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An IRC chat where Chris, Julie and PandaHalo have it out all at once. Chris is revealed as a miserable two-timing bastard.


Early in January 2009, PandaHalo had been something like Chris's regular sweetheart for some time, ever since Blanca Weiss dumped him at the end of October 2008. However, Chris was distracted for several days prior to this chat by the arrival of a new would-be girlfriend, Julie (who speaks using the handle BlueSpike, a sign of things to come).

Here, Julie "discovers" that Chris has still been leading Panda on while trying to lure her down to visit him in Charlottesville. Likewise, Panda "discovers" that Chris has considered dumping her for a newer model. Hilarity ensues.

Julie pressures Chris to tell her that he loves her above all, but all he can come up with are wishy-washy put-ons- "I love you, Julie, like I love and care for every women who is fond and cares about me." Panda claims that he's strung them both along with the same line about losing their virginity at the Doubletree Inn. Both of them bemoan the absolute shattering of their heart level, a mocking joke that Chris naturally doesn't pick up on.

Eventually, Julie drops the trump card by threatening to kill herself and temporarily leaves the chat. As soon as she's gone, Chris has the gall to tell Panda "I still want you more," and "I still want you here most of all." As soon as Julie returns, Chris backpedals again- "I do love Panda, a lot, but I felt soo appreciated and understood with y'all, and for that I love you all too."

The chat finally collapses into everyone involved trashing Chris for his insensitivity, to which the best response he can come up with is "I was confused." He flees to go work on his comics as the trolls all break down laughing.


20:16 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichufans
20:17 -!- mode/#sonichufans [+o Guest] by PandaHalo
20:17 -!- Guest is now known as ChrisChanSonichu

