Jackie Chat 8

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This chat took place on 14 October 2010. Highlights include Chris still discussing his failing computer, his debt payments to his father being upped from $565 to $580 per month, and his continued money problems.

[7:22 pm] CWC: Hey, Sweetheart.
[7:22 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hi!
[7:23 pm] CWC: how are you?
[7:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'm ok
[7:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you?
[7:24 pm] CWC: I got a headache right now. I had to boot up the PC again, and I counted the number of times I had to turn on then turn off; Then shortly after getting onto the desktop, it froze up, and then add 3 more. *groan*
[7:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: today?
[7:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: or total?
[7:25 pm] CWC: I need a NEW computer.
[7:25 pm] CWC: today
[7:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i agree
[7:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: have you found one you like
[7:25 pm] CWC: not to go for a replacement motherboard, but save up for a laptop.
[7:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, a replacement motherboard wouldnt be a good idea
[7:26 pm] CWC: no I haven't found one yet.
[7:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: it'd be like putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound
[7:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: only delay the inevitable
[7:26 pm] CWC: yeah.
[7:26 pm] CWC: brb
[7:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hello?
[7:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: chris? are you there?
[7:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: anyway, i'm sure you can find a basic computer for cheap at best buy or whatever
[7:27 pm] CWC: o
[7:27 pm] CWC: , i'm back
[7:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ah
[7:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: or even better, you could probably get new parts and build your own new computer.
[7:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: probably be even cheaper
[7:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like, i'm sure you can keep the monitor you curerntly have. monitors are expensive
[7:28 pm] CWC: yeah, but I'll wait until I have like 3 to 500 saved up, or when my family can afford that much, before I go looking around.
[7:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: does your family use the computer?
[7:28 pm] CWC: All I would really need is a new tower.
[7:28 pm] CWC: this one is the only usable PC in this house at the moment.
[7:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no, you probably don't need that much
[7:28 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what do your mom and dad use it for?
[7:29 pm] CWC: actually, they don't use it; it's mainly me who uses this computer.
[7:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh.
[7:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well it should probably be you who buys a new one then, right?
[7:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: if they dont use it, they dont need to put money into a new one
[7:30 pm] CWC: my father used to go online with one of our past PCs, but then mom bought a lot of stuff from Goodwill and such and blocked that computer from him.
[7:30 pm] CWC: But I still do a thing or two for them online, like make an order, or check something for them.
[7:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what do you mean blocked?
[7:31 pm] CWC: put all of the stuff in the way of the small walkway to that computer, essentially blocking anyone from getting to it.
[7:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so wait...
[7:31 pm] CWC: I've told you about her hoarding habit.
[7:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: there is a perfectly functional computer
[7:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and the only problem is that it is physically blocked by stuff.
[7:32 pm] CWC: yes
[7:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and you'd rather spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer than spend a few minutes digging it out
[7:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no wonder you couldn't do a single pull-up
[7:32 pm] CWC: even if I could get to it, it is older than this one.
[7:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but it works
[7:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: right?
[7:32 pm] CWC: I will attempt to dig it out, or get to it later and see if it does still work.
[7:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its age doesnt really matter if it works.
[7:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why didnt you think to do this in the first place?
[7:33 pm] CWC: it did have a few kinks last time we checked it.
[7:33 pm] CWC: I'm asking myself that same question.
[7:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what other stuff do you have buried in your house under all the junk that you don't bother to look up?
[7:33 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe there was another PS3 buried in there too, so you wouldnt have to go buy a new one after you destroyed the first one
[7:34 pm] CWC: NO, there was ONLY ONE PS3 in this house.
[7:34 pm] CWC: I am the ONLY gamer in this house.
[7:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well i suppose you would have an accurate tally when it comes to video games
[7:34 pm] CWC: yes
[7:34 pm] CWC: and toys
[7:34 pm] CWC: and most of my lego bricks and pieces.
[7:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ...
[7:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: still, i can't believe you've been putting all this effort and stress into dealing with an unfixable computer when there is a perfectly functional replacement, and literally the only obstacle to using it is you dont feel like moving a few bits of heavy junk.
[7:35 pm] CWC: No, I just did not think of it until now.
[7:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i am not impressed
[7:36 pm] CWC: And I will move that junk out of the way and get to that computer.
