BlueSpike Skype Logs 9

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I'm still deciding what to throw my punches and kicks at; the only thing applicable that can take my punches is a woman doll.
Christopher C.W.C.

BlueSpike Skype Logs 9 details a chat between Chris and Julie on 16-17 February 2009.


This chat is not very intresting except for some minor highlights.
• Julie requests for a sex tape.
• Chris says he likes soy milk but doesn't hate regular milk.
• Julie requests for a video showing Chris's strength.
• Chris and Julie have cybersex on PSN which gets infiltrated by Clyde Cash.
•Max heard Chris and Julie cybering, Julie is shocked he heard her.


February 16

[10:33:50] BlueSpike: Chris..There's something I wanted...
[10:34:53] BlueSpike: I just wanted to see a video of you making love to a doll you own, to hold me over until the real thing, please? I assure you, it will NEVER get out. NOBODY except me will see it. I PROMISE you with my heart.
[14:35:00] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris. :)
[18:54:17] BlueSpike: You SERIOUSLY need to fix your biological clock, Chris.
[18:54:25] BlueSpike: It's getting ANNOIYNG waiting for you.
[20:16:09] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm scanning the pages now. Also, at 2:30 today, I was out, on my way to my meeting with Rocky.
[20:16:27] BlueSpike: Neat.
[20:30:44] BlueSpike: Cool. :)
[20:31:29] BlueSpike: Could you upload it to in case I lose it? You can make like a fanart gallery for the good (like mine) and the bad troll arts.
[20:32:02] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll upload the file, and I'll create the fanart area soon.
[20:32:14] BlueSpike: How soon, do you think? :)
[20:32:39] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm not certain, but I promise you that I will have one created.
[20:33:01] BlueSpike: It shouldn't be that hard to do it tonight, you have great HTML skills.
[20:34:15] Christopher C.W.C.: yeah, but I need time to sort them out from the good, acceptable and the bad, reformat some of them to .jpg format, type up the files and then upload.
[20:34:30] BlueSpike: ok
[20:48:34] BlueSpike: You should be done by now. :)
[20:50:28] Christopher C.W.C.: Yes, it is done; the first three pages of the 9th book are up.
[20:50:53] BlueSpike: Okay.
[20:52:13] Christopher C.W.C.: You may go look for yourself. I'm feeling a bit sleepy, so I'll take a raincheck and talk to you next time on the PSN.
[20:52:20] BlueSpike: Wait!
[20:52:24] BlueSpike: Can you link me to the new pages?
[20:52:25] BlueSpike: Please?
[20:52:35] BlueSpike: I can't find them on the 9th comic.
[20:52:49] Christopher C.W.C.: just click the 9th Comic Cover on
[20:53:24] BlueSpike: I am, the Spring Break issue, right?
[20:53:50] Christopher C.W.C.: and I'll create a rage against Clyde video and a private video for your viewing pleasure later this week.Christopher, the next one.
[20:54:10] BlueSpike: The one with Chris-Chan sonichu on the cover?
[20:54:18] BlueSpike: Because the one inbetween isn't clickable.
[20:54:25] Christopher C.W.C.: refresh the page.
[20:54:33] BlueSpike: OH, THERE.
[20:54:36] BlueSpike: Thankyoul.
[20:54:37] BlueSpike: :)
[20:55:51] Christopher C.W.C.: are you satisfied for now?
[20:55:58] BlueSpike: Yes. :)
[20:56:16] Christopher C.W.C.: good. I'm going back to my room and make myself ready for an earlier bedtime.
[20:56:34] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll TTYL. Ickvenschwel, Julie. :-*
[20:56:49] BlueSpike: :)
[20:59:05] BlueSpike: Chris?
[20:59:14] BlueSpike: I should ask, am I gonna be in the comic, anytime soon? :)