20:17 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey.
20:17 <+RebeccaVanDierten> hello
20:17 <+sonichulover1989> hey
20:17 <@BlueSpike> Chris, I heard you're still going out with Panda...I'm mad that you played me like that.
20:17 <+RebeccaVanDierten> aww
20:17 <@BlueSpike> You even told me to go to the Double Tree Hotel...I was happy..
20:17 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Actually, Julie, I have not gone out with Panda yet; we hadn't met IRL yet.
20:17 <@BlueSpike> But even learning my country was too poor for air travel was worse than this!
20:17 <+RebeccaVanDierten> but blue... didn't you tell me you had issues with traveling?
20:17 <@BlueSpike> I can't believe this!!
20:18 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sorry to have led you on like that.
20:18 <@BlueSpike> I don't think I can forgive you..
20:18 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and I'm sorry to have hurt you.
20:18 <@BlueSpike> I'm really mad you'd do that..
20:18 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you.
20:18 <@BlueSpike> I don't think you do...
20:18 <@BlueSpike> I'll need time to think about this, Chris.
20:18 <+RebeccaVanDierten> BlueSpike, my father is a diplomat in your country... i'll see what he can do to get you out of Molvania
20:18 <@BlueSpike> Thanks, Rebecca.
20:19 <@BlueSpike> Chris, after a bit of thinking...
20:19 <@BlueSpike> I still love you.
20:19 <@BlueSpike> Do you truly love me?
20:19 <@BlueSpike> Above any other girl?
20:19 <@ChrisChanSonichu> so much was going on, and all you sweet ladies just kinda made me feel a bit overbeared; like y'all were piling up on me at once.
20:20 <@BlueSpike> You're dodging the question.
20:20 <@BlueSpike> DO YOU LOVE ME?
20:20 <@BlueSpike> AS I LOVE YOU?
20:20 <@BlueSpike> Above any other girl?
20:20 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I love you, Julie, like I love and care for every women who is fond and cares about me.
20:20 <@PandaHalo> Chris.. who do you love more? ;.;
20:20 <@BlueSpike> I'm sure he loves me more.
20:20 <+RebeccaVanDierten> here come the arms race
20:21 <@BlueSpike> He said so himself.
20:21 <+sonichulover1989> what about me?
20:21 <+sonichulover1989> i'm in dc
20:21 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Ladies, please.
20:21 <@PandaHalo> No :( I'm certain he loves me more.. he said he wants to lose his virginity at the double tree with me
20:21 <@BlueSpike> When I get there Chris I'll rent a room at the hotel and we'll go at 'the act' ASAP.
20:21 <@BlueSpike> No..He said the same thing!
20:21 * RebeccaVanDierten is 30, but i can still dream of being in chris's arms
20:21 <@BlueSpike> He said I'd could rent at the double tree
20:21 <@canine> hey now
20:21 <@PandaHalo> what? he said he was going to lose his virginity to YOU?
20:21 <@BlueSpike> He'd love to lose his virginity there.
20:21 <@BlueSpike> Yeah!
20:21 <@canine> y'all can do this later
20:21 <@canine> can't you?
20:21 <%cogsdev> chris that's not very nice
20:21 <@PandaHalo> He can't lose his virginity twice? :(
20:21 <@PandaHalo> i feel very led on :(
20:22 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sorry; I got carried away.
20:22 <@BlueSpike> He said I could rent at the double tree and he'd lose his virginty there to me!
20:22 <@PandaHalo> i had even planned to fly to the states next month :(
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20:22 <%cogsdev> do you say that to all the sonichugirls?
20:22 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah.
20:22 <@PandaHalo> i even turned down robert simmons because i wanted to lose my virginity to chris :( :(
20:22 <@BlueSpike> I planned to fly there too.
20:22 <@PandaHalo> but now that i know he said that to you as well
20:22 <@BlueSpike> I even turned down a childhood friend.
20:23 <@PandaHalo> Maybe he's pretending to be a virgin so we'll lose our virginities to him :(
20:23 <+RebeccaVanDierten> yeah... that's not cool to play all of us like that
20:23 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have known you longer, and I feel more for you. Yet I do not want to feel like I'm belittling any other women either.
20:23 <@PandaHalo> but he's not really a virgin and maybe he just says it to all the girls so he can pop their cherries :(
20:23 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I truly AM a Virgin.
20:23 <@BlueSpike> What a jerk!!!!
20:23 <+RebeccaVanDierten> you almost remind me of my twin brother Arjen... a heartbreaker and a player
20:23 <+sonichulover1989> i feel led on
20:23 <@BlueSpike> You ARE belittling other girls because you're promising everything to everyone!
20:23 <+RebeccaVanDierten> AND HE TROLLS YOU, CHRIS.... he trolls you
20:23 <%cogsdev> you're being really insensitive to other people's feelings
20:24 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Everyone, please; there is a lot going on at once.
20:24 <@BlueSpike> There's not even that much to read!
20:24 <@PandaHalo> My heart has been shattered down to 5% :(
20:24 <@BlueSpike> My heart is down to 0%...
20:24 <+sonichulover1989> mine down to 0%
20:24 <@ChrisChanSonichu> My head feels dizzy.
20:24 <@BlueSpike> I'm depressed now..
20:24 <+RebeccaVanDierten> Mine has been shattered to -0%
20:24 <@BlueSpike> And angry.
