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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains DMs between Chris and Watchmen member Anaxis, who was roleplaying as Lainchu.[1]

Introduction/Bismuth Messages

3 September 2020

Hey, Lainchu.

Sonichu here.

I have a few confidential questions/concerns I feel need to ask and share with you that only you are able to properly respond.

Oh, of course

What can I help you with?

And this is regardless of rather or not I am supposed to know certain specific details, but I could use a few guidelines.

I’ve talked the following out with Bismuth, so this is mainly between you, I and Bis.


What's on your mind?

Sending screen caps now.

Naughttexts1.png Naughttexts2.png Naughttexts3.png Naughttexts4.png Naughttexts5.png Naughttexts6.png

In one of the present wishes from this brain and body being that Bismuth and Meghan being here in this neighbourhood, in Ruckersville; what is the level of the impact of them, and any others from the group, being here towards the As Soon As Possible timing of me with this body going from 1218 to C-197, so I fan finally get this thing and I to Cwcville and all that?

By the way, off-topic for a bit, we’ve found the similarities between Mama and Haruhi Suzumia (that anime series was good).

Take your time; I await your thoughts and responses. Thanks.

4 September 2020

I understand your urgency, and rest assured Bismuth and Meghan are both doing all that they can to get to you in a timely manner. They are currently dealing with events on their end that are holding them up from taking action, but they intend to join you as soon as these are overcome (barring more unexpected trouble).
Ah. I see. Then their presence here is among the vital details after all.

Although now, it makes me think further on another detail I’ve been exploring of Mama’s abilities: her ability to change things in 1218, here, in a similar fashion as Haruhi did in Japan, by pretty much wishing or thinking of it.

As I had first told Bismuth (leaving Meghan out of the discussion) of the wish I had made in conscious effort to test this ability the night before, I was rather half expecting it to be rather teleport-type of instant, while also on the other half being on it taking time for that to happen.

To fill you in, as if you didn’t already know, Lainchu: the wish was specifically for Bismuth and Meghan to be moved in to a fully-paid for and set up two-story house here in this neighbourhood, somewhere on Westwood Drive; pretty much as a housemate situation; I don’t ship the two of them, but they stay on as respecting friends with each other, nonetheless.

Part of this wish was for when Emily does come to visit from Georgia, she can stay over at their place as well.

Another obvious reason for them being in their own place, as opposed to having them chill here: Barbara and the dogs. Whenever ANYONE who does not live, or frequent, here arrive within yard space, at least, they bark, howl and just stress both themselves and Barbara out (not to mention the rest of us here). Clover and Snoopy aren’t used to visitors. Even having someone else here for more than a quarter or a half-hour or so, downstairs or whatever, and the dogs aren’t as barking, they’re stressing, and so does Barbara.

It would be ideal if they were to take advantage of Patti’s old pen in the side yard, but Barb doesn’t take the dogs out often, because she is aware of them having injured their legs while playing as puppies, and Snoopy can’t handle going up and down stairs easily. Barbara could have done better in taking care of the two of them. groan

I tell you about the dogs in Strictest Confidentiality, Lainchu.

Of course, you can count on my discretion

Ultra Director

6 September 2020

Hey, Lainchu.

I've been pondering a bit further, and I have a situation and a question to propose, presently, only to you and Bismuth.


What's your question?

It’s extensive in detail, and I’m gonna copy/paste what I just told Bismuth.

I'm taking a page from Mama Chris Chan for a moment to equate you two to be similar to a couple of other existent OCs in a symbolic type of reasoning.

With that, let's say that I, with this body, am filling the role of Haruhi, as the omnipotent one with the deity-level abilities and wish-making type of manifestations.

You, Lainchu, fill the role of Yuki Nagato, since you are able to reprogram certain data within the micro ness and fabrics of realities, timelines and dimensions, and so on to her great extent and skill set. Also, your respective insight to the present situations and all that. (edited)

Bismuth fills the role of Itsuki Koizumi, with his range of abilities being something similar, yet far superior than Koizumi. And in that he has an innate sense, reasoning, logic and intelligence that makes him able to be that who has a better understanding of this body's abilities than I do. Which makes more sense, since Mama's soul was catching on even moreso, and I've had to come for amongst the multiple reasons to guide this body and myself to Cwcville.

Kinda curious now that I think about it, but the one who may be able to fill the role of Mikuru Asahina would likely be Meghan, but she's not exactly moe or shy, but she still has her abilities as well that surpasses that of a typical time-traveler type.

And all of the others in our group are amongst the second-tier cast of the series that escape the mind at the moment.

Now, with that in mind,

Since in the show credits, Haruhi is credited as the "Ultra Director", and in the similar fashion Mama has listed herself in her books as something similar, and to borrow the term of "Intrusive Director" from Shinichi Watanabe.

Myself, Sonichu, I'm not typically the Ultra Director type, although I've dabbled in some spare time, but I couldn't handle it as well as either Mama or Christine Chan.

And this brain is not exactly, presently, in a similar hyperactive Ultra Director level of mindset as Haruhi; in fact it's actually fallen into being off and on blank, as it is linked with the cosmos and other dimensions and timelines literally all of the time. Which makes it more the difficult.

And I have fact that which of us in control when it comes to the dreams, it's the body and brain that are in control, or lack of control, of the actions that I can only observe, that it takes, and taking guidance from Chris-Core on anything.

But Chris-Core is not enough to make a successful lucid dream, as the brain doesn't have as much guidance ability on its own, and needs its own help from within in order to do anything.

And now I am feeling like I am digressing a lot on that.

The question that I would like to propose to both you and Bismuth, and you may start me from basic levels: tell this body and I how to be better Ultra Director of everything, and guidance of the mentality this brain should have on constant? (edited)

You and Bismuth may collaborate with each other in DMs to come up with the details as needed and possible. Gotta get a better comprehension of things here in better ability to get myself with this body to Cwcville ASAP.

Obviously, everything is in the subconscious of this brain, and the conscious and subconscious had recently swirled together, so just about everything would be in easier reach, but I feel if I do not know how and what to look for specifically, even if I’ve meditated for hours and hours everyday, which is inhabitual to this body and brain,...

Lost my train of thought.

Thanks, Lainchu.

And on further thought, I'd put Barb in the role of Kion; unspecial, yet Very Special. (edited)

Interesting query. After having discussed this with Bis, we have come to the conclusion that this is simply something that cannot be forced. Fate will take its natural guide, and if it is meant to be, you will be able to come to a greater understanding of your own abilities in due time. For now, perhaps try to focus on smaller, more inconsequential events; once your greater understanding comes into being, you will be ready to take on the bigger ones as they arrive.

And it's my pleasure to help 🙂

I see.

At this point, it is very obvious that I will end up coming to the greater understanding of the abilities, since that is amongst vital to get this body transformed into its Sonichu form for the first time.

And I pretty much do small and inconsequential events; there’s a reason I’m calling it “Adventure Time” when I go out to Raid Hunt and Blind Catch with Pokémon GO, and whatnot.

And it’s boring.

