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CWC Cums for a Cat is an audio recording of a furry phone sex session between Chris and Julie. Only Chris's side of the conversation can be heard, but Chris seems to be taking on the persona of a Sonichu while Julie takes on the form of a cat. Lucy walks into the room and interrupts the mass debating. Given how long it took him to finish, he needed all the help he could get.

This audio gives enough evidence to show that Chris has sexual issues. It takes him nearly 20 minutes to climax--likely from him engaging in prone mass debating (with a wash cloth no less)--and his orgasms and phrases sound more like he is severely constipated. Also, if one takes into account that he is clearly heard using his fapcup as he mass debates and is heard opening up a soda can at the end, Chris is most likely recycling in this audio.


  • Women apparently derive great pleasure from having their genitals electrocuted.
  • Chris has a lactation fetish.
  • Chris thinks making nipple-sucking sound effects, inserting random-access humor, and forcing groans like a porn star intensify the mood.
  • Just like belching after a meal is considered a compliment in some cultures, belching after sex is what a true Casanova does to express appreciation for their partner's efforts.


CWC Cums for a Cat
Stardate 13 February 2009
Subject Matter SexSex Mass Debation
Featuring Chris
Saga JulieJulie Julie
Audio Recordings
Mumble 6
Mumble 7


Might say I'm burpin', because uh I quite enjoyed you.

[A television or a radio is playing in the background throughout the recording]

Hey Julie!

Well, at least you can hear me, that's good.

Uhhh, yuh let me think about that, I'll give you a s-I'll give you a...setting. Uhhh. Mmmm. Okay, you want do you want to 'kay you want to try fantasy. Ummm. How 'bout. All right, I'll do my best uhhh in the fantasy. Umm. Okay yeah.

[Chris makes two strained noises with his mouth that are supposed to simulate thunderbolt noises]

PEECHOOM! PEECHOOM! I'll just do a lightning bolt. PEECHOOM!

[breathing noises]

All right so how bou-all right so, how bout this at CWCville beach. At sunset. And it's just the two of us. We're lying on a beach towel.

[Ecstatic] Mmmm. All right, we're lookin' into each others eyes. And we feel the romantic emotions and tensions between us. Feels right.

Oh. Yeah. Oooo. I'm starting to get stiff.

Okay. Just we're at the beach, I'm just wearing my...hmmm?

You need someone to make you feel good? Oh. Okay. Yeah. All right, are you what are you wearing, are you wearing a bikini? Okay, I'm just wearing swim trunks.

Yeah, so you basically grab me, with my swim trunks covering it. Okay, yeah. Oh. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm reachin' down there and I'm...feeling arou-I'm feeling around down there I'm feeling the edge of your bi-kee-nee. And I'm reach um I reach through the bikini, and I uh start to feel your pussy.

Mmmm. [breathing] Yeah. PEECHOOM! PEECHOOM! I send a few short static shocks up your up your...pussy. Not enough to hurt you too bad, but make it feel good.

Yeah, I'm do-I'm givin' that to you with my right hand with my light, my left hand, I'm uh, movin' your top.

[in a French accent] I'M HUMAN AND NOT A BEAST! After I move your top, I massage your right breast.

[no longer speaking in an accent] Mmm. So bas-so basically I'm massaging your right breast and and my left hand, and I got my right hand in your pussy givin' a few givin' you a few shocks.

Mmm. Well what are you doin' to ME. At this point. As you reach in my swim trunks?

Oh, yeah. So, describe to me how you're rubbin' me there. Or my case are you pullin' it out of me? Oh, yeah.

Yeah. [pause] Mmmm. [pause] Wow. [pleasing exhale] Okay. I make a pounce I make a pounce at you while you're...I make a pounce at you. Wh-we-we're like rolling along the beach a bit.

Oooh. Yeah, I think I'm gonna end up on top this time.

Mmm. So you so you still want to rub my dick, or do you want it inside you?

Oh, yeah, there ya go. And it's in there. I'm using my free hands to...massage your breasts! What are you doin' with your hands?