20:24 <@PandaHalo> I was so looking forward to my trip to the states next month :(
20:24 <+sonichulover1989> i think i'm having a seizure
20:24 <@BlueSpike> I'm starting to think maybe I'll jump down my staircase..
20:24 * RebeccaVanDierten plans to kill herself now
20:25 <@BlueSpike> Head first..
20:25 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Panda. I want you, I truly do. I just got carried away.
20:25 <@BlueSpike> What about me!?!?
20:25 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and I am super sorry.
20:25 <+sonichulover1989> >:O
20:25 <+RebeccaVanDierten> or me?
20:25 <@BlueSpike> YOU'RE NOT SORRY!
20:25 <@BlueSpike> YOU'RE A LYER!
20:25 <+RebeccaVanDierten> OR ME YOU STUPID FUCKWIT!!!!!!!!!
20:25 <@BlueSpike> YOU'RE AN AWFUL PERSON!
20:25 <@BlueSpike> I HATE YOU!
20:25 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Julie, I said I wanted to meet you.
20:25 <+RebeccaVanDierten> YOU ARE!!!
20:25 <@BlueSpike> NO
20:25 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and again I got caught up in the moment.
20:25 <@PandaHalo> I'm sorry ChrisChanSonichu.. I'm just.. I'm really hurt because of.. I was waiting for you.. I turned down robert simmons to wait for you.. I couldn't wait to tell you I was flying there next month :(
20:25 <@BlueSpike> I was gonna try to drive to the states!
20:26 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah. I want you more.
20:26 <+RebeccaVanDierten> I'M TOO OLD FOR YOU AND I'M STILL HURT!!!!!
20:26 <@BlueSpike> FUCK YOU!
20:26 <@BlueSpike> I LOVED YOU.
20:26 <@PandaHalo> I thought I was special.. I thought I was going to be your sweet heart :( but now i know you've said that stuff to other girls :(
20:26 <@BlueSpike> AND YOU'RE HEARTLESS!
20:26 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, you are special.
20:26 -!- BlueSpike [] has left #sonichufans []
20:26 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and everyone else is special.
20:26 -!- XanatosVanBadas [] has joined #sonichufans
20:26 <@canine> except for the male fans?
20:26 -!- BlueSpike [] has joined #sonichufans
20:26 <@ChrisChanSonichu> D:
20:26 <@PandaHalo> ChrisChanSonichu
20:26 <%cogsdev> chris, you can't date them all at once
20:27 <@PandaHalo> remember how you said you were hurt because I was getting close to robert?
20:27 -!- mode/#sonichufans [+v BlueSpike] by canine
20:27 <+BlueSpike> I thought about it..
20:27 -!- RebeccaVanDierten [] has left #sonichufans []
20:27 <+BlueSpike> I think I'm going to end my life..
20:27 <@PandaHalo> even though i didnt have sex with him
20:27 <+BlueSpike> Because of you, Chris.
20:27 <@ChrisChanSonichu> DOn't do that, Julie.
20:27 <+BlueSpike> Goodbye.
20:27 <@PandaHalo> imagine that feeling.. but over 9000 times as strong :(
20:27 <+BlueSpike> I'll see Ryan Soon.
20:27 -!- BlueSpike [] has left #sonichufans []
20:27 <@PandaHalo> no! julie!
20:27 <@PandaHalo> oh no
20:27 <@PandaHalo> what are we going to do
20:27 <+Singsong> Oh my god
20:27 <@ChrisChanSonichu> damn.
20:27 <@PandaHalo> i hope she doesnt hurt herself
20:27 <@PandaHalo> does anyone have her contact number??
20:27 -!- CameronVanDierten [] has joined #sonichufans
20:27 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hope she doesn't either.
20:27 <@PandaHalo> we need to stop her
20:27 <@ChrisChanSonichu> YES
20:27 -!- XanatosVanBadas [] has left #sonichufans []
20:27 <@PandaHalo> we can't just HOPE
20:28 <@PandaHalo> we need to DO something
20:28 -!- Red [] has joined #sonichufans
20:28 <%cogsdev> i'll try to talk with her
20:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes.
20:28 -!- Luv4Sonichu [] has joined #sonichufans
20:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, I still want you more, I truly do.
20:28 <@PandaHalo> I feel terrible
20:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I feel terrible too.
20:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and dizzy.
20:29 <@PandaHalo> I feel like the person who I wanted to give my life to has rejected me.. and now I feel party responsible for Julie trying to kill herself
20:29 <@PandaHalo> i hope she doesnt
20:29 <@PandaHalo> cogsdev: have you managed to ring her or something?
20:29 <%cogsdev> i'm trying
20:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I prey she doesn't.
20:29 <%cogsdev> she's not answering her phone
20:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> *Pray
20:29 -!- Guest61466 [] has quit [Quit: Guest61466]
20:29 <@PandaHalo> not answering?
20:30 <@PandaHalo> i hope it's not too late
20:30 <@ChrisChanSonichu> me 2
20:30 <@PandaHalo> do you know how she might do it?
20:30 <@PandaHalo> she doesnt have a gun or anything does she?
20:30 <@PandaHalo> because that's instant
20:30 <@PandaHalo> over dosing takes more time
20:30 <@ChrisChanSonichu> :(
20:30 <%cogsdev> she was a gun enthusiast...
20:30 <@ChrisChanSonichu> damn!
20:30 <@PandaHalo> Oh no!
20:30 <@PandaHalo> people always make rash decisions when they are emotional
20:31 <@PandaHalo> i hope she hasnt
20:31 <%cogsdev> i hope her dad kept them in a cabinet
20:31 <@PandaHalo> me too
20:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you
20:31 -!- mode/#sonichufans [+v Antichan] by cogsdev
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20:31 -!- Red [] has joined #sonichufans