[7:36 pm] CWC: I will do it tomorrow.
[7:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you'd rather drop hundreds of dollars to fix a problem, then expend a few minutes worth of physical labor. dropping money is nothing to you compared to not exerting effort
[7:36 pm] CWC: NO, NO, NO.
[7:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that is the reason why I have been questioning you on your SSI
[7:37 pm] CWC: I can and I will work to get to that computer.
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ooh@
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: !
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i know
[7:37 pm] CWC: Seriously, I just did not think of it.
[7:37 pm] CWC: before
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you should make one of your videos for me to be this
[7:37 pm] Jacklyn Romy: videotape yourself moving the junk and getting the PC out
[7:38 pm] CWC: I can record segments; I can't just leave the camera on for soo long.
[7:38 pm] CWC: I'll have that video for you this weekend.
[7:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-D
[7:39 pm] CWC: I'm feeling recovered now.
[7:39 pm] CWC: let me go to another topic.
[7:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh?
[7:40 pm] CWC: You want me to pretend I'm talking with Lars, and mocking him with you. I feel I need a rehearsal with you to help me better perform.
[7:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ooh
[7:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok
[7:40 pm] CWC: thank you.
[7:40 pm] CWC: I guess I'll start.
[7:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: please do
[7:41 pm] CWC: Hello, Lars.
[7:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: wait
[7:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'm confused
[7:41 pm] CWC: you're Lars in this role-play.
[7:42 pm] CWC: you know him better than I do, so you can portray how he would react better.
[7:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no
[7:42 pm] CWC: it would give me a better idea.
[7:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: the video isnt supposed to be you pretending to talk to lars
[7:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its just a rebuttal to lardes
[7:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: whoops, lars
[7:42 pm] CWC: just a mockery.
[7:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well
[7:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no
[7:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he said you were gay, in his email to me
[7:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so i want you to respond to that
[7:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: explain how and why you are straight.
[7:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: see what i mean?
[7:44 pm] CWC: I understand.
[7:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you are responding to Lars, but not pretending to have a chat with him
[7:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok. good we cleared that up
[7:44 pm] CWC: but you also wanted me to dress up a bit like him; I do have a bandana, and I have a cap.
[7:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yup!
[7:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: did you get the kahlua?
[7:45 pm] CWC: I've seen enough black people on television to portray a parody of the current young black dude.
[7:45 pm] CWC: no, I could not afford the alcohol this time; I'll do something drunk for you in a future video.
[7:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ??
[7:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: its only like $15.
[7:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you couldnt swing tath?
[7:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: *that
[7:46 pm] CWC: not right now. Besides, I'm saving for the new computer; I'd rather keep my money in the bank.
[7:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no
[7:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: wait
[7:46 pm] CWC: I didn't have enough cash for this time.
[7:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you said you would dig up the old computer.
[7:46 pm] CWC: and I will
[7:46 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you dont need to save for the new computer now
[7:47 pm] CWC: good point. But there is a chance that the computer may not work.
[7:47 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how much do you have in savings right now?
[7:48 pm] CWC: I don't have a savings account right now; I had one at my old bank, but because I had little in it, it was costing me to keep it. And I recently changed banks.
[7:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you dont have a bank account at all?
[7:48 pm] CWC: I will open up a savings account at the new bank I am accounted with next month.
[7:48 pm] CWC: No, I have a bank account.
[7:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what kind of account, if not a savings?
[7:49 pm] CWC: checking.
[7:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why do you need a checking account if you dont have enough money to even put in an account? i'm confused
[7:49 pm] CWC: I started the NEW bank account a few months ago.
[7:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that doesnt answer my question
[7:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why do you have a checking account if you dont have enough money for one?
[7:50 pm] CWC: I have money in my checking account now, and I need it to keep the income I get from my current SSI and my future Job.
[7:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what do you need it for?
[7:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i mean, its good to save money, but thats why you should have a savings account
[7:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why is it in checking?
[7:51 pm] CWC: Let me restart the explination...
[7:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok
[7:51 pm] CWC: I had a Checking AND a Savings at my Previous Bank...
[7:51 pm] CWC: The Savings was LOW, and it was costing me monthly to have it, so THAT was closed.
