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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Discord Q&A 4 took place over a call between the Watchmen and Chris on Google Hangout on 28 August 2020. Starting off as a general conversation, at the 38:30 mark, it shifts to the ongoing Discord Q&A.

Questions asked


Did Bob like Rock n Roll?

Can you speak more about who and what CWC Psychlight is?

How many of Bob's records do you still have? and do you still use any of them?

What is your favourite Pokemon game ever?

If you could meet any one of your past trolls, who would you choose?

What are your thoughts on virtual reality games?

What do you want to be remembered as? and what do you think you will be remembered as?

Do you think your discovery on the internet has lead to more good or more bad?

What are your thought on Virtual Reality video games?

What is your favourite Disney movie? and why do you like it over the rest?

What is your favourite Dreamworks movie? and why do you like it over the rest?

Why do you think you held anti-LGBTQ+ views in the past?

You had to retire from the mayorship of CWCville because it was too much responsibility. Are you sure you want to become a deity? It has a lot more responsibilities than being mayor.

To reduce stress over being a deity, why not give someone else the mantle of CPU Blue Heart like you gave Allison Amber the mayorship of CWCville?

How is Brendan Fraser doing as mayor of CWCville?


CWC and Friends on Google Hangout (August 28th, 2020)
Stardate 28 August 2020
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Audio Recordings
Discord Q&A 9


Chris role-plays as Sonichu in this Q&A conducted by The Watchmen over Google Hangout voice chat. Watchman #1 asks all fifteen questions, while Watchmen #2 and #3 mostly listen in. All three Watchmen offer occasional "Hmm"s of understanding, confusion, or because there is simply nothing else that can be said in response to Chris' megalomaniacal ramblings.

Although Chris remains calm throughout the majority of the interview, his delusions are on full display- including the worrying idea that his body is immortal.

Transcript of Q&A portion

Bob's musical tastes

Watchman 1: Uhh- can we- uhh- run through some of these questions? Soni? Uhh. Okay, um- di- uh, Bob like rock and roll?

Chris: Uhh, Mr. C- uhh, no, he was mainly into jazz and cla- and... the- and the classics. Uhh, blues- uhh, um- yeah, he was not into country or pop or rock and- rock and roll type of thing.

Watchman 1: Okay, so jazz and uhh... well- uh, yeah. Uh, jazz and-

Chris: I forget there's a- there was a hierarchy Mama had in her talkin about this, uhm-

Watchman 3: Hmm.

Chris: We had classical blues, uh- jazz, b- boogie-woogie, I mean if you- I mean you could essentially get a grasp on- you know, if you consider classical- classic, like you know, Mozart and that sort of thing, being-

Watchman 1: Oh, yeah.

Chris: The- like, you know, the oldest- the earliest form of music, and then you get progressive and higher- um, you could say Mr. C.'s taste in music was about as high as like, you know, the- somewhere in the 40's or 50's. So-

Watchman 1: Hm.

Chris: -Yeah, jazz, pretty much the highest point you're gonna get- you- you've gotten out of him. He doesn't like country music either.

Watchman 1: Huh, that's interesting because somebody hypothesized that- you know, somebody- that he might be a jazz fan, but I'm- I'm glad to hear he liked the classics. That's good.

Chris: Yeah, he's- yeah, he's a major- he was a major- he's a major jazz fan.

Watchman 1: Huh, that makes- that makes sense. He seems to have- uhh, you know, the rhythm for it. Uhh, any- any gospel?

Chris: Yeah, he likes- he likes gospel music too.

Watchman 2: Mhm.

Watchman 1: Yeah, that's, that's good.

Watchman 2: So I mean, like.

Watchman 1: Yeah.

Watchman 2: So like, (Unintelligible) you know, um-

CWC Psychlight

Watchman 1: Okay- uhh- and, okay- uhh- so, someone asked- uh- can you speak more who and what is C-W-C Psychlight is?

Chris: Oh, CWC Psychlight, okay so-

Watchman 1: Correct.