20:31 <+Antichan> Hai~!
20:31 <@vivitheg> On a lighter note, I hear you are going to upload the new comic tonight!
20:32 <+Antichan> Is this the Sonichu channel? :3
20:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Listen, Sarah, last night, Julie was rather impulsive, and said she wanted to come to me; I didn't know what to do; I felt overpowered.
20:32 <+Antichan> Hello from Japan~!
20:32 <@PandaHalo> over powered? like she was going to rape you?
20:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> in a sense, yes.
20:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it happened so fast.
20:32 <@PandaHalo> ohhh
20:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> just like now in the chaos.
20:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sorry, Sarah.
20:33 <+Antichan> ?
20:33 <+Antichan> What are you all talking about~desu?
20:33 <@PandaHalo> i need some time to collect my thoughts
20:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Ohio.
20:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> me 2
20:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I still want you here most of all, Sarah.
20:33 <+Antichan> Oh~!
20:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I truly do.
20:33 <@PandaHalo> how do i know you're not saying that to other girls? :(
20:33 <+Antichan> That is sad~!
20:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I Promise.
20:34 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and you are the only one who I've Role-Played House with.
20:34 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I Swear on my life on that.
20:34 <+Antichan> Sonichu is very popular with my friends and I
20:34 <+Antichan> but are we not talking about that~?
20:34 <@PandaHalo> im sorry Antichan me and chris are in a bit of relationship trouble right now
20:34 <+Antichan> Ooooh~
20:34 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yeah.
20:34 <@PandaHalo> plus Julie is commiting suicide
20:34 <@PandaHalo> and we need to stop her
20:34 <%cogsdev> she won't talk to me
20:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes, we must stop her.
20:35 <+Antichan> Let me help~!
20:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I wish I could talk to her myself and stop her.
20:35 <@PandaHalo> with that house roleplay.. are you talking about that's when reginald peed on the ceiling?
20:35 <+Antichan> This happened to a friend of mine once~!
20:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes
20:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> :)
20:35 <@PandaHalo> Ohhh it went everywhere didnt chris!
20:35 <@PandaHalo> thanks for cleaning it all up!
20:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it makes me feel a bit better that you remember that.
20:35 -!- Magichan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
20:35 <+Antichan> I was able to stop her~
20:36 <+Antichan> I am studying to be a psychologist
20:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> but we must stop Julie from doing something really stupid.
20:36 <+Antichan> Yes
20:36 <+Antichan> This...Julie, yes?
20:36 <+Antichan> She needs someone to talk to~
20:36 <%cogsdev> a permanent solution to a temporary problem
20:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes.
20:36 <+Antichan> Who knows her well~?
20:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> cogsdev
20:37 <+Antichan> Ah!
20:37 -!- Red [] has left #sonichufans []
20:37 -!- BlueSpike' [] has joined #sonichufans
20:37 -!- mode/#sonichufans [+v BlueSpike] by cogsdev

