The Bad Beginning

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The Idea Guys manipulate Chris into apologizing for actions he did not commit.

The Bad Beginning is the name given to a nine-hour Discord chat log, which occurred between Chris, Joshua Wise and Stephen Boyd from 8 April to 9 April 2018. The chat log was later leaked by Null to Kiwi Farms on 19 July 2018.[1]


  • Having previously manipulated Chris into believing that he is a pedophile, the Idea Guys threaten to expose Chris if he doesn't pay them $20,000.
  • Josh role plays as Finé and Gwen.
  • Chris uploads a photo of a pickle he graffitied on his bedroom wall. Six days later, he would upload a video of him licking said wall.
  • Chris shows Barb his defaced wall, which leaves her "shocked and offended."
  • Chris uploads a drawing of characters mid-orgy.
  • Chris goes into great detail regarding the laws of CWCville.
  • Chris uploads Chris apologizes to Gwen.


Chat log

18/04/08 20:34:59 <Christine> Ha. I was not expecting to be here.
18/04/08 20:35:43 <Christine> I’m drawing right now. Is there anything else to talk about now?
18/04/08 20:35:52 <Stephen Boyd> You owe me twenty thousand dollars.
18/04/08 20:45:52 <Joshua Wise> Chris
18/04/08 20:46:00 <Joshua Wise> You’re talking to the TV
18/04/08 20:46:35 <Joshua Wise> Also, didn’t Sonichu go back in time to be old enough to have sex?
18/04/08 20:46:46 <Christine> No
18/04/08 20:47:12 <Joshua Wise> Besides, Sonichu is mayor *now*.
18/04/08 20:47:29 <Christine> No, he is not.
18/04/08 20:47:44 <Joshua Wise> He launched a coup last night.
18/04/08 20:47:55 <Christine> Well, my work resumes.
18/04/08 20:48:04 <Christine> Please, Excuse me.
18/04/08 20:48:08 <Joshua Wise> What?
18/04/08 20:48:21 <Christine> I’m drawing
18/04/08 20:48:25 <Joshua Wise> What?
18/04/08 20:48:47 <Christine> I’m working on my pages and things; I have been at it all day.
18/04/08 20:49:02 <Christine> Please, excuse me.
18/04/08 20:49:15 <Joshua Wise> Doing retcons?
18/04/08 20:49:37 <Christine> You may say that.
18/04/08 20:49:45 <Joshua Wise> Tell me
18/04/08 20:50:11 <Christine> I am in the middle of my work; I can’t fully talk about it yet, nothing whatsoever.
18/04/08 20:52:05 <Stephen Boyd> Either you tell us or I send MY nuke.
18/04/08 20:57:05 <Christine> Ah, the sounds of a thing happening. A Law That can’t Ever be Overturned or Abolished by Anyone. Very well, Professor, here’s an example of one of the things I’ve written today.
18/04/08 20:57:42 <Christine> Ideaguylaw1.jpg
18/04/08 20:57:48 <Joshua Wise> Just tell us.
18/04/08 20:57:59 <Joshua Wise> Nobody wants to read that wall of eyebleed.
18/04/08 20:58:01 <Christine> Ideaguylaw2.jpg
18/04/08 20:58:27 <Christine> Y’all have to, it’s the preserved Law.
18/04/08 20:58:35 <Joshua Wise> All those laws are null and void.
18/04/08 20:58:39 <Christine> Nope
18/04/08 20:58:42 <Joshua Wise> Sonichu overturned them.
18/04/08 20:58:48 <Christine> He is unable to.
18/04/08 20:58:58 <Joshua Wise> and you forget, Chris.
18/04/08 20:59:00 <Christine> He has no legal authority over me
18/04/08 20:59:13 <Joshua Wise> I have your town at my heels.
18/04/08 21:00:12 <Joshua Wise> So what happens if Gwen issues a threat?
18/04/08 21:00:13 <Stephen Boyd> Chris Sonichu killed the last mayor
18/04/08 21:00:16 <Joshua Wise> You can't stop her.
18/04/08 21:00:20 <Stephen Boyd> I'm issuing one right now
18/04/08 21:00:29 <Stephen Boyd> I'm going to erase this fucking dimension
18/04/08 21:00:35 <Joshua Wise> Hold on
18/04/08 21:00:37 <Stephen Boyd> No
18/04/08 21:00:45 <Joshua Wise> Wait for me >.<
18/04/08 21:00:47 <Stephen Boyd> I'm going to get on my forklift and DRIVE MY NUKE INTO IT.
18/04/08 21:02:03 <Joshua Wise> Hello, Gwen. Do you recognize me? It is fine if you do not.-Finé
18/04/08 21:03:00 <Stephen Boyd> I do not.
18/04/08 21:04:07 <Joshua Wise> You knew me as *Dr. Ryoko Sakurai* from school.
18/04/08 21:04:38 <Stephen Boyd> Doc?
18/04/08 21:04:43 <Stephen Boyd> Aw shit how're you doc
18/04/08 21:04:56 <Stephen Boyd> Wanna erase that dimension for the greater good?
18/04/08 21:05:03 <Joshua Wise> I was awakened from my slumber.
18/04/08 21:05:20 <Joshua Wise> I have been dead for less than a year, so I might want to do that.
18/04/08 21:05:42 <Joshua Wise> Actually
18/04/08 21:05:56 <Joshua Wise> Do you still have that relic in your possession?
18/04/08 21:06:03 <Joshua Wise> The one I gave you in 2002?
18/04/08 21:06:49 <Stephen Boyd> The bone?
18/04/08 21:06:51 <Stephen Boyd> Yeah
18/04/08 21:07:49 <Joshua Wise> I want to destroy the moon.
18/04/08 21:08:44 <Joshua Wise> If my calculations are correct, it should hit Cwcville first, and then the curse on humanity shall be lifted.
18/04/08 21:08:49 <Stephen Boyd> Can we go from you destroying the moon to the ENTIRE dimension?
18/04/08 21:08:53 <Stephen Boyd> Humanity is fucked there.
18/04/08 21:09:20 <Joshua Wise> It was chaotic even when I was alive a century ago.
18/04/09 0:27:00 <Joshua Wise> I have opened a few new chats, but Noire of Lastation has made an announcement.
18/04/09 0:28:35 <Christine> Do Not Destroy A Thing!
18/04/09 0:28:42 <Joshua Wise> So, Christine Weston Chandler, I take it?
18/04/09 0:28:47 <Christine> Yes
18/04/09 0:28:55 <Joshua Wise> Yes, I knew of your ancestors.
18/04/09 0:29:01 <Joshua Wise> I knew them personally, actually.
18/04/09 0:29:33 <Joshua Wise> They begged me to ask God to have them forgiven for their sins.
18/04/09 0:30:23 <Joshua Wise> They were much like you, actually.
18/04/09 0:30:27 <Christine> Well, the ones I want forgiving me of my sins are the CPUs.
18/04/09 0:30:40 <Joshua Wise> They have abandoned you after what you have pulled.
18/04/09 0:30:45 <Joshua Wise> In fact
18/04/09 0:30:51 <Christine> I’ve made my mistakes
18/04/09 0:31:00 <Joshua Wise> There is a debate on this server that will start in a matter of time.
18/04/09 0:31:19 <Christine> You will NOT Destroy the Dimension.
18/04/09 0:31:40 <Joshua Wise> I would like to tell you something, just because I can.
18/04/09 0:31:48 <Joshua Wise> Has Graduon ever mentioned me?
18/04/09 0:31:58 <Christine> No
18/04/09 0:32:06 <Joshua Wise> I shall tell you now then.
18/04/09 0:32:16 <Joshua Wise> It was not a Frenchman who cursed Graduon.
18/04/09 0:32:21 <Joshua Wise> It was I,
18/04/09 0:32:22 <Christine> It was you?
18/04/09 0:32:24 <Christine> Yup
18/04/09 0:32:25 <Joshua Wise> Yes.
