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This undated call between Chris and Kacey most likely took place some time in the second week of September 2009.


  • Chris started to make audiobooks, but his mom stopped him so he could get a flu shot. He returned home and made the audiobook for the first book. Thinks that audiobooks are hard work because he has to take pages out of the sleeves.
  • Chris claims that because he's videotaping the pages, it's like a cartoon because the pictures are hand drawn.
  • Kacey asks Chris for screenshots of his bank statements, receipts, and PSN info to prove he's not spending too much.
  • Chris claims he was going to make "sex drawings" for Kacey, but after checking his email and seeing trolls emailing him, it "wore him down emotionally" so he didn't do anything.
  • Chris talks about playing the new demo for Little Big Planet because they changed a few things.
  • Kacey gets mad and asks if he played anything else. Chris first said no, then he says he played Guitar Hero.
  • "You like sex drawings don't you? [creepy laugh]" -Chris.
  • Chris claims that he's saving up several hundred dollars for a speaking and a pole dancing class between December and January.
  • Kacey suggests art classes, Chris doesn't like the idea.
  • Chris is unsure about pole dancing classes because Kim won't look up the info for him. Kacey asks why he won't do it himself, he says he's too busy.
  • Barb and Bob want Kacey to call them to talk to them because they don't believe that Chris could really have a friend.
  • Kacey tells Chris to apply for more jobs.
  • Chris asks Kacey if all her roommates are asleep. Kacey says no and asks why. Chris obviously wants to talk about sexual stuff with Kacey but tries to backtrack and says that he didn't want to bother them.


Kacey Call 13
Stardate ???
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 12
Kacey Call 14

Chris: Hello?

Kacey: Hey Chris, it’s Kacey!

Chris: Hey Kacey! How are you?

Kacey: Sup! I’m sorry I’m so late.

Chris: It’s OK, I waited for you.

Kacey: Aw, thank you.

Chris: It’s OK, I like waiting for you, ‘cause it just makes it all the more better when you get to your phone and call me.

Kacey: Aw!

Chris: And then you know, I feel like, you know, it’s worth the wait.

Kacey: [laughs] OK.

Chris: Did you have a busy day at work, I assume?

Kacey: Yeah, definitely.

Chris: Yeah. I had a bit of a day myself. I got up, I had some oatmeal, and I started, and then I set up the card table and got my books out. So I start-, I started the audiobooks around there, and all I remembered I had a scheduled appointment between me and my mom to get our flu vaccination shots today so… Yeah, so we went down to the Martha Jefferson Clinic and we got our flu shots. Then we had, then we got a little ice cream over at McDonald's and, uh-

Kacey: Uh-huh.

Chris: Then we came back home. And, uh after that, after I got back, you know, I did the videos for the first book, and then after that, I was just like you know, it’s just expensive[?] ‘cause, you know, I had to take the pages out of the page sleeves. And they, in realizing that was quite a bit of work, and I didn’t feel like doing another book after that, it just wore me out little bit. So I’ll do another book or two tomorrow. And I’ll have all the books currently, I’ll have all the pages I have up on videobook format-

Kacey: Why are you calling it a videobook? It’s supposed to be an audiobook?

Chris: Yeah, I talked to Kim about that. She defined the audiobook as one where it’s like, you know, you could listen to it in like, you could actually describe it, supposedly, originally audiobooks are for the blind man, something like that, and uh, yeah. And that just didn’t describe the situation that was going on in the page so...

Kacey: Right, right.

Chris: ...she agreed it was more like a videobook.

Kacey: Right, plus if you are going to do a videobook you can’t see everything. You’d have to make it a lot more clear and you’d have to, you know, dub the sound over it. Make it look a lot more professional.

Chris: Uh, dub the sound over it?

Kacey: Yeah, like you don’t want to- I mean the video quality is horrible. You know, like Vivian does, just follow her example. You don’t want it to be blurry. Plus most videobooks have a little bit of animation or something going on.

Chris: Hmm, well it’s a little animated because it’s hand-drawn, it’s like a cartoon, so-

Kacey: I know, that’s not a video though.

Chris: Hmm, yeah well… I might try to do the Zero book tomorrow then, with that in place. Uh, just find me a better- yeah.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: I’ll think about it. I’ll work on it more. At least I got started on that.

Kacey: Yes. Also, I got your email and I thank you for giving me those, but like I said, I want to be on the same page as you. Is there a way you could get me actual screenshots of it or something? I had to do this for an ex-boyfriend once, with his bank statements. I just like to be able to see it personally there, to make sure you’re not trying to hide anything. Because remember, you’re at the start of a big financial journey and I just want to make sure that you and I are being clear between each other. I mean, so you don’t fake anything. I’m not saying you would. I’m just doing this because I’m being serious and I want you to be serious.

Chris: OK, well I can guarantee I’m not faking it, and uh-

Kacey: It would still make me feel a lot better.

Chris: OK well, let me ask, let me just clarify that, what did you mean by screenshots?

