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For the video where Chris talks about the merge, see Dimensional Merge Announcements.
Damn Dimension 1218’s “Reality” Limits and Shit!!!
Chris, after New Year's 2019, disappointed when our reality did not merge with Sonichu's[1].
[The] Dimension Merge [...] is completed; All that remains of Universe 1218 is the failing Earth, Period.
Chris, coping with being sent to jail for over two months.[2]
Chris warns downtown Charlottesville of the impending merge on its Free Speech Wall, 2018.

The Dimensional Merge (also referred to as the Collective Shift)[3] is an escapist fantasy and coping mechanism for Chris. Originally part of the lore the Idea Guys had brainwashed into Chris, the Dimensional Merge is Chris’s latest attempt at avoiding reality, believing that it will rescue him from his self-inflicted life problems and enable him to continue living like a child.

The Merge is an event in which Chris believes that "Dimension 1218" and "Dimension C-197" (respectively, the universe of real life, and the parallel universe where Sonichu and other fictional characters live) will combine, bringing fictional characters into reality. Chris is convinced that he is the designated liaison of the event and will become a deity as a result, giving the appearance of a doomsday cult leader. First announced in October 2018, the Dimensional Merge's beginning on 18 November 2018,[4] aligning with the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown mass suicide, revealed it to be a troll fabrication. The Merge was expected to take place by the end of December 2018. Naturally, when New Year's came and went, Chris began backpedaling but remained insistent that the Merge would occur. On 29 December 2020, Chris tried again at claiming that the merge was happening[5] as a coping mechanism for the cancellation of the 2021 BABSCon.

Trolls had put the idea of the Dimensional Merge into Chris's head, and have encouraged it ever since. A Teen Troon Squad member claimed the idea to have originated with the Idea Guys, but added, "we discouraged the idea at first",[6] implying that they later began encouraging Chris to believe. In the months since then, several weens and enablers have also pretended to believe in the Merge, enabling Chris and trying to win him over. As the default latching-on point for trolls and the dominant meta-saga in Chris's life at present, the Dimensional Merge has replaced the classic Love Quest after its surreal conclusion in early 2018.


Reality, according to Chris.

Chris has, for a long time, believed in the existence of one or more alternative universes, where every fictional character lives. He first alluded to this belief during a January 2010 phone call with Alec Benson Leary in which he told Leary that Asperchu would surely have negative feelings about his own name and repeatedly called Leary “naïve” for explaining that Asperchu is not a living, sentient creature who lives in another universe and can independently generate his own thoughts. This is most likely one of the things Chris has learned from television. More specifically, he offered the 1988 animated comedy film Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Leary as evidence for a “toon world” inhabited by every “published or unpublished” cartoon character.

From then up to the Dimensional Merge saga, Chris has increasingly believed that the fictitious city of CWCville and his characters were real, embracing their alleged existence as a way to “escape” from anything he does not like. Chris has been spotted conversing, interacting and even dancing with his imaginary friends on many occasions.[7][8]

Throughout 2017, Chris appeared convinced by the Idea Guys that the Sonichu and Hyperdimension Neptunia universes actually existed, but in a separate dimension. In July 2018, Chris tweeted at Marvel writer Seanan McGuire, asking him to confirm the "dimension number" of "this Earth". McGuire responded with "Earth 1218", and later clarified that this was the Marvel universe's designation for the real universe. Chris took it as gospel, and subsequently uses "1218" to refer to the actual, existing universe. Weeks later, McGuire reiterated once again that everything was imaginary, but Chris' response to McGuire and various trolls indicates that he still believes that people such as McGuire can communicate with other dimensions.

Over the summer and fall of 2018, Chris met with the Teen Troon Squad, people who gave him weed, pretended to be possessed by Sonichu characters and that the universes would merge.

Relation to Financhu Crisis

Chris believes that he is wealthy in CWCville, and that when the dimensions merge, he will have access to his money there and he will be able to pay off his current, real-world debts. He has asked to borrow money from people, claiming he will pay back ten times the amount once the merge concludes, not realizing he sounds like a more autistic version of the Nigerian Prince Scam.

On 8 October, Chris tweeted:

Sometimes I just want to Give Up - but my Loves won't Let Me. If people could help us here, in This World, Monetarily, we would be Okay. I promise all of you, that when That Day Comes, I will reimburse you, Personally, in the Nation of Cwcville.