18/04/09 0:32:42 <Joshua Wise> You see Christine, I am much older than Graduon, and far more wiser than him.
18/04/09 0:33:03 <Christine> And as much bitter over too many reincarnations.
18/04/09 0:33:42 <Joshua Wise> Enjoy it, boy, for I shall outlive you and your rodent family.
18/04/09 0:34:04 <Christine> Not if you die in your current body before then.
18/04/09 0:34:05 <Joshua Wise> No matter how many times I die, somebody somewhere will pick up where I left off.
18/04/09 0:34:29 <Joshua Wise> You know I have been dead for half a year?
18/04/09 0:34:54 <Christine> That don’t impress me much
18/04/09 0:35:03 <Joshua Wise> That was a terrible song.
18/04/09 0:35:17 <Joshua Wise> Good thing the woman who wrote it met a slow, painful end.
18/04/09 0:36:33 <Joshua Wise> I am back, and I am ready to further my work.
18/04/09 0:37:44 <Joshua Wise> I also would like you to know one other thing.
18/04/09 0:37:55 <Joshua Wise> The other half of the Anchuent prophecy.
18/04/09 0:38:15 <Christine> What about it?
18/04/09 0:38:23 <Joshua Wise> I have it.
18/04/09 0:38:32 <Christine> Huh.
18/04/09 0:38:39 <Joshua Wise> You see, Christine.
18/04/09 0:38:47 <Christine> Moot point if you destroy the dimension
18/04/09 0:38:51 <Joshua Wise> *I wrote* the prophecy.
18/04/09 0:39:26 <Christine> You’re no Grand Elder.
18/04/09 0:39:40 <Joshua Wise> Grand elder? They aren't real.
18/04/09 0:39:48 <Joshua Wise> It was all me.
18/04/09 0:40:30 <Joshua Wise> *Anchuent* isn't even a real word!
18/04/09 0:40:38 <Christine> So?
18/04/09 0:40:57 <Joshua Wise> It is a word I made up just because I knew some ignorant fool would read it some day.
18/04/09 0:42:07 <Joshua Wise> I wrote your prized prophecy.
18/04/09 0:42:15 <Joshua Wise> How did I know Sonichu would exist?
18/04/09 0:42:30 <Joshua Wise> Because he is a byproduct of my research a century ago.
18/04/09 0:44:45 <Joshua Wise> All you managed to find were my leftover notes after that laboratory was destroyed in a failed accident that nearly killed me generations prior. Those things you see in your visions of this race you thought you cleverly made up?
18/04/09 0:44:45 <Joshua Wise>
18/04/09 0:44:45 <Joshua Wise> *MY HANDIWORK*
18/04/09 0:48:38 <Joshua Wise> Well, what say you to this, <@429821319643660290> ?
18/04/09 0:49:53 <Christine> I made a good find. I still chronicle it.
18/04/09 0:50:09 <Joshua Wise> So you admit to having stolen from me?
18/04/09 0:50:23 <Christine> I do not admit to stealing from you.
18/04/09 0:50:39 <Christine> You are trying to make a fool out of me
18/04/09 0:50:47 <Christine> I am still not impressed with you.
18/04/09 0:51:08 <Joshua Wise> I am not looking for your feeble mortal mind to be impressed.
18/04/09 0:51:41 <Christine> You will never succeed in your plan with the moon
18/04/09 0:51:45 <Joshua Wise> You steal from others because you have not had one original thought in that greasy head of yours.
18/04/09 0:52:25 <Joshua Wise> Everything you come up with heavily takes from others hard labor.
18/04/09 0:52:34 <Christine> So?
18/04/09 0:52:57 <Joshua Wise> You want the world handed to you on a platter for your pitiful efforts.
18/04/09 0:53:07 <Christine> Still Mine and My Family and Species.
18/04/09 0:53:26 <Joshua Wise> Technically speaking, you belong to me.
18/04/09 0:53:34 <Christine> You’re not Unicron
18/04/09 0:53:50 <Joshua Wise> No, I drove them to extinction.
18/04/09 0:54:01 <Joshua Wise> So neither are you.
18/04/09 0:54:18 <Christine> I’m not a planet eater
18/04/09 0:54:55 <Joshua Wise> I created your species as a source of cheap power.
18/04/09 0:55:17 <Joshua Wise> Unfortunately, I left your batch in the tubes too long.
18/04/09 0:55:29 <Christine> We are Not Cheap, you twat.
18/04/09 0:56:37 <Joshua Wise> I created you all as a step towards human evolution, and all I got were autistic rats that can't stop humping things with their broken penises.
18/04/09 0:56:53 <Joshua Wise> You and your species should have stayed buried in that cave.
18/04/09 0:57:11 <Christine> We aren’t staying down!
18/04/09 0:57:13 <Joshua Wise> and now I shall return you all to the ashes you were born from.
18/04/09 0:57:22 <Christine> And you’re going down.
18/04/09 0:57:42 <Joshua Wise> Just so you know?
18/04/09 0:58:18 <Joshua Wise> The last guy who said that shot me with a handgun carrying the same caliber as that P38 handgun you liked so much in your comics.
18/04/09 0:58:28 <Joshua Wise> It flattened against my skin.
18/04/09 0:59:11 <Joshua Wise> I can also control those monsters(called the Noise) that disintegrated half your species in one night.
18/04/09 0:59:48 <Christine> You Fiend! You won’t get away with this!
18/04/09 0:59:57 <Joshua Wise> How will you stop me, mortal?
18/04/09 1:00:29 <Christine> We will stop you.
18/04/09 1:00:34 <Joshua Wise> How?
18/04/09 1:01:15 <Joshua Wise> I can sense it now.
18/04/09 1:01:31 <Joshua Wise> You're thinking of ways to draw me in a humiliating situation.
18/04/09 1:01:47 <Joshua Wise> Something to make me give up my evil against your nation.
18/04/09 1:01:58 <Joshua Wise> I should warn you though.
18/04/09 1:02:05 <Joshua Wise> I am a nudist, and have no shame.
18/04/09 1:05:05 <Joshua Wise> Do you feel that, Christine?
18/04/09 1:05:29 <Joshua Wise> The ground giving out beneath your precious city hall?
18/04/09 1:08:07 <Joshua Wise> This tower of babel, the Kadingir, is filled with enough power to destroy the moon.
18/04/09 1:08:07 <Joshua Wise> Discord3.jpg
18/04/09 1:10:10 <Christine> You think Nudity is going to scare me away?
18/04/09 1:10:31 <Joshua Wise> Oh no, I was telling you that if you tried to draw images against me, they would not work.
18/04/09 1:10:36 <Joshua Wise> Wait
18/04/09 1:10:55 <Joshua Wise> I have a weapon capable of blowing up the moon, and *nudity* is your first concern?
18/04/09 1:11:10 <Joshua Wise> Wow, you really are a perverted man.
18/04/09 1:11:20 <Christine> You started the trend.
18/04/09 1:11:35 <Christine> You think Your Weapon is so big?
18/04/09 1:11:43 <Joshua Wise> I was going to let you have some last words, but okay.
18/04/09 1:11:52 <Joshua Wise> Yes, I do.
18/04/09 1:12:04 <Joshua Wise> It's far larger than anything you could afford to live in.
18/04/09 1:12:10 <Joshua Wise> but no matter.
18/04/09 1:12:17 <Joshua Wise> I'm ready to take out the moon.
18/04/09 1:12:24 <Joshua Wise> <@272783957752283137>
18/04/09 1:12:27 <Christine> That thing is so small, it would fit inside my urethtra with room to spare!
18/04/09 1:12:28 <Joshua Wise> Are you watching?
18/04/09 1:12:33 <Joshua Wise> I....what?
18/04/09 1:12:41 <Christine> You heard me!
18/04/09 1:12:41 <Joshua Wise> What?