Kacey: Like, he would go to his bank statements and take printscreens of them to show them to me, so it was the actual thing. He would give me his online receipts, stuff like that, so I could see it all.

Chris: Oh, well that’s not a problem. I can do that.

Kacey: Awesome!

Chris: But I mean like, you know, between the ones I got from the stores I can just leave out my debit card number.

Kacey: Oh yeah, I don’t need your debit card number. [laughs]

Chris: Yeah, they put a part of that on the receipt usually. I’ll just cover that up and I’ll scan them in and as for the online transactions-- what I did with the Playstation Accounts I can just load that up on my Playstation 3 and then just take pictures of each transaction even though I have it all handwritten accordingly on paper as well.

Kacey: Uh-huh, no that would be great because that would just show that you’re trusting me and that would make me feel a lot better.

Chris: OK, I’ll do that.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: I’ll do all that… Yeah and also, just to give you an update I was going to do those sex drawings last night but then I checked my email on my AO-, on my email and a bunch of troll emails just kind of wore me down emotionally and I just didn’t feel like drawing after that.

Kacey: Well you- Oh, OK.

Chris: But I feel a little better tonight and I’ve already checked, gone through my email, so-

Kacey: Well, I mean it’s just emails though so how did it wear you down? I mean, you could just ignore them, they’re just trolls. That’s what I’d do.

Chris: Yeah, but it’s like you know, I have to sort through the email, you know. Aside from the troll email I also get spam email you know, some of the subscriptions that they’ve falsely signed me up for, that I have to go unsubscribe from them.

Kacey: You could just block those addresses. It’s not a big deal. AOL should have a spam filter. I thought you were going to do the drawings before you did the audiobooks so I’m kind of confused.

Chris: Ahhh. [pause] I just got a little of out of order, but I’ll straighten myself up. I’ll start the drawings tonight.

Kacey: OK, that’s good. You’ve got to get on the ball with these things. You’ve got to keep deadlines, because setting goals for yourself is always good.

Chris: Yeah, yeah that’s true. OK... Yeah, anyway we got back home, I did the audiobook. I started the upload on those. I played a little LittleBigPlanet, played the new demo because I wanted to try that out. They came out with the demo version of LittleBigPlanet today.

Kacey: Mm-hmm.

Chris: It’s pretty good, you know they redid the introductory level. It looks better than the original introductory level if you’ve ever played that. You know it’s the very first, you know you first put in LittleBigPlanet, the game disk into the Playstation 3, you go in, that’s the very first level you play right off the bat. It’s also accessible from the map.

Kacey: Well how long did you play it?

Chris: Well I played it all the way through, it took me about less than an hour?

Kacey: Hmm.

Chris: I mean it was like the first, the introductory level re-done, and the first three levels. But it gave me, it included two levels which are available online from the community. That a couple of players had done.

Kacey: Oh, well since you didn’t do any of the drawings, did you play anything else?

Chris: I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the question.

Kacey: Did you play any other of the games, since you were doing that instead of drawing?

Chris: Ah no. Oh yeah, I played a little Guitar Hero, for about fifteen minutes, half an hour. And then [sound of keys tapping] Kim was about to call me, so I had to stop, but yeah, I will get to the drawing after we finish talking here.

Kacey: OK, cool. That’s awesome. I will look forward to those.

Chris: Mm’kay. You like sex drawings don’t you? [creepy laugh]

Kacey: I mean, well, they’re interesting [nervous laugh]. You know, and hand drawings are good to. I just want to see your creativity.

Chris: Alright. Yeah, as long as they’re original hand drawing, you’ll appreciate it, right?

Kacey: Right, exactly. I appreciate them as mature art.

Chris: That’s cool.

Kacey: And other people will too.

Chris: Yeah, yeah I can see that. Yeah, OK, cool, very good.

Kacey: I mean it’s not Sonichu, so you have a different level to be appreciated on now.

Chris: Yeah, not Sonichu yeah. Yep, yep, yep. So many yeps. I forgot, I lost what I was going to say next, but oh well. [laughs] Hmm… Let’s see what else. What else? What else? What else is going on? [pause] Yeah OK, my mind’s a little blank right now. Did you learn anything new right now, or anything different happen?

Kacey: No, not really. We had to do an assignment where we just were able to- It was in the Communications class where we got paired up and we had to go out and observe somebody and make assumptions about them based on their physical appearance. Then we had to go talk to them and see if our assumptions were right, and that was it.

Chris: Oh.

Kacey: We had activity period today so two of my classes were canceled.

Chris: Activity period?

Kacey: Yeah.

Chris: What is that?

Kacey: It’s where you can go and join other student clubs and they just make sure you don’t have classes so you have time to do it.

Chris: Oh I see, it’s like at high school, they bring up all the high school clubs and you can sign up, like karate or ballet, whatever.

Kacey: Yeah, I guess.

Chris: And you have the opportunity to sign up for those.

Kacey: I mean, yeah that’s cool. Have you thought about going back to school yourself to take some public speaking and art classes?

