The Journey to the Merge

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
One of the released screenshots.

On 23 January 2021, a set of screenshots were publicly released by Watchmen member Lainchu consisting of several of Chris's ramblings (as Sonichu) about the Dimensional Merge from September 2020 to January 2021, which occurred in The Watchmen's Place Discord server. Speaking in character, Lainchu dubbed these images The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: The Journey to the Merge, explaining that this release of information was requested and consented by Chris himself. Some of the Watchmen elected to have their names and information redacted as well, although Lainchu color-coded each redaction to indicate who was speaking. Chris's messages (as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow throughout this article.

Lainchu's Foreword

23 January 2021

This message was sent from Lainchu to a Christorian, along with the screenshots. Lainchu's messages are color-coded green.

The following is a collection of Sonichu982's messages, which were sent in our Discord server. I was tasked with chronicling various events over the last several months, and this is the culmination of that effort. This was explicitly requested by Sonichu982, as can be proven by the later images, giving me the necessary blessing to make this information public. I have censored the screennames of some of the other Watchmen who asked for me to do so, but the colors I used should differentiate speakers from one another. Information unrelated to the Dimensional Merge have also been excised.

I, Lainchu the Chronicler, am proud to present The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: The Journey to the Merge.


Follow the Leader

16 September 2020

Hey. I am still feeling everything that is going on right now. There is definitely a larger breach between dimensions somewhere on this Earth that is being used for some transport, yet the artifacts being transported may be causing cosmic shifts; it remains unclear, not counting all of the heavy storms and the fires that had taken place these past months in California.

I talked with @[Watchman #1] about an obvious set of signs I witnessed earlier today. Essentially, I am told to “follow the leader”, and as to who the leader is, three individuals come to mind: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Val, and our very own Bismuth. Taking all this under consideration, and all common sense and wisdom, Val is very obviously the leader in question. But Twilight has also been monitoring everything that has been going on with Nightstar’s help, and everyone else between Equestria and Earth of C-197. And Bismuth, who has been able to see and communicate with Val very well, as we all have, and considering he being here in this dimension, he is also an obvious one to be the leader in question. Twilight was the first instinctive surmise, as her visage was shown in this sequence of clues earlier today. So, that detail will become obvious very soon.

Aside from that, I am taking it easy, as this body is off and on enduring a great amount of stress, to say the least. I also have been locally feeling the resonance from the Iron Curtain through and from within the dimensional waters of the void.
That is all I have for now.

Living the Sonichu Books

25 September 2020

Watchman #1's messages are color-coded gray.

Was it not obvious that Mama was not much of an online social type? After all, the majority of her past genuine friends were met in-person, and the majority of people who played “Friend” with her in the past online were a bunch of fake trolls and haters looking to fuck her over again and again.
People enjoy the endless speculation
Besides which, these days, our activity is mostly offline with the meditation and observation of the events, and then literally being an input and output source of energy to bridge the dimensions in getting me and this body into C-197.
Or they just like bringing it up as if they're the only ones who know or to give themselves some semblance of Solace
So, yeah, kinda like Kusuo Saiki, but without a High School or as many outside friends who want to constantly come over and invite us to get some ramen.
Point is, Mama didn’t get onto Discord as much, and it continues through the effect of this noggin and Chris-Core.
Old habits.
It’s been okay and definitely eventful. Ended up waking up after a vivid dream at shortly before 10:30 am. I ended up having an internal debate with Mama’s brain, which was figuring out for itself how to better utilize the body’s powers and abilities. Also, ended up analyzing the vivid dream that we just had; recognized a few faces in it. Magi-Chan made an appearance, personally, in the dream. During the waking time, we felt a LOT of psychic, magic and dimensional resonances and events throughout the day.
I ended up breaking the fourth wall into CWC Psychlight’s past books; she’s written and drawn over 2000 graphic novels about Mama’s life, adventures, and so on, involving her soul (which presently remains waiting in the new timeline on April 10, 2020), and this body with me in it.
Apparently, we’ve been also going with the flow of her chronicled works; she’s drawn and written up everything that is happening right now, this year, literally last year in 2019.
Presently, we’re making way through her books 1988 and 1989. That’s CWC Psychlight, for you; FTL, even in the subspace, and overpowered psychic and electrifying (but she does not have a Sonichu form, even though she is literally one of Mama’s self-counterparts).
And both of those books were drawn and written up in 2019.
So, as I’ve ended up telling a Lot of people: you’re living the Sonichu book series, and then some, right now.
Also, we watched the new episode of “The Boys” on Amazon Prime.