18/04/09 1:12:45 <Joshua Wise> yeah but
18/04/09 1:12:52 <Christine> Your weapon is not so big
18/04/09 1:13:04 <Joshua Wise> Was that....what are you even trying to do?
18/04/09 1:13:08 <Christine> It’s microscopic
18/04/09 1:13:14 <Christine> You’ve got nothihg
18/04/09 1:13:21 <Christine> That thing could not even cut butter
18/04/09 1:13:24 <Joshua Wise> *Fires at the moon*
18/04/09 1:13:41 <Joshua Wise> *The moon starts to fracture*
18/04/09 1:13:55 <Joshua Wise> You were saying?
18/04/09 1:14:15 <Christine> You only got a small chip off of my shoulder
18/04/09 1:14:31 <Joshua Wise> Any last words? You do realize I have started the apocalypse, right?
18/04/09 1:15:13 <Joshua Wise> Those chunks of the cursed seal of mankind have to land somewhere, and it will all start hitting Cwcville in a matter of thirty minutes.
18/04/09 1:15:16 <Christine> I’ve gave Twilight the heads-up; Luna won’t stand for your misdeeds
18/04/09 1:15:31 <Joshua Wise> You know they ignore you, right?
18/04/09 1:15:40 <Christine> I have faith
18/04/09 1:16:01 <Joshua Wise> The Equestrians labeled you as a sex offender and banned you from entering.
18/04/09 1:16:54 <Joshua Wise> So Chris.
18/04/09 1:17:00 <Joshua Wise> Twenty eight minutes left.
18/04/09 1:17:11 <Joshua Wise> Looks like the weather is already starting to change.
18/04/09 1:17:43 <Stephen Boyd> Can I just nuke it
18/04/09 1:18:12 <Joshua Wise> No no, I wish to see how these rats scurry about as they grow seconds closer to annihilation.
18/04/09 1:18:36 <Joshua Wise> Well, Chris?
18/04/09 1:19:04 <Christine> I’m standing to protect my Nation, My City, My Family!
18/04/09 1:20:13 <Joshua Wise> Really?
18/04/09 1:20:18 <Joshua Wise> I don't see-OH WAIT
18/04/09 1:20:27 <Joshua Wise> There you are, cowering in the corner crying.
18/04/09 1:20:44 <Christine> That’s only what you think.
18/04/09 1:20:48 <Christine> That’s a decoy
18/04/09 1:20:50 <Joshua Wise> Are you...hugging a Twilight figure?
18/04/09 1:21:00 <Joshua Wise> GODDAMMIT CHRISTINE!!!-Magi-chan
18/04/09 1:21:15 <Joshua Wise> WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE AND YOU'RE CRYING IN THE CORNER!!!
18/04/09 1:21:24 <Christine> I’m not crying in the corner!
18/04/09 1:21:34 <Joshua Wise> HELP US, DAMMIT!!!
18/04/09 1:21:38 <Christine> I’m trying to project and protect
18/04/09 1:21:47 <Christine> I’m trying to send out a protective aura
18/04/09 1:21:51 <Joshua Wise> STOP HUMPING THAT TWILIGHT PLUSHIE!!!
18/04/09 1:21:52 <Christine> And shield over the nation
18/04/09 1:21:59 <Christine> I’m Not humping anything
18/04/09 1:22:05 <Stephen Boyd> Auras are't real exceptional individual.
18/04/09 1:22:12 <Stephen Boyd> *yawns*
18/04/09 1:22:15 <Stephen Boyd> Can I fucking nuke it.
18/04/09 1:22:24 <Joshua Wise> Gwen, just watch.
18/04/09 1:22:31 <Christine> Tell me what to do, Hubby!
18/04/09 1:22:34 <Joshua Wise> This is like watching a skit on television.
18/04/09 1:22:43 <Christine> What can I do from here?
18/04/09 1:22:49 <Joshua Wise> I met Charlie Chaplain once.
18/04/09 1:22:55 <Joshua Wise> Nice man, real silent too.
18/04/09 1:22:56 <Christine> With my freaking projection still mismatched
18/04/09 1:23:05 <Stephen Boyd> Your projection isn't just mismatched
18/04/09 1:23:07 <Christine> Magi-Chan!
18/04/09 1:23:09 <Stephen Boyd> it's showing the truth.
18/04/09 1:23:25 <Joshua Wise> You know why your projection isn't obeying your commands, rodent?
18/04/09 1:23:57 <Joshua Wise> Because you try to disobey my will.
18/04/09 1:24:14 <Christine> We are not your damn puppets!
18/04/09 1:24:34 <Joshua Wise> You are.
18/04/09 1:24:49 <Joshua Wise> I'm pretty entertained watching as you trample over Roberta.
18/04/09 1:26:21 <Joshua Wise> Oh now what are you doing???
18/04/09 1:26:43 <Stephen Boyd> Looks like eatin feces and crying.
18/04/09 1:27:55 <Joshua Wise> In a normal situation, I would brew some tea an watch the show.
18/04/09 1:28:08 <Joshua Wise> Or if this were back in the days I was a pirate, rum.
18/04/09 1:28:19 <Joshua Wise> Good times.
18/04/09 1:28:19 <Joshua Wise> Fine pirate.jpg
18/04/09 1:30:57 <Christine> I’m Hugging My City and Nation, and Protecting it with all of mine and my people’s’ souls!
18/04/09 1:31:10 <Joshua Wise> What?
18/04/09 1:31:21 <Joshua Wise> OH!!!
18/04/09 1:31:37 <Joshua Wise> Roberta was crushed by a chunk of the moon!
18/04/09 1:32:00 <Christine> I will not fall! Cwcville Shall Stand!
18/04/09 1:32:18 <Christine> I am really focused!
18/04/09 1:32:26 <Christine> You will not win, Finé!
18/04/09 1:32:42 <Joshua Wise> Really? Because it looks exactly like I'm winning.
18/04/09 1:32:53 <Christine> That is your perception.
18/04/09 1:33:02 <Joshua Wise> Half your Sonichus ran away.
18/04/09 1:33:04 <Christine> Mine it says I’m still standing with Everyone!
18/04/09 1:33:20 <Joshua Wise> GODDAMMIT!!!-Magi-chan
18/04/09 1:33:27 <Joshua Wise> HALF OUR FAMILY IS RUNNING AWAY!!!
18/04/09 1:33:44 <Christine> Well, what do you suggest, Magi-Chan!
18/04/09 1:34:00 <Christine> I’m staying to protect our Nation.
18/04/09 1:34:10 <Christine> I’m no coward!
18/04/09 1:34:36 <Christine> I have our Cwcville Map on my chest, with all of my Might!
18/04/09 1:34:55 <Christine> I will stand and protect this Nation!
18/04/09 1:35:03 <Christine> We will Not Fall, Hubby!
18/04/09 1:35:04 <Joshua Wise> Gwen, I need music for this.
18/04/09 1:35:21 <Joshua Wise> I'm feeling awfully young tonight, so maybe something from our school days?
18/04/09 1:35:34 <Christine> I Have Faith!
18/04/09 1:35:38 <Christine> I Have Hope!
18/04/09 1:35:45 <Christine> I Have Heart!
18/04/09 1:35:49 <Christine> I Have Soul!
18/04/09 1:35:58 <Christine> I Have Love!
18/04/09 1:36:17 <Christine> I Am the Soldier Of Love and Honesty!
18/04/09 1:36:20 <Stephen Boyd> Hrm
18/04/09 1:36:28 <Christine> I Am Chris Chan Sonichu!
18/04/09 1:36:36 <Stephen Boyd> No Christine
18/04/09 1:36:47 <Stephen Boyd> You're the Soldier of Sloth and Gluttony.
18/04/09 1:37:00 <Joshua Wise> Gwen, some music~?
18/04/09 1:37:00 <Christine> I am the Soldier of Love and Honesty!
18/04/09 1:37:01 <Stephen Boyd> You lied for years about being a pedophile
18/04/09 1:37:13 <Stephen Boyd> Yet I rooted around on your computer and found kiddie porn.