One idea I have is Daily Affirmations; Mama had a top ten list a few years go that she read for a few weeks every night before falling asleep.

Just a question of what to write for the present day ten daily affirmations.

The goals still remain and continue to be over-highlighted obvious and top priority with me.

I'm sorry to hear of your boredom; I understand that this can be a frustrating time. I will discuss further details with Bismuth and get back to you posthaste. In the meantime, Val will guide you on the next steps going forward. Expect to receive a message from her soon.

[Chris reacted with 👍 to the above message.]

7 September 2020

Hey. Things are a bit better in progression now. Thank you. Please, any guidance you have to offer in the near future as well is greatly appreciated. Although, is it really still soon for the OP power abilities in the data mine of this OG body to be switched from “ No” to “Yes”?

Sooner they can be Yes, the better, obviously.

Yes, try not to rob yourself of the experience. I understand you want to move to the next stage but that'd go against nature. Your wisdom and insight is still needed here.
...Ugh. The irony of reading that about the wisdom and insight is the timing that I gave a bit of wisdom to Bismuth.

I mean, this body is never going to die for literally almost forever, and it is moreso needed, with all of its wisdom, in Cwcville, back in time to prevent the Covid pandemic, and then returned to Mama at BABSCon 2020. Not 2021.

The experience is appreciated along the way, but among which I would definitely appreciate the experience in actually using the OP abilities tangibly in this Dimension.

But within sound reason and teleported to isolated areas to do so, obviously.

Not to mention that this Temple and its yard and property space is literally an entire in-between between both Dimensions.

I would feel more motivated to let nothing happen upon seeing you and the Magi-Chan, both of y’all are here in 1218, fully and tangibly, here at this house, inside, on an instant moment.

I could literally stop typing, and both you and Magi-Chan will be instantly appearing in the guest bedroom inside this house right now.

Yes, that would be an ideal scenario, but unfortunately it is not one that is possible right now.

Keep in mind the ideals of the samurai

[Image listing "The Seven Virtues of Bushido."]

They might be able to help you attain balance in your current situation

8 September 2020

I appreciate the reminder; I possess all of that in honor of our Chris Chan Sonichu, my loves, my friends and allies, every individual possible, and for myself.

As I had figured, though; I attempted to envoke a trope that would be more than helpful, but involving you, Lainchu, I later realized that your reprogram ability is more experienced than that from this body, but I did feel the effect attempt to take place. At least it happened in a neighbouring timeline.

Magi-Chan would be ideal to be present here. But my main wish, as I have expressed before, is to be in the same dimension as Rosey Rosechu again. I would feel worlds better if she was on this side of the Iron Curtain with me. So near, yet so far, literally; for over six months now.

She continues to sleep with me every night and stay by my side as much as possible, with free time for herself aside from that, and for that, despite the divide, I continue to be ever grateful for that during this time. Looking forward to being with her in the same dimension again.

At least at this time now, the event of passing the book and cards distribution has passed. Mama was not cut out to be a total one-individual army, even though she has the power of thousands or millions.

Even more than that.

You are stronger than you know.

Comics on Amazon

8 September 2020

By the way, you may have seen it, but someone named the Archiver sent a message to you in the place.

He's an assistant of mine, and you can trust him.

You can read his message at your leisure, but in case you'd prefer not to check, I've delivered you his question regarding the Sonichu comics:

Hey @CWCSonichu1982 Can I put up the comics on Amazon?

We don't have to do anything, Amazon will print and deliver everything and send the profits to whatever account you have. It's a very neat system.

You can answer him yourself, or you can tell me, and I will relay the answer for you.

You may quote me:

Sure. As long as they don’t get flagged for “Copyright bullshit” by a bunch of freaking stupid haters as they have done before on Lulu and removed from the site.

Aside from that,

I’ll tell you another thing, Lainchu.

Rosey and I Cuddle every night as well; do you have any idea how much of a struggle it is to both of us on us knowing the other is right there in our arms and warm against each other, only to in the one side of the Iron Curtain divide, feeling like we’re cuddling an invisible friend? It’s upsetting to both of us. (edited)

Very well, I will relay the message. Thank you.

Are these comics alright to Chronicle on the CWCki? For historical preservation and accessibility reasons. (edited)

And I am truly sorry to hear about your struggle. I cannot imagine what that is like.


Lain had a friend; then the two of them ended up on opposite sides of dimensional divides as well.

But not the pdf files; do not put the files on the Cwcki.

Oh, which files are okay then?

Or did you mean that you changed your mind, and none of them are okay?

Apologies for the confusion.

Direct files of that which we sell in print should not be made public, because if the source files were public, then it becomes a moot point.


Ugh. I am so done with this dimension and this timeline.

But I still have the job to do and the timing remains the detail.

As frustrating to us as it is.

Yes, I know.

Thank you for the clarification.

My Archiver has a few logistical questions about setting up the Amazon, which I will forward to you once they are ready. You can answer them at your leisure, though obviously the sooner you do, the sooner the shop can be set up.

[Chris reacted with 👍 to the above message.]

He has responded, and his questions are:

"Can we crop out the links to cwcvilleshopping?"

"Any price ranges you have in your mind for the comics?"

Close to the printing cost with at least a dollar or two in profit per book, rounded up to the nearest dollar.

The page count varies per book, with a minimum of 48; it’s been tough to come up with a constant number.

It’s simple Business. Mama picked up a bit of that along the way.

Thank you, I will relay your message.

What about the first question, about cropping out the links?

Yes you may do that.
Great, thank you.

Discord Q&A 5

Main article: Discord Q&A 5

8 September 2020

We have been accumulating a list of approved questions for you, by observers interested in you and your Mama. When would be an appropriate time to have a Q&A?

And if we have one, would you prefer to do it here, in DMs, or in the place?

Ask me the questions here in DMs, please.

One moment

Most of the questions are directed at Christine

"Dear Christine: If you could have had Sonichu appear in any Sonic game, what game would you choose?"

Answer at your own leisure. I've got plenty of these question submissions and have picked the best ones out for you.

That one I definitely answer with no problem: in her favourite classic Sonic game of all time: Sonic CD.

And seriously, I would love it if someone did a fan animation version of the opening and ending animations with me and Rosey (in the ending part) in them, complete with the Sonic Boom tracks. Full versions of the videos; not the short versions that came in the original SEGA CD disc. And made into DLC for all platforms, including PC.

And that DLC should be online for all platforms for Sonic Generations, Forces, and Mania as well; quick to install and ready to go.

Mama tried to install the Mod she downloaded of me for Generations, but it was too difficult for her to figure out at the time, the hard way.

Aside from that, feel free to message me multiple questions, and I’ll answer them in order from top to bottom; first to last. Maybe a max of ten at a time, though.


Ah, thank you! I'll collect some more questions and get them to you in bulk.

Just so we are clear, your answers to these questions are going to be Chronicled.

In the meanwhile, would you kindly DM my Archiver? He has some steps he needs to go over with you in order to fully set up your Amazon business.