Chris: So there's- so this was- this is one of Mama's self-counterparts who's literally a DC-branded superhero- cause Mama created her in the DC Universe Online game, and she ended up- uh- being generated in that alt-dimension and then ended up coming to C197 from there, and essentially has like- uhh- electric and psychic powers-

Watchman 1: Huh.

Chris: That's- uh- that's- her name is also Christine Weston Chandler, but she does not have a Sonichu clone, so she's not a Sonichu. So yeah, when she- she migrated here, and she also has been- our lives psychically linked to this OG Chris-Chan- been chronicling every single detail about her... in like, you know, in graphic- in graphic novels.

Watchman 2: Mmmm.

Watchman 1: Okay- uhh- okay-

Chris: She can actually- and she can actually go fast through time or just chill within her own personal subspace- to where essentially, she goes in, she stays there for a while, and then she leaves- time hasn't passed that much from our- from our time. So- She gets- she gets a lot done in there.

Watchman 1: Hm.

Chris: In writing and chronicling all this. And also resting, she sleeps in there a lot.

Watchman 2: [Laugh] Me and her could be good friends then.

Watchman 1: Does it- uh- uhh- does it go faster or slower than Sonichu?

Chris: Oh- um- um- no, actually- uh, for CWC Psychlight, she typically is- um- human speed, or like, you know, when she- or when she runs, she... can, like, run up to- or around- one to five hundred miles an hour. At best.

Watchman 1: Hm. Interesting.

Chris: So yeah-

Bob's record collection

Watchman 1: Umm... I guess- uh- yeah, I guess- I guess this one should have been coupled with the other one, but somebody wanted to know: How many of Bob's records do you still have, and if so, do you still use them?

Chris: Um- in this house- um- between- uh- what's inside the house, what's in the garden shed, and I'm guessing- I mean that's in the workshop right now... Just going with what's on Mama's memories here: I'm gonna say roughly- around or less than- one hundred or so records. And we haven't pl- we haven't played them in a long time, though we have been- a newer version of a record player that hooks up- that can hook into a USB... computer. So you can like, you know, rip music from LPs and convert them into digital.

Watchman 1: Oh, is that- uh- is that something that- uh- Mr. C. got? Or is that something you acquired recently.

Chris: Oh no, that was actually something Mama got. She ended up- uh- a few years ago- winning uh- she had retained [regained?] a bunch of scratch lottery numbers onto the online website [either 'those codes' or the name of a website] and she one a $500 Crutchfield gift certificate and she ended up buying that record player.

Watchman 2: Ohh, that's very cool.

Watchman 1: Oh nice.

Watchman 2: I have a record player in my house.

Chris: Yeah- so yeah- but I don't think you want- uh- eddy [?] - uh- you know- a- a- eddy [?] for this record player. At first I put a record player- a record on there, but it's too short, and it bounced all over the place, and he's like, to this record player, "You're firewood!"

Both Watchman 1 and Watchman 2: [Laugh]

Favorite Pokemon game

Watchman 1: So- uhh- what- uhh- next, what is your favorite Pokemon game ever?

Chris: Uhh, Mama's favorite Pokemon game ever... uhh- well I guess you can ask me as well- uh- or rather, which generation...?

Watchman 1: Uhh- the question isn't very specific, so I guess you know, you have enough leeway to go either way. Just what is your favorite Pokemon game Ever. So I'm guessing across generations, across consoles, all of the above.

Chris: Yeah. Umm- I think Mama's favorite would have to be generation three. Umm- uh- uh- either Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. But, you know, I guess we could do it with Emerald since that's the better of the three. And she also likes Pokemon- she also really enjoyed Pokemon Colosseum and XD... since she was able to... migrate from those two cartridges, as well as FireRed and LeafGreen. And-

Watchman 1: [Chuckle]

Chris: [Stuttering] And got Inuyasha up that 100 trainer mount- mountain.

Watchman 1: Yeah.

Watchman 2: [Giggle]

Watchman 3: Mhm.

Which troll would you meet?

Watchman 1: Umm- this one- uh- you could either say- just yes or no to if you don't wanna answer it. Uh- if you could meet any of your past trolls, who would you choose?

Chris: Uhhh. Okay, okay... uh-

Watchman 1: Feel free to just say no if you don't wanna answer it.

