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In this short #sonichu chatlog from 26 November 2008, trolls discuss while PandaHalo pastes some messages from Chris. Not much new information is revealed here, other than Chris wanted to buy chocolate condoms for his first time with PandaHalo, and that just thinking about her was cause for him to mass debate furiously.

Needless to say the trolls were shocked and disgusted.


[05:38:53] PandaHalo: i've been pretty much not talking to chris at all
[05:39:06] Arjen_Van_Dierten: while u were out, i hooked chris up with nigra zines
[05:39:12] PandaHalo: i need to call it quits i can't take anymore
[05:39:12] Arjen_Van_Dierten: oh?
[05:39:13] PandaHalo: hahaha
[05:40:08] Arjen_Van_Dierten: well, as least you have lsn to handle it in the future
[05:40:14] PandaHalo:

[25/11/2008 6:22:49 AM] Christopher C.W.C. says: Also, I understand that I should not be pushing the topic of sex in our relationship before our meeting in June, but I can't help but have those little horny moments. I wanted to get that off my chest.

[05:40:35] Pollyanna_Mays: Holyshit Panda is back. :D
[05:40:45] Arjen_Van_Dierten: june?
[05:41:06] PandaHalo: hi polly :D
[05:41:28] Arjen_Van_Dierten: oh, he also made this:
[05:41:31] PandaHalo:

[25/11/2008 10:06:34 AM] Christopher C.W.C. says: I stopped by my local sex store, Ultimate Bliss, on the way home tonight and checked; you will be pleased to know that they DO carry Chocolate Condoms.