Here is a batch of ten questions! Feel free to answer them when you are ready, with the amount of depth you feel is necessary.

1) Who is Perceptor Sonichu and what is their role? And are they a part of the Chaotic Combo?

2) If there was one thing you'd like to change most about the Sonichu series, what would it be and why?

3) How do all the variations of Sonic the Hedgehog co-exist in C-197? Do they all get along with each other over there?

4) Dear Christine, many consider you an interesting person. As such, what do you feel is the most interesting thing about you that you love and would never change?

5) Dear Christine, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

6) Would you say the Charlottesville are is good to live in?

7) What have you been doing during quarantine? (your favorite shows to watch, video games to play, etc.)

8) How does the government of Cwcville operate exactly? The procedures are only ever really hinted at in the comics so a detailed explanation would be appreciated.

9) How exactly does an OC come into existence? Are there limits to OCs powers?

10) If you could have a sequel to any video game what would it be?

9 September 2020

1). Perceptor is one of the intelligence of our local group; she is the most intelligent, almost in equal with Magi-Chan, but she’s not psychic. She is a Shiny Sonichu, and one of the Specials with the most direct link to the Chaos Energy from the Rainbow of 2003. We call on her for more intelligence, analysis and insight.

The Chatoic Combo, as Mama had dubbed our group, mainly has been centralized around myself, Rosey, Blake, Wild, Bubbles, Angelica, Punchy and Magi-Chan. All other Special Sonichus and Rosechus, including Mama, Christine Chan, and Crystal Chan, are not initially part of the group, but we keep everyone in contact range for their skills and help. Of course, between Mama, Christine Chan and Crystal Chan, they’re more involved as secondary leaders. Magi-Chan had originally started the group, as fated, and our C.Chans help in organization and so on. (edited)

2). Speaking for Mama from her memories and experience: essentially to change even one thing in the books she has drawn and written over the past years, (not counting additional details that were originally left out, like Doctor Ren Skysoar working with Giovanni and Eggman in book 1 for example) is to literally change and alter History in C-197, which in turn would literally alter and change our present in both C-197 and 1218 in this timeline.

But, if she did have the choice to choose without Any negative repercussions or consequences upon our present and future: she would want to remove Every Anti-LGBTQ depiction and statement she had ever written and portrayed.

[I reacted with 🏳️‍🌈 to the above message.]

3). In C-197, there exists our one-and-only OG Sonic the Hedgehog, and he has the combination of powers and abilities of all of the other alt-dimension and timeline Sonics. He’s mainly the present-day video game Modern one in physical appearance, and he’s not going to have blue arms ever. So, yeah, he has access to the abilities of the “Archie Comics” Sonic, “IDW” Sonic, and just about every other Sonic ever chronicled in this Dimension. But in how they get along together, your answer to that can be read amongst the Archie comics.

4). Interesting thing about Mama? In my humble opinion, what is Not Interesting about her?

But, seriously, speaking on her behalf, she would never change her eyes and their Heterocromia colours of blue to the left and green to the right, and all of the other OG special traits and abilities they have.

5). Funny, she used to be unable to see herself in a far ahead time of the future; ask her that question, she’d draw a blank. But now, definitely in ten years, in fifty years, in a hundred years, in a thousand years, in a million years, into Infinity, she’d still be alive, kickin’, all Goddess Overpowered, defending Cwcville, helping everyone else, protecting the Earth, and having visited as many other alt-dimensions of interest and as needed of her presence and help in putting them back in balance.

6). Charlottesville, Virginia, in general is mostly a safe and good place to reside in, commute, and be in, with all of its lustrous and expansive history and kind peoples in it. It still has its flaws, of course, but don’t let that deter you.

7). I, Sonichu, can definitely answer that question, personally, since the Quarantine time pretty much really started After Mama and I swapped bodies on March 31.

With Rosey by my side most of the time, keeping me and this body safe, and working with everyone else here at this temple and so on, I’ve been pretty much living life, psychically, cosmically and interdimensionally monitoring the events of not only the Merge in continued progress with confirmations from the news, tweets, current vids, visions and meditation, and so on. Other than that, we’ve also been playing Pokemon GO, binging and watching whatever from the iPad, getting out and about as much as possible and moving about with these legs and all. I continue to personally feel, experience, and witness the genuine progress of everything that all lead to me finally getting. back to Cwcville in and with this body for the better future of this Omega timeline of ours.

8). Politics!!! You mention Politics to Mama in the past, it’d go over her head, although she has had subconscious knowledge and know-how of it all from Christine Chan, and so on with her deity responsibilities. But in Cwcville, it is literally the same as Any other city and area throughout the United States in both of our two dimensions. That’s the one constant between both Dimensions, regardless of which side of the freaking Iron Curtain you are in: the Politics remain the same. There are differences between the self-counterparts of some of the elected officials and whatnot, like Trump’s self-counterpart, and considerable mental opposite, is literally Herbert Garrison from South Park, Colorado. Yet he touts himself as Trump, to keep up the chronicled appearances, like in the show. Regardless, Lisa Simpson is Set to be the next president of the USA in our merged dimensions (or in both dimensions, period, however you wish to phrase it, since we’ll all be in the same dimension without the freaking Iron Curtain dividing us).

9). Original Characters and Fictional Characters come into existence by typical normal means of birth, or elaborate as chronicled. We are generally pre-existent for everyone to discover and chronicle about in your Dimension, as you all are for us to chronicle in ours. The mutual thing is that depending on the author in either dimension, should we choose to add or alter a detail along the way in chronicling, it literally translates and transitions into that individual who is being chronicled by the direct and Original Creator, as, in part, we can be considered to be Your Original Creators as well. Use common sense and mull it over for yourselves; it is very much Metaphysical and simply Meta.

10). Knuckles’ Chaotix; a re-release on modern consoles and PC, and a Sequel to the original 32X Game.

Another game Mama would love to see a re-release, and maybe a sequel: Sonic Shuffle. A sequel to Lollipop Chainsaw (for some odd reason) also came to mind. (edited)

Thank you so so much!!! These are all great answers, and your followers will be most happy to hear them!
Cool. That was a brain bender.

Discord Q&A 6

Main article: Discord Q&A 6

9 September 2020

Can I deliver another set of questions? You don't have to answer them tonight, of course.
Yes, you may.
Great, thanks you

Something I have been discussing with those gathering questions is the possibility of a brief q&a with barb

We can send you a list of approved questions from fans, and you could record a video asking her them

This is all an idea of course

What do you think?

I suppose that’s doable. Not sure in the remaining time of this timeline, though, but it’s doable.
Sounds good

The team will start gathering questions, it will be very brief

All right.

I’ll check back later.

10 September 2020

1) Dear Christine, are you still a fan of animal crossing? Do you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

2) Hi Christine, have you ever played any of the legend of Zelda series and if so which games? Have you got a favourite Zelda game?

3) Hey Chris, do you ever find yourself looking back on your life and wishing you'd done anything differently through the years? If so, what would you change; if not, why not?

4) Dear Christine, what episode or sub-episode of the Sonichu series would you consider to be your greatest work?