Chris: Uh- it's all good. Um- I think if anybody, I wanna meet the person behi- the person who pretended to be Clyde Cash.

Watchman 1: Huh, that's- that's a- that's a good one.

Chris: The person or people because Mama heard that that was- there was possibly- possibly more than one person, and then possibly being women, but that's beside the point.

Watchman 1: Well- uh- yeah, the person who wrote the... book- fuck it, I might as well just say it- the person who wrote the book was Clyde's girlfriend. So, yeah.

Watchman 2: Clyde's an older one, isn't he?

Watchman 1: Uhh, well the person who wrote the book- uh, what was it- the- the girl who- the short little modelette [?] or whatever it was- that was Clyde's girlfriend who wrote the book.

Watchman 2: Yeah, and I was just saying that was an older- that was an older generation- I guess troll- wasn't it?

Watchman 1: Ehh, they're all really the same, they just change identities. That's the- uh- secret.

Chris: I mean yeah- I mean yeah, Clyde Cash exists in C197, but he's been opn- he's been in the now, but he's mostly long gone essentially, but- you're- but- here in this dimension- um- you say Clyde's girlfriend, but I'm guessing you're referring to the- referring to PandaHalo, or Sarah Cassandra McKenzie, as she had called herself.

Watchman 1: Well- uh- this is a little bit of- I guess inside baseball, but Clyde was a- uh- Clyde was a cuck. And he used to get bossed around and bullied by his girlfriend. People on the- people on the PVCC and the CWC forums used to make fun of him.

Chris: Yeah. They thought of him more as the person who was pretending to be Clyde-

Watchman 1: They- uh- well, uh- they would make- they would make fun of Clyde because he had a very- he had a very big ego, and he thought he was the be-all end-all.

Chris: Yeah.

Thoughts on virtual reality games

Watchman 1: Okay- umm, what- uhh, what are your thoughts on virtual reality games?

Chris: They're pre- they're cool. Uhh-

Watchman 1: Any- uh, any- any favorites? Or-

Chris: Uh, nothin' to say off hand- uhh, we don't have any VR helmets in the house right now... Though, if we were to get one, we'd probably get the one for the PlayStation 4.

Watchman 1: Oh- the- uh, you'd get the PlayStation 4 version?

Watchman 2: Mhmm, there's only PlayStation 4 VR headsets sold right now- besides- umm- Ocul-

Chris: The ones that work with the- the ones that work with the iPhones.

Watchman 1: Oh yeah-

Watchman 2: Yeah-

Watchman 1: You're supposed to- yeah, I was gonna say, like, I've s- I've- uhh, I've noticed- uhh, another version, they had the ones that are kinda just like goggles. Yeah, they should go over.

Watchman 2: They're not really the greatest, to be 100% honest [laugh].

Watchman 1: Yeah, that makes sense.

Chris: Yeah, but if I was- but if Mama was to get me a VR helmet, it would be the one for the PlayStation 4.

What do you want to be remembered as?

Watchman 1: Nice. Umm... what- uh, what do you think- uh, you know, what do you want to be remembered as, and what do you think you will be- re- uhh, who do you- whoever wrote this is weir- uhh, wrote it in a weird way. Uh, what do you want to be remembered as, and what do you think you will be remembered for?

Chris: Hmm, I guess Mam- I guess for Mama if- uhh... well, she wants to be remembered as- for who she is- uhh, ya'know, with- uh, for her life so far- and still ongoing- uh, she's- uh, essentially living on forever- and this body's living forever, by the way, you know that. Um- but- live- she would probably want to be remembered as... kind, positive person she always has been and was always meant to be, and that's despite every single negative that was inadvertently or mistakenly... taken- uh, done by her, or said by her, and taken out of context, and whatever else. Just- she wants to be remembered for everything that's true and positive about her, really. And- uhh, also the- also the literal goddess that she is...

Watchman 1: Yeah.

Chris: And of course for all her- course all her art and books and all that. Uhh, what was the second part of that question?

Watchman 1: Oh- uhh, the second part was- uhh, what do you want to be- uhh, the question was- umm, what do you want to be remembered as, and what do you think you will be remembered as?