February 17

[14:31:30] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris. :)
[15:38:55] Christopher C.W.C.: Zlkavszka, Julie. :-*
[15:39:08] BlueSpike: Hi. :)
[15:39:35] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm sorry for not getting on sooner, but I went out to buy some things.
[15:39:58] Christopher C.W.C.: cat food, milk and such.
[15:40:08] Christopher C.W.C.: *the milk was for my mother.
[15:40:14] BlueSpike: Ah, okay.
[15:40:34] Christopher C.W.C.: BTW, do you like soy milk, because that's the kind we have at my house?
[15:40:55] BlueSpike: I'm not very fond of it. :(
[15:41:20] Christopher C.W.C.: I see. I'm assuming you have tasted it for yourself?
[15:41:47] BlueSpike: Yes.
[15:41:49] BlueSpike: I've tried it.
[15:41:54] Christopher C.W.C.: cool.
[15:42:14] BlueSpike: So...
[15:42:17] BlueSpike: Anything you wanna talk about?
[15:44:22] Christopher C.W.C.: to let me finish, my family and I drank regular milk before, but for better health results, my mother got me turned onto Silk brand Soymilk.
[15:44:39] BlueSpike: Meh..
[15:44:41] Christopher C.W.C.: So, I am capable of going back to regular milk at anytime.
[15:45:00] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm sorry, but I wanted to finish that thought.
[15:45:05] BlueSpike: It's okay.
[15:47:37] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll talk about my day, I crashed at about midnight, awoke at about 6 AM, fed my cats, pondered for a while, and decided to dedicate the day to more drawing. still, I went out with my father to Burger King for breakfast (he enjoys the company), came back and drew some more, then at about 1, I went out with my mother to shop for the cat food, milk and all that. I had just come back to check my PC and talk to you.
[15:47:41] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[15:47:48] BlueSpike: :)
[15:47:54] BlueSpike: I'll brb.
[15:47:58] Christopher C.W.C.: ok.
[15:50:04] BlueSpike: Back.
[15:50:23] Christopher C.W.C.: cool. How about you, tell me about your day, please.
[15:50:28] BlueSpike: Oh, you know.
[15:50:31] BlueSpike: Same old same old.
[15:52:11] Christopher C.W.C.: yes, but I'd like to know what you go through from the start of your day. :)
[15:52:33] BlueSpike: I just went to work and got back..
[15:52:37] BlueSpike: That's all, silly. :D
[15:52:58] BlueSpike: I worked a desk job today.
[15:53:14] Christopher C.W.C.: cool. tell me about your desk job.
[15:53:22] BlueSpike: Temp. Recepnoist...Sorry if I spelt that wrong.
[15:53:30] BlueSpike: Still getting used to english. :(
[15:53:46] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[15:53:46] Christopher C.W.C.: it's cool. I still understand.
[15:53:50] BlueSpike: :)
[15:53:58] BlueSpike: What about your job hunt? Thought about what I said?
[15:54:13] Christopher C.W.C.: I did, and I'm still searching.
[15:55:07] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm checking the classifieds and such.
[15:56:09] BlueSpike: Neat.
[15:56:32] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[15:57:07] Christopher C.W.C.: hmm...
[15:57:20] Christopher C.W.C.: I've just had an emotional moment over my Aunt Corina.
[15:58:12] Christopher C.W.C.: it starts with a mental reminder, then I get the feeling in my heart in response that brought me down a bit.
[15:58:36] BlueSpike: Hmm...
[15:58:41] Christopher C.W.C.: I hope she can live a bit longer, so I can give her a hug myself one last time.
[15:58:54] Christopher C.W.C.: she was a kind-hearted person.
[15:59:04] BlueSpike: Then why don't you go hug her NOW?
[15:59:10] BlueSpike: You need to show you love her before it's too late!
[15:59:40] Christopher C.W.C.: I will. My mother will take me to her soon in another trip. I do not know where the hospital she is at is.