He followed up on 23 October with:

When the worlds merge I will have access to TONS of savings in Cwcville. It is a lot of money; indeed. 10:1 is my repayment rate!

On 24 September 2018, Chris was sued by Second Round Sub for unpaid debt, and on 23 October 2018, Midland Funding followed suit. The case for the former was postponed to January, but the verdict on the Midland case was read on 19 December 2018, requiring Chris to pay $2,777.90 at 6% interest and $55 in court costs.

Remarkably, he has done little begging in the wake of the lawsuits. This has surprised many, considering the immense amount of times he has groveled online for money in the years 2016-2018. He has instead chosen to stick his head in the sand and pretend that the Merge will solve all his problems for him.

Beliefs on the Merge

When I had to go to hospital and stay in hospital with heart complications, Chris sent me a message from his Magi-Chan Sonichu account claiming that my symptoms were associated with affects from the dimensional merge.
Aly Hirschberg.[9]
While eating at McDonald's, Chris scribbled down the math for how many people will be killed in the Merge on a napkin.

Chris announced the event on 14 October 2018. On 26 October 2018, Chris posted a video entitled "Dimensional Merge Announcements" where he outlined the process of 1218 merging with its "sister dimension" C-197, where every fictional character known to exist resides. He believes that once the merge occurs, Earth will be shared by humans and various characters.

On 14 November 2018, Chris made a tweet explaining the survival rates for the inhabitants of the sister dimensions during the merge. Chris explains the population math as follows; 61.25% of the population of dimension C-197 is identical to that of Earth in dimension 1218, the remaining 38.75% of the population of C-197 are OCs which are unique to C-197, all of the OCs of C-197 are guaranteed to survive the merge, at least 51% of the human population of the Earths in both sister dimensions will survive the merge and at least 41% will not with an uncertainty of 8%, the best outcome of the merge would leave 59% of the population of 1218 alive and all of the 38.75% of the OCs of C-197 plus 11.25% of the human population of C-197 in the dimension 1218C197, the dimension 1C-211987 would be left with 109% of 1218's current population leaving approximately 8.365 billion humans and OCs in the new universe.[10]

Chris Thanos-ing the two dimensions with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Naturally, he believes that he will be guaranteed survival because he "absorbed the spiral seal" from his Sega Dreamcast and is therefore the middleman between the two dimensions. He believes that himself and Megan are basically deities, and that he will gain superpowers following the merge because of his belief that he is half-Sonichu.

He sent dozens of follow-up tweets further detailing the process, explaining that Cwcville would replace northern Virginia, Gotham City will replace a portion of New Jersey, and Equestria will take over the entirety of Maryland. He explained that this will resemble a natural disaster scenario and that mass evacuations may occur during the merge.

On 18 November 2018, Chris announced that the Merge had begun[4]. This date coincides with the anniversary of the Jonestown mass suicide, implying that the Idea Guys had originated the Merge concept, as their calling card was inserting infamous historical dates into CWCville lore.

In early December 2018, Chris reported feeling "psychic headaches" and associated the merge with the California wildfires and the romaine lettuce recall. As the merge drew closer, he claimed to have "lightning powers" and that the "millions of volts" of electricity in his head is evidence that he is half-Sonichu. Without giving a time estimate for the merge, he tried to dispel doubts by claiming that he can "touch and feel" Magi-Chan and Cryzel Rosechu. He estimated that the merge would conclude by the year's end.[11]

Magi-Chan doxxing incident

Main article: Teen Troon Squad#Magi-Chan doxxing incident

On Christmas 2018, someone claiming to be Magi-Chan logged into Chris's Twitter, posting a Pastebin dump containing the dox of one of the Teen Troon Squad's members. They also stated that the Merge would actually take place in 20 years due to time dilation, and that Sonichu residents of C-197 would need to hibernate until then. Chris ultimately disregarded the news.

The Merge in 2019 and Beyond

Chris proving the merge once and for all.
An artist's depiction of CWCville after the merge.

Naturally, New Year's Eve of 2019 was an eagerly awaited moment as the final chance for the cataclysm to occur. In the early morning hours of 1 January 2019, Chris spoke out on Twitter in a New Year's address, explaining that the Merge had not happened on time due to "red tape", betraying some internal bureaucracy in the process of becoming the goddess of 80s computers.