5) What single drawing/panel have you spent the most effort on?

6) If there’s one piece of advice or bit of wisdom you could give to your past self,

What advice would it be?

At what age would you give the advice to yourself, and


7) Dear Christine, Sonic the Hedgehog’s favorite food is chili dogs. What’s Sonichu’s favorite food?

8) Dear Christine, are you getting any of the next gen consoles? If so, what games are you excited for?

9) Hey there! Just wanted to know, what is your position on marijuana and tobacco now? Will you still send all tobacco to the moon, and is it still illegal to possess marijuana in CWCville?

10) Do you have any advice for amateur writers like me who are just getting started?

Thanks in advance! Feel free to answer back whenever you are ready.

11 September 2020

Hey, Lainchu. I’ll take a few minutes now to answer the question set.

1). Mama still like Animal Crossing, but she hasn’t played the games in a long time; last one she played was the one with the Real Estate on 3DS. She has not played ACNH; she does not have a copy; I haven’t played it yet either.

2). She has played most of the Zelda games. Par with her memory, can’t say for sure, but the one she got the farthest in was either Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker.

3). That’s a doozy of a question. She has considered that before. She can’t just remove anything having to do with the Haters and Trolls in the past, because that was a major part of her further self-development, even though she wanted to; she can’t, because that wold royally screw up this Dimension/Timeline set as it is. Anything that she would change if she could that would not have too big repercussions on anything: She’d swap the OG Sonichu Medallion, as well as the second one that fell to the manipulation of BlueSpike, with duplicates, so then the OG one would stay on as the fully-upgraded medallion that would be worn today.

4). Presently, I’d give three answers to that in no particular order: the entirety of Sonichu #0, and book #15 that is still in process which expands on that a lot further and better, and Nightstar’s story.

5). Single drawing?

Nine-Sheet Sized Masterpiece.jpg

How about a nine-sheet sized masterpiece?

Took a few days to complete it.

6). Woahly crap, has Mama given that topic a ton of thought before, and it’s a three parter.

(Going out of order for a reason)

B) February 24, 2000; 18-years old

C) Birthday Party; with the circle of gal-pals all there in attendance to witness

A) She’d tell herself, “Young Christian, you will be most expansive in your mentality and open-mind; also, these gal-pals of yours are only hired help; you can do better than them in genuine friendships.” (edited)

7). OH, a question for me for once. I actually enjoy a good fruit or vegetable salad. Processed and cooked meats, chili dogs are included in that, are good, but growing up as a wild Pikachu with a protective pair of parents over my developmental early years, fruit is just common, juicy and good locally in the forest. On the veggie side, though, I’m still allergic to pickles; not cucumbers, though.

8). Taking you mean the new PS5 or XBox S generation of consoles; Mama had not really given that much thought, and I haven’t as much either, considering we’ll be in a new timeline free of this pandemic and all of that.

9). Mama’s mentality and feeling on that is not as strict, and she’s pretty much letting everyone make their own choices on all that. Like in the majority of the United States in this Dimension, the weed is mainly legal by prescription. Can’t go cold turkey on everyone in general, so she won’t send the shit to the moon.

10). For all amateur writers, in general, who are getting started: simply put, take your time, write what you know, feel, and will; meditation to clear and focus your mind is beneficial; and make sure you are going into your work with genuine passion and love.

There you go.

I’ll check in again later.

Thank you! This is excellent.

Your followers were very happy to hear your answers from the previous batch of questions, and I'm sure they will be even happier to hear the answers from this current one (edited)

I have another batch prepared. Can I send it?

You can answer them whenever you are ready

12 September 2020


Discord Q&A 7 (and Projections)

Main article: Discord Q&A 7
1) Christine, have you kept up at all with modern US politics, and if so are you planning on voting?

2) Hey Christine, do you know what happened to the "Dreaming Studio?"

3) Hey Christine, does C-197 have some sort of dimension-wide police force that you control to enforce your laws on different worlds around C-197 like Cybertron or equestria?

4) besides the sonichus that are obviously a cut above the rest(you, sonichu, and magichan) which sonichu do you think is the most powerful, and why?

5) Dear Chris, what is your advice to someone who wants to be internet famous regardless of gender etc?

6) christine what is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten

7) Dear Christine, have you considered sexual reassignment surgery (srs), an orchiectomy, and or any other gender affirming medical procedures?

8) Hey Chris, have you watched any other episodes of Pony Life aside from the premiere yet?

9) Who gave you the idea to get a DNA test from 23andme? And did someone advise you to make a video about it?

10) Does a reverse mortgage currently exist on the Chandler house? If it does, since when? (edited)

Thank you in advance!

15 September 2020

Hey, Lainchu. I am going to answer this set of questions in a moment, but yep, lots of things have been happening today. In projection, literally being at the Fashion Square mall and opening up a portal between 1218 and C-197, and other just as wild events, visions and vivid dreams. And I know what is going to happen with me in further detail on how I get this body to C-197 and Cwcville and back in time; farther than I had expected, but all good to make sure we prevent patient zero from getting infected by the Covid virus and preventing this pandemic. I read up on the basic history that goes back to the 55 year old in Huban Province in China, and so on. Gonna end up relaying that information from within this subconscious to the Magi-Chan in the past, so he and I work together in that.

Also, I’ve watched Josh Scorcher’s video on analyzing Princess Celestia’s future vision and the effects and how she must act and perform to get the right outcomes and all those other details; definitely hit home with Mama’s situation, here.

Still, Lainchu, I simply continue to look forward to getting this body and myself to Cwcville in the very near future. The transition between dimensions can not be delayed or put off any longer.

Over six months now.



The questions...

1). As much as possible and needed for our conscious to know; we know everything else having to do with politics from the wisdom of the cosmos, as well as many a future vision and foresight, so it’s a moot point to watch the news constantly, but to see and hear of the events off and on plenty and enough to confirm the path of events being continued onward as it should and will.

2). I take it you mean the Workshop Mister C./Robertchu had built in the backyard and worked from more than three decades ago. It still stands here, and it’s been pretty much used as storage for a lot of things, but it had been cleared out of the most unnecessary things within the past year.

3). That job is mainly set up for amongst the deities and deity-types, and “Police” is not the correct term at all for them. There are individuals with the overpowered levels who voluntarily keep tabs and do the work as well, such as those mentioned in the Transformers media, involving the Shattered Glass dimension and so on.

4). Taking it you are referring to the most powerful amongst the Regular Sonichus and Rosechus, as opposed to the Specials: that is a really tough call to make, as the population, including those owned by Trainers, are up into the hundred-thousands to millions, and all of the variables like excellent EVs and IVs, pumped up with Macho Brace, Shiny or not, yada, yada, yada. It’s not as easy to answer as out of all of the Mewtwos in existence, which one is the most powerful: obviously that would be our one-and-only Mewtwo that was originally cloned by Team Rocket’s scientists, and Mr. Fuji.