Chris: Yeah, I’m still thinking about that, you know. I gotta... Yeah I’ll probably see another couple hundred between December and January and sign up for public speaking and… sign up for public speaking. I didn’t even catch all of that, did you say an art class?

Kacey: Art classes, yeah.

Chris: Hmm, well I’m not sure about art classes. But I mean the second class I was definitely contemplating signing up for was the pole dancing since I missed out on that this time.

Kacey: Hmm.

Chris: [long pause] I know we talked about the pole dancing class earlier. I was gonna, I was thinking about signing up for that, and then Kim was supposed to let me know about, you know, information, but she was so busy. And she just could really find the time to find that information, so I-

Kacey: Well why couldn’t you find the information, I mean that’s pretty easy to look up?

Chris: I was busy too… and I just didn’t really think of it.

Kacey: Hmm.

Chris: Hmm, but yeah I looked it up a little bit and I got some information so, I’ll definitely think about signing up for that, you know, in the spring.

Kacey: OK, well that’s good.

Chris: Yeah, it is good. [long pause, sound of typing] Mmmm.

Kacey: [sighs]

Chris: Mmm, So what else is going on with you? Or yeah, it’s just, that’s it then, isn’t it?

Kacey: I’m sorry?

Chris: Just classes and work?

Kacey: Yeah, just classes and work. Just, you know. You need to be a little more independent. Kim has a lot of things to do, like a job and stuff. I know you’re busy with your comics and stuff, but that doesn’t really seem like an excuse to not be able to look stuff up like that.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re right.

Kacey: You need to take responsibility because you really, you’re not even a quarter as busy as we are.

Chris: Ah, I’m sorry what was that expression, I’m not as what as you are?

Kacey: You’re not even a quarter as busy as both of us are. We have really busy, hectic lives.

Chris: Hmmm, yeah. Well, yeah you know, I’m definitely waiting to hear back from, see if I get one of those jobs or not, but hopefully I will, and then I will be a little bit more busy, for real.

Kacey: Yeah but even then, we all live on our own. You need to count your blessings and not try to use that as an excuse.

Chris: Yeah… Mmm’kay. Yeah I get it, yep. Well that reminds me. You remember I told you, I’d like to know if it was pretty much safe for you to call my fam-, call my mom and dad, introduce yourself, maybe schedule a little meet and greet, you know?

Kacey: Uh-huh.

Chris: Things have calmed down pretty well around and here. I think maybe uh, maybe about tomorrow or the weekend, I feel it’s a good time to call them up and say, “Hey.”

Kacey: I’ll think about it. [sounds from computer]

Chris: OK.

Kacey: But why would I have to? Do they really not trust me that much?

Chris: Yeah, my parents are like, they’re just enclosed, they’re finding it hard to believe for me to have friends in real life. They gotta meet my friends in person, just to make them feel better. I told Kim as well about this earlier tonight.

Kacey: I know, it’s just, I don’t know why. Meeting someone’s parents is a big thing. It’s not like it’s something serious. That’s like something you would do for, when you’re going to get married. I understand where you’re going but, I’ll think about it. I’ll think about it.

Chris: It is not, we’re not getting married, it’s not like that. I’m just trying to make my parents feel better, you know, letting them know that I have, letting them meet my friends, and then maybe they’ll trust me to make my own friends beyond…in addition.

Kacey: Well, if they want you to be more adult they’re going to have to let you be more adult.

Chris: Yeah. Anyway, I’m just making the suggestion of you and Kim meeting my parents, making them feel better about, like, you know. I actually have friends, that I have, I have been trusting, and they can feel that they can trust as well.

Kacey: OK, like I said, I’ll think about it.

Chris: OK.

Kacey: So how is your status with any jobs? Have you gotten any interviews?

Chris: No, not yet.

Kacey: Have you been calling back to let them know- to ask them what the status is?

Chris: Hmmm… yeah. I haven’t called them back yet. [sound of typing] I’ll put that on my agenda for tomorrow.

Kacey: OK, you need to do that quickly or they’re going to think you’re not interested at all.

Chris: Yeah, OK…yeah. [long pause] Let me ask you though, yeah. You’re living with your roommates in your apartment, are they all asleep now?

Kacey: No, not really, most of us are night owls, why?

Chris: I’m just curious. Like you know, they’re asleep and you’re talking, uh… [nervous stuttering] I just thought, uh, I don’t know.

Kacey: Well, I can go outside on the phone anyway, it’s not that big of a deal. Are you worried somebody is listening?

Chris: No not really, I just didn’t want to bother your roommates, if they get bothered when they… I don’t know. I just don’t like offending people, or feel like I’m offending anybody, you know?

Kacey: OK, just making sure there’s not an ulterior motive.

Chris: I promise you, no ulterior motives.

Kacey: OK, so um, I’m going to go because I’ve got early classes tomorrow. So I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I’ll probably be late again, so I apologize.

Chris: That’s OK, I’ll wait for you.

Kacey: OK, thank you. Alright, bye.

Chris: You stay safe, take care, bye-bye.

[call ends]

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