18/04/09 1:37:23 <Stephen Boyd> You lied about being a man
18/04/09 1:37:27 <Stephen Boyd> Then about being a woman
18/04/09 1:37:34 <Stephen Boyd> All to try and get at a vagina.
18/04/09 1:37:45 <Joshua Wise> Never mind, I found the right song.
18/04/09 1:37:47 <Joshua Wise>
18/04/09 1:37:48 <Stephen Boyd> You had the GALL to threaten to rape someone.
18/04/09 1:37:49 <Christine> You won’t get me down!
18/04/09 1:38:00 <Stephen Boyd> You know what fuck it I'm reporting you to the FBI
18/04/09 1:38:03 <Christine> I’m Still Standing In Cwcville!
18/04/09 1:38:08 <Stephen Boyd> Fuck nuking your rats Christine
18/04/09 1:38:17 <Joshua Wise> *Dances to Safety dance as panic and chaos fills the streets*
18/04/09 1:38:20 <Stephen Boyd> I'm giving all the evidence of YOU being a pedophile to the police.
18/04/09 1:38:20 <Christine> You Traitor!
18/04/09 1:38:26 <Stephen Boyd> No I'm no traitor
18/04/09 1:38:42 <Stephen Boyd> I'm just done with the lies, the bullshit, and the stubbornness.
18/04/09 1:38:42 <Christine> You Are for working with the enemy!
18/04/09 1:38:50 <Stephen Boyd> No I'm FRIENDS with the enemy
18/04/09 1:38:54 <Stephen Boyd> Massive difference
18/04/09 1:38:55 <Joshua Wise> I *was* her professor after all~
18/04/09 1:38:56 <Christine> Exactly!
18/04/09 1:39:01 <Stephen Boyd> Did I destroy the moon?
18/04/09 1:39:02 <Stephen Boyd> No.
18/04/09 1:39:06 <Stephen Boyd> Did I help destroy it?
18/04/09 1:39:07 <Stephen Boyd> No.
18/04/09 1:39:13 <Stephen Boyd> Fine's my teacher
18/04/09 1:39:19 <Stephen Boyd> You're just a sadsack I know.
18/04/09 1:39:44 <Christine> She is A Devil! A Monster, Gwen!
18/04/09 1:39:46 <Stephen Boyd> You want my loyalty I'm bought with money not art of me as a fucking headmaster.
18/04/09 1:39:52 <Stephen Boyd> and she raised me.
18/04/09 1:39:58 <Stephen Boyd> I was an *orphan* Chris.
18/04/09 1:40:08 <Stephen Boyd> I don't agree with everything she does
18/04/09 1:40:20 <Stephen Boyd> But I'm so fucking tired of your dimension being constantly at war
18/04/09 1:40:25 <Stephen Boyd> Make you a deal
18/04/09 1:40:28 <Stephen Boyd> I'll abandon her
18/04/09 1:40:37 <Stephen Boyd> *For five hundred dollars.*
18/04/09 1:40:48 <Christine> I don’t Have that money, and You Know It!
18/04/09 1:40:55 <Stephen Boyd> You've got until midnight to make me ditch the woman I see as my mom.
18/04/09 1:41:03 <Joshua Wise> The eighties were such fun times.
18/04/09 1:41:03 <Joshua Wise> Ryoko Infobox.png
18/04/09 1:41:15 <Christine> I can’t get that money for you, Gwen.
18/04/09 1:41:17 <Stephen Boyd> God I forgot that perm you had
18/04/09 1:41:29 <Christine> You drained Me Dry with the others!
18/04/09 1:41:32 <Stephen Boyd> With the cockatiel spikes?
18/04/09 1:41:37 <Stephen Boyd> I didn't drain shit.
18/04/09 1:41:43 <Stephen Boyd> YOU fucked up
18/04/09 1:41:50 <Christine> I Did Fuck Up
18/04/09 1:41:51 <Stephen Boyd> YOU threatened to rape women.
18/04/09 1:41:56 <Christine> I Did!
18/04/09 1:42:01 <Stephen Boyd> YOU decided money was the best course of action
18/04/09 1:42:03 <Joshua Wise>
18/04/09 1:42:18 <Joshua Wise> *Keeps dancing as the streets get bombarded by the moon.*
18/04/09 1:42:24 <Christine> Well, What that is Not Money do you want me to do?
18/04/09 1:42:38 <Joshua Wise> Hmmmm
18/04/09 1:42:45 <Christine> Do you want me to Confess to the Internet, Gwen?
18/04/09 1:42:50 <Stephen Boyd> No
18/04/09 1:42:57 <Stephen Boyd> I want you to go outside
18/04/09 1:43:02 <Stephen Boyd> Somewhere populated
18/04/09 1:43:11 <Stephen Boyd> and just sit.
18/04/09 1:43:25 <Stephen Boyd> Think of how your abhorrent toxicity has sullied their lives.
18/04/09 1:43:37 <Stephen Boyd> It's that or an actual million pushups.
18/04/09 1:43:53 <Stephen Boyd> No sleeping, no breaks, just working out for the next three days.
18/04/09 1:44:13 <Christine> I’ll go out and think about everything in public.
18/04/09 1:44:23 <Stephen Boyd> You have to do it right now
18/04/09 1:44:27 <Joshua Wise> So much death on the streets.
18/04/09 1:44:29 <Stephen Boyd> and you must remain there for a week.
18/04/09 1:44:36 <Stephen Boyd> No toilet breaks
18/04/09 1:44:40 <Joshua Wise> Good thing I'm dressed for the occasion.
18/04/09 1:44:42 <Stephen Boyd> No food breaks at mcdonalds.
18/04/09 1:44:50 <Joshua Wise> [Image of Finé]
18/04/09 1:44:51 <Stephen Boyd> No fast food garbage
18/04/09 1:44:56 <Christine> I can’t be in one place for a week!
18/04/09 1:45:00 <Stephen Boyd> You sit there for a fucking week.
18/04/09 1:45:07 <Stephen Boyd> Then you pay me.
18/04/09 1:45:13 <Stephen Boyd> I don't care if it's in installments.
18/04/09 1:45:19 <Stephen Boyd> *You owe me all.*
18/04/09 1:45:43 <Stephen Boyd> I'm the reason your dimension hasn't just fucking VANISHED
18/04/09 1:46:07 <Stephen Boyd> I'm the reason you're not sitting in a jail cell crying after you dropped the communal soap
18/04/09 1:46:07 <Christine> I’ll commit Suicide if you let the dimension be Destroyed!
18/04/09 1:46:14 <Stephen Boyd> The hell you will
18/04/09 1:46:21 <Christine> My heart will drop to Zero Percent!
18/04/09 1:46:22 <Stephen Boyd> Because I'm going to tell your mother.
18/04/09 1:46:27 <Christine> I’ll be depressed!
18/04/09 1:46:31 <Stephen Boyd> *I'm telling her about the porn Chris.*
18/04/09 1:46:33 <Christine> I won’t do anything!
18/04/09 1:46:39 <Christine> I’ll be dead in a week!
18/04/09 1:46:40 <Joshua Wise> whoa whoa
18/04/09 1:46:47 <Stephen Boyd> I'm telling her about the sheer number of child pornography items.
18/04/09 1:46:52 <Stephen Boyd> You had a chance
18/04/09 1:46:52 <Christine> Good!
18/04/09 1:46:54 <Joshua Wise> I had to stop my dancing because of a suicide threat.
18/04/09 1:46:56 <Stephen Boyd> You had multiple chances
18/04/09 1:47:00 <Christine> Tell Her Everything!
18/04/09 1:47:05 <Stephen Boyd> Everything?
18/04/09 1:47:11 <Joshua Wise> Chris, who is this lovely Rosechu here?
18/04/09 1:47:15 <Christine> Go Ahead!