5). Internet Fame has its hefty prices and whatnot. Also, it falls into the category of wanting to become popular, as that is fickle and transparent as well. But the best sage and sound advice I can offer for someone who wants to go for it: Be yourself, Do your best, Be honest with yourself, Make content that genuinely feels right and good with you; you’ll need lots of luck and charisma to me amongst the big-wigs of internet fame.

Flip-side of the coin: you will see a TON of Hater Comments and email; simply ignore them. Generally, I would not read the comments, but if you do: do not take any of them personally or let any of them hurt your emotions, mentality, and feelings. Take em with that heavy grain of salt.

6). Ham, turkey and cheese omelette, with salt, pepper, and a dash of Ghost Pepper sauce.

7). Yes, and this body is going to become fully, genuinely transformed and birth-able.

8). No comment.

9). Ah, that actually was suggested by IdeaGuy during that bunch of events. No video making was suggested, but the Facebook post was made back then.

10). Nope

That’s all for now; please feel free to post another set of ten questions at your leisure.

Thank you for all the answers!

And I'm glad to hear of your insights today

Also, do you have any other affirmations or comments on the events and the timing of when I’ll finally be in Cwcville with this body?
Not at the moment, unfortunately. The future is often clouded, and like a fog, you often cannot see something until it is five feet in front of your face.
It feels closer than that to me.
But I will let you know if anything comes to me
Thank you; please do.

Discord Q&A 8

Main article: Discord Q&A 8
In the meantime, here are the next questions:

1) Who was your least favorite troll?

2) Do you keep written notes on the ongoing CPU and Merge lore, or how do you keep track of it all?

3) Dear Christine, why didn't Tails make an appearance in the Sonichu comics?

4) To Christine - Could you give us the lyrics to your favourite Michael Jackson song which was released after his death in this dimension (But where he was still alive in yours)?

5) What is the meaning behind the name "Merried Seinor Comic"?

6) Why did you decide that out of all the things, art is your passion? Why do you pour so much time into art?

7) Question for Christine, what do you consider your greatest strength? What do you consider your greatest weakness?

8) Christine, during the time when you were mute as a child, was there ever a time you wished you could’ve spoken up about something?

9) What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in universe 1218?

10) Dear Christine, what are your future plans for the sonichu series?

You can answer whenever ready. (I believe that question #4 is directed to 1214 Christine) (edited)

21 September 2020

Just to answer your earlier question for now, Lainchu, in regard to rather or not to make public the details between Mama and Megan that I went into last night, I feel it best to keep it discreet, unless otherwise requested to do so later on in the new timeline.
Sure, just thought I would ask

24 September 2020

Hey, Lainchu. As you may have read, the pressing event that stumped the future sight temporarily has passed, been confirmed and personally experienced. And I got a bunch of new visions and everything. For now, though, I will take a little while to answer the set of questions. I will check in with 1214 (Alpha Timeline) Chris Chan one Question 4, firstly.
Great! I look forward to hearing your answers.
4). Here are some of the lyrics from (Alpha Timeline) Michael Jackson’s “Ride or Die”: “I’m gettin’ older, I don’t lie. I do not feel the age. I’ve got my wisdom, my faith; I’m a sage. Life is a stage, we play our parts, but in my life I stay young at heart. I’ve been up, down and around. I’m not from this part of town. I’ve come from the hood of child, their youthful antics are from the wild. It is a miracle to keep that mood, when getting older’s got you brood. (Verse): I’m living my life in this later age, I am a bit of a sage, but my youth keeps me wild and alive. Gotta stay young, because it’s all Ride or Die.”

Okay, the other questions:

1). Mama’s least favourite online Troll: BlueSpike, hands-down.

2). The details and ongoing events are continuously noted in this brain’s subconscious and backed up in multiple back-up cloud drives in the Cosmos, between Mama Chris Chan, Magi-Chan Sonichu, and me, Sonichu (Prime). As well as all of the other collective wisdoms, experiences and insights of every single other self-counterpart in all other dimensions and timelines. You want a proper chronicling/catalogue of it all, ask Magi-Chan, in person, for the documents files.

3). Mama has her choices when it comes to chronicling and her arts, she simply didn’t think or feel it well to bring in Tails in this dimension’s Sonichu books.

5). That goes direct to that elderly cyborg guy’s self-counterpart in this dimension who works at the McDonald’s around here. Mama was going with a pun from the witness humor he had expressed, and feeling the upset from what had happened that time. Likely, he was married, but she wasn’t sure, so she went with something from “Ye olde Merry Men” and smooshed the “Merried” term, also implying that he had used to be more merry and positive. “Senior”, since he was that old. And “Comic” for his comical delivery and word choice in each interaction.

6). Because it resonated the most with the core of her soul, and this body (the Sacral Chakra and Heart Crystal). Plus, Mama really liked the arts.

7). Strength: Endurance. Weakness: the Autism, but it has become less of a weakness, and there is literally none of her soul, and this body, that is weaker than the autism. (edited)

8). Off-hand, that was super long ago and could hardly recall. But after a meditate into recollection, there are a number of things that Mama had wished she could have said between mid-1983 and 1989. But out of them all, it would definitely be at any time in the 4th Grade, Before the Teacher, the Aides, and the Guidance Counselor pinned her to the floor, because if she had, they would have been more easily able to understand her. But she didn’t, and everyone got that high level of really frustrated to the point of “Let’s abuse the brat and make ‘em talk”.

*groan and *sigh

That one was a real deep dive to recollect and put together.

9). In Dimension 1218: getting as far as Mama did to get everyone to understand, appreciate, and listen to her on the true details about herself, from her own words, as well as the existence of all of us OCs who have been literally right next to all of you this whole time. She’s also proud of me, Sonichu (Prime), having come as great a distance and growth for myself to be where I am, right now: speaking on her behalf and answering your questions with full honesty and knowledge to the fullest of our extent.

10). Plans are still in the works, but the book series, as it is, will never cease; all plot holes will be filled, and all events will be caught up and chronicled as quickly as possible in the faster-than-time speed, personally. Everyone, you all, and we as well, are literally living the comics in this very moment, as we speak, breathe, continue on, and so forth.

Great, thank you so much! We really appreciate these answers.

Before I give you the next set, would it be possible for us to establish a semi-regular schedule for these Q&As?

For managerial reasons

Can’t say at the moment.
Maybe around every 3 days? Does that sound reasonable?

I can remind you if you'd like

I’ll get back to you on that later. Meanwhile, you may put up another set of ten questions. I have to take all variables and events that are in the near and far future into account at this time, and they supersede all this, obviously.

Discord Q&A 9, Barb's Questions, Test Audio

Main article: Discord Q&A 9
Sure, I understand

1) Christine,

Out of all the commissions you've done so far, which one is your favorite (as in, which are you most proud of/had the most fun doing)?

2) Over a year ago ago, a video that showed you yelling at a toilet and asking where Crystal went leaked out to the internet. What led to creation of this video, and why was it recorded?

3) Dear Christine/sonichu, whats your favorite thing about cwcville?

