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BodySwapExplanation.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "wife".
We all have known things Would get bat-shit crazy in all of this.

This page contains DMs between Chris and Jacob Sockness. Chris's comments are color-coded in purple and Sockness's in orange.


28 August 2019

Chris role-plays on numerous subjects - possession by Magi-Chan, a plan to teleport to California to meet with Sockness, and the notion that he is a deity.


ceremonial magic, because that is the style of magic we're using for this. I'll apologize now Magi-Chan, knowing that I'm way out of line. I'm just saying it how it is by what I've learned and experienced over the years of trying to obtain godhood on Earth and my many projects with Daniel

Chris (as Magi-Chan)
Indeed: you continue to find your path. Your onesie may be discomforting, but that brought out the dragon in you. And I shall give you props: you did look sexy in it. Perhaps look into a garb or attire that is all green. For the rest of what you have typed up here: I have been well aware of how weather works, and that you and I, personally, had no input into the incoming Hurricane's creation. The deity that overlooks that aspect created the Hurricane, as previously penned in the timing of events.

We all have known things Would get bat-shit crazy in all of this. I shall get Christine and her body back together and then bring them to California via Teleport after my body becomes vísibly tangible in 1218 with her help.

You are further finding redemption for yourself in realizing what you said in your second part; this is quite good, indeed. There is no guide; I shall bus her to California, personally, it is needed in this process. What you have at present needs to continue and run its course; the Light Power and Magic between Christine and I will shine moreso from Coast-to-Coast to put a ceasefire to the chaos. I hate sacrifices and losing lives very much, but in what we have at this point is needed, especially in the loss of some of the Haters of 1218.

We shall still require the Soul Gate as soon as possible as well, so don't stop on that, please.

Christine has already officiated and made her house here in Virginia into a Temple. You are not the only one in all of this. Many other Sorcerers and Psychics around the world have been working towards this outcome as well. They have been putting their money where their mouth is as well.

I actually would be happy to send a sample of her hair for the experiment. I shall check in with KingHeart1989 on that.

Fortunately, I am looking into finding income to make funds for the trip as a backup plan. Likely, there will be no need, as it is fated for ito teleport Christine there, personally. I shall refresh my memory and enlighten Christine's conscious in Ceremonial Magics.

And you need not apologize, but I graciously accept and forgive you of your past sins in my power and on behalf of Christine, Emanuel and the other deities.

And Michiro is quite correct; this is our Fated best bet in all of this, between the rituals and everything else. We all have witnessed the past efforts of yours; we knew you would have a lot of potential and promise. You are showing that quite well and redeeming yourself. Be Glad in that.


Sockness's Ritual

17 July 2020 (leaked 10 August 2020, part of the 2020 Discord leaks)

Naught's commentary

Jacob gets Chris to do a faggy new age ritual


[Cutoff] Okay. Lots of giant goodnight hugs and goodnight [unknown emoji].

The next day, 2:40 AM

[Sockness uploads a picture of a nine-pointed star drawn on paper, with TSSSF cards and various crystals laying on top of it.]

It feels powerful just having it setup. This will fling my mind into chaos. I'm completely mentally unstable.
I just hope I'm not left insane after this. I mean joker level crazy. Good night sister.
And Sonichu.


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