Chris: Oh, what do I- what does she think.

Watchman 1: So- uhh, you know the sec- you already answered the first part of it, the second part is just, you know, peoples' perception, and you kind of-

Chris: Yeah.

Watchman 1: -answered that- though- yeah, you answered that in the first one.

Chris: Yeah, I pretty much said that-

Watchman 2: I-

Watchman 1: [on top of Watchman 2 and Chris] Yeah, okay, and- uh-

Chris: -remembering her as a goddess.

Watchman 1: Yeah, and then- uh, this one ties in with the last, and then after this I'll go to a more fun question, but- uh- uhh, do you think the- do you think your discovery on the internet has led to more- more good or more bad- whoever wrote that question, that's not a- uhh, that's not a- yeah, anyway.

Chris: Uhh- I'm gonna say, "immense." And I'm gonna say-

Watchman 1: Mhm.

Chris: -it was- it was good for the- for- for the mental and cognitive development. But- um, bad as like, you know, it was emotionally scarring and damaging, but still- more beneficial for the mental development. Which he needed to go through.

Watchman 1: That's a good- that's a good way- that's a good way to put- uhh, that's a good way to look at it. Uhh, a lot of people with even a modicum of internet fame or internet- uhh, yeah, would go, you know, w- uh, or have gone mad from it.

Favorite movies

Watchman 1: So- uh, okay, let's, you know, do a more fun one here, what is your favorite- uh, Disney movie, and why do you like it over the rest?

Chris: Uhh, Mama's favorite movie of all time is Mary Poppins. The original.

Watchman 1: Okay, yeah, that uh, that's a- that's a Disney movie, and- uh, wha- why- why do you like it over the rest?

Chris: Uhh, the reasons for- her original reasoning for- she remembers the... animated segment where Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews were in the chalkboard painting, and the- and they- they animated penguin waiters.

Watchman 2: [laugh]

Chris: She liked the animated parts, and- uh, it was simply delightful and musical throughout. I mean, who doesn't love- or hasn't heard of- "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?"

Watchman 1: expialidocious! Yeah, exactly, yeah. [singing under breath] "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, you'll only doing w-" [laughs] uhh, okay- yeah, another-

Watchman 2: [singing] A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Watchman 1: Another- uh- uh- uh, another fun one- uh, what is your favorite DreamWorks movie, and why do you prefer it over the others?

Chris: [thinking] Ehh, DreamWorks, DreamWorks- I'm not-

Watchman 1: I believe- I believe DreamWorks is- a- I think when they said DreamWorks, I think they meant Pixar.

Watchman 2: Well, no, DreamWorks is like, you know, The Road to El Dorado, Spirit-

Watchman 1: Oh, okay, okay

Watchman 3: -How to Train Your Dragon- um-

Watchman 1: Alright, okay, never mind-

Chris: And they did the Transformers movies, too.

Watchman 1: [joking] Leave me alone, I only watch anime! I'm not a fan of Western animation-

Watchman 3: [laughing] It's okay!

Watchman 1: [laugh]

Chris: Umm, but I can answer both- uh, Mama's favorite Pixar movie of all time is the first Toy Story movie.

Watchman 1: I prefer Toy Story 2 over 1 and 3... and 4. 4 I thought was just a cashgrab.

Chris: She hasn't really watched the other three movies yet- at least this brain hasn't. Uhh, but as for favorite DreamWorks movie- not- uhh, can't say for sure... so, offhand- I'm gonna go with the Bumblebee movie.

Watchman 1: Ooh.

Watchman 2: [laughs]

Watchman 3: Yay!

Watchman 1: [thinking of Bee Movie] Is that the one with Seinfeld?

Watchman 3: No, no, Transformers.

Chris: No, not the Bee Movie.

Watchman 2: Transformers.

Watchman 1: OH, okay, not the- not Bee Movie, the Bumblebee, okay. I was- I'm having a slow moment.

Chris: [on top of Watchman 1] I was talking about the latest Transformers movie.

Watchman 2: [in reference to Bee Movie] That is a DreamWorks movie.

