiwi Farms account after Naught had been banned from the site;[20] WCT responded by convincing Chris to leave the Watchmen's then-current Discord server The Place.[28] WCT then founded The Knights of CWC, a Watchmen splinter Discord server, where eventually in July 2021 Chris invited Isabella Loretta Janke. Prior to Chris's arrest for incest, WCT reached out to Bella again asking for her side of the story, who was able to manipulate WCT into attempting to shift blame from Isabella to Fiona.


XIII was present during the Watchmen's raid on Midnight Moonflower's Discord server. He accused Midnight of stealing Chris's wallet during Chris's visit to Midnight's house[29] - according to Chris, however, the wallet had been misplaced by Chris at a gas station and was later turned into the police station where he picked it up.[30] XIII also claimed to be in an affair with a server member, who protested the claim.[31]

XIII was also a member of the Watchmen Discord server The Place though he would later delete his account.[32]

The "Lainchu" role

Main article: Lainchu

Lainchu, also known as Lainchu the Chronicler, is an OC created by Chris, whose purpose is to document Chris's activities (and unofficially, to provide Christorians with first hand information), based on the protagonist of the anime, Serial Experiments Lain, in which a teenage girl finds herself engaging with a virtual world network, reminiscent of the internet.

Many different people have played the role of Lainchu, though it was mainly played by Anaxis, who was Lainchu from August 2020 to July 2021, as opposed to the other Watchmen, who were only Lainchu for around a month.


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