[7:51 pm] CWC: Then after the Troll Attacks, my father and I decided to change my bank.
[7:51 pm] CWC: so we closed the account at the old bank, and opened a Checking account at the New Bank.
[7:53 pm] CWC: I have not created a Savings Account for the New Bank yet.
[7:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok, i follow that so far.
[7:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but i don't get why you didn't start a savings account at the new bank first, and THEN a checking account
[7:54 pm] CWC: Well, I give a big chunk of my SSI to my father for rent and essentials, and I spend from my bank sometimes; one doesn't spend from their Savings Account, do they?
[7:54 pm] CWC: And there is NOT a debit card associated normally with a Savings Account.
[7:55 pm] CWC: at least as far as I understand.
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok, so let me see if i get it so far.
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how much do you get a month from SSI? like $820?
[7:55 pm] CWC: actually, 810
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: okay, 810
[7:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and how much do you pay to your dad to overcome the debts you owe him?
[7:56 pm] CWC: I give my father 580 a month; possibly more for a small expense that came about the past month.
[7:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: only that much? I thought you were giving him more
[7:57 pm] CWC: My father gave me a good figure to go with his budget plans for paying off my debts; he has it on his own paper and in his head.
[7:57 pm] CWC: And he takes into account leaving me some for my wants or needs.
[7:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so that means you have 230 a month.
[7:58 pm] CWC: yes
[7:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: when do you get your SSI payment each month?
[7:58 pm] CWC: Confidentially; on day 3 of each month; unless it falls on a weekend or holiday.
[7:58 pm] CWC: then I get it the Friday before.
[7:59 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you got your latest SSI payment 10 days ago.
[7:59 pm] CWC: or the day before, if holiday.
[7:59 pm] CWC: a bit more than that.
[7:59 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and yet you dont have enough now to buy a $15 bottle of kahlua?
[8:00 pm] CWC: I currently have about 25 in my account; I don't want to take out from my account to take it below ten.
[8:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why not?
[8:02 pm] CWC: I may have something come up surprisingly within the rest of this month, and if I don't have at least 20 to take care of that, I would be in trouble on another surprise later.
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what kind of surprise could come up?
[8:02 pm] CWC: an Emergency
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you dont have to worry about food or housing
[8:02 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and what emergency could be so bad that you need to save money for it, but not bad enough that you dont need more than $25
[8:03 pm] CWC: like a Tire Repair for example.
[8:03 pm] CWC: I had a flat while my parents were on a vacation a while back; I needed 20 then for the tire repair.
[8:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: okay, so beyond that. you started at $230 ten days ago, and now you're at $25.
[8:03 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how did you spend $205 in the past ten days
[8:05 pm] CWC: I spent 50 on gaming, 30 on a video, treated my family for good dinner a few times, totaled to 70, and the rest went into food for myself.
[8:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: $80 on games. got it
[8:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thought you were combating your addiction, but i guess not
[8:05 pm] Jacklyn Romy: where did you go when you had those good dinners?
[8:06 pm] CWC: 50 on Games; I spent 30 on the Cleveland Show season.
[8:06 pm] Jacklyn Romy: $80 on more shit to use your PS3 with, at any rate
[8:06 pm] CWC: We went to El Agave for one, I treated them to iHop twice.
[8:06 pm] CWC: I spent the majority on the essentials.
[8:07 pm] Jacklyn Romy: let me ask you this. do you think its a good idea to be going out to eat fancy dinners when you dont have enough money to put into a savings account?
[8:07 pm] CWC: I realize that, but my family was counting on me here.
[8:07 pm] CWC: I have talked with them about this, and I am going to open a savings account next month, and not take them out so much.
[8:07 pm] CWC: they're cool
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that doesnt make sense. your dad is the one who has been trying to curb your spending and control your money for months. why would he make you spend what little you have on fancy dinners
[8:08 pm] CWC: He just did.
[8:08 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i still don't like that you dropped $80 on video games, yet you still tell me all the time that you are over your addiction
[8:09 pm] CWC: I can understand the concern, and I have admitted to my addiction.
[8:09 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what does the admission matter when you dont bother to do anything about it?
[8:10 pm] CWC: I am sorry, but you asked me where my money went , and I told you.