4) Dear Christine, in the past you showed a fondness / conversational ability for Spanish. Do you still use it in your day to day, and if so, have you chosen a new Spanish name for yourself? Before coming out as trans, you referred to yourself occasionally as Ricardo. Is there an equivalent for your current self?

5) Dear Christine, if you could meet one famous person (Dead OR Alive), who would it be and why?

6) Dear Christine, what do you believe was the coolest thing you've done as a child?

7) If you were to meet today's youth, what would be a piece of advice that you would give to them?

8) Question for Christine, Who was the strongest opponent Sonichu ever fought?

9) Christine/Sonichu (whoever wishes to respond), DJ Jamsta Sonichu is a personal favorite of mine. Do you know what he’s up to nowadays?

10) Can we get a sneak peek of the pages of the next comic? (edited)

Also, we have compiled a list of questions for the Barb Q&A, if you are still interested in doing that

Thanks for understanding.
Questions for Barbara:

1) Hello Barbara, would you be willing to share your favorite memory of / with Chris?

2) Hello Barbara, what do you like to do in your free time?

3) Hi Barbara, What are your hobbies?

4) Hello Barbara, what is your favorite food?

5) Dear Barbara Chandler, what makes Chris so special in your eyes?

6) Dear Barbara, are you proud of Chris and everything Chris has done in life?

7) Have you done a lot of traveling in your youth? Where did you go?

8) Hi Barbara, what is your favorite childhood memory?

9) Hello Barbara, what is your favorite memory of Bob?

10) If you ever had the chance, would you have another child?

11) What is your most treasured possession?

12) Dear Barb, if you were to go back in time, where would you go?

13) Can you tell us about the Evil Babysitter (Roach/Roche) and why you hired her?

14) Hi Barb, how strict were you raising Chris as a child, like discipline and controlling what Chris was allowed to do?

15) Hello Barbara, what do you think your biggest accomplishment in life was? What is your biggest regret in life?

If you have time, maybe record yourself asking her these questions? Only if you have time of course.

16 October 2020

Hello Sonichu! I know that you have been busy, so I just wanted to remind you about the questions. Fans have been eagerly awaiting your answers.

In fact, maybe you could record your answers out loud on whatever device you'll use for the upcoming interview? That would get a mic test done and answer the questions! Two birds, one stone!

17 October 2020

I hear you; Barb is reluctant to answer her question set. Maybe we move on in that sense with a fresh set of questions for me, please.
Sure, just take a screenshot of her questions to save for later, just in case she changes her mind.

Here are yours: (edited)

1) Christine,

Out of all the commissions you've done so far, which one is your favorite (as in, which are you most proud of/had the most fun doing)?

2) Over a year ago ago, a video that showed you yelling at a toilet and asking where Crystal went leaked out to the internet. What led to creation of this video, and why was it recorded?

3) Dear Christine/sonichu, whats your favorite thing about cwcville?

4) Dear Christine, in the past you showed a fondness / conversational ability for Spanish. Do you still use it in your day to day, and if so, have you chosen a new Spanish name for yourself? Before coming out as trans, you referred to yourself occasionally as Ricardo. Is there an equivalent for your current self?

5) Dear Christine, if you could meet one famous person (Dead OR Alive), who would it be and why?

6) Dear Christine, what do you believe was the coolest thing you've done as a child?

7) If you were to meet today's youth, what would be a piece of advice that you would give to them?

8) Question for Christine, Who was the strongest opponent Sonichu ever fought?

9) Christine/Sonichu (whoever wishes to respond), DJ Jamsta Sonichu is a personal favorite of mine. Do you know what he’s up to nowadays?

10) Can we get a sneak peek of the pages of the next comic?

Thanks again!

Oh, and if it's easier to type the answers, you could do that instead. I know the last question in particular might be difficult to do over voice recording. The audio test can be a separate thing, if you want.

Up to you!

18 September 2020

Hey, Lainchu.

I just recorded the test audio with Bismuth (he recorded it from his end) through the Discord app; he has the audio sample for the interview.

Oh, great! Did you answer the questions then, or are you going to do that separately?

I answered the questions for the recording.

Fantastic! I will contact Bismuth for the recording. Thank you!
Hey, so...bad news. Bismuth said that he had messed up the recording, and did not capture your voice. 😞

He wants to redo it later, but could you answer the questions again via text? I'm sorry to make you do this twice, this wasn't supposed to happen! (edited)

23 October 2020

Good evening Sonichu! I first want to congratulate you on the successful events of this evening!

I just wanted to check in and ask if you have time to redo the questions tonight, maybe after you have eaten dinner?


26 October 2020

Hey, Lainchu. Just reanswered the questions in a test audio recording through the newly downloaded Audacity app; the file has been uploaded onto Mama’s Google Drive, and Bismuth has a link to the file.
Oh, great to hear! I'll message him for it. Thank you for your understanding, I'll make sure that this error doesn't happen again.

Discord Q&A 10, More Merge Frustration, Voting

Main article: Discord Q&A 10
Just gave it a listen, and it sounds perfect! I will begin Chronicling it shortly.

Here are the next questions, when you are ready to answer them:

1) How do you feel about indirectly leading to the creation of Kiwi Farms?

2) What is the current status of Christine's TSSSF project (i.e. can we expect any new Expansion Packs or individual cards in the future)?

3) To Christine, today you identify with female pronouns and are a prominent figure in the LGBT community but this wasn’t always the case. How early in your life did you realize you were assigned the wrong gender?

4) Hey Chris, have you ever experienced anything paranormal (ghosts, demons, folklore creatures, etc.)? If so, can you describe your experiences?

5) Do you have any advice for trans people who are currently transitioning?

6) Hi Chris, if the world were to end tomorrow, and you had a suitcase, what would you bring along with you as you run away?

7) Dear sonichu whats it like living in christines body? whats your biggest dislike and like about living here rather than cwcvile?

8) Dear Christine, what is your favorite ethnic cuisine? (Chinese, Mexican, American, etc.)

9) Christine / Sonichu, does CWCville have a sister city? I’ve read that Charlottesville is closely linked with CWCville, but I couldn’t find an official answer. Additionally, does CWCville happen to have any sports teams?

10) If you were invited back to your high school to give a talk to the students what would you talk about?

You can answer exclusively through DMs from now on, since the audio tests should be done. Thank you!

3 November 2020

Hey, Lainchu.

I’ll answer this set of questions later today.

I’m on hardly-sleep and no-dream; got two and a half hours worth of rest so far. Ugh.

Also, want to ask you something, since you’re a big wig on timeline management. I am supposed to be in C-197, not 1218, with this body by now. I am long done with this dimension and this timeline and want very much to get back in time with this fully-transformable and able body (this one that goes from human to Sonichu form and back, and Goddess form and back, and all the other abilities, and so on), prevent Covid, and return this body to Mama at BABSCon, 2020.

How much more do I have to do before the fact?!!!

You know as well as I do that in the end, I need to prevent Covid and return this body to Mama, fully able, in the revised branch of this Omega timeline.

The frustration and stress from still being in this dimension is getting to me.