[05:41:32] Arjen_Van_Dierten: featured vid
[05:41:35] Pollyanna_Mays: How was your holiday?
[05:41:53] Arjen_Van_Dierten: ultimate bliss... duly noted
[05:41:53] PandaHalo: i havent spoken a word to him for like a week i think
[05:42:19] Pollyanna_Mays: Our local shops are "Starship Enterprise" and "New York Video" and "Video Heat"
[05:42:24] Arjen_Van_Dierten: also: we kicked out Svenka once and for all from sonichu
[05:42:25] GeckoMantis: OH GOD *BLEACH EYES*
[05:43:43] Pollyanna_Mays: I might work at Starship next year if they are hiring. I need a job.
[05:43:58] GeckoMantis: also panda cwc latest lbp level video has caused much rage
[05:43:58] Arjen_Van_Dierten: nods
[05:44:10] PandaHalo: i've never been in a sex store
[05:44:17] Arjen_Van_Dierten: they're okay
[05:44:22] Pollyanna_Mays: I don't mind selling porn and dildoes to the masses.
[05:44:27] PandaHalo: i was out with friends though once, and they did.. they bought a dildo and then we went to this faggots house and superglued it to his car
[05:44:28] Arjen_Van_Dierten: lots of lingerie up front
[05:44:38] Pollyanna_Mays: hahaha
[05:44:43] PandaHalo: why's that GeckoMantis?
[05:44:59] » nipplesofsillyness left the chat room.
[05:45:01] GeckoMantis: its seems to be a gamer thing
[05:45:08] Arjen_Van_Dierten: yep
[05:45:17] GeckoMantis: but lots of people were watching and raging and the fanboyness
[05:45:26] Arjen_Van_Dierten: vivian came back to guest annotate my archive of it
[05:45:31] PandaHalo: i dont play many games.. cept wii games and masters of orion 2
[05:45:42] GeckoMantis: ps3 is a life upgrade the ps3 is pretty much sega saturn 2 for how its built
[05:45:45] Pollyanna_Mays: I was playing Gradius just earlier.
[05:46:03] Arjen_Van_Dierten: also, b4 svenka was kicked by billy mays, she made a vid of my photo album:
[05:46:20] Pollyanna_Mays: Ewww
[05:46:21] GeckoMantis: fun note did you know the sega saturns 3d processors can only handle 4sided polygons
[05:46:41] Pollyanna_Mays: Saturn was actually fun.
[05:46:48] PandaHalo: i got a wii cause i could pirate games for it
[05:46:53] Arjen_Van_Dierten: only had a genesis
[05:46:55] PandaHalo: i dont know how to pirate games for ps3
[05:47:12] Pollyanna_Mays: Genesis kicked ass.
[05:47:16] Arjen_Van_Dierten: hasn't played a game at home since ps one
[05:47:33] GeckoMantis: i'm not saying some games on the saturns wern't fun the the architecture is the biggest bitch to program for and ps3 is comming [sic] in second place
[05:47:36] Arjen_Van_Dierten: wait... xbox
[05:49:21] GeckoMantis: the cell processor in the ps3 while a great processor and very powerful its just not designed for gaming its made for calculations the ram of the ps2 is only 256mb and the bluray drive is too slow to play games off of that why all about all ps3 games have harddrive installs
[05:49:27] Arjen_Van_Dierten: oh, and there's now a wiki for cwc, ms. halo
[05:49:48] GeckoMantis: if sony atleast but in 512mb of ram and waited for a 4x blueray drive the ps3 would be in better shape
[05:50:42] PandaHalo: a wiki? cool
[05:50:48] Arjen_Van_Dierten: http:// cogsdev
[05:52:09] GeckoMantis: you need to tell chris that the trolls are fading away and it might be safe to go back online and also he really neglicting his fans
[05:52:37] Arjen_Van_Dierten: ja... we needs more comic and video q's n a's
[05:52:42] FalseSwipe: just tell him he won and maybe he'll believe it
[05:53:19] Arjen_Van_Dierten: they grow up so fast
[05:53:25] GeckoMantis: sadly panda your the only one who's been able to talk to chris
[05:53:34] PandaHalo: nobody else has been able to contact him?
[05:53:42] Arjen_Van_Dierten: i tried that once...
[05:53:50] GeckoMantis: also is his skype christopher C.W.C.
[05:53:53] PandaHalo: oh
[05:54:12] Arjen_Van_Dierten: of course, that was thru aim, but still
[05:54:19] PandaHalo: and one called christian weston chandler
[05:55:37] GeckoMantis: i'm going to try talking with him and get a webcam and yugioh duel him possibley or atleast try and get him to talk to guys besides guys pretending to be girls
[05:55:46] Arjen_Van_Dierten: hmm... call him to negotiate terms of surrender... fake taking his ed page down... extract some lulz... ????... PROFIT
[05:55:52] » clydec joined the chat room.
[05:56:01] » clydec was promoted to half-operator by Arjen_Van_Dierten.
[05:56:02] clydec: oh it's panda
[05:56:06] Pollyanna_Mays: Yep.
[05:56:06] Arjen_Van_Dierten: yep
[05:56:23] Pollyanna_Mays: She's fed up wit hChris, too.
[05:56:28] clydec: of course
[05:56:31] Pollyanna_Mays: Lots of offline messages
[05:56:34] clydec: lawd
[05:56:35] Pollyanna_Mays: Heleft
[05:56:36] EXKeine: He seems to be ignoring everyone
[05:56:40] Arjen_Van_Dierten: about chocolate condoms
[05:56:42] clydec: ...
[05:56:45] EXKeine: Because of Little Bigback Bigpack
[05:56:47] Mofo_P: Whoa
[05:56:51] Pollyanna_Mays: And Losing virgins
[05:56:52] Mofo_P: How was holiday
[05:56:59] PandaHalo: i swear to god, i have not send him any messages to make him think i want to be his girlfriend or anything sexual or anything
[05:57:10] clydec: look
[05:57:14] Mofo_P: Oh jesus
[05:57:15] EXKeine: Please enlighten us
[05:57:16] clydec: abotu sex and shit
[05:57:17] Mofo_P: What did he leave
[05:57:19] PandaHalo:

[24/11/2008 2:39:07 PM] Christopher C.W.C. says: During my most recent dream, You were in it. You were alone in your apartment; I had just run in to see you. We talked for a bit, but then you and I, we made out, then got naked and lost our virgin ways to each other. It got soo goodly hot and wild, that I came in my sleep over you.

[05:57:25] clydec: ...
[05:57:31] Mofo_P: Considering how he fell even harder for Megan while she was away in Kentucky...
[05:57:32] Arjen_Van_Dierten: tasty
[05:57:32] Pollyanna_Mays: I hope you don't disappear like Megan did, Panda.
[05:57:37] clydec: panda, don't make me take my medication again
[05:57:38] PandaHalo:

[24/11/2008 2:39:29 PM] Christopher C.W.C. says: And just now, I got horny again over you, so I had to let that one out as well.

[05:57:46] Mofo_P: OH JESUS FUCK
[05:57:58] Arjen_Van_Dierten: here come the chocolate pain, bitches...
[05:58:03] Pollyanna_Mays: bitchsmacks Clyde
[05:58:06] EXKeine: Your anti-suicide pills?
[05:58:09] PandaHalo: i want to get robert simmons to make a video saying he's dating me

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