[8:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yes, you did, and that is good.
[8:10 pm] CWC: I am spending LESS on the games.
[8:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but i am no longer impressed that you admit to it.
[8:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: Less? it should be none
[8:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you have hundreds of games on your PS3.
[8:10 pm] CWC: point taken.
[8:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: point taken... but you still wont do anything
[8:10 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you'll probably spend $80 more on video games next month, too
[8:11 pm] CWC: I am spending less on the games, and soon I will be spending NONE on them.
[8:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: when is "soon"?
[8:11 pm] CWC: NO, I am dedicating my funds to you next month.
[8:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: why soon, why not now?
[8:11 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, to be fair, you cant spend any more on video games right now i guess, since you dont even have any money for the next three weeks
[8:11 pm] CWC: Very much NOW, since I have little in the bank.
[8:12 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you have little in the bank because you already spent it all on games.
[8:12 pm] CWC: NO, I did not spend it all on games; I spent most of it on food.
[8:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you spent most of it on restaurants. thats not the same as spending it on food
[8:13 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and now i cant have the webcam video i want tonight, because you didnt save even enough money for one little bottle of kahlua.
[8:14 pm] CWC: the main point of the video is responding to Lars and mocking him; I can pretend to be drunk.
[8:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no.
[8:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i want real, not pretend.
[8:14 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hold off on that video until you can get some kahlua. do another one instead tonight
[8:14 pm] CWC: I am sorry for not scoring some alcohol today.
[8:15 pm] Jacklyn Romy: let me ask: you say you spent $80 on PS3 stuff, $70 on restaurants. that left $80 still
[8:15 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you spent $80 on just plain groceries in ten days?
[8:15 pm] Jacklyn Romy: or rather, $55 i guess, if you still have $25
[8:15 pm] CWC: yes
[8:15 pm] CWC: half went into groceries, and half went into restaurant trips for me alone.
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: restaurant trips?
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: like fast food?
[8:16 pm] CWC: yes.
[8:16 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how are you going to feed yourself for the rest of the month if you cant spend any more money?
[8:16 pm] CWC: I have food here at home; I will be okay.
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: your parents food?
[8:17 pm] CWC: no, my own food.
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: what do you buy at the grocery store?
[8:17 pm] CWC: mostly frozen dinners, lean cuisine variety.
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ??
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: those are just as expensive as fast food, if not more so
[8:17 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and even less healthy than fast food
[8:18 pm] CWC: I did not know that.
[8:18 pm] Jacklyn Romy: how could you not know that
[8:19 pm] CWC: I was not informed on the nutritional contents of fast food versus frozen
[8:19 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yes you were. its right on the side of the box
[8:19 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and i'm pretty sure samantha has told you this before.
[8:20 pm] CWC: She has mentioned the fast food dangers.
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: the FROZEN DINNER dangers
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats what she's mentioned
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: she's told me, so dont pretend like she hasnt.
[8:20 pm] CWC: she has told me about that as well.
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, so i guess you did know that after all.
[8:20 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you just lied to me
[8:21 pm] CWC: NO, there were some information I did not know about.
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: NO.
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: stop
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i asked if you knew tv dinners are as unhealthy as fast food, and you said "i did not know that".
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: then i told you samantha said she informed you, and you admitted you did know it
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that is what we are talking about.
[8:21 pm] Jacklyn Romy: are you trying to warp my mind with your logic?
[8:22 pm] CWC: no.
[8:22 pm] CWC: I didn't remember what she told me, and when you mentioned her, I was reminded.
[8:23 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so i guess you werent listening to her very intently if you just forgot everything she said and kept buying tv dinners like you never had a conversation with her in the first place?
[8:23 pm] CWC: woah.
[8:23 pm] CWC: I do listen to her intently and fully. Memory is a fickle thing.
[8:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: funny how you always seem to "forget" the things that require you to change or take effort.
[8:24 pm] Jacklyn Romy: but anyway
[8:25 pm] CWC: I'm sorry.
[8:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so tv dinners are like $5 apiece, right?
[8:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so how many do you have? can't be more than half a dozen or so
[8:25 pm] Jacklyn Romy: that's going to sustain you for the rest of the month?
[8:26 pm] CWC: actually, I have a dozen dinners now, and some leftovers.
