Other chats leaked by Naught (August 2020)

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains the 2020 Discord leaks posted by Naught on the Official CWCki Server, sorted in chronological order. Naught's commentary is color-coded green; Chris's messages (while roleplaying as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow.

Sonichu's dating advice

(Leaked 10 August 2020)

This is what Chris (as Sonichu) gives as dating advice to another person, it shows that Chris still believes that Megan Schroeder was his girlfriend, despite all known evidence.

Sonichu982 (Chris): I can only tell you that ship between Mama and Schroeder ended by Schroeder pushing her away And I can assure you that in the future, you'll likely realize she didn't deserve you, and there are plenty of other women around. Continue to socialize yourself; you will very likely succeed.

Unknown Discord User: Thank you for the advice pal. I really needed that.

Sonichu dating advice.png

Chris's transformers toys

(Leaked 12 August 2020)

August 3rd

Firstly, some years ago, Mama had a vision with a Cybertronian's face, and a song lyric,

"Tell me another story in all its love and glory. Ba-ba boo-boo." Today, I'm listening, once again, to O.N.J's "Twist of Fate", and during the lyric, "The gift of life extension by divine intervention", the lyric came in and was in sync with this song's lyric. With the "baba boo-boo" going into the transition notes after the lyric.

I brought up chorus and verse structure. Chris as Sonichu corrects me
.......Yeah, that is nothing compared to having foreseen the lyric, and that it was sung in tune with that part of "Twist of Fate", and the fact that it was foreseen, and that it was recalled and resonant today, with other things happening around it, the science is valid on that, but not the topic at hand.
Me: Makes sense did you watch the new transformers? Random factoid I had to share
Yeah, still trying to talk; got interrupted by a call from Kai; had to text him that I was busy and would talk with him later. We did watch the new Netflix series; How Many Times was the Refraktor body used in the season? Take a drink of water every time you see Refraktor. ALOL

By yet another Twist of Fate, yesterday I found and purchased yet another Transformer that we had been wanting to get for Mama's collection for quite the while: Commander Class Sky Lynx.

And in exploring its base mode, we found and made a configuration, with a combination of the sword pieces from Combiner Wars Sky Lynx, additional effects parts from Omega Supreme, and a few Soundbarrier roadmaster figures; you'd have to see it to enjoy its glory. And it further resonated by adding Autobot Chris Chan's figure with her two Rungs at the helm making a creation/deity type of magic.

Sonichu's lore

(Leaked 10 August 2020)

10 August

Chris has been explaining Sonichu lore from the perspective of Sonichu.[1][2] Minor comments from onlookers have been ommitted.

June 7th

Skipping ahead to book 6, Patti dog already died from 1218. Major clue if she in her anthropological glory becomes tangible, here, or cats and dogs started walking on their hind legs in groups.

In the massive isolations, everyone else is feeling like they aren't meeting as many new people as they'd like to, in person.

Mary Lee Walsh, retired, becomes a literal Witch in 1218; that'll be major.

Mama being approached by the head of mall security and personally attacked. First debut transformation for Christine Chan.

Again, in a shopping mall, wherein not many people are hanging out at, and Mama's still legally banned from Fashion Square.

Book 1: my DNA makes Blake Sonichu.

We've witnessed heavy Team Rocket activity around here; Giovanni has made three clones of Mama.

If we see a steroid filled, testosterone-heavy Christian walking about, that'll be another obvious clue.

Next thing, that'll be the day, I cross paths with this horny clone, while still in Mama's body.

Two robotic heavy IQ scientists get together to make the Robot version of me in my visage.

Good grief on that.

If you want to count the add-on "retcon" of Sylvana spying on me and Rosey as Sonic and Amy (at different times), then an increase in spy count and activity in 1218. Freaking Government.

Mama and Christine Chan went on a Meetup date with their respective Hannah at the Starbucks in the mall. Heart shatters from the grave disappointment.

Email of complaint to Hannah was typed up.

Fuck. The aches from the CWC-Sense in the Heart and Sacral Chakras.

Not grieving from the past memories, I can personally vouch for that.

The origin of Christine Chan's upgrading her medallion is told, and subsequently the awakening of Sarah Hammer and Wes Isley of their Rosechu and Sonichu forms, respectively.

Heated guy takes revenge and angst against Christine Chan for breaking up the ship between him and Sarah, as well as being destined rivals.

OMCC! That "But back in the Stone Age..." line as Wes makes a flaming homing attack attempt on Christine a Chan.

The coming together of those three half-Sonichus, and half-Rosechu, to take down a gigantic rock, monster controlled by Walsh and Graduon destroying the city.

Gonna go ahead and just say on that Walsh wanted to abolish True Love and Relationships in Virginia.

That will be majorly sad if that literally happened, here.

Simply confronting the witch in her home quarters, retold and expanded.

Gonna also comment that Mama's vivid photographic memory is helping in this as well.

Book 3:

Mama expanded on the effects of the Chaotic Rainbow with the spawning of the thousands of Sonee and Rosey eggs that spanned not only in C-197's Earth, but throughout the farthest reaches of time, space, Dimensions, and so on, and she introduced Wild, Bubbles, Angelica, Punchy and Magi-Chan.

Blake was tasked by Giovanni to steal the Master Sunstone from Flame's island, risking nature havoc in the process.

The five of them, Flame, and I got together and stopped Blake and retrieved the Master Sunstone.

Yeah, I'd say the Nature order has been a bit out of whack in 1218 for a while now.