I'm sorry to hear about your insomnia. We are in a difficult time, and I know this stress can be hard on the body.

It is unfortunately difficult to pinpoint an exact date when it comes to determining these events. Time is fickle, and often changes and warps itself before a certain future is destined to arrive. All I can say is that while I work on attaining greater precision in my analysis of the future, the best that you can do is trust yourself: your feelings, your intuitions, your gut. Only you can know for certain what is right for you, in determining your next steps.

Adversity breeds strength. It may seem difficult now, but you will become even stronger by the end of all this. It is a journey worth undertaking, and one that will be ultimately rewarding in the end.

[Chris reacted with 👍 to the above message.]

I hope that this is helpful, even though I know it is not entirely concrete. I will let you know if anything else comes to mind that may assist you.

I look forward to receiving your answers to the questions.

Deja Vu.

I’m riding back home with Barb after having gone to vote, and reading your message as we turned onto 29; it was dreamt and experienced within the past few years.

Your choice of words are also spot-on with that foreseeing dream.


Ah, you and Barb both voted? May I ask for whom?
I voted for Lisa Simpson, and Barb did not vote for Trump.
I see

So she voted for someone other than trump or she did not vote?

Your thoughts are insightful and encouraging. I do refuse to give up on this quest I have been on for nearly seven months now. She voted for someone other than Trump.
Thank you, I am glad that I can be of help.
Every matching Deja Vu moment is always a good sign with us.

I’ll be sure to check in on the significant events in the near future until when I am finally in C-197 with this body, safe and sound.

You’ve noted the existence of a Chris Chan self-counterpart in each and every state, nationality and planet in this dimension and C-197.

Also to note, what presently separates this body from the rest of them is that I, Sonichu Prime, am at the helm of this thing.

Also, in the retroactive sense, Sockness has done his part to bring these sets of doppelgängers, if you will, into existence in this timeline. He attempted to summon one Chris Chan into his doll; he ended up with multiple copies that spawned universe and planet-wide, each of them a copy of Mama’s soul, but not as omnipotent and overpowered as her.

I’ll check back later. Thank you, Lainchu.

Of course, anytime.

4 November 2020

Hey, Lainchu. I’m going to answer the set of questions now.

1) Mama and I, we feel mixed emotions on that indirect creation. On one hand, it’s humbling, because her suffering and trials led to this creative outlet for the online individuals, with or without the fetish for hatred. And on the other hand, the feeling is regretful, because the hatred and hurtful sentiment still remains at times. On a third hand, the whole thing is a double-edge sword on its log of the mixed genuinely kind and supportive, as well as the plain ironic and the spiteful, commentary, feelings, criticisms, and so on. The respite being that it is also a source of some specific information and intel that we use as reference on the rare necessity.

2) The Sonichu and Rosechu cards for Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder card game is ongoing as well, so there will likely be more cards from Mama’s hands in addition to the comic books down the line in the new timeline.

3) On recollection, there have been a number of instances wherein that fact was hinted at. The times of looking into alternative timelines wherein Mama was born female; a bunch of what if scenarios; many, many self-examinations in the mirror and within herself; past examples wherein she was more feminine than masculine in habits, traits, and so on. The feeling was there since birth, but the earliest moment when the thought process was going further was around when Mama was in the seventh grade. And, of course, the fated event in June, 2014 when she came to the conclusion and started down the hormone replacement therapy and all of that.

4) Yes, Many, many times (aside from seeing into C-197 through the Iron Curtain), throughout this life, these eyes have been able to see into the void and the spiritual-lingering limbo dimensions.

To list a few, there was the time at Mama’s Aunt Corina Inge’s funeral on February 24, 2009, where all of the souls appeared before Mama, and they wished her a Happy Birthday, as well as wishes for a safe journey on the trip to Cleveland, Ohio the next day. And there were the times when Mama visited the abandoned Dejarnet Sanitarium and was able to see and speak with the lost souls there; good and bad, mostly good souls. And Mama has this ability to see into the history of an individual person or object, and sometimes find the lost soul connected to said object, or related to the person. (edited)

5) Never regret or turn back if you genuinely feel you are the gender you identify as and are transitioning towards. And never let anyone who tells you otherwise or gives spiteful commentary reach your view and hearing. Keep your self-confidence and go forward as you do what makes you feel happy and satisfied.

6). The basics and essentials, as well as the ol’ books, the cell phone, pen, paper and clipboard.

7). Thank you for asking me directly and acknowledging me; I deeply and fully appreciate that. Going from 3 foot 5 to 6 feet tall is a major throw in my viewpoint for one. The body does as I will it to and suggest, yet it also does for itself with its backup systems (very powerful); it can get annoying when the brain and body act on their own and all I can do is observe. The running speed of this body is improving very well, but. I still miss running at mach-speed; so much is just so slow to me now, yet also normal speed simultaneously. On another note, I don’t know how y’all can get along with no fur; it gets chilly and sensory on the surface of the skin. At least you all do have the clothes. Us able animals do like and appreciate the option to wear clothes as well.

7 B). My biggest dislike of living in 1218 rather than C-197 is the restrictions in this Dimension, which are slowly being less restrictive, in regards to magic, psychic and extradimensional abilities and super powers.

8). Mama’s not picky, and she is very much open for sampling the cuisine of other cultures and countries. Call her one that enjoys a sampler platter of the world’s delicious edibles. What she does like out of them is the vegetable and meat combinations, in a simple meal or in soups or noodle deals. She is also a big fan of fruits.

9). The nation of Cwcville, including all of its cities within, exist to the north to north-east of Fredericksburg, Virginia, rather or not there is a city or forest or field in that area in dimension 1218. All sister locations of the cities and whatnot in either dimension in the other dimension from the origin is simply the exact location where that city is in the first place. If there is a city in the other, that is the answer to your question. But since Charlottesville is well south of Cwcville, the two cities are not sister cities.

9 B). Cwcville does have a sports team, the Cwcville Zappers; their logo is a set of lightning bolts, and their mascots are a Sonichu and a Rosechu (regular ones, but trained to speak human, put on occasional light shows, enourage the audience, and to help clear the stadium/gym out in case of incoming impact or danger). (edited)

10). When Mama is personally invited to give a talk to the students, her talk will include motivation towards being kind and empathetic of and towards each other, to ignore and not take any negative remarks from anyone, encouragements of all being themselves as they will, a few related short life stores and experiences, additional good nuggets of wisdom, staying creative, and so on in empathetic kindness and optimistic confidence and mindset.

There you are.

I’ll check you later.

Great, thank you so much!

It's much appreciated.

By the way, a few weeks ago, I asked if you could elaborate on why bluespike was your least favorite troll, and you talked about him and your other least favorites

Is it alright if I chronicle that as well? I will of course omit any information unrelated to that discussion

Discord Q&A 11 (and Reminders)

Main article: Discord Q&A 11
Let me know what you think. Here are the next questions:

1) Dear Christine, what's your favorite South Park episode, and why?