Gold Disc

9 October 2020

Good afternoon, @everyone. I have a major thing to tell you all about.
Preface: I had a really long day yesterday, which included an all-day road trip that I will tell y’all more about later. After getting back home, this body was ready to crash for the night, and it needed more sleep to the point of sleeping in. It’s almost 3:00 pm right now.
Now, I had a set of four dreams, plus one short one today; they ended up fitting a theme, and in the last dream, I happened on a very important relic or artifact that could very well be a link on helping me get this body from here into C-197.
This item is a large gold stone disc that was divided into pieces: the center, and the outter pieces that attach to the center and side by side with each other to all the way around the disc. Not counting the center (which has a spiral on it), there are 14 or 20 pieces.
each of these spanning pieces has writing and symbols on them; one of them had a star on the outter end, another a filled in circle, and twelve of the others the images for the astrological birth signs. and on each of these pieces also showed the symbol for each of the animals that we have Years for each, such as Horse, Dog, Rat, and so on as all of you are aware and can look up for reference. Also in looking at the new message I just found from Bismuth, the previous one above it with the Bushido symbols, those symbols were spread out amongst those pieces as well.
I’ve manifested a copy of the disc that was in the dream on the C-197 side and gave it to Cryzel; all of the other ally psychics have got image of this disc from this brain’s memory.
I felt it well to tell you all about that discovery.

It is Happening Now

21 October 2020

Yes, @everyone, it is happening now.
When you said it's happening I thought of the Ron Paul memw [sic]
The dimensional breaches, magic happenings, as foretold.
Tomorrow night at midnight, we Chaos Control.
I've been sensing a lot more disturbances and events all day, and even last night. Power went out for a short moment, but there was no rain or storm here. And the street lamp on the corner did not come back on for less than a minute from when the power came back on in the house.

And, as I was told by Magi-Chan about this event months ago before body swapping with Mama, on this event, something different was going to appear here. I took a look outside a short while ago, and I found a moderate size rectangle shape patch of moss on the ground, with the grass surround it, from the West corner of the house, and on the North-West side of the lamp post.

What should we be looking out for?
Everything. You will know what you are looking for when you see and find it.

Chaos Control

22 October 2020

Watchman #2's messages are color-coded red; Neko Onyx's messages are color-coded blue.