20:37 <+Antichan> cogsdev, may I have her number~?
20:37 <+BlueSpike> ...
20:37 <%cogsdev> why weren't you answering your phone!
20:37 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Julie. I'm sorry.
20:37 <+BlueSpike> I was going to..
20:37 <+Antichan> Oh!
20:37 <+BlueSpike> But this wasn't worth it.
20:37 <+Antichan> BlueSpike is Julie~?
20:37 <+Antichan> Ah!
20:37 <+BlueSpike> I am mad at you Chris, that is true.
20:37 <+BlueSpike> But even the worst wounds can be healed.
20:37 <+Antichan> That is good~!
20:37 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and I do not blame you.
20:38 <+BlueSpike> Instead of making them bigger.
20:38 <+Antichan> This will be good for my classes~!
20:38 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes, Julie.
20:38 <@ChrisChanSonichu> You still have a LOT to live for.
20:38 <+BlueSpike> I do somewhat blame you for this.
20:38 <+BlueSpike> Trying to play me and Panda this way.
20:38 <+BlueSpike> I'm going to tell Sonichu Girls you tried to double date behind my back.
20:38 <+sonichulover1989> and me
20:38 <+BlueSpike> And that you cheated on me and Panda.
20:38 <+sonichulover1989> >:(
20:39 <%cogsdev> i really want to comfort you julie but it's a long way to navarro...
20:39 <+Antichan> Oh my~
20:39 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I did not mean anything like that; I was trying to get to know my fans as friends.
20:39 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and gal-pals.
20:39 <@PandaHalo> are there any other sonichugirls that chris led on?
20:39 <+BlueSpike> I'm sorry, they just need to know their 'king' does this.
20:39 <+BlueSpike> I'm going to tell them.
20:39 <+sonichulover1989> all of us
20:39 <@ChrisChanSonichu> wait.
20:39 <+BlueSpike> I'm going to start by telling my friend who has an account.
20:39 <+BlueSpike> ?
20:39 <@canine> you ignore the male fans
20:39 <@PandaHalo> sonichulover1989: He told you too??
20:40 <+BlueSpike> Wait what?
20:40 <+Antichan> Oh, what is this mess!?
20:40 -!- Pinwheel [] has joined #sonichufans
20:40 <+Antichan> I thought we would ask questions about the comic~!
20:40 <+Antichan> I had a good one
20:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Listen Julie, I love all you Sonichu Girls equally as gal-pals. I made a mistake and got carried away when I did not mean to.
20:41 <+BlueSpike> But Chris..I truly love you..
20:41 <+Antichan> I believe what Chris says~
20:41 <+BlueSpike> More than Panda, I believe.
20:41 <+BlueSpike> I want you to lost your virginity to me.
20:41 <%cogsdev> i don't think anyone can trust you after this
20:41 <+BlueSpike> I want to be your first.
20:41 <+BlueSpike> And you shattered my hopes and dreams..
20:41 <@PandaHalo> if i use a dildo in my pussy, does that mean im not a virgin anymore?
20:41 <+BlueSpike> Which is why I almost killed myself.
20:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you, but I did promise Sarah first.
20:42 <+BlueSpike> You lied to me.
20:42 <+BlueSpike> You're awful...
20:42 <+BlueSpike> You lied to Panda!
20:42 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I did not mean to.
20:42 <+BlueSpike> You always say that~
20:42 <+BlueSpike> You never mean it!
20:42 <+BlueSpike> You men are all the same!
20:42 <%cogsdev> i can't accidentally lie
20:42 <%cogsdev> *you can't
20:42 <@ChrisChanSonichu> D:
20:42 <+BlueSpike> I'm GOING to tell the Sonichu girls how AWFUL you are!
20:42 <+BlueSpike> They'll hear all of it!
20:42 <@ChrisChanSonichu> no please don't.
20:42 <+BlueSpike> Why?
20:42 <+BlueSpike> I thought you loved Panda!
20:43 <+BlueSpike> What would it matter if they didn't like you?
20:43 <+Antichan> I think you girls are acting like whores~!
20:43 <+BlueSpike> Were you planning to lie to THEM too!?!?
20:43 <+Antichan> Oh dear...
20:43 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I do love Panda, a lot, but I felt soo appreciated and understood with y'all, and for that I love you all too.
20:43 <+BlueSpike> I don't care.
20:43 <@PandaHalo> you didnt feel appreciated and understood by me?
20:43 <+BlueSpike> I'm telling them.
20:43 <@PandaHalo> :(
20:44 <@PandaHalo> </3
20:44 <+Antichan> Chris-chan~
20:44 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I do feel appreciated from you, Sarah.
20:44 <+BlueSpike> All you do Chris, is hurt women!
20:44 <+BlueSpike> That's all you've done!
20:44 <+BlueSpike> You never give anything back!
20:44 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I don't mean to.
20:44 <+Antichan> you can only love one girl as a true sweetheart~
20:44 <@PandaHalo> but chris.. i understood you.. when you said you wanted to be a househusband
20:44 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I do.
20:44 <@PandaHalo> Think of Reginald! Crystal's big brother.. :( think of crystal!
20:44 <%cogsdev> but you can't be a househusband in so many houses
20:44 <+Antichan> Then who is your true sweetheart~?
20:45 <@PandaHalo> Think of that pee on the ceiling :( without you.. who's going to clean it up when im at work D:
20:45 -!- Espastica[nap] [] has joined #sonichufans
20:45 -!- Espastica[nap] [] has left #sonichufans []