[8:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so its the 13th today, and you'll probably be paid on the 3rd of November. that's 21 days
[8:26 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you're going to go awfully hungry.
[8:26 pm] CWC: Plus, my parents do take care of themselves, and they share.
[8:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you blow the bulk of your money on fast food and video games, and then your parents have to feed you the rest of the month.
[8:27 pm] CWC: no.
[8:27 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'm sorry, i'm just angry because i can't have my lars webcam video tonight because of your spending habits, and because you dont even try to curb any of it
[8:29 pm] CWC: I can understand your concern, and I am sorry for not getting the beverage, but alcohol is not required to make a video where I mock Lars, respond to his accusation of me, and putting on a bandana, a cap, and pulling my pants down to expose my briefs.
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ...
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: the kahlua is required.
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: otherwise the spirit of the video won't be accurate.
[8:29 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i still want the video, but i will wait until you can do it properly
[8:30 pm] CWC: I will get the kahlua tomorrow.
[8:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ok. thank you.
[8:30 pm] Jacklyn Romy: shall we move on to a more pleasant topic?
[8:31 pm] CWC: You are of utmost importance to me, Jackie.
[8:31 pm] CWC: I Love You.
[8:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ooh!
[8:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i have an idea for tonight's video.
[8:31 pm] Jacklyn Romy: something simple
[8:31 pm] CWC: okay
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: do you have a scale somewhere? like a bathroom scale or something?
[8:32 pm] CWC: I think so.
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'd love to see a video of you standing on the scale, and then pointing the camera down at the scale to show that you're only 210 lbs.
[8:32 pm] Jacklyn Romy: prove to those stupid trolls that you arent fat like they say.
[8:34 pm] CWC: that's cool. but I told you I learned I was 210 last time I checked at the doctor's office on their scale. But hopefully I'll still be 210.
[8:34 pm] CWC: I misspoke on the pull-ups; I don't want to misspeak again.
[8:34 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well, i'm sure it will be fine.
[8:35 pm] CWC: we'll see.
[8:35 pm] CWC: I'll step on a scale tonight and record it.
[8:35 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-)
[8:36 pm] CWC: I'm shooked up a bit from the discussion; I'll recover, but my mind is a blank at the moment. what else is going on with you?
[8:36 pm] Jacklyn Romy: <3
[8:37 pm] CWC: I mean, like something you do during your day aside from homework. or, how's the article we talked about coming?
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: play a lot of xbox when i get time
[8:38 pm] CWC: what games do you play?
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: I play the harry potter series
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: a lot
[8:38 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i like harry potter.
[8:39 pm] CWC: that's cool.
[8:39 pm] CWC: have you tried Lego Harry Potter?
[8:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no, i dont really like those lego games.
[8:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: seem like they're just made to be cash cows
[8:39 pm] CWC: I see.
[8:39 pm] Jacklyn Romy: no substance
[8:40 pm] CWC: I can understand that.
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i know you dont care for harry potter though, right? because you said they stole something from pokemon?
[8:40 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i was never into pokemon, but i couldnt figure out what you meant. like did they parody it or something?
[8:40 pm] CWC: yeah, but that's all water under the bridge now.
[8:40 pm] CWC: essentially, it was stealing the popularity, or the limelight from Pokemon (or something like that).
[8:40 pm] CWC: something stupid. LOL
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, that is silly. they dont even have the same target audiences
[8:41 pm] Jacklyn Romy: besides, if you like pokemon, it doesnt matter if other people dont, right?
[8:41 pm] CWC: what do you like most about Harry Potter?
[8:41 pm] CWC: I agree.
[8:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i guess i like j.k. rowling's inclusiveness
[8:42 pm] CWC: interesting.
[8:42 pm] Jacklyn Romy: she had prominent gay characters like dumbledore, but it was never obvious that he was. as a character he wasnt defined by his sexuality like gay characters in tv and movies so often are
[8:43 pm] CWC: huh. do you like Dumbledore?
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yes
[8:43 pm] Jacklyn Romy: he's a hero and a great leader.
[8:44 pm] CWC: that's neat. what details lead you to the "prominent gay" aspect of him?
[8:44 pm] Jacklyn Romy: there arent any details in the book actually. rowling revealed in an interview he's gay
[8:45 pm] CWC: oh.
[8:45 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so knowing that, it goes to show how he overcame homophobia and hatred that so many gay people endure to become such a great leader. it makes you respect him more
[8:46 pm] CWC: I see.
[8:46 pm] CWC: "inclusivenss"; to my understanding means to include most any person type or thing; what else in the stories are examples of the inclusiveness?
[8:48 pm] Jacklyn Romy: nevile longbottom has aspergers. he has very low self-esteem for much of the books, but he eventually realizes what a talented and capable individual he is and reaches his full potential
[8:49 pm] CWC: now that I can relate to more. I have had moments of low self-esteem a lot, because aside from my autism and my social phobias, I sometimes feel mentally slow.
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: so you can compare yourself to neville's autism
[8:49 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe you should read the books! you might get something out of them
[8:50 pm] CWC: indeed.
[8:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: quite
[8:50 pm] CWC: Does magic turn you on as well?
[8:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: as well?
[8:50 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i didnt say harry potter turned me on
[8:50 pm] CWC: I mean, do you like the magic that went on in the stories.
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: hey!
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: maybe you should dress up as harry potter for a video!
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: do you have like a dark robe or something you can wear?
[8:51 pm] CWC: I can wear my graduation gown.
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-D :-D :-D
[8:51 pm] CWC: it's a dark blue.
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: i'd really love if you could do that tonight instead of the scale video
[8:51 pm] Jacklyn Romy: thats ok, dark blue is just right
[8:52 pm] Jacklyn Romy: you'll have to draw a lightning bolt scar on your forehead too, but thats simple.
[8:53 pm] CWC: perhaps, I can pretend to cast a spell on those who watch it, something like every time you have an ill thought of someone else, or make a rude comment or judgement, they shall have a pain in the leg.
[8:53 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and make sure you talk in a british accent like harry potter
[8:53 pm] CWC: I can definitely do a british accent.
[8:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ooh! pretend to cast a spell on trolls. make something up of your own for me.
[8:54 pm] CWC: yes
[8:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: describe what it does in detail, and then cast it.
[8:54 pm] CWC: I think I just did.
[8:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: and make up like a latin-sounding name for it, since all the harry potter spells have kind of latin names
[8:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: dont tell me! i want to be surprised
[8:54 pm] CWC: how about pig-latin?
[8:54 pm] Jacklyn Romy: pig latin works too!
[8:54 pm] CWC: okay.
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: oh, and lastly, when you upload the video, title it "i put on my robe and wizard hat".
[8:55 pm] CWC: except, I won't have a hat.
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: when i was a kid, me and my friends would pretend to be harry potter, and my girlfriend always said that when we were about to have a "duel". it will make her laugh
[8:55 pm] Jacklyn Romy: well thats ok. just title the video that
[8:56 pm] CWC: Harry Potter, to me, came around during my Teenage years; was he around Longer than that?
[8:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: or you could make the hat out of construction paper! just wrap some black paper in a cone shape
[8:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: it started back in the late 90s, thats about right
[8:56 pm] CWC: and you're 22 now?
[8:56 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yes, thats right
[8:56 pm] CWC: let me calculate...
[8:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: dont try that on the road
[8:57 pm] CWC: yes, I think you would have been around ten at that time.
[8:57 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yeah, about that i think
[8:58 pm] CWC: cool.
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yay! i cant wait for my harry potter video!!!
[8:58 pm] CWC: I will get to that tonight then. :) h
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: :-D
[8:58 pm] Jacklyn Romy: ooh, what will you use for your wand?
[8:59 pm] CWC: I guess I can use my PSMove controller.
[8:59 pm] CWC: or my WiiMote
[8:59 pm] Jacklyn Romy: the psmove controller works
[8:59 pm] CWC: okay.
[8:59 pm] CWC: I'll let you go for now, and I'll TTYL.
[8:59 pm] CWC: and I'll upload the video later tonight.
[8:59 pm] Jacklyn Romy: yay!
[9:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: okay, talk to you later
[9:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: XOXO XOXO XOX XOX OOXOXXOXXXoo
[9:00 pm] CWC: goodnight, sweetheart.
[9:00 pm] Jacklyn Romy: goodnight!!

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