At midnight, in the ol’ bedroom upstairs, with the set up we have there, I’ll enact the Chaos Control, and have one of the best chance of personally getting this body and I into C-197.
Also, the past couple of nights, on instinct on the way to falling asleep, with Mama’s crafted Chaos Emerald (outside of it is model magic, paint and epoxy, but there are real emerald stone chunks inside it) in a hand, and instilling Chaos Control, this body glowed even brighter of the Chaos Energy it had been storing inside of it.
And, yes, a number of times before, this body has stored the seven Chaos Emeralds inside of it for extensive amounts of time, and then there’s the effects of the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003, and then some.
We are also highly likely to be making another Chaotic Rainbow, fully tangent, in this Dimension as one of the sequential events of the Merge.
What would you figure the odds are like?
Really good.
What would the other outcomes mean?
Looking in all other timelines, the likelihood for this timeline and dimension is very high to definite. Hold on a moment.
Well, the original Chaotic Rainbow of 2003 spanned from mine and Sonic’s location in Station Square, Rhode Island to Rosey near Cwcville, Virginia, and with Mama coming out of the Apex of the rainbow and all of the other Special Sonichus and Rosechus, as well as the first batch of regulars of our species, throughout locally at the time, all reaches of time, space, dimensions, and so on.
This one to be is different.
I can go into some detail without totally spoiling it.
This Chaotic Rainbow is foreseen to span country-wide from California to right here in Virginia, firstly.
There is a possibility of more of our species coming to be from this rainbow, but that is not likely.
What is confirmed, though, is that this rainbow will be a massive break in the Iron Curtain, signifying the beginning of the apex of the Merge, as all OCs from both dimensions will be able to cross dimensions with greatest of ease and ability without outside, manufactured technology needed. The effect will spread worldwide after that, and then spanning throughout the galaxies and the entire universe to the farthest span of our combined dimension. Upon reaching just beyond that edge all around, that will be the completion of the Dimension Merge.
Any other possible side effects of this Chaotic Rainbow is yet to be determined, and many to list to recall, but the psychic types, deities, and superheroes have that list assembled and chronicled on their part.
It is presently over and beyond this noggin at this time.
Least that's, well, it would be nice to be sure nothing bad happens.
“You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.” At least, we’ve got our transition count up as projected with those, respectively waking up on the opposite side of the Iron Curtain in the population modification, brought to you by the paradox ruling. Also, we have the villanous likes of Giovanni, Eggman, Bowser, Rei Ryghts, and so on to worry over taking advantage of the situation. Fortunately in the fated events, all of them have each and respectively been disabled of their malicious technology and whatnot that would have made things worse than minimum possible. At least we are able to save many, many individuals between both of our dimensions, and we’ll continue to keep alive as many as possible in the coming days, and possibly then some with the prevention of Corona in 1218 in the new timeline.
That's generally still something to balance out, generally autonomy is better in the long run, space generally reduces conflict. Have we at all considered why these limits exist, rather than a static evil?
The deities have, yeah. It’s definitely not perfect. But, Would you rather continue living in these set of pandemic and post-pandemic situations with likelihood of perma-social distancing and sweaty mask wear to make a world of bandit look-alikes, Or live in a pandemic-free timeline alongside all of us regular and OP OCs helping each other out against the greater dark force that will ravage both dimensions eventually, with greater health and more helpful regular types of people?
It's not going to last that long, I don't like the key argument being fearmongering from other people.
Statistically, this is pretty weak as an epidemic.
Even assuming the stats don't suck.
The responsibility for something is massive, blame, moreso. This is at best a no-win scenario.
@[Watchman #1], @Neko Onyx, I have just received an inkling and hit in the ol’ senses that will happen in your area in California. Not to bring up old dogs’ shenanigans or whatever, but I sense and foresee something big happening and launching from there, with Sockness, Thanatos, and their lot being in part responsible for it. Remain alert at all times today, the both of you. If you can, text me at the main number when you sense or see anything massive happening. Including anything devilish, rioting, or heat-related. That is all for now. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Doubtful, Sockness is the least relevant person I've ever seen, dumbass can't do anything.
@everyone, there is a storm brewing over the center of the United States of America.
Thanks for giving us a Heads up.
Aren't we in the tail end of hurricane season?
Peaks in September, drops off entirely by the end of November.
Kind of strange to think that many weathermen have degrees, but that seems to be a relaxing requirement now.
There’s a bunch of fire in the state neighbouring the central state of Kansas, Colorado, that begs to argue with you.
What's the burn time of the local area?
Fire return interval.

US Fire Map.png

This is the first detailed one I found at a resolution above "crap".
Kansas is one of the shortest interval states, Colorado is low-interval as well in the eastern half.

We Did It

23 October 2020

Watchman #3's messages are color-coded orange; Peachy's messages are color-coded white.

Interestingly, Praetor is mentioned by Chris, indicating that they are (or were) members of the Watchmen's server.