Watchman 3: [also in reference to Bee Movie] That's a favorite of mine too.

Watchman 1: [chuckle] Well, once they- once they got things away from Michael Bay... that's always a good starting point.

Watchman 3: Yeah.

Chris: [in reference to the Michael Bay Transformers franchise] Too many explosions, patriotism, and not enough focus on the Autobots and Decepticons. Too much-

Watchman 1: Exactly.

Watchman 3: Yeah.

Chris: -too much hate against them as well.

Past anti-LGBT views

Watchman 1: Yeah, exactly. Uhh- why- uhh, next one. Why do you- why do you think people perceived you to have anti-LGBT views/racist views... in the past.

Chris: [Tired] Ughhh, that would definitely be going to- at any time- at most times before mid- before June 2014... Mama... really, really, REALLY disliked the majority of all other males... All other male humans. Because they were- cause from her point of view, she was like, they were taking away all the... other potential women who could be her partners, and essentially leaving her with nothing to choose from... and she was- and she felt like- and she had think- she had thought back then as well that those online trolls that were pickin' on her- that they were gay men, cause she was also being constantly mislabeled as a homosexual dude, and all that- so, she just kinda like- dis- she kinda like disassociated and just [groan] [unclear] everybody until 2014 when she started coming- when she was coming out more to her trans-womanhood, and realized she was bisexual. She needed to realize she was bisexual. So, she started... cooling down in 2014-

Watchman 1: That's good.

Chris: -on that. Sooo- all- that's a whole bunch of past details that's LONG outdated these days.

Watchman 1: Yeah.

Watchman 2: And see, the one thing-

Watchman 1: Well, it's a- it's all a link- it's all a link in the chain, so it all, y'know, leans backward and forward, that's why it's good to clarify these details, especially for those who only have an outsider perspective and not a, y'know, True and Honest, y'know, insight- especially when, y'know, as you know, certain people will go out of their way to misrepresent things, and that's one of the reasons why Lainchu and other chroniclers where brought in to set the record straight-

Chris: Yeah.

Watchman 1: -and to get the- nuh, all the- sort of knock some sense into people.

Chris: Yeah. Especially for what's left of this timeline, anyway, before I go back and undo-


Watchman 1: Okay, yeah, okay- um, this is applicable to all the timelines and to everything, but the way that this person asked the question, it just brought up- uh, i- it brought up what- uh, Josh said earlier... uhh, about... they- they're asking about the Tugboat, and it just reminded me that Josh was saying- uhh, you know, like, if you- uh, you know, if you or Mama are interested in it- uh, at any time, at any point- uh, if you wanna come- come up with a schedule, if you wanna go on streams, if you wanna... do whatever, make- uh, make one page, make any art- uhh, you know, Josh has an LLC and an LLP ready to go- with your name on it... And, you and Mama will receive- uh, a stipend to the point where you will be able to keep your social security, your Tugboat and everything, and you will be able to receive all the money that you- that you would get. So, as long as you're able to to stick to- uh, stick to a plan and create a- a budget... and possibly... you know, just show up every once and a while on the stream here-there, because remember, people will pay for you to show up, and we would make sure- we would 100% make sure that it's not anybody troll-ish- uh, no bravery jerk nonsense. None of- uh, nothing like that. It would always be- it would always be legit.

Chris: [oblivious] Yeah, that question is *very* complicated.

Watchman 1: [heatedly] YEAH THAT WAS MORE OF A- A- yeah, it's just- uh, yeah, think- uh, go ahead and think on that, and just remember that- remember that that's there.

Chris: I was thinking about it as I was listening to it, I mean, just essentially, I DON'T THINK- I don't feel that even with Mama's technology- we have the cult, we have a totally... bright... modern... current... amount of technology or cameras- an inability to be able to... do that as easily- plus this- plus this brain doesn't totally- doesn't totally- it's not totally tech savvy with that, even with the technology she has, and, you know, the best you can do is what she was- what I was able to do a few months ago within the- I've been watching the first three parts of Analysis & Anarchy: Red Vs. Blue- Violet Car Force [possibly Violet Card Force] coming out- uh, early September, so I'll be doing-

Watchman 2: [surprised] Really?