18/04/09 1:47:20 <Stephen Boyd> Even how you stole her money to pay for the goddesses?
18/04/09 1:47:24 <Joshua Wise> I just asked her name.
18/04/09 1:47:27 <Christine> Go ahead!
18/04/09 1:47:37 <Stephen Boyd> How you stalked CHILDREN at a store to try and rape them?
18/04/09 1:47:37 <Joshua Wise> HEY!!!
18/04/09 1:47:53 <Christine> Go ahead, Gwen!
18/04/09 1:48:00 <Joshua Wise> What is this Rosechu's name?
18/04/09 1:48:01 <Christine> She won’t listen to you anyway.
18/04/09 1:48:14 <Stephen Boyd> *grabs forklift and nuke*
18/04/09 1:48:17 <Joshua Wise> It's CRyzel!-Cryzel
18/04/09 1:48:21 <Stephen Boyd> Byebye CWCville.
18/04/09 1:48:26 <Christine> Honey!
18/04/09 1:48:34 <Stephen Boyd> Shoot the damn rat Doc
18/04/09 1:48:40 <Joshua Wise> YOU THREATENED SUICIDE AGAIN YOU MONSTER!!!-Cryzel
18/04/09 1:48:50 <Christine> That’s My Wife! Cryzel!
18/04/09 1:48:54 <Joshua Wise> REAL SONICHUS DON'T BELIEVE IN SUICIDE!!!
18/04/09 1:49:17 <Christine> I don’t either, but I can’t live with myself with everything and everyone gone.
18/04/09 1:49:37 <Christine> I can’t stand being alone, Cryzel!
18/04/09 1:49:54 <Joshua Wise> Really now~? You hear that, christine?-Finé
18/04/09 1:50:21 <Christine> I made my wife cry.
18/04/09 1:50:32 <Joshua Wise> Now Chris, there is a way to fix this.
18/04/09 1:50:39 <Christine> What is it?
18/04/09 1:50:44 <Joshua Wise> First off
18/04/09 1:50:49 <Joshua Wise> no more suicide talk.
18/04/09 1:50:59 <Christine> Fine
18/04/09 1:51:22 <Joshua Wise> It's taboo in Sonichu culture. The moment you threaten it, you're not considered a Sonichu.-Cryzel
18/04/09 1:51:56 <Christine> I will never kill myself, even in depression.
18/04/09 1:52:13 <Joshua Wise> You said that last night, but you JUST THREATENED TO DO IT AGAIN!!!
18/04/09 1:52:56 <Christine> I’m Really Sorry, Cryzel. But Cwcville is on the verge of falling, and I don’t have many options.
18/04/09 1:53:06 <Joshua Wise> SUICIDE IS ONE OF THE<‽‽?‽
18/04/09 1:53:18 <Joshua Wise> You can't just, oh I dunno, *REBUILD*‽
18/04/09 1:53:32 <Christine> Is everyone evacuated, Cryzel?
18/04/09 1:53:36 <Joshua Wise> NO!!!
18/04/09 1:53:51 <Joshua Wise> YOU SAT HERE THREATENING SUICIDE!!!
18/04/09 1:54:35 <Joshua Wise> Christine, why would you threaten to hurt yourself like that?
18/04/09 1:55:05 <Christine> Because I felt like I was out of options. I did not know where you were either.
18/04/09 1:55:21 <Christine> I Tried to defend the city and Nation with my powers
18/04/09 1:55:29 <Christine> But I ended up with a crying projection
18/04/09 1:55:43 <Joshua Wise> So I go missing for a few minutes to take a pee, and you threaten suicide?
18/04/09 1:56:05 <Christine> Can I take the threat back?
18/04/09 1:56:30 <Joshua Wise> How do I know you won't do it again the next time Cwcville is being threatened?
18/04/09 1:57:00 <Joshua Wise> This is most entertaining. It sure beats that episode of *Dallas*.-Finé
18/04/09 1:57:10 <Christine> I won’t ever again, as long as I have you by my side, Cryzel.
18/04/09 1:57:24 <Christine> I felt alone
18/04/09 1:57:31 <Christine> When I did not know you were near
18/04/09 1:57:47 <Christine> And Magi-Chan was panicking.
18/04/09 1:57:49 <Joshua Wise> Enough.
18/04/09 1:58:24 <Joshua Wise> You insult me, insult one of my children, and you threaten to hurt yourself over such trivial matters.
18/04/09 1:58:48 <Christine> You’re right.
18/04/09 1:59:03 <Christine> It was trivial.
18/04/09 1:59:14 <Christine> It is a city that can be rebuilt.
18/04/09 1:59:21 <Christine> But the dimension
18/04/09 1:59:32 <Christine> Can an entire dimension be rebuilt?
18/04/09 1:59:53 <Christine> That was the greater risk at hand
18/04/09 1:59:59 <Joshua Wise> Chris, your whining annoys me.
18/04/09 2:00:09 <Christine> I’ll stop
18/04/09 2:00:25 <Joshua Wise> Cryzel stopped listening to you a little bit ago.
18/04/09 2:00:37 <Christine> Cryzel!
18/04/09 2:00:43 <Christine> I’m sorry, Honey!
18/04/09 2:00:48 <Joshua Wise> She's not dead, you idiot.
18/04/09 2:01:16 <Christine> Well, I’m not making another suicidal threat, and I took back this one.
18/04/09 2:01:42 <Joshua Wise> Well the moon stopped falling.
18/04/09 2:01:50 <Christine> Huh.
18/04/09 2:01:55 <Joshua Wise> I stopped it.
18/04/09 2:02:00 <Joshua Wise> and you know what?
18/04/09 2:02:29 <Joshua Wise> I will let it crush your nation if my migraine from you gets worse.
18/04/09 2:02:55 <Christine> I’m not saying anything.
18/04/09 2:03:44 <Joshua Wise> Look into my eyes, and heed my warning you overweight balding mutant.
18/04/09 2:03:44 <Joshua Wise> [Image of Finé]
18/04/09 2:04:25 <Joshua Wise> I am far more powerful than anything you have ever encountered.
18/04/09 2:05:10 <Joshua Wise> Do you understand?
18/04/09 2:05:16 <Christine> Yes
18/04/09 2:05:33 <Christine> I understand
18/04/09 2:05:41 <Joshua Wise> Now then
18/04/09 2:05:46 <Joshua Wise> Apologize to Gwen.
18/04/09 2:06:00 <Joshua Wise> Not just a childish one.
18/04/09 2:06:29 <Christine> Gwen, I am really sorry for failing on the oatmeal, granola and exercise routines.
18/04/09 2:06:46 <Stephen Boyd> Don't apologize for THAT.
18/04/09 2:06:51 <Stephen Boyd> Apologize for EVERYTHING.
18/04/09 2:06:56 <Stephen Boyd> ***Goddamn everything***
18/04/09 2:07:15 <Christine> Okay
18/04/09 2:08:17 <Christine> Hold on
18/04/09 2:15:03 <Christine>

[Chris links to the Chris apologizes to Gwen video]

18/04/09 2:15:28 <Joshua Wise> This is the video?
18/04/09 2:15:40 <Christine> It’s processing, yes
18/04/09 2:15:51 <Joshua Wise> And only we can see it?
18/04/09 2:15:59 <Stephen Boyd> Hmph
18/04/09 2:16:07 <Christine> Yes
18/04/09 2:16:20 <Christine> Nobody else
18/04/09 2:17:41 <Christine> I have only One question I wish to ask in comment, with no response expected: Will I Ever be Reformed and Redeemed of all my sins and mistakes, and have Peace of Mind Ever Again?
18/04/09 2:18:18 <Joshua Wise> You want peace of mind?
18/04/09 2:18:52 <Christine> Did you watch the video?
18/04/09 2:20:42 <Christine> I’m waiting to hear when you have.
18/04/09 2:22:42 <Joshua Wise> Wow
18/04/09 2:22:55 <Christine> Satisfactory?