20:45 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah. :-*
20:45 <@PandaHalo> who will sing baby crystal to sleep with yellow is a mellow colour? :(
20:45 <+BlueSpike> All you do is take!
20:45 <@PandaHalo> yes ChrisChanSonichu?
20:45 <+BlueSpike> You never show anyone true emotion!
20:45 <+BlueSpike> You're the worst man ever!
20:45 <@PandaHalo> i do
20:45 <@ChrisChanSonichu> :-*:-*:-*
20:45 <+BlueSpike> I now see why you will NEVER find a boyfriend free girl!
20:45 <+BlueSpike> You will never lose your virginity!
20:46 <+BlueSpike> You are PITIFUL!
20:46 <+BlueSpike> I can't believe what you've done!
20:46 * Antichan is shocked
20:46 -!- spasticnerfbag [] has joined #sonichufans

20:46 <+Antichan> Julie~!
20:46 <+BlueSpike> You'll never forget this, I'll make sure of it!
20:46 <+Antichan> Be calm~!
20:46 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Listen, the reason I never was able to find a woman before was because I was in confusion.
20:46 <@PandaHalo> oh no julie
20:46 <+BlueSpike> You're always confused!
20:46 <@PandaHalo> what are you going to do?
20:46 <+Antichan> This is not proper~!
20:46 <+BlueSpike> And you blame it on your autism!
20:46 <@PandaHalo> cast an evil witch spell or something
20:46 <+BlueSpike> But it's not that!
20:46 <+BlueSpike> You're able to be as smart as anyone!
20:46 <+sonichulover1989> not because you're confused
20:46 <+sonichulover1989> because you are dishonest
20:46 <+BlueSpike> But you just act stupid!!!!
20:46 -!- Sarahchu [] has joined #sonichufans
20:46 <+BlueSpike> That's all you do!
20:47 <+Antichan> Stop this please!
20:47 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sorry.
20:47 -!- GenesisRosechu [] has joined #sonichufans
20:47 <+BlueSpike> You're always saying that!
20:47 <+BlueSpike> BUT YOU DON'T MEAN IT!
20:47 <+sonichulover1989> sorry doesn't cut it
20:47 <+BlueSpike> JUST SHUT UP!
20:47 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I need to collect my thoughts.
20:47 <+BlueSpike> SHUT THE HELL UP!
20:47 <+Antichan> We want to hear about the comic~!
20:47 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'll talk to you later, Sarah.
20:47 <+BlueSpike> YOU'RE AN AWFUL MAN!
20:47 <+BlueSpike> I'LL TELL SONICHU GIRLS.
20:47 <+sonichulover1989> im starting to think the trolls are right
20:47 <+Antichan> No~!
20:47 <+BlueSpike> THEY'LL ALL HATE YOU!!!
20:47 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have to finish my comic.
20:47 -!- ChrisChanSonichu [] has quit [Quit: ChrisChanSonichu]
20:47 <+sonichulover1989> HAHA
20:47 <+Antichan> this lawl worthy?

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