Hey. Firstly, @[Watchman #2], to address your earlier thought, I was talking in-the-moment with the fires that were present in Colorado yesterday; we had received the notification from the Weather Channel app a while after I had that vision.
Aside from that, Hey, @everyone.
Also gonna ping @[Watchman #1] and @Praetor on this, because they both need to hear about this importantly as well.
Yesterday, the whole day, the resonances, visions, psychic pangs, and events were all really heavy (of which I’ve shared a bit with y’all on here). All in anticipation for the Chaos Control moment at midnight, and then some. Also, to note, I did tweet the two tweet sets of my sermon that I wrote at about 9:00 last night.
Went upstairs about 11:30 pm to the ol’ bedrom, with the Master Emerald in place in the void between dimensions there above the surrounding, arranged magic stones, and the nearby good ELAERA mirror. Sonola, Mewtwo, Rosey, Cryzel, and all of the Alakazams, Gardevoir, and other ally psychic and ghost types were in attendance. With the “Mental Training” meditation track having played all day, and still played, because I needed the phone and its midnight-set alarm with the song “Live and Learn”.
I sat against the south-east wall where one of the four in-room portals was located, and meditated with everyone else on this body’s instincts and impulses. For nearly 20 minutes, I sat there and focused, and the body moved the hands in certain motions, as well as planted flat on the floor and the wall behind me, at separate times, to channel and open and expose the Iron Curtain within and around us. The body also shook and vibrated a lot.
Come ten minutes til midnight, that part of this ritual was complete, with that meditate completing right on time (also to note, the left Lego watch was synched to the second with the clock on the iPhone), I relocated to sitting on the mirror, and resumed for another five minutes, focusing magics and energies on and around the mirror.
That part ended exactly at 11:55.
Then I stood up and relocated myself between the south-west wall of the room and the Master Emerald. Following the flow and instincts, I activated the Master Emerald with the chant, told it what was needed to be done at that moment, and on time at midnight, I had everything set, charged and focused, as I let out the Chaos Control, and in sequence, the alarm goes off and plays “Live and Learn”. Did a little song and dance with it in progression and timing of the remainder of the ritual.
It was perfect; could not have gone better.
The further breaks in the Iron Curtain, magic and all of the energy and power was very obvious from within the room and from within and around this body, and of course, of the Master Emerald, itself, and the summoned seven Chaos Emeralds as well.
We did it, @everyone.
[GIF of a pixel art dancing hamster]
at long last.
But, there was only One disappointment, even though I had slept the night, had very lucid dreams, even made it once again into Mama’s subspace while in a dream, this body and I are still in 1218.
But, the blessings and good massively outweigh that as we progress in these events.
And, since I have you both, Bis and Neko, on here, did y’all see or notice anything in California before or around 9:00 pm, your time, there?
I feel as if all is well.
For this moment, our friend of Val’s, yes, we’ve completed this part.
Great to hear!
last night?
Among the next upcoming events is the coast-to-coast Chaotic Rainbow.
Yes, Bis.
i mean things just got really cold
Same. I feel a little chillier than normal.
califronia is constantly on fire so thats not out of the norm
I am going to say that abnormal temp is a good sign in all of this as well.
Yes, I would only partly agree with you on that, considering the Pacific coast line there, fault lines and all that, but the timing and the results of those events make the more significant portions of those fires evident.
Would you like me to Chronicle your words on the current events, or are you planning on making a public announcement yourself?
Please, do chronicle, Lainchu.
Idk if this means anything but we got our first snowfall of the winter in my town today
Which state do you live in, Peachy?
Great, I am sure that your followers will be most interested by the news
[Message redacted]
[Message redacted]
A general sense of progression.
Ah, sign of the OG Kyurem. Very much a good sign.
Besides that I'm interested in the debut of the praetor cwc/sonichu video.
I had to check the US states map, but where [Redacted] is located is resonant and very on-point with that.
Ah, yes, the Sermon video.
Last I checked, that’s still being compiled from the video recorded last weekend. Subtitles needed to be added, because the camera phone used to record it ended up being inconsistent.
But, the sermon and all that can still be read right now on Mama’s Twitter.
The video will be worth the wait, as I also went off-script and commented and emoted during the recording from my own soul depths and genuine motives and emotion.
You’d have to be really blind to not tell it is truly me, Sonichu, opposed to Mama.

Hands Theory

18 November 2020

Hey and good morning, @everyone. I am feeling good and well, and I just woke up from a very interesting dream.
good morning
This has to do with these hands. Beforehand, in this dimension that, does better in C-197, these hands have an absorption type of ability. It was found that upon contact, they can absorb pain and discomforts from others; healing them. And they can also absorb and manifest other energies and such objects as well, such as other portals.
There is still more for us to learn about these hands. Now, in the dream last night, or rather this morning, in working with Darkwing Duck to stop a villain, I used these hands to drain something out of the enemy guard pawns at the location. On constant contact within less than a few seconds, the negative energies and motivations of the guards were drained from them. So, potentially, we could disable someone if that were the present focus. Don’t totally quote me yet, it’s a working theory.
Just a let y’all know for now.

