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The Place chats - Chris and CWCki Server‎

The CWCki Discord Collaborative Art Project.

The Official CWCki Server is a Discord server for the CWCki.


The Official CWCki Server was created by Klop on 1 July 2020.[1]

On 10 August 2020, roughly a month after the server's creation, several images and chats were leaked onto the Official CWCki Server by Watchmen member Naught, in what became known as the 2020 Discord leaks. Shortly after, Chris joined the server after being convinced to do so by Naught.[2] He since made two public addresses to the server members (as Sonichu), the first informing everyone that he and Barb are safe and healthy, and the second vaguely alluding to his plan to travel back in time and prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from ever happening. Through Naught, Chris also answered several questions asked by users.[citation needed] Naught was also temporarily a moderator of the sever[3] until he got banned for doxing several of the server's users.[citation needed]

Chris was banned from the server on 14 August. Before doing so, a moderator released a public statement explaining their rationale:

The moderator's statement prior to banning Chris.
In the last few days lots have happend [sic] in this server. Chris has joined this place for starters. This was met with mixed reception. The CWCki's goal is only to document Chris and not provide him a platform to push his agendas. It was never imagined that Chris will use this server to ramble about his fantasies. And due to this it has been decided to give Chris his own server where he may do as he pleases.
A server Jerkhief

An invite link to the referenced server, cwc frens, was posted below the message, but setup was unfinished and Chris had not yet joined, and the link was quickly removed once the server became infested with weens.[citation needed]

A few members of the server also entered Watchmen servers. Two of the admins, Klop and Anaxis, were members of The Place server where they had the Lainchu role. Fiona, a banned member of the CWCki server, was an "untrusted guest" in the Knights of CWC server.

Chris's chats

January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Chris Sonichu addresses Official CWCki Server

10 August 2020

Hello, @everyone. It is I, Sonichu. Some details are consciously uncertain to me at the moment, but all will become more clear and I will able to share more with all of you.

Meanwhile, listen well to @Lainchu (klop), Val and Bismuth as they will brief everyone on here soon with some of the details you all need to know of the events to come, and the events so far and present .

Regardless, I continue to be safe, healthy and well, and so are Barbara and everyone else here. You all need not fret, and I am most humbled and grateful for all of you being in service out of kindness and loyalty, regardless of trolling status and levels.

I will speak again on here later. That is all for now. Thank you. ⚡⚡⚡

Time Traveling

12 August 2020

Hello, @everyone. I have something to tell all of you: in regard to everything that has happened and are happening in regard to not only the Dimension Merge, but also in that I am to get this body into C-197 and to Cwcville, and the greater details beyond that that involve me going back in time and undoing this pandemic from ever happening. I wish to make it very direct and clear that this is very sincere and serious, and when talking with me about it, it is not at all to be in humoring anyone. And I am very well aware of the percentage of those who think it a joke when it clearly is not at all. In other words, to talk with me means to talk with sincerity and full acceptance of the situations. I will not accept or tolerate Neet behaviour, or any disingenuous mentality and intentions.
I pray to Chris Chan that I have made myself clear to all of you.
That is all for now. Thank you

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