The two-part Sub-Episode of Christine Chan and Mama's troubled time at a McDonald's in Wal-Mart.

Christine Chan summoned her twin sister from the alternate dimension where she literally did have one. Meanwhile, Crystal's dimension went downhill even before she left.

Trouble at the Mall; corrupted cops were arranged into a set of bowling pins and got knocked over by their corrupted leader (rolled up like a bowling ball), after attacking Christine Chan, while she and Crystal were just doing some normal shopping at the mall that day.

That time at Target where in both dimensions, Christine Chan and Mama were with their Sweetheart Search signage and drawing up pages for one of the books.

Got approached by corrupted managers; blew them off.

I did

Corrupted cops led by a power-hungry, power-ranger suit-wearing corrupted individual.

Called in his robot partner to catch Christine Chan by the tail.

Both Christine Chan and Mama were literally dog-piled on by the corrupted cops; got a carpet burn on their foreheads on their left sides.

Mama was taken to Prison; Christine Chan was taken back to Walsh and Graduon's base at PVCC.

Crystal rushed to rescue CC from Walsh, and the two of them took out Walsh and put an end on their base in C-197.

Barbara bailed Mama out.

Book 5

Sarah and William get married, but to fill the role in her book, the part of William was played by Jack's Knight. Wes interrupts the wedding, while Christine Chan was there in secret.

Enter Sailor Megtune (Megan Schroeder) and Megag to help save the day.

The bride was saved and returned to the wedding safely. Wes got his ass kicked.

Saving the two-parter for last, at this point; Patti became anthropomorphic and came to chville to start her life anew with Chris' help.

Also, she got charged with Lunar Power.

The two-parter that goes from book 5 to 6:

Walsh sent out her corrupted cops to break up and destroy all relationships and true love as far and wide as possible.

Chris summons 3 vehicle and follows me to the scene where Walsh was.


Chris was able to transform into his Sonichu form at the time; WHY did she need to call for a rocket board when she could run?

Go figure Mama wanted to match the timing of Chris transforming alongside Crystal. Plot Convenience.

Walsh also super-sized with a giant robot controlled by a few of her goons; got destroyed easily, while I an the others took down and rounded up the goons.

Chris was about to take down Walsh, when she, witl Graduon's help, summons a mirror portal right under her. Megan and Crystal rush to get her out; Crystal pushes Megan away. Walsh flips the mirror; Chris wa freed, but Crystal got trapped in that thing.

After Walsh and Graduon left, they teleported their goons back to their new base.

We rushed the mirror with Crystal trapped in it back to the Office in the mall.

Met to realize that we needed the seven S-Chu Crystals to get Crystal out. Mama couldn't have said seven Chaos Emeralds, but our crystals did come fron the Chaotic Rainbow, so it's fair.

Naitsirhc was awakened to his Sonichu half. He gained a bit of psychic power for himself, but the inte came from Giovanni's lackies.

He and Chris clashed, and then, literally, at Manchester High School, in Midlothian, VA, in C-197, Naitsirhc got his face beat in by a heavy hit from Bionic‘s basketball. He makes really heavy and powerful throws.

That's about all I have, in a nutshell, from books Zero to Six.

We did have to go back in time a hit of time after that for one of the crystals.


(Leaked 10 August 2020)

10 August

Sonichu wants you to know about a recent dream
The bunch of dreams did not typically have anything to do with that outdated curse of hers.

Another thing, In one part of these dreams, there was a part where I was inquisitioned about my morality, and I shouted with confidence that I was immortal; that I was a Goddess, the Goddess CPU Blue Heart.

And then I began transforming into the CPU form.

Sure, a reminder of the years when Mama was having it really difficult for too long in meeting other people and being really shy, hating males and on the LGBT during that time as well.

But she has not been for many, many years now, though.

And there is another aspect, though, since you brought it up,

The "Chronicler Law" she had written in regards of Christine Chan in C-197 not legally allowed to have sex with anyone (although she literally went out of town on the attempts to sneak under the radar, and once a week hooked up with a lady hooker until her eventual transformation and transition into full womanhood, herself); it likely backfired and also hit herself, Chris Chan, as well, making that symbolic retcon reasoning.

She did for a time end up not liking herself, even feeling disgusted at Christine Chan and what she had done in the 2000s.

You may screen cap and share the texts with her.

Off-topic for a moment,

I know I asked before for someone to chronicle me into getting into C-197 with this body on a premonition type of thing, and we've got Ems (Spunky) for that role, and now we have this Chronicler. What is her role, here? Is she taking Ems' job, here, or what?

I guess so
Also, even though I have the box fan, here keeping it fair temp, but without the air conditioner, it's warm in here. We ordered a new one from WalMart.com; it'll be here tomorrow or Tuesday.

There's some mild amounts of sweat.

"That's good stay hydrated and near a fan and or cool breeze if you can find one" It's easier to cope with the heat with fur on the body to keep the sweat down, but bare skin is a sticky situation. I am drinking lots of water.

Today was scheduled as a physical day off after the past three days: Thursday, went to Stunton to deliver a special birthday lunch to Kai, and did some Pokemon work. Friday, I got started on the Deoxys Raid hunt, also had the vegetarian meat in the chili dogs from the "Can I Be Frank" food truck; it was really good. Yesterday was Magikarp Community Day, and got in on a few Deoxys Raids as well.

Haven't left the temple today.

Also, destiny and fate willing, getting closer to Level 40 on Mama's account in the Pokemon GO app, so then we can nominate this temple as a PokeStop or preferably a Pokemon Gym.