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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

The Sonichu Journal Pages are a set of six pages Chris hand wrote for Kai on 22 May 2020.


Page 1

Message from Sonichu, and on behalf of Chris Chan Sonichu

May 22, 2020

To Kai-Yoshi

Hey, Dude. I am writing this into the back of your journal, so you can reference it later on. A Lot to cover. Where to start...

Well, be sure to download and read the "Sonichu" books from the Google Drive on your phone, first off.

In Dimension C-197, neighbour of your Dimension 1218 (separated by a thin Iron Curtain), where all of us "Fictional" and "Original" "Characters" of your many chronicled media, there have been many prophecies and legends that extend not only in our dimension and Earth, but yours as well. Among which, in what Christine called (punfully) the Anchuant Prophecy, it had foretold of her abilities and the creation of our Sonichu and Rosechu species, and not only her deeds, but also the deeds of her central self-counpart, here (Christine Chan) Chris Chan had been, slowly but surely, steadily increasing in perception and speed, living out her part, and learning of this prophecy, and her future roles and duties throughout all of her lifetime, to the point of her present day active work and functions as a literal Goddess of these two main dimensions.

Page 2

Similar to her, you will become a literal God, yourself, Kai. Do not let it go to your head, though. She has had heavy amounts of Humble Pie to get to where she is; you'll have to learn and understand that for yourself. But from what I've seen of you lately, I believe you are very well on the right track. Obviously, temper control is needed; she had her own temper troubles long ago, and she's learned better. On that, you can really learn from her in those videos on GenoSamuel's YouTube channel, and the books, and the stories we can tell you.

What you are to be God of remains to be seen and verified. A major thing that those who can see into the future know is when or not to tell those involved about it. In most cases, if told, then the specific event is very less likely to happen. And said event could have been one that really motivates the individual later on, and the later result that needed that specific motivation. So, Yeah, Some things are and were meant to happen. When you watch "Avengers: Endgame", remember back to "Infinity War" when Dr. Strange tells Tony that ONE instance, of Specific circumstances. Thanos gets defeated. The specific details were needed to be verified before he could tell Tony that this was the ONE instance.

Page 3

Now, Kai, I can talk about you, now, and this is from the info we have so far.

Magi-Chan told Chris Chan to get involved with Dungeons & Dragons; Mainly for her to get the better idea of being in a Dungeon Master mindset and setting, starting from the bottom. She has the similar mindset in her past and up to presently.

The other reasons were that you, Kai, and your group with Tod and the others; Magi-Chan knew and saw you all as amongst the most powerful in our sets of allies.

Kai, Magi-Chan saw that you held the eyes and abilities, very similar to Mama's, but you were and are more in tune with them. I mean, Kra-Kow! Dude! You are true and awesome in that. He also foresaw that you would be undergoing your own ventures, trainings and journies of your abilities and soul-searching and figuring yourself out. Mama was like you, once upon a time in the 2000's, even the heavy porno watching and shit. The masturbation Really did not appeal to her. Spoiler Alert for Book 13: The events during that IdeaGuy mess pushed her to the point where she just Hated Sex for a while. She got over it. Anyway...

Page 4

Magi-Chan had located and note every single individual of that fated/destined interest most everywhere in 1218; all around the Earth, Universe, Cosmos, etcetra. As best as what Chris Chan's presently available abilities and resources over the years, Magi-Chan had guided her to at least cross paths with as many of these special people as possible. She has acquaintances, friends, allies and fans near, far and wide. Everyone will come back together with her in due time.

Changing the topics to Jacob "Sockness" Hunter; Magi-Chan had known and heard of this dude and the powers and abilities, and interplanetary connections, he has and had. Not to mention the shipping between Chris Chan and JAcob. (Ugh, in my humble opinion).

So, Jake has been working and learning from his allies on the planet of Kidasuna in 1218's Andromeda Galaxy. Since 2000, Jake has been channeling, learning and practicing of his ritual craft. He has made a number of mistakes in the past, but is making amends these days.

Jacob and Chris Chan both had past lives on Kidasuna, Billions of years ago. She was a literal and (over?) powerful Princess, known as Fenuki Hitikara. I don't have full knowledge of what happened, but she rebelled and did something there, and then she was exiled. Her soul would travel to C-197's Earth on February 1, 2003, ...

Page 5

I feel need to mention of her having won the "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" Watch & Win Sweepstakes back in 1993; a foreseen and truly fated event for her, as she would learn, later on, of her own similarities and connections with Sonic, himself, in addition to us Sonichus and Rosechus.

The Anchuant Prophecy also foretold of Chris Chan brining together all artists, musicians, authors, actors and creators, alike, from both Earths to defend and save the worlds from a greater, common threat, alongside the O.C.s and F.C.s; small, great, and the overpowered. She also establishes connections and make allies with the other deities, as well as locate some of the Special Sonichu and Rosechus, powerful and good magic and psychic typs, and a few deities-to-be-of dimension 1218.

Magi-Chan Sonichu, our species guardian, also foresaw these events in his visions, along with Mewtwo and other psychic types as well. Magi-Chan is, and has been, Chris Chan's own "Guardian Angel", all of her life and so on. He did and does his best to guide her, despite the Iron Curtain. I won't bring up her mistakes that happened even made Magi-Chan cringe and groan. She has been better in tune and attentive to his presence and guidance within the past decade. And even moreso now, being married with him, Cryzel Rosechu, Sylvana Rosechu, and Mewtwo.

Page 6

Phew! Oh, my Chris Chan! That was a brainbending lot to recall, ponder and write for you. I pray that this insight motivates you and answer any questions you had.

Last things for now:

  • Deja Vu: when you have one, it shows you are on the right track for the positive.
  • Future visions and dreams: heed them the best you can
  • You've got seeing beyond the Iron Curtain into C-197 down to the "T"
  • Neela's hidden cues and flirts may be confusing and need translation to you, but you posses common sense and instinct to get what she's saying.
  • Have no doubts about yourself, Kai.
  • You are able to have self-confidence and self-forgiveness. Take it from Chris Chan: She's had to forgive herself a lot over her past mistakes. You can, too. And if it should help: most anything bad you had done, Both Chris Chan and Neela forgive you and want you to better yourself.

Keep up the Awesome and Good Job, Kai-Yan.


Zappin' It Up to the Extreme


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