He remained insistent that the event would still occur, adding in reassurances that the Sonichu-verse was still "Awake" to remind everyone of the Magi-chan doxxing's non-canon status.

Good New Year, Everyone. I shall make my statement for now, and I Want No Backtalk Or Hateful Commentary.

The Dimension Merge of C-197 and our 1218 is still in progress. There is more damn red tape to work through, but our goal is still set; it is only delayed.

Everyone of C-197 is still very much Awake; we have secured Arfoire in a magic-proof cell a few days ago. Not even that Witch’s Courier on Facebook can say otherwise, because I Know Better, and her words shall never get to or sway me any other way.

I still remain the CPU Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles, Cwcville and Comma, and Everyone is safe and well. But for now, I shall delay online talk of the Dimension Merge through my Social Media Accounts until further notice.

And I still remain very much married to Magi-Chan Sonichu, Cryzel Rosechu, Sylvana Rosechu, and Mewtwo; there is room for at least one from this Dimension, but there is no rush.

For now, Happy New Year, Everyone.

Dismiss. ⚡️💙⚡️

The context behind Chris's aside about Arfoire was revealed in screencaps Lukas leaked on /cow/. In them, a person purporting to be the Arfoire-possessed Jessica Quinn PMs Chris over Facebook, saying she had tricked Chris into believing in the Merge:

However, the attached post from Lukas[12] suggests that Lukas had been posing as Quinn in an attempt to pass the blame onto her:

I’m not even the one who started the merge thing I just tricked my moms sugar daddy into buying Chris’s porn shit here’s screenshots Chris sent to me of texts from Jessica Quinn pretty sure she’s the one

Despite Chris stating that he would abstain from talking about the Merge online until further notice, he went on to mention it the following day while writing about the health problems "superpowers" that he got from it.[13]

On 4 January 2019, Chris said that he was awaiting further information on the merge, more indication that the entire merge event had been scripted and fed to him by trolls who were no longer in the picture.

Because of some deity-level red tape, it's delayed but it will happen soon enough. But don't make a big deal about it until I have more further information about it.
Chris, Jackson Dalton interview

Particularly troubling about Chris's comment is that he wants more information in order to verify that his delusional thoughts are real. By admitting this, he highlighted a path for new trolls to get into his head, showing he failed to learn from the Idea Guys saga. Several eager weens rushed in to fill the gaps in Chris's knowledge, though by mid-June 2019, Chris had apparently become overwhelmed with these, and has since turned to other, more credible sources.

Continued hope in the merge

The epitome of Chris's desperation in card form. Also, the one goal card that Chris will never win.

After the first deadline for the merge had passed, Chris remained optimistic that the merge would still happen at some point. While he was initially quiet about it, he began ramping up the rants about the merge again around spring. On 31 March, he tweeted:[14]

The #DimensionMerge is still happening and going on. C-197 plus 1218 = 1C-211987. OCs are really becoming more obvious here; there are even sightings of a Dio blonde vampire in Egypt. Descendants, Beware! Dio is coming after you all.

Several merge-related tweets followed in April, in which he claimed that people in Japan were seeing OCs[15] and blaming the Notre Dame church fire on a Pokémon.[16] The events around this time give context for Chris's renewed interest in the merge:

  • Earlier in March 2019, after Chris was gifted a Nintendo Switch, he developed an obsession with playing the augmented reality game Pokémon Go. The game's premise revolves around using smartphones to see Pokémon characters in real-world settings, which coincides with Chris's beliefs about the merge.
  • On 2 April, Chris was sued for debt for the fourth time, further confirming the link between the merge and his financial problems.

Beginning in summer 2019, Chris would emphasise more often that the Merge is already nearly done and would soon be completely finished, like an obscure sect leader struggling to explain to his followers after the fact why the Second Coming had not come when he calculated it should. On 13 June 2019, Chris claimed that he had been consulting with Jesus Christ, and that Jesus has been helping with the dimensional merge, which would be finished in the "near-coming days" – but without giving an actual set date. Chris also mentioned that Jesus has been preaching this at churches and in Pokémon gyms and yet needed Chris to help get the word out by posting to his protected Twitter account.[17] Naturally, after indulging his fantasies on the matter, Chris begged for money.[18]

As July 2019 began, Chris tried to demonstrate his divine abilities through #PsychicPowers, a pair of videos in which Chris drops items from his hand by the ideomotor effect. On 8 July, he tried to assure his TRUE and HONEST believers on Twitter that the Merge's effects would be 'MILD and TEMPORARY', and continued his long trend of attributing random events in the news as harbingers of the Merge. On 10 July, Chris, via his Magi-chan sockpuppet on Twitter, complained about the many uninspired trolls who have tried to take advantage of the Merge to exploit Chris.[19] This has not prevented others, such as the Multidimensional White Knights or Jacob Sockness, from attempting to weasel their way into Chris's inner circle.

