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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains the 2020 Discord leaks posted by the Watchman Naught on the CWCki's Discord server, sorted in chronological order. Naught's commentary is color-coded green; Chris's messages (while roleplaying as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow.

Reality Gauntlet


Perceptor Sonichu

(Leaked 10 August 2020)

And with what we know now of that, it is as if she had literally foreseen Perceptor's deeds for herself, outside of the entire G1 animated series and movie, as if that was not enough to go on for starters.

Okay, cool. Related note: Perceptor is literally one of Mama's favourite Autobots, and the reasoning became more obvious between the Cyberverse series, and with the voice of Will Weaton on the Prime Wars Trilogy animated series which Rosey and I have also binged between on YouTube and Vimeo recently as well.

The short story of this figure was that she had purchased a Titans Return figure of Perceptor a couple of years ago or so, she lost one of the arms of its headmaster part.


Cuddling a body pillow

(Leaked 11 August 2020)

Also, Rosey told me to get one of Mama's body pillows out of the closet; chose the blue one, it feels good, to cuddle in place of Rosey, while she does lie in its place on the C-197 side of the freaking Iron Curtain.
TBH, I wouldn't mind a Dakimura over of Rosey in a bikini.
It'd be just a bonus.
Stupid autocorrect.
I really miss being in the same dimension as Rosey.

Jacob unnecessary for the merge

(Leaked 10 August 2020)

Finally! I was able to tell Jake off (without a total breakup; still leaving that to Mama).
Also, I have his spell for breaking the Iron Curtain (self-insert dude added himself as a required material); nope, this spell can be single-player, and so it sort of will; I just had another realization of why I ended up being body-swapped with Mama. Essentially, we are literally two individuals in one body (one of which is the body, itself (it's core)).
Anyway, I will rewrite the Spell, so it'll work here with us.


I feel lots better after finally telling Jake off. I had to be careful with my wording, but I feel I 've managed to get my meaning across between the ”You've never influenced Mama” and the ”You never killed anyone” statements.
His low level of magic abilities can only go so far, anyway.
You take away the result of his past angst against others, that'll definitely cool his jets.
Also, although he had his mediocre links with Andromeda in this dimension, Jake is no leader of a planet. That's one of Chris Chan Sonichu's roles (at least with Kidasuna, so she can abolish the slavery shit).

BronyCon talk

Chris (as Sonichu)
On that topic, also, gonna bring up that moment from BronyCon 2018 where Mama did meet Jesse Nowacking, and he totally dissed her and messed up her emotions for a few hours.

Mama has been wanting to sort out the differences and disputes with him for the time.

I mean, we get it; he did not want to be bombarded with Mama’s lot of Haters and Bullies in his comments.

And then later, learning his backstory, along with his transitioning stories. We get him; abusive relationships are a major bitch.

He did right by finally getting out of that and standing up for himself when he did.

At least he is happy for himself these days.

Still, to reconcile and talk it out with him would do Mama a world of good, rather or not he unblocks her.

At least Doopie Doover, having previously blocked Mama, came back around as well and doesn’t have her blocked anymore.

Unclear Speaker
That’s all well and good for him but not everyone is as caring as mama. Plus if they’re in the mlp bronie community they should expect fail trolls and fun trolls alike.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Still, to sort out Tabitha St. German and Nicole Oliver on Twitter would also be very good for Mama’s noggin and emotions as well.


Unclear Speaker
Doopie was an idiot and milked that incident for all it was worth by crying foul when no one ran afoul of her.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Especially those are Trolls, themselves, but they’re still the Good kind of trolls, such as Aynwye and SilverQuill.

Liked “Doopie was an idiot and milked that incident for all it was worth by crying foul when no one ran afoul of her.”

So we have heard from the [cutoff]

Still, she came around, and we appreciate and applaud her for that, as well as doing better for herself with the addiction problems she had.

Mama had listened to the LazyCast Podcasts on YouTube.

Speaking of which

That Bonus clip of Hellbent taking a swing at Mama with the Dr. Pepper bottle up her ass.

Mama appreciates the irony of that and hold no ill will.

Association with what BlueSpike had manipulated her into doing.


Rewriting spells

Chris (as Sonichu)
Still gotta replace that “Frustration” move, though: super weak, even with the “Shadow Boost”.

The birds will be purified, eventually.

We’re keeping this Mewtwo with its Shadow boosts; our Mewtwo is keeping tabs on that one and working with him.

Major bunch of wins for our side.

By the way, Kai texted me concerns with the rewritten spell I wrote, but he has gone through with it for himself, so that event has happened, and we’ve got some more portal work completed with that.