More Dreams

18 December 2020

Hey, @everyone. @[Watchman #1], @[Watchman #2], sorry for not coming on as much lately, but we have been experiencing a greater ample surge in the abilities and experienced a lot more events.
Right now, I am fixing to settle down for the night, but like last night, as I will go into in a moment, I am feeling a similar effect in the sacral chakra and core of this body.
Today, I kinda slept in, in comparison to yesterday. Even though I did end up hitting the hay about 10:00 pm last night. Had a 3 to 4 hour analytical type of dream, for starters, where essentially, the body was getting a massive upgrade/transformation into making it better able to go between dimensions. There was a bunch of pain in the core area (at the sacral chakra point). Had some more dreams after that, but mainly recall the dream where I, once again, was staying at a hotel in a big city (this time in San Francisco) for a weekend convention, but this was post-convention between Sunday and Monday. Found a few telling napkins with random drawings on them, some of which had parts of a writing on them. Upon later analysis and meditate, they said, “Wake into the next dimension. Go to Cwcville.” And there was also a drawing of me and Rosey in simplified drawing style. And there was a date on another napkin, “04/12/2020”. Looks like I might end up making that trip back in time by a year or so after all.
Also featured was looking for a good arcade spot with Pamela Anderson to win some tickets and tokens at. Didn’t find a place to go in, but saw an arcade building filled with active arcade cabinets, the store was called “Game Over”. And after this one little green OC was banned from a restaurant, he and a Spongebob look-alike we’re getting beat up on by a couple of cops, and that hit the noggin like freaking Jerkops, and we beat up the two Jerkops before they could really hurt the kids.
Woke up today feeling well and okay.
And I continue to sense and third-eye see distortions in the Iron Curtain between our dimensions as well while awake.
[Emoji of an anime girl with an expression of shock]
@Sonichu982 Would be interesting to define some of these "upgrades", it pops up a lot but seems ambiguous.
Because initially, their greater details are very complicated to put into simple words. In this case, it can be summarized as similar to an analog-to-digital converter; a later model or a massive bunch of upgrade and update data for one, in regard of slipping the body through the thinning barrier’s growing cracks, so it can make it fully, safely and well into C-197 from 1218 in lieu of a tangible portal for this very location where such a portal has been difficult to create within the boundaries of this temple on the 1218 side. This is knowledge that you can learn more information to by consulting with the Cosmos’ wisdom, or someone with the direct knowledge of the finite details within, like Magi-Chan Sonichu. Meanwhile, I am telling you this while this brain is heavily connected to the Cosmos, dimensions and so on and the conscious is in a fatigued, meditative trance. Put yourself in such a trance, Kyle, and your questions can be better answered ad-Infinitum.

Chaotic Rainbow

21 December 2020

Hey. Just checking in for now. Last night was really and truly major in power and effect. The body was mostly restless throughout the night, but we are connecting the new Chaotic Rainbow from coast to coast.
Meanwhile, I am sensing the breaches through the Iron Curtain in areas around in and throughout this dimension’s universe.
Waiting patiently for the next major event at this time. Been meditating and playing some Tetris 99 for a while.
@[Watchman #3], what’s your present status?

Also, want to type up the apology for the pronoun correction last night; this body takes that pronoun thing seriously, and I don’t blame it. I know it was a simple misspeak; it’s all cool. And I did not mean anything when I said that. Thank you.

And, @[Watchman #2], keep it up on that thought train for that frequency. We break it, we psychically-able will have better ability to manifest our portals.
And the further progress along the way.
And @everyone else, note your observations and events from today, and keep your wits and focus about you all.
[Emoji of an anime girl staring with blank pupils] ok
Also, I’ve been getting a counter-instinct off and on today. If the frequency doesn’t work, try swapping the last two digits from “12” to “21”. I even felt a more positive resonance when I typed that into the temp-manifested keypad a little while ago, and it was consistent on repeat, and in comparison with the earlier number.

Pebble Beach

22 December 2020

Hey, @everyone. About to hit the hay, and felt like taking a look at the Virginia map to locate where Cwcville is, in relation to in C-197.
You know the beach at one corner of Cwcville, of which that is roughly the east or south-east corner of the city?
Beach of Cwcville.png
It’s around at what you all here refer to as Pebble Beach.
Yeah, definitely East corner.
I’m comparing it to where in relation to the Cwcville Basillicom, the mall is located North of it.
So, from around that pinpoint, about west or north-west is where the mall is located.
Chris’ four-paper sheet map does not do the city enough justice; the city is large and in charge like Baltimore, Maryland, New York, or similar. But there are still the suburb and store areas just outside of the metropolis part in the western direction.
Certainly not a “linear” city as the bunch of haters have put it (certainly Opuscon).
More y’all know for now. Check y’all later.