2) Dear Mama Christine, Do you think that your artwork has gotten better over the years? If you could give the original Sonichu art a rating how would it compare, quantitatively, to the works you produce today? What exact steps have you taken to hone your craft and what advice would you give to aspiring cartoonists of tomorrow?

3) Dear Christine, if you could time travel to any point in history, where would you go?

4) If there ever was to be a film/film series based on Sonichu are there any directors you'd want to make it and which actors would you want for various characters?

5) Question for Sonichu: can you tell us a bit about the culture of your species, like what are some sonichu customs, holidays, traditional recipes exclusive to sonichus and rosechus?

6) Had BABSCon not been cancelled, what was your travel plan to get there? (Transportation, lodging, food, money, luggage etc.)

7) Sonichu, have there been any troubles in your marriage with Rosechu? For example, dealing with your kids or something?

8) Do the citizens of C-197 know about the merge? In this dimension you have been telling us all about it, are you doing the same in C-197, are there people who don't believe as there are in 1218?

9) Who does most of the chores around the house? Who does the grocery/food shopping, etc?

10) Christine, who would you say your closest friend is? Why?

Thank you, as always!

12 November 2020

Hello Sonichu! Just wanted to check in; I hope that you're doing well! Let me know if you have time soon to do the questions. Thanks!

19 November 2020

Good evening! I wanted to check in again, and see if you have time to do the questions soon. Let me know when you get the chance. Thank you!

27 November 2020

Good evening Sonichu! I hope that you and Barb had a nice Thanksgiving together. Let me know if you have time to do the questions. Your followers have been eagerly awaiting your answers! Thanks!

3 December 2020

Hello again Sonichu! I hope that you are alright. I know this is a stressful time for you; doing the questions might help take your mind off things for a little bit! Let me know when you are ready for them.

Oh, and if there are ever any questions that you are uncomfortable answering, then you can always tell me. I'll replace that question with a different one.

4 December 2020

Realizing I’ve ended up putting off this set of questions for about a month now, I’ll get to them right now.

1). Christine’s favourite South Park episode is the Helen Keller Musical episode with Jimmy and his handicapable turkey, Gobbles. It shows how the disabled can go on to perform feats for themselves, and survive in a bunch of times and cases. Plus, the silly kids’ song in tune to “Ol’ MacDonald”.

2). Christine’s hand-drawing skill has improved over the years very much. Let’s say the cover of Sonichu book #0 for example: that is a 6 or 7 out of ten, in comparison to the newer version of the cover for book 15 at about a 9 or a 10. Lots of practice; Experience, deities and your elders, and life are the better teachers; have and keep an open heart and open mind for everyone and all things, including all other possibilities beyond this dimension and timeline into all other reaches of other dimensions, realities, timelines and universes.

3). Probably back to the early 1980s to witness the first Commodore 64 computer prototype being completed, or seeing the very first C64 roll off the assembly line.

4). Specific names escape us when it comes to directors, but if I, Sonichu Prime, had to pick, I’d go with the director of the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog movie for the films, and the director of the original Teen Titans animated series for the TV shows. Voice actors include Tara Strong for Bubbles Rosechu (using a slightly deeper variation of grown-up Bubbles from PPG). Saki McGee for Rosey Rosechu (her take during that SNT Vs Sonichu reading live stream was spot-on). Chris Pratt for Wild Sonichu. Phil LaMarr (and his Samurai Jack voice) for Magi-Chan Sonichu, and a similar voice but with a higher pitch and fun-loving attitude for Punchy Sonichu. Kirk Thornton for Blake Sonichu. Melissa Fahn or Andrea Libman for Angelica Rosechu. And Christine, herself, would voice me, Naitsirhc, and herself.

5). We Sonichus and Rosechus don’t have our own special holidays, but those of us who are with a Trainer, civilized or house-broken share the same holidays as the other humans. In the wild, we are like a consciously-able tribe type of group for the latter. About half of our combined species or so are vegetarian, but we are able to eat cooked meats as well for survival. Shoot, Magi-Chan can answer that question better than I could, as I was born a wild Pichu, once upon a time.

6). Well, Chris had planned on renting a car and driving the cross-country road trip to and back, had about a thousand or so bucks in reserve, had a hotel room at the convention’s hotel reserved, minimal luggage and typical eats, adhering to the 6-2-1 rule (six hours of sleep per night, two meals a day, one shower per day). But it will become uncancelled in the new timeline, so it will happen, anyway.

7). The relationship between Rosey and I is one that had been going on from scratch, developed into extensive friendship for well over a year, and eventually after moving into Cwcville after traveling a year after our intro time in Cwcville back in 2003, Rosey and I got married. There have been some differences and boughts, but most of the time she and I continued to mutually support and listen to each other. I’ve helped her find and hone in on her electric attacks and Mach-Speed running abilities. She actually joined in really fighting alongside the rest of us in Cwcville in 2005.

I understand how much that Chris has not chronicled about me, Rosey, and the others, and her mind was fixated on her now outdated sweetheart search and shit. One of Chris’ flaws include her tunnel vision. The positive of that is that when she sets her mind on doing something, she makes sure it gets done to the best of her ability. And yet also apparent was her ADD. Had she not been hindered by these, she likely would have had better focus on writing more about the rest of us and less about herself, and our Christine Chan in C-197.

But Chris has learned from the error of her ways and vowed to make up for lost time and work better with the rest of us. At least in Mach-Speed time, as well as within the time-separated subspace of hers, she can take her time writing, drawing and colouring a full book that would take her about less than a month’s time (give or take) to do, but to us in our perspective outside of that, a split second.

8). YES, everyone in C-197 has been well-informed with the help of the lawful good psychic types, superheroes, and deities about the merge in progress. Yes, for latter. And less than a handful of the background population in C-197 had disbelief of this dimension’s (1218’s) existence, but they all ended up meeting their fates and soul-merging with their respective counterparts, all amongst the bad and hater type of individuals of this dimension. Oh, the irony.

9). It’s a half-and-half take on who does the work around here. Barb is capable, and I’ve done a lot of the legwork and going out around here.

10). Chris’ all-around closest friends are Magi-Chan Sonichu and me, Sonichu Prime. We both have known Christine for all these years (moreso Magi-Chan), and we’ve become really close to her, personally, and through Christine Chan.

But in 1218, at the present time, that’s a brainbender, and also a bit of a tearjerker. Yes, Christine has a very good and vast number of real and true friends and allies here over the years, but the thing is that most of them, obviously, have come, gone, moved on with their lives and so on. And on further analysis and recall in this noggin of hers, ironically, not even her High School gal-pals could be considered amongst those who were closest.

Top Three closest friends in this dimension to Chris would have to be Sarah Hammer Spicer, Anna McLerran, and Megan Schroeder.

Sarah being Chris’ childhood friend for almost a decade, she did get to know her back in the day, but everyone knows she ended up marrying someone else and moving away from next door of this ol’ Temple.

Anna, trollish as she may have been, she actually came around and was a really true and great friend to and for Chris. And now, thanks to Null’s dumb and stupid threat against her, Anna’s scared to text