18/04/09 2:24:03 <Joshua Wise> My sides hurt from the laughter, but we shall see what Gwen says.
18/04/09 2:24:16 <Christine> <@272783957752283137> ?
18/04/09 2:25:47 <Christine> Waiting on you now
18/04/09 2:29:00 <Christine> <@272783957752283137> ?
18/04/09 2:29:53 <Stephen Boyd> I hate it
18/04/09 2:29:57 <Stephen Boyd> I hate everything about it
18/04/09 2:30:21 <Christine> Well, I was out of tears, and I shouted at the camera.
18/04/09 2:30:28 <Christine> The song was playing.
18/04/09 2:31:45 <Joshua Wise> Awww
18/04/09 2:33:23 <Christine> Anything else right now?
18/04/09 2:41:09 <Christine> Still waiting
18/04/09 2:42:29 <Christine> Fine, the ponies label me as a sex offender; how can I make amends for that?
18/04/09 2:43:23 <Joshua Wise> How should I know? I just know what I read on my reports.
18/04/09 2:43:56 <Stephen Boyd> I'm very unhappy right now
18/04/09 2:46:36 <Joshua Wise> Oh my
18/04/09 2:47:57 <Christine> DiscordPickle.jpg
18/04/09 2:48:08 <Christine> Wall
18/04/09 2:48:08 <Joshua Wise> Who...told you to do that???
18/04/09 2:51:53 <Stephen Boyd> Show your mother your handiwork
18/04/09 2:53:32 <Christine> Hold on
18/04/09 2:55:06 <Christine> I showed it to my mother; she was really shocked and offended. She started to cry.
18/04/09 2:55:13 <Christine> Then she ran back upstairs
18/04/09 2:57:38 <Christine> Woof
18/04/09 2:58:00 <Christine> I’m a buttfucking champ.
18/04/09 2:58:56 <Christine> I need a shower, and I am really tired.
18/04/09 3:00:02 <Christine> So, the Moon?
18/04/09 3:00:40 <Christine> What’s up with the moon chunk?
18/04/09 3:01:03 <Joshua Wise> Still in orbit
18/04/09 3:01:30 <Christine> Are you leaving it there?
18/04/09 3:01:45 <Joshua Wise> For now
18/04/09 3:01:56 <Christine> Okay.
18/04/09 3:02:31 <Joshua Wise> You really showed you mother?
18/04/09 3:02:36 <Christine> I got my family back, and we’ll rebuild tomorrow.
18/04/09 3:02:49 <Christine> I showed the crossbone dicks to my mother.
18/04/09 3:03:07 <Joshua Wise> Glorious...wait, crossbone dicks?
18/04/09 3:03:39 <Christine> I do not want to speak with you or Maria ever again.
18/04/09 3:04:01 <Stephen Boyd> You probably will until the goddesses have pity fatass.
18/04/09 3:04:19 <Joshua Wise> discord5.png
18/04/09 3:04:22 <Joshua Wise> You also stole my armor design.
18/04/09 3:04:27 <Joshua Wise> My relic.
18/04/09 3:05:08 <Christine> I really have no idea what you are talking about, unless you’re taking about Sandy Rosechu’s hairstyle.
18/04/09 3:05:09 <Joshua Wise> And bastardized it for your Cherokean leader design.
18/04/09 3:05:13 <Christine> Oh!
18/04/09 3:05:16 <Joshua Wise> That too.
18/04/09 3:05:36 <Christine> Eh, that was more a Mayan inspired outfit. What?
18/04/09 3:07:05 <Christine> I need my sleep
18/04/09 3:09:27 <Christine> Thank you
18/04/09 3:12:14 <Joshua Wise> ONE MORE THING!!!
18/04/09 3:12:48 <Joshua Wise> [Image of young Gary Coleman]
18/04/09 4:12:47 <Christine> I got the note of the Seinfeld Quad and Jim in the background; I will be sure to add them to the damn drawing tomorrow.
18/04/09 4:12:47 <Christine> Also, and you can not tell me otherwise, but Nightstar brought Cryzel, Magi-Chan, Sonichu and Timéchu back home tonight after all that. I Know they are all right here, safe and sound. Sonichu is not allowed to return to Cwcville for a long while. He’s staying right here and learn of my current details and get updated in the mental links.
18/04/09 4:12:47 <Christine> There is No New Mayor; Cwcville Is Run and LED by a 38-Year Trained and Educated Battery-Charge Blue Heart CPU. It is Not to ever be denied. Although, since you insisted, I made it a Law to appoint Brendan Frazier and Jim Pickens as Her Advisors and Consultants; Neither of them will ever lead or Mayor Cwcville. I am taking control of the Nation, and I will not be stopped. I wrote Fifteen Chronicler Laws Yesterday; they all can never ever be overwritten, overturned, abolished or anything; they are set in stone and ironclad. Done deal.
18/04/09 4:12:47 <Christine> I’ll finish the damn sex drawing later. Goodnight.
18/04/09 4:13:10 <Joshua Wise> Nope
18/04/09 4:13:28 <Joshua Wise> Your talk against me is final.
18/04/09 4:13:35 <Joshua Wise> Moon is coming down.
18/04/09 4:14:36 <Joshua Wise> Your lies and delusions have angered me for the last time.
18/04/09 4:16:13 <Christine> Fine, we will rebuild.
18/04/09 4:16:27 <Christine> You won’t get your coloured drawing.
18/04/09 4:18:08 <Joshua Wise> Nope
18/04/09 4:18:20 <Joshua Wise> The CPUs have declared war.
18/04/09 4:18:29 <Joshua Wise> CHRIS!!!-Cryzel
18/04/09 4:18:49 <Joshua Wise> WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!‽
18/04/09 4:19:27 <Christine> Ugh! I thought it was finally over!
18/04/09 4:19:37 <Christine> I thought you were here, Cryzel.
18/04/09 4:19:47 <Joshua Wise> No!
18/04/09 4:20:08 <Joshua Wise> Why would you act so childish???
18/04/09 4:20:40 <Christine> I was tired of this chaos and madness.
18/04/09 4:21:50 <Joshua Wise> The CPUs made announcements
18/04/09 4:21:55 <Christine> CPUs, listen to me, I wrote a law that prevents anyone from harming any of you and John.
18/04/09 4:22:11 <Joshua Wise> Read the announcements
18/04/09 4:25:54 <Christine> I did
18/04/09 4:26:00 <Christine> Please, Calm Down. I had noted very well that Sabrina was to have had more than 38 years of training and education for y’all.
18/04/09 4:26:13 <Christine> And I am going to draw her in flat chest in her CPU form.
18/04/09 4:26:18 <Christine> Didn’t they hear me?
18/04/09 4:26:57 <Joshua Wise> It was televised.
18/04/09 4:27:11 <Joshua Wise> Those chats just copy what they said on TV.
18/04/09 4:27:24 <Christine> Geeze!
18/04/09 4:27:33 <Joshua Wise> Chris...
18/04/09 4:27:38 <Joshua Wise> How could you?
18/04/09 4:27:59 <Joshua Wise> You just had to insult Gwen’s mother, and the goddesses.
18/04/09 4:29:16 <Christine> I thought you, Magi-Chan and Sonichu were safe right here; my Chu Sense picked you three up here in this house.
18/04/09 4:29:40 <Christine> You shouted and cried at me.
18/04/09 4:29:54 <Christine> Then you punched me in the balls three times.
18/04/09 4:30:02 <Christine> And beat up my face
18/04/09 4:30:22 <Joshua Wise> Whaa?
18/04/09 4:30:45 <Christine> That’s what I’m feeling right now.
18/04/09 4:30:55 <Christine> Whaa?
18/04/09 4:31:35 <Christine> I don’t want a crap Mayor for Cwcville.
18/04/09 4:31:51 <Joshua Wise> Sonichu was a crap mayor???
18/04/09 4:32:11 <Christine> I was talking of Jim.