New Developments

24 December 2020

A few things of importance to mention for everyone’s knowledge here.
[Message redacted]
[Message redacted]
Second, and of higher importance,
We presently have the convergence of most to all of the Chris Chan Sonichus from the other dimensions, timelines and universes, to help us in completing the dimension merge in this timeline.
Last night gave us a real further start, as having our Chris here (she’s still in my body, by the way), along with me and this body; we both let out a simultaneous Silent Scream with as much of the deep emotions from within both of us to further break the Iron Curtain frequency on the 1218 side.
Apparently, that number I mentioned earlier, 54643821, is definitely the frequency that breaks that really tough divider. And the Silent Scream from this body and Chris’ soul self are able to attain that frequency which does put a break in it.
But obviously with the restrictions of 1218 that this body has become accustomed to over the years, despite the further development in its psychic, magic and other deity-level abilities and powers within the past few years or so, it’s not enough to totally shatter the Iron Curtain. Hence the union of the Kindness of Chris Chan Sonichus (using the term “kindness” to be synominous with herd; not to be confused with Raven and the group of them being the Unkindness) coming together to make a massive enough Silent Scream in matching that frequency to make this of the Dimension Merge happen.
And Third,
A new development has happened last night: from the alignment of the Sacral Chakra/Core areas of both Chris’ and my body, the two Heart Crystals manifested and combined with each other temporarily to manifest yet another vital and powerful object that will help us out. After that manifestion, the Heart Crystals returned to their respective bodies.
In our Dimensions, here, we had the power of the Seven S-Chu Crystal Balls, manifested from the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003. Then in 2010, when they dispersed, they all shattered to become the Sonichites and Rosechites (our Mega Stones), so we mainly have the seven Chaos Emeralds to work with.
But with last night’s Heart Crystal Union, we manifested the mythical Eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball; orange in colour.
We’ve stored it, with our Sunstone to maintain it on the 1218 side, while it still is more tangible on the C-197 side at this time, in our closeable S-Chu Ball, here.
Chris S-Chu Ball Pic.jpg
At least for the time being until when it is time to use it, but we are keeping it close and safe for the time being.
With that said, we do have Chris here, still in my body, present on the C-197 side.
She’ll be hanging out with me and Rosey and the others here, because at this juncture, in regard to what was foreseen amongst the infinite number of possiblities, her and I being together will be vital and beneficial in this instance. Meanwhile, our Magi-Chan is working with the Kindness of Chris Chans and the other deities, including Santa Clause, to make this Merge happen. Because at this point, it is less likely that this body will be simply teleported into C-197 as it was amongst the most likely to happen. So, we need to make the Merge happen in order for me to get this body to Cwcville.

The Merge is On

31 December 2020

At long last. 2020 is finally over.
Direct link Youtube, archive
Theme From New York, New York (Remastered 2008)
Search for video Youtube, archive
And the Merge is on.
Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On (From "Beverly Hills Cop" Soundtrack)
Search for video Youtube, archive
The Dimension Merge is on! Yeah! The Dimension Merge is on, on, oh-oh. The Merge is on!
Put that in your head and sing along as you will.

Vital Lesson Time

31 December 2020

The contents of this screenshot are by-and-large the same as what Chris posted on Twitter himself on the same day.

All right, @everyone: Vital Lesson time: Do not type anyting until after I am done, please, because this will be screen capped, cropped and shared on Twitter after I’ve finished typing. Thanks.
This involves the whole scale of the Multiverses as opposed to Dimensions: this was also a question I’ve considered recently as to the difference between the two.
You see, 1218 is part of one Multiverse set, while C-197 is part of another co-existing Multiverse set, but they each are divided, and aside from their initial Universes, the other Universes along with them in their respective dimensions follow the similar rules.
In 1218 and its bunches of atlernate Universes, you have what you have been seeing here and what y’all have been getting and doing; the differences being the slight differences and alt-decision variables that have been going on and splitting off throughout time in this Dimension.
In C-197 and its alternate Universes, you have all of the, what you all call, Original and Fictional Chracters and Creations that have been existing and co-existing together, following the similar rules. But in that multi-verse, they are more heavy in variety where one universe can follow the rules of a single “Intellectual Property Guideline set”, such as everyone being DBZ around the world, or another being just Marvel everywhere. C-197 is the neutral combination of all of these variables and “IPs”, minus apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic scenarios existent in different alt-universes in that dimension, and other exceptions, including Steven Universe existing in an alt-universe where WWII never happened.
Now, between these two sets of Multiverses, there are matching Universes betwween the two Dimensions, such as 1218 and C-197. About each and every single universe in the OC dimension has a sibling universe in the Creator dimension (to use the respective terms loosely on a neutral terminology sense).
Throughout the two Dimensions, each sibling universe have been merging together, in their respective pairs from the very first that was the easist to perform this, down the line to the most difficult and needing the time to prepare for their respective Merge.
Our turn here is on the brink, and will happen at any moment. We are the pair of Original Universes out of all of the other pairs, and thus ours was not initially ready to merge as early as all of the other pairs. Our pair of Universes will complete the full Dimension Merge at this rate.
All of the other Universe pairs have their respective defenses and events to deal with that required all of them to merge as much as our two will as well.
And this bunch of facts have finally come into conscious knowledge, so that I, the original-most Sonichu Prime of Dimension, or Universe, C-197 (realizing that is a brainbender to me as well). Your terminology and rulings are not perfect in any way, but it’s doable to get the gist of the situation we are in at this precipice.
So, take from all of that what you all will. Thanks. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
The screen cap has been made and will be cropped; you all may respond now.