Chris: -a reaction video then as well. But yeah, that's essentially the best and- um, it's just like, you know, she would need like, a whole- a local team here... in order to help... to help this brain to understand what can be done, what- what needs to be done, how she can use this camera or that piece of tech with- uh, this and then... and all that, and all that, and aside from that, the scheduling- the way things have been working around here, it's just an erratic scheduling because so many... things just... spring up spur of the moment and we have to be ready for anything that spurred the moment- especially concerning- with the... shifts between dimensions and timelines- here, there, everywhere... and this has been that way around, so- and Mama's not even noticed subconsciously for a long time that she's been just working by... you know, just doing things as she felt. And... pretty much both runs too for today, just- you know, just doing as we feel and and are able to do it during this point in time... because, you know, cosmic energies- cause just like you know, one day, it can be like, you know, totally putting a whole massive amount of energy into this body, so it could be like, dude, a whole bunch of things for- I don't know, maybe for one more than twelve hours in the span of- though, that's another thing- or like, you know, just like sort of- or just like totally drain it and totally disable it, and then the day- and then the whole day is ruined... so, it's just... anyway.

Is being a deity too much responsibility?

Watchman 1: Yeah. Okay- umm, wha- uhh- dudududududu... ye- uh, somebody asked- uh, you had to retire from- the mayor- the mayorship of CWCville because it was too much responsibility. Are you sure you want to become a deity? It has a lot more responsibilities than being mayor.

Chris: Um-

Watchman 1: That person obviously doesn't understand the lore, but- go ahead.

Chris: What- okay- but... uhh, that was actually- okay, well that- firstly, that... fell on Christine-Chan, Mama's- uh, self-counterpart in C197, and... she liter- she literally fell into that- and this goes along with the past... uh, dislike of the LGBT where... you know, that- uh, that- where Christine-Chan went forward in time to obviously an alternate timeline where they literally had come up with this- uh, anti-gay serum and then she literally came back in time with that... and obviously... and this was not put in book ten, but, yeah, Magi-Chan just knew that that was coming, and wasn't going to be able to stop Christine-Chan from doing that... but- and, you know, she was about to essentially gonna put it in the water system, but that's- and then she got stopped by Magi-Chan and she had to res- and she had to resign from being mayor at that time... And- uh, aside- and that- and aside from that- from all the other... exampl- all the other... specimens of that- of that... particular... substance that might have been brought back in time, or just essentially neutralized and properly disposed of. All of it.

Watchman 1: Huh. Interesting.

Chris: Except for that- except for that which was... ejected into Naitsirhc... cause that did happen, but- but obviously he... came back around- it just like, you know, it- it hit him at first, but- uhh, he was essentially immune to it.

Watchman 1: Hm.

Chris: So, go figure, paradoxes, all timelines and the effects, yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada...

Watchman 1: Okay- uh, there's- there's a second part to-

Chris: YES, I- yes, I am getting to that.

Watchman 1: Okay, okay.

Chris: So, right, so again, that was on Christine-Chan. Uh, this- this did not affect the Mama as much... because, you know, she- the bigger head, even above Christine-Chan and... uh, and just rest of us in- in our area of CWCville and all that, along with everybody, all the others, like, we- you know, in our dimension, we also have everybody else, including Donald Duck, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Eric Cartman, Gumball Waterson- uh, Kim Possible, yada yada yada yada yada. Everybody else that's- that's liv- living in our dimension on Earth and then- uh, in our space and all of that... uh- but, alright, so meanwhile, back here to... your- to your Christine- your Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu of 1218- your Chris-Chan... the OG one... yeah, she's always been a deity, and she had been trained to be a deity throughout her entire life without realizing it, and just this bit with- uh, being signed as mayor- well, that was mainly on Christine-Chan's part- that was- I was just more- also, kind of in part to Chris-Chan as well, but... yeah. Uhh, it was just a whole bunch of- but when it came to her just feeling- being off and on in this dimension, it was essentially... due to the faded events and the... cosmic differences between dimensions and timelines and so forth- [irate] it was also the EMOTIONAL BULLSHIT SHE WAS GETTING FROM ALL THOSE FREAKING HATERS AND FOLLIES OVER THE YEARRRS.