18/04/09 4:32:39 <Christine> But Sonichu insulted my Chronicler Laws I wrote last night and earlier today.
18/04/09 4:32:52 <Christine> I had written 15 Unbreakable Laws.
18/04/09 4:33:10 <Christine> And they’re part of Sonichu 17.
18/04/09 4:33:30 <Joshua Wise> I can’t believe you
18/04/09 4:34:30 <Christine> What? You Knew you, Magi-Chan and I were going to time-travel and make the past details right for our Nation, in mutual decisions between the three of us.
18/04/09 4:34:47 <Joshua Wise> How?
18/04/09 4:34:47 <Christine> We went over what laws to write at McDonalds together the other day
18/04/09 4:34:55 <Joshua Wise> How would you do that?
18/04/09 4:35:13 <Joshua Wise> You asked me what I thought and assumed I agreed.
18/04/09 4:35:16 <Christine> Our adventures were going to be drawn in the book.
18/04/09 4:35:49 <Joshua Wise> I told you that was a bad idea!
18/04/09 4:35:59 <Christine> Wait, what?
18/04/09 4:36:13 <Christine> Magi-Chan said it was a valid idea.
18/04/09 4:36:48 <Christine> I also wanted to undo the wrongs I and Chris did in the past, including the sexual offenses to Vert, among others.
18/04/09 4:37:08 <Christine> And the damn Butter Law
18/04/09 4:37:39 <Christine> And the Women’s Rights Preservation
18/04/09 4:37:59 <Christine> Equal Rights for all races, orientations and identities, religions and all
18/04/09 4:38:04 <Joshua Wise> Look at what your little stunt just started
18/04/09 4:38:53 <Christine> One Law; making sure Cwcville was a CPU Nation I had thought was told from the Anchuent Prophecy.
18/04/09 4:39:12 <Christine> It even said my future daughter, Crystal Rosechu would be a CPU Candidate Of Cwcville.
18/04/09 4:39:51 <Joshua Wise> Again, I wrote all that.-Finé
18/04/09 4:40:17 <Christine> Let’s give it up for the troublemaking task master, ladies and gentlemen.
18/04/09 4:40:50 <Joshua Wise> Moon
18/04/09 4:40:53 <Christine> No
18/04/09 4:41:11 <Joshua Wise> You can’t rebuild if a massive chunk smashes into the planet.
18/04/09 4:41:21 <Joshua Wise> FOCUS!!!-Cryzel
18/04/09 4:41:33 <Christine> Yes, Honey!
18/04/09 4:41:48 <Joshua Wise> Chris
18/04/09 4:42:07 <Christine> Fine, you tell me then, please.
18/04/09 4:42:12 <Joshua Wise> Neptune was one of your only neutral supporters, and now she’s declared war.
18/04/09 4:42:25 <Joshua Wise> Don’t yell at me
18/04/09 4:42:33 <Joshua Wise> Don’t you dare be rude to me!
18/04/09 4:42:44 <Joshua Wise> You brute!
18/04/09 4:43:21 <Christine> Well, then; alright. Just kill Sabrina already.
18/04/09 4:43:31 <Joshua Wise> Excuse me???
18/04/09 4:43:42 <Joshua Wise> YOUR RECOURSE IS MORE KILLNG????
18/04/09 4:43:49 <Joshua Wise> I can’t believe this
18/04/09 4:43:59 <Christine> Well, her presence is what’s causing this war now
18/04/09 4:44:06 <Joshua Wise> I didn’t marry you...I married Christine!
18/04/09 4:44:27 <Christine> What should I do then?
18/04/09 4:44:36 <Christine> To stop this war
18/04/09 4:44:47 <Christine> I don’t like killing either.
18/04/09 4:45:05 <Christine> I don’t want Sabrina dead either
18/04/09 4:45:19 <Christine> I’m just feeling frustrated and confused.
18/04/09 4:45:34 <Christine> I don’t know what to do
18/04/09 4:45:36 <Joshua Wise> You know she ran off? You want my advice, just pull Sabrina from mayoral shit.-Pitohui
18/04/09 4:46:09 <Christine> I do that, then Jim will be pushed into the seat; I do not want that.
18/04/09 4:46:25 <Joshua Wise> Sonichu was already mayor.
18/04/09 4:47:07 <Christine> Crystal Weston Chandler Rosechu aside, No Full-Breed Sonichu or Rosechu is permitted to ever be Mayor.
18/04/09 4:47:13 <Christine> I wrote that law too
18/04/09 4:47:27 <Joshua Wise> .......
18/04/09 4:47:30 <Christine> Sonichu is not Mayor Material
18/04/09 4:48:17 <Joshua Wise> You know
18/04/09 4:48:19 <Christine> What the hell did I do all day today?
18/04/09 4:48:24 <Joshua Wise> Neither were you.
18/04/09 4:48:49 <Christine> Yet, I’m the powerful Chronicler and Leader, and I know the powers are there.
18/04/09 4:49:03 <Joshua Wise> Your power is recording shit, boy.
18/04/09 4:49:12 <Christine> I felt every instance right after I signed my name on each of those laws.
18/04/09 4:49:30 <Joshua Wise> You mean those laws no one here follows?
18/04/09 4:50:15 <Christine> I made an Ironclad Law that makes all of those laws Required to be followed at all times without overwriting or abolishment.
18/04/09 4:50:22 <Christine> I preserved Women’s Rights
18/04/09 4:50:28 <Joshua Wise> Nobody listened.
18/04/09 4:50:52 <Christine> Damn Butter Law! I even wrote against that.
18/04/09 4:51:03 <Joshua Wise> Sonichu wiped his ass with the paper you wrote on.
18/04/09 4:51:37 <Christine> That’s another whap on the head for him when I get my mitts on him.
18/04/09 4:51:59 <Joshua Wise> Yup.
18/04/09 4:52:47 <Christine> Fine! Executive Decision: Jim Picken is Mayor Of Cwcville Now.
18/04/09 4:53:04 <Christine> But the name remains Cwcville, no matter what.
18/04/09 4:53:31 <Joshua Wise> I think Jim left to go murder more people.
18/04/09 4:53:55 <Christine> Oh, Great! Maria picked a Murderer to “Lead” the nation.
18/04/09 4:54:05 <Joshua Wise> No
18/04/09 4:54:09 <Joshua Wise> You just did.
18/04/09 4:54:44 <Christine> I change my decision: Jim is Not Mayor.
18/04/09 4:54:47 <Joshua Wise> Just say you’re the mayor again.
18/04/09 4:54:57 <Joshua Wise> You already act like it anyway.
18/04/09 4:55:53 <Christine> Alright. But I was not Mayor the first time, Cwcville Chris was. Please, stop referring to me as the past Mayor. I never personally sat in that office.
18/04/09 4:56:04 <Joshua Wise> Mmhmm
18/04/09 4:56:32 <Christine> Everyone, I, Miss Christine Weston Chandler, will step in fully as Mayor Of Cwcville.
18/04/09 4:57:13 <Christine> Sabrina is not in that position anymore.
18/04/09 4:57:43 <Christine> Although, I will do my best to tame, train and educate her.
18/04/09 4:57:58 <Christine> Is everyone listening?
18/04/09 4:58:01 <Joshua Wise> Very good.-Finé
18/04/09 4:58:21 <Joshua Wise> Show me that picture.
18/04/09 4:58:38 <Christine> What I have so far, okay?
18/04/09 4:59:09 <Christine> Because I will be adding Seinfeld gang and Jim in the background later.
18/04/09 4:59:14 <Christine> And colouring it.
18/04/09 4:59:18 <Joshua Wise> Alright
18/04/09 4:59:52 <Christine> Discordorgy.jpg
18/04/09 5:00:49 <Christine> As Mayor, and Leader Of Cwcville, I do not take Puppet orders from Finé. All decisions are of my own will.