[15:59:47] BlueSpike: Alright..
[15:59:49] BlueSpike: I'll brb again.
[15:59:53] Christopher C.W.C.: ok
[16:01:58] Christopher C.W.C.: where did you run off to now?
[16:02:10] BlueSpike: ...
[16:02:13] BlueSpike: I just went to get a drink.
[16:02:19] BlueSpike: You don't need to get defensive about it..
[16:02:27] Christopher C.W.C.: it's cool, I'm just wondering.
[16:02:35] Christopher C.W.C.: *hugs*
[16:02:46] BlueSpike: But when you wonder aloud like that, it makes me feel like you're starting to think I'd cheat on youl
[16:03:04] BlueSpike: you*
[16:03:24] Christopher C.W.C.: believe me, that thought has never crossed my mind.
[16:03:34] Christopher C.W.C.: I fully trust you, Julie-Kat. :)
[16:03:42] BlueSpike: Sigh..
[16:03:45] BlueSpike: Okay..
[16:03:56] BlueSpike: Oh, have you thought about that fighting video yet?
[16:04:17] BlueSpike: Because I want to see you do it live, you can record it, but I'll see it as you do it.
[16:04:28] BlueSpike: I need to trust you to be a strong man for me.
[16:05:04] Christopher C.W.C.: Yes I have. I'm still deciding what to throw my punches at.
[16:05:12] BlueSpike: Hmm..
[16:05:34] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll get with you later on the PSN Chat, and I'll show you my strength. :)
[16:06:00] BlueSpike: Chris..
[16:06:01] Christopher C.W.C.: I can lift up my chair that I sit in; it's a heavy chair with metal parts.
[16:06:08] BlueSpike: It's not nice to keep a woman waiting..
[16:06:12] BlueSpike: I don't think that's enough..
[16:06:27] Christopher C.W.C.: I know; I need to show my punches and kicks.
[16:07:06] BlueSpike: More than that..
[16:07:24] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm still deciding what to throw my punches and kicks at; the only thing applicable that can take my punches is a woman doll.
[16:07:42] BlueSpike: Just make sure it's not the one that you'll use later. :)
[16:07:46] Christopher C.W.C.: and I'm rather hesistant on hitting a woman.
[16:07:50] BlueSpike: But, I think you need to break something.
[16:07:53] BlueSpike: And it's just a plastic person.
[16:08:04] Christopher C.W.C.: yes.
[16:08:05] BlueSpike: Like, you need to break something made of wood, something big.
[16:08:20] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm still pondering about it.
[16:08:43] Christopher C.W.C.: I will have a decision soon, and create the video, I promise you. :-*
[16:08:48] BlueSpike: Sigh..
[16:08:51] BlueSpike: I want to watch it LIVE.
[16:08:56] BlueSpike: I want to see everything.
[16:09:18] Christopher C.W.C.: and you will, I promise.
[16:09:27] BlueSpike: I like big strong men..
[16:09:31] BlueSpike: I want you to show me you are.
[16:09:40] BlueSpike: You'll be able to record on your PS3, right?
[16:09:46] Christopher C.W.C.: I am strong, and I will show you.Christopher C.W.C.yes.
[16:09:47] BlueSpike: I wanna see it live as you do it and as you record.
[16:09:50] BlueSpike: :)
[16:10:24] Christopher C.W.C.: I gtg; I want to draw some more and think more about the video. I'll send you a chat invite on the PSN later.
[16:10:27] BlueSpike: Wait.
[16:10:31] Christopher C.W.C.: yes.
[16:10:35] BlueSpike: I would like a PSN chat at this moment.
[16:10:51] Christopher C.W.C.: okay, wait for my invite; I'll be there shortly.
[16:10:53] BlueSpike: We can brainstorm about the video while you draw.
[16:10:54] BlueSpike: Okay.
[16:52:03] Christopher C.W.C.: I have a chat window opened up, and I'll leave it open for a while. so please log in and accept the invitation on your PS3
[18:31:09] BlueSpike: Chris!?
[19:48:14] Christopher C.W.C.: Julie?
[19:48:43] BlueSpike: Hello!
[19:49:10] Christopher C.W.C.: What happened earlier? I heard you scream, you left, and I felt so worried.
[19:49:13] Christopher C.W.C.: :(
[19:49:18] Christopher C.W.C.: ?
[19:49:23] BlueSpike: My brother scared me. :(
[19:49:28] BlueSpike: And the power went out, too.
[19:49:32] BlueSpike: It was a really wierd [sic] timing.
[19:50:11] Christopher C.W.C.: *sigh* I see. For the moment, I had thought Clyde ran in and hurt you. I feel better that was not the case.
[19:50:18] Christopher C.W.C.: *knowing that was not the case
[19:50:29] BlueSpike: Yeah. :)
[19:50:53] Christopher C.W.C.: Why did your bro scare you?
[19:50:57] Christopher C.W.C.: or what did he do?
[19:51:15] BlueSpike: He told me he was playing around, he ran into the room and shook me.
[19:51:23] BlueSpike: I was a bit scared. :D
[19:51:27] BlueSpike: So, can we PSN chat?
[19:51:30] Christopher C.W.C.: oh.
[19:51:37] Christopher C.W.C.: yeah.
[19:52:17] Christopher C.W.C.: I stayed in my room, waiting for an hour for your return, and it's nighttime now, so I'll have to delay on the wood-finding.
[19:52:48] BlueSpike: :(
[19:52:55] BlueSpike: I'll send you the PSN invite..
[19:53:12] Christopher C.W.C.: okay; wait for me.
[19:56:24] BlueSpike: I sent you the invite, where are you? :(
[19:57:56] Christopher C.W.C.: on my way
[23:06:15] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm here.
[23:21:20] BlueSpike: brb
[23:21:24] Christopher C.W.C.: ok
[23:31:17] Christopher C.W.C.: The call was dropped.
[23:33:04] BlueSpike: is away. This is an auto-reply message.
[23:33:04] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll hang around for a bit longer.
[23:38:57] BlueSpike: Hi..
[23:39:16] Christopher C.W.C.: Zlkavszka
[23:39:35] Christopher C.W.C.: Clyde left to think; he said he would return.
[23:39:35] BlueSpike: I went to take a quick shower..
[23:39:39] BlueSpike: My brother met me outside.
[23:39:47] BlueSpike: He was listening in while I was gone.
[23:39:50] Christopher C.W.C.: but he hung up, and the call between you and me was dropped soon after.
[23:39:53] Christopher C.W.C.: oh.
[23:39:55] BlueSpike: He told me, 'I don't want to hear that sick sex shit again.'
[23:40:09] Christopher C.W.C.: ohhh.
[23:40:31] Christopher C.W.C.: then what happened?
[23:40:37] BlueSpike: That's it.
[23:40:40] BlueSpike: Now I'm wondering..
[23:41:11] Christopher C.W.C.: We don't have to Cyber Sex anymore; we can hold it in until we are together in person.
[23:41:48] Christopher C.W.C.: It's okay, Julie; he may have not heard all the details, and jumped to conclusions.
[23:41:55] BlueSpike: He did.
[23:42:31] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm sorry you had to deal with that.
[23:43:04] Christopher C.W.C.: I feel for you there; it's just like last Saturday when my father came in and interrupted us.
[23:43:28] BlueSpike: Not exactly..
[23:43:46] Christopher C.W.C.: you are right; my scenario was worse.
[23:44:07] Christopher C.W.C.: but I have some good news.
[23:44:18] BlueSpike: I doubt it can fix what happened..
[23:45:09] Christopher C.W.C.: right before our chat with Clyde, I read his reply to my reply. he says, and I quote, "You ever come down to California, you can meet me." He WAS in California.
[23:45:32] BlueSpike: Huh.
[23:45:40] Christopher C.W.C.: he had been "driving for days, it's quite exhuasting."
[23:46:19] Christopher C.W.C.: so, you ARE safe from him in person.
[23:47:25] Christopher C.W.C.: Anyway, I understand what you may be feeling now, and I'm willing to give you space until when you contact me again on the PSN or Skype.
[23:47:40] Christopher C.W.C.: Ickvenschwel, Julie. :-*
[23:47:48] BlueSpike: ...

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