Oh, yeah. [breathing] Oh, yeah. Mmm. [Chris makes licking or suckling sounds] Right, and I'm humping and I'm pushing myself in and out as you kiss my, as you kiss me all over my face.

That's all right, I've got some fur on me too. As long as you don't mind, eh, [slyly] static.

Right, I'll, I'm going in and out. In and out. I grad-I start slow and then I gradually go a little faster.

Oh yeah. We both feel good. Uhnn. Mmm, yeah. As I push your face I'm pushing myself in and out for and I have to move my face up a bit, 'cause it's feeling good for me. Oh.

Oh! Okay. I'll massage your right breast in my left hand, and I'll suck your n-suck your n-left nipple. Mmmm. [Chris makes suckling noises with his mouth]

And I'm just humpin' you with...with GOOD SPEED. I SUCK YOUR TEAT. Mmm, it's tasty. [childlike] It verrah tay-tee. Yeah. Mmm.

All right your turn, what do you want do now? All right, you roll me over. I'm still inside you.

Aw, yeah. Oh, yeah. [breathing] Oh, yeah.

[Chris's cat Lucy wanders into the room]

[mumbling] Oh, hang on a second. [to Lucy] Lucy get outta here. Lucy, out. Lucy, out. Go on, shoo. Shoo. [background noises indicate Chris is getting the cat out of the room, sits back down] Mmm. Yeah, that's.

Oh. Your head can bend down that far. Mmm, which one you lickin' the one that the milk came out of over there? Mmm. Aw, yeah. All right now, caress your sweet breast in my with my left hand. And I'm caressing your le-your left butt cheek with my right hand.

You mean the one I'm massaging now? You mean the one the milk hasn't come out of? Yeah. Yep. [Chris makes suckling noises] Gulp, mmm. [suckling more] Oh, yeah that feels good. MMM. Mmm. [continues to make suckling noises] Mmm. Mmm. Ooh. Oh, yeah.

You're gonna get MY milk, kitty-cat!

[Chris moans repeatedly for almost a minute] Oh Julie. Oh. OOOHH, JULIE JULIE! JULIE! [Chris continues to moan, the sound of him fapping into a plastic cup can now be heard]

Are you about there? Are you about the-oh, ooooh. OH YEAH. OH. Uh. Oh. Unnnnngh. Oh yeah, oh yeah...mmm. It's coming, it's coming.

[More fapping and panting] AAAGLGARAOGH, yeah! [more fapping and panting] Mmm. [knocks over can, picks it up, resumes fapping]

[Windows beep] I'll lean up to lick it. Ohhh, I'm gettin' there myself, mmm. Oh yeah.

[More heavy breathing and fapping] I'm like you doin'(?), I'm not done yet. [strains, grunts, moans] Oh-ooo-oh-ooo-oh-ooo-ohhhhh.

Ut, here I come, here it comes, nnnngggh...[Chris finally orgasms] LLLLLLLAAAAAAGGGHHH! AAAAAGH! AAAAGH! AAAAGH! OH! UH! OOOH! Mmm, aaah. Oh-ah. Oh-ah. Uh-ah. Ugh. Ugh.'

Yep. You got a lot. Mmm. Aaah.

After you get here and you can.

Mmm. Go ahead and lick me clean. [Windows beep]

Mmm. Aahh. Mmm. That was good. Yeah. Mmm. Maybe. Uhh. No, I s-sure I would have my British comedy tomorrow. Maybe Sunday. It's all right though. At least you'll have me again. Excuse me a moment.

[sound of Chris getting up, followed by water running, sound of Chris returning and knocking over a bunch of stuff] All right, mmm. [A soda can is opened; Chris takes a huge drink, gasps, licks his lips, and belches]

'Scuse me. Might say I'm burpin', because uh I quite enjoyed you. And your juices. [More panting] Mmm. Mmm. Aaah. That sounds good. Hang on, I'm going to hang up here. [audio ends]

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