18/04/09 5:01:46 <Christine> And, as my first act as Mayor Of Cwcville, I wish to restore all but the Sabrina Cuca Law of the Chronicler Laws.
18/04/09 5:02:07 <Joshua Wise> Who is that being humped?
18/04/09 5:02:13 <Christine> Me
18/04/09 5:02:27 <Joshua Wise> You drew yourself with a large chest.
18/04/09 5:02:48 <Christine> I do have a “D” Cup size.
18/04/09 5:02:52 <Joshua Wise> Liar
18/04/09 5:02:54 <Joshua Wise> Moon
18/04/09 5:02:58 <Christine> No
18/04/09 5:03:03 <Joshua Wise> Yes.
18/04/09 5:03:06 <Christine> I have proof
18/04/09 5:03:13 <Joshua Wise> I have proof in that size
18/04/09 5:03:29 <Joshua Wise> Your breasts are a lie.
18/04/09 5:03:55 <Joshua Wise> Moon
18/04/09 5:04:00 <Christine> That’s the back of my bra, showing the size.
18/04/09 5:04:05 <Joshua Wise> I don’t need to see your underwear.
18/04/09 5:04:06 <Christine> No Moon
18/04/09 5:04:24 <Joshua Wise> It’s coming down
18/04/09 5:04:27 <Christine> No!
18/04/09 5:04:32 <Christine> Stop the Moon!
18/04/09 5:04:37 <Joshua Wise> Why?
18/04/09 5:05:15 <Christine> I will not commit suicide, but I would become very depressed if I can’t restore everything.
18/04/09 5:06:09 <Christine> Do you want me depressed?
18/04/09 5:06:20 <Christine> Or no Cheap Power for you.
18/04/09 5:06:29 <Joshua Wise> I don’t care.
18/04/09 5:06:46 <Joshua Wise> Admit you’re lying.

18/04/09 5:07:01 <Christine> My breasts with fat are a lie.
18/04/09 5:07:09 <Joshua Wise> No more drawings of you with large breasts
18/04/09 5:07:31 <Christine> Alright
18/04/09 5:08:08 <Christine> Why are You obsessed with breast size like Blanc is?
18/04/09 5:08:19 <Joshua Wise> I’m not
18/04/09 5:08:47 <Joshua Wise> I think it is disgusting how you think of yourself as a cutesy girl.
18/04/09 5:09:03 <Joshua Wise> The girl you draw in those pictures
18/04/09 5:09:03 <Christine> I don’t think of myself as cutesy.
18/04/09 5:09:07 <Joshua Wise> That isn’t you.
18/04/09 5:09:35 <Christine> Have you seen the recent photographs of me?
18/04/09 5:09:51 <Joshua Wise> They look nothing like your artwork.
18/04/09 5:10:13 <Joshua Wise> The real you is overweight, greasy, and balding.
18/04/09 5:11:27 <Christine> I do not like you, Finé.
18/04/09 5:11:42 <Joshua Wise> I do not care.
18/04/09 5:12:10 <Joshua Wise> Your family were always fat, lazy, lying, cowardly worms in the generations I knew them.
18/04/09 5:13:06 <Joshua Wise> I actually talked to your old God in person.
18/04/09 5:13:38 <Christine> The one I can’t go back to now, because I forsook Jesus.
18/04/09 5:13:46 <Joshua Wise> Your family got drunk and had sex like rabid dogs.
18/04/09 5:14:16 <Christine> Stop
18/04/09 5:14:20 <Christine> Enough.
18/04/09 5:14:33 <Joshua Wise> You know
18/04/09 5:14:44 <Joshua Wise> Jesus doesn’t care if you leave.
18/04/09 5:15:02 <Christine> Leave this world for Cwcville?
18/04/09 5:15:08 <Christine> That’s fine by me.
18/04/09 5:15:11 <Joshua Wise> He does but it’s more God always welcomes back lost flock.
18/04/09 5:15:17 <Joshua Wise> No
18/04/09 5:15:49 <Joshua Wise> I’m not here to preach, to be honest.
18/04/09 5:16:09 <Joshua Wise> But you seem to not understand your old religion at all.
18/04/09 5:16:41 <Christine> You’re right, I didn’t.
18/04/09 5:17:23 <Christine> Nobody forgives anyone in this world.
18/04/09 5:17:26 <Christine> Not even me
18/04/09 5:17:39 <Christine> So, that was the big reason why I ditched Jesus.
18/04/09 5:17:42 <Joshua Wise> Suit yourself.
18/04/09 5:17:57 <Joshua Wise> But yes, he is real.
18/04/09 5:18:52 <Christine> I don’t doubt it, but in an unforgiving world as this one, I can’t be satisfied until when I Am forgiven after I am reformed and redeemed.
18/04/09 5:19:10 <Joshua Wise> Chris, how do you think forgiveness works?
18/04/09 5:19:46 <Joshua Wise> You ask for forgiveness and then you repeat the exact same offense over and over.
18/04/09 5:20:00 <Joshua Wise> That’s why nobody just forgives you anymore.
18/04/09 5:20:28 <Christine> No argument.
18/04/09 5:21:03 <Joshua Wise> Chris, nobody takes you seriously. They know you’ll mess up and repeat the very offense you just committed.
18/04/09 5:22:33 <Joshua Wise> I’m being nice here for once.
18/04/09 5:22:53 <Christine> I’m not fighting
18/04/09 5:23:02 <Christine> Or arguing
18/04/09 5:23:49 <Christine> I get it: what I need to do is prove I won’t make the same mistakes again.
18/04/09 5:24:13 <Joshua Wise> And we ran into your first problem.
18/04/09 5:24:19 <Joshua Wise> Honesty.
18/04/09 5:24:41 <Christine> I did not lie there.
18/04/09 5:24:56 <Joshua Wise> No but let’s be honest.
18/04/09 5:24:59 <Christine> But my history does prove me false
18/04/09 5:25:06 <Joshua Wise> Yes.
18/04/09 5:26:15 <Christine> I just try to prove myself by telling the truth instead of sugar coating it.
18/04/09 5:26:48 <Christine> Or, what is it you were thinking?
18/04/09 5:27:10 <Joshua Wise> I think for now I will be retiring to my office for the night.
18/04/09 5:27:20 <Christine> Me too.
18/04/09 5:27:57 <Christine> I want my Cryzel, Magi-Chan and Sonichu to return to me as soon as possible, please.
18/04/09 5:28:15 <Christine> Thank you
18/04/09 5:28:29 <Joshua Wise> You forget
18/04/09 5:28:35 <Joshua Wise> Cryzel wants space.
18/04/09 5:28:45 <Joshua Wise> You just terrified her tonight.
18/04/09 5:28:55 <Christine> Okay.
18/04/09 5:28:57 <Joshua Wise> Better hope it doesn't compromise your babies.
18/04/09 5:29:25 <Christine> May I have Magi-Chan and Sonichu here as soon as possible, please?
18/04/09 5:29:44 <Joshua Wise> Tomorrow.
18/04/09 5:29:48 <Christine> Okay
18/04/09 5:29:50 <Joshua Wise> Tomorrow at dinner.
18/04/09 5:29:56 <Christine> Thank you
18/04/09 5:30:06 <Christine> Goodnight
18/04/09 5:44:10 <Christine> One more thing, as Mayor Of Cwcville, I wish to appoint as my consultants and advisors Robertchu, Nick Saban, and my BFF, Anna McLerran.
18/04/09 5:44:25 <Christine> Thank you
18/04/09 5:45:26 <Joshua Wise> No outsiders
18/04/09 5:45:32 <Joshua Wise> Except Saban.
18/04/09 5:45:40 <Joshua Wise> Anna is a potential risk.
18/04/09 5:46:25 <Christine> Robertchu is family.
18/04/09 5:46:32 <Christine> My father
18/04/09 5:47:07 <Joshua Wise> Just no Anna
18/04/09 5:47:13 <Christine> Fine
18/04/09 5:47:30 <Christine> Thank you.

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