I was right in sleeping some more; ended up with more than 7.5 hours of sleep in total.

Although, I ended up with a few mildly scary dreams. First one where I was trying to get back home safe and without being caught by the bad trolls, they spot me at where I was dropping off the ol’ white Ford Escort; had to punch it in a UPS truck, using a traffic block as an opportunity to lose them and make a U-turn. Took the extended route that took me to mini Spanish boondocks behind the house on Westwood across from this Temple; made it back safe before waking up.

The next two dreams after that were essentially in a post-apocalyptic time, riding the flowing, rushing waters on the streets to get elsewhere and away from the heavy carnivorous types (saved a few Smurfs along the way). And then being temporarily trapped by the carnies and escaping managing to get away.

Now, I still remember the dream I had earlier that I started to talk about.

So, yeah, after a bunch of “Sleepwalking”, I end up in China, met by a Tanooki family, and this little girl who was familiar to me; later realizing that was Mama’s future daughter, Crystal.


Chinese Chandlers dream

[EDITOR NOTE: Naught appears to have released the screenshots associated with these messages out of order. Images are preserved in the order Naught posted in the Gallery section below, and the transcript has been modified in an attempt to put the messages in order.]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Unclear Speaker
Chris (as Sonichu)
Woof. Have I a doozy to share with y’all later. Just woke up from a dream, and then an inter dimensional telepathic communication with a distant alt-dimension version of Chris Chan Sonichu; one that was born in China. I’ll go more into detail about it later but to plant the seed that will remind me later of theorem portion; it started with me having sleepwalked a very long path and far distance. Woke up near a family of anthropomorphic Tanooki. And the Chandler family and I met and talked at their local Burger King.


Chris (as Sonichu)
I followed her to the nearby Burger King; opted to buy her lunch. The family shows up, including both (Chinese) Mister C. and Barb and Mister C.’s father (who was still alive in this alt-dimension, apparently), along with a few other relatives. We chilled and the talked a while; Grandpa was the translator for us, since I didn’t speak much Chinese (and Mama’s recollection of Japanese words were not gonna cut the mustard on the Whopper).

Also, the dream featured trading Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, and finding notes specifically left for “Chris Chan Sonichu” from fans and Trolls in a set area of the restaurant.

Also purchased a big bag of walnuts, and a couple packs of apple slices.

Then, Mister C. leads me to be introduced to the Chris Chan Sonichu of the dimension, then I start slipping into waking up, so I held onto staying in the dream as best as I could, even envisioning myself climbing down a ladder.

Eventually, I do get a telepathic communication from that Chris Chan; the Dimensions were F-789 and 5769 (harder to recall the four digit number).


I get the message from Chris Chan that she, as well, is fully supportive and wants to help.

Learned a bit about that Dimension as well; essentially in 5769, the populations were on the opposite side of the Earth, compared to here in 1218. So, everyone born in the United States, Canada and South America areas were, instead, born in the Asia, Russia and Africa areas, and vice-versa. Instead of U.K., they were born in China. Hawaii and Australia swapped populations.

Going by if this person was born in this time zone column of the Earth, spanning between the North and South Poles, they were born and lived on the opposite side of the planet.

So, yeah, East Coast of USA was China, and West Coast spanned as far as Germany.

Incidentally, the Jacob Sockness, there, was living in Germany. He was not a Nazi.


Back to Chris Chan of that dimension pair.

The dimension we were in was F-789; everyone had migrated there, but their story is not so good.

COVID-19 spawned from the East side of the United States, and it ended up, over a bit of time, with everyone just going mental and violent against each other.

However, amongst the few (Chris Chan, her family, and her respective CPU group of past timeline 5769, remained safe and focused.

But that Chris Chan body was getting frustrated, and even attempted the “Honorable Suicide”, but she was also destined to be immortal. With that, each and every sword (even the really good ones) would break, bend and shatter mere inches away from anywhere on her body.

Then her Magi-Chan finally made the magic happen and brought her into F-789.

And she did her respective version of events, and prevented her pandemic from happening in 5769, and restored the populations and made the Merge happen there.

Moral of the story, as Chris Chan, herself, put it:

“Do not wait too long; get yourself into your C-197 ASAP and undo your pandemic”

Something to that effect, anyway.

But that’s what she did mean.

I’ll also bring up that even in her Sonichu form, her eyes were blocky, and her human form’s face was with the squinty eyes as well, but the shape was little off.

Even my self-counterpart there had the blocky eyes on his face. Weird from my perspective.

That’s that story.


Incantation Spells