To advance his belief in the Merge, Chris has resorted to using sockpuppet accounts on Twitter, most prominently MagiChan111448, to broadcast events. Whether he is using this as a transparent disguise to convince others, or he genuinely thinks that he is channeling his cartoon character's thoughts and statements into a microblogging platform, is unclear. On 14 August 2019, 'Magi-Chan' would announce that he has allegedly arrived into the real world, and would presently describe in a video the Merge's status.[20]

In a Discord message on November 2019, Chris was still pining for the Merge, stating, "As for getting me into C-197, that Has to happen ASAP." In March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris believed it to be a sign of the impending Merge.[21]

On 29 December 2020, Chris announced that the Merge "is on".[22] Later in the day, Chris stated that his “Merge is on” post was in reference to an “apex event” most likely referring to him attempting to break the Iron Curtain.[23] The next day, Chris went into further detail alluding to the Merge happening on New Years day 2021.[24] When New Years day came Chris clarified he meant the Merge would happen “any moment at the present time” meaning very soon after the New Year. [25] On January 22, Chris announced that the merge would be completed, making it the 3rd time he had claimed the Merge would happen at a specific time.[26]

Back in 30 October 2020, Chris (pretending to be Sonichu), stated if he could not get Chris' body back to C-197 and Chris and Sonichu's souls swapped, Chris could not return to 1218. [27] When Chris and Sonichu “swapped” on 25 February 2021, Chris was expecting the Merge to happen on that day because of the swap which is why he said, “The dimension merge is happening; know which universe you are in when are suddenly transported peoples.” [28] This would be the 4th time Chris had claimed the Merge would happen at a specific time. Due to the Merge not happening on February 25th and MLP G5 movie screenshots being leaked, Chris decided to leave Twitter to remain in his cognitive dissonance.[29] Predictably, this commitment to leave the website lasted only a single day.[30]

On 9 March 2021, Chris claimed that 1218 and C-197 were one combined dimension in the past, but King Arthur and other kings used magic to separate the combined dimensions and send all known magic to C-197. [31]

Jail revelations

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We need information on Chris's thoughts on the Merge in jail.
We suggest you keep up with the times.

During his arrest on 1 August 2021, Chris declared that "the merge is on" once again, possibly believing that it will get him out jail.

In a series of letters addressed to a number of individuals penned during his incarceration, Chris has continued to maintain his belief in the Merge, even as he incorporated several aspects of Christianity and Biblical references into his ever-shifting mythos. Despite his apparent newfound faith in God and his self-identification as a living reincarnation of Jesus himself, he has consistently kept his title of CPU Blue Heart, making numerous allusions to his belief in the Merge across all of his letters. In his first widely-publicised message from jail, he claimed the Merge was 'completed and concluding'[32], echoing similar beliefs in his second missive. Most noticeably, in the third letter from jail addressed to a ween attempting to convert him to Islam, he states that the Merge is 'completed', with only the 'failing Earth' of his home dimension awaiting eventual incorporation into Chris' OC-infested utopia. While some expected his time behind bars to humble or educate him, Chris has evidently chosen to further ensconce himself within his imaginary world, likely doubling down on the Merge's use as a coping mechanism in the belief that it will rescue him from his imprisonment and probable conviction.

The Merge's future course is subject only to Chris's whims, and is not dependent upon Chris's deteriorating finances, his aged mother's declining health, or any other events in 1218. Originally supposed to be complete within a few months of its announcement, it is now nearly complete and yet continues to be pushed further into the future, as nothing in Chris's world objectively changes except the identities of his enabling rivals for incompetence. Whether Chris will abandon his belief in the Merge in the event of some external shock like Barb's death and its fallout, or retreat even further into it, is something only time can tell.

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