Watchman 3: [laughs]

Chris: And all that- and then- so it just- she needed some- more time to toughen up and then... she did and within a- throughout the months with Idea Guy, we ended up with her finally stepping- going- just- make- taking her real first steps into... becoming a deity, with- uh, getting help from Scarlet, the original CPU of the Commodore consoles, thus promoting Mama to that- to that bunch of responsibility as well, cause we all felt that it was time for her to take up that part and it was a time of me- concerning what the shit Idea Guy was doing at the time... So yeah, Mama's been- actually been progressing and doing a whole lot better since then. So yeah... essentially she... has stepped up and earned- is earning, more so- the right to be a- the literal deity that she is. And that was a brain-flow and a mouthful.

Watchman 1: Yeah-

Watchman 2: But you did good. That was a lot-

Why not give the CPU Blue Heart role to someone else?

Watchman 1: Yeah- um, okay, this is- uh, yeah, this is the second part to it, and it- uh, it makes sense in a way, it says- uh, 'to reduce stress over being a deity, why not give someone else the mantel of CPU Blue- Blue Heart, like you gave Allison Amber the mayorship of CWCville?

Chris: Um... we already have somebody for that, that's- uh, literally our CP- our present CPU... uh, our secondary CPU of CWCville, the CPU Battery-Charged Blue Heart... yeah. Okay, why is this brain being- well, the one- the l- the little girl that was formerly known as s- uh, formerly known as... Anurbus[?]... why is the current- her current name escaping this memory? Jeez! [thinking sounds] Mmh, mm, hmm... yeah. That's something- I'll have to look it up later, but anyway- so, she is our second- she's like our CPU... younger sister, like, you know... purple sister is to- uhh, Purple Heart. You know, as- as-

Watchman 2: Like-

Chris: As, you know, Neptia to Neptune. And-

Watchman 2: Like a CPU candidate?

Chris: Yeah, there you go, that's the right term. Although during the time when Mama was stepping towards becoming an official CPU herself, we had... uhh, Battery-Charged Blue Heart fillin' in that role. And-

Watchman 3: [cellphone vibration buzz]

Chris: first- and Mama stayed that time... to fill out the role that we needed at the time during those frickin' Idea Guys.

Watchman 1: Hm.

Chris: [sigh]

Watchman 1: Yeah. Umm... does-

Chris: I will answer one more question.

How is Brendan Fraser doing as mayor of CWCville?

Watchman 1: Okay. Uh, how- [laugh] how is Brendan Fraser doing as mayor of CW- CWCville?

Chris: Well, he's holding- he's holding up okay, he does as much as- uhh... he mainly just does the short office work, while the executive dec- decisions are mainly made between the CPUs, so he's like the... yeah, he's definitely like the... third heartbeat in line. Like, you know, second vice-president to be- to use the term in a fair comparison- a fair comparison... yeah, but mainly- but mainly Sabrina's been able to- uh, fulfill the role as well, and- and, you know, in... [clears throat]... in the Chris-Chan Sonichu that's present in this timeline that we have... now, that's she- there's existence- I mean, that is here in 1218 along us, her body along with her Magi-Chan. As opposed to- as opposed to one that was originally from here- this timeline- that is now waiting for me to COME BACK IN TIME to April tenth, 2020 with this body to deliver it to her while she's still waiting there in MY BODY I miss so much- I MISSA MY SPEED [speaking quickly] and I miss being in the same dimension as Rosie! [angry growl] NNnnGH!

Watchman 1: It's okay. You're good- you've been doing good.

Chris: And I definitely-

Watchman 2: Mmhmm.

Chris: drained all my-

Watchman 1: Yeah.

Chris: my energy there.

Watchman 1: Yeah.

Chris: So, great- so yeah, just Brendan Fraser in his role and paper-pushing and wha- what he does- and just- yada yada yada. He's doing his job.

Watchman 1: That's good.

Watchman 2: That's good.

Watchman 1: Hm.

Chris: [sigh]

[end of Q&A]

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