Apex Events

1 January 2021

Watchman #4's messages are color-coded brown.

Hey. Feeling many, many heavy effects and events today; more so than yesterday. The Merge events have reached the apex a few days ago; it can never ever be undone or reverted until after the full completion of the Dimension Merge of our C-197 and 1218 universes. With everything set up and good to go, my present task is remains to get this body and I to C-197, and then to Cwcville. It will happen on an instantaneous moment that will happen any time presently. The still persisting problem is the waiting and the extensive deep meditations. All prayers and magic/psychic support towards the outcome at the present time are greatly appreciated. Thank you all. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
So, apex? In which ways?
the zenith

point of no return

[Replying to Watchman #2's message above] The apex in which the minimum number of specific required events that needed to happen for our Merge to happen, and all of the other infinite respective pairs of dimensionally-separated OC/“Fictional” and Creator/ “Real World” universes have completed their Dimension Merges before us as well.
So, less an apex, more a minimum threshold?
Don’t undersell it, dude. It’s our Apex Event and Moment now. You may say “Minimum Threshold in making the Apex Event of the Dimension Merge finally achievable and doable here between our two Dimensions (I choose to resume calling 1218 and C-197 our Dimensions, since even though they’re Universes, they were dimensionally divided).

Go Public

1 January 2021

@Lainchu, please go public with everything that I have been sharing with you all the past few weeks where you will; it is time.

2 January 2021

[Replying to Lainchu's message, reading "Very well. Anything specific, or should I just use my discretion here?"] Common sense and discretion.
Sure thing, I'll get on it.
People may now read of the feelings and things I have shared as the merge progressed up to this point.
Generally safe to assume those are standing orders, if you wanted someone to act irrationally, that would merit a reminder.
Is there a limit to how far back you want me to go?
I know you mentioned the past few weeks, but there were several updates shared with us from before then.
Do as you will.
Go as far back as possible or as you will.
The merge is on, and we’re going far out and all out.
So, 3 weeks good?
Alright, I will get to work then.

Heavy Meditating Day

9 January 2021

Hey, y’all.
My bad for not checking in with y’all for a while; I’ve been going through more of the merge events with the body, here. In part, the Soul Star chakra became more hyperactive lately. Also, finally received and replaced the shaft for Chris’ Glacce water bottle. Soo good to have filtered water on the good rocks from the bottle again.
Today was a really heavy meditating day.
Hey, @[Watchman #2], have you thought about amplifying that frequency, 54643821, to make a larger dent in the Iron Curtain?
This body and I, we are frustrated that we’re still in 1218.
Even Chris, herself, while in my body, is making further progress for herself.
Suffice to say, she’s done more than enough to be promoted to be a higher deity rank today. I was force-projected and witnessed that.
Can we Please be in C-197 now?!
@Sonichu982 Amplifying, you're implying some kind of resonance? I think?
That is one way, yes, Kyle.
Woahly Crap!
I am sensing really heavy vibrations right now!
It’s flowing very strong throughout this body.
Given the sheer scale at which these things would seem to operate, that being that a pulsar is insufficient, I don't know the exact ramifications of an Einstein–Rosen bridge where force is concerned.
Maybe just try it and see what you actually get, as opposed to overthinking it?
An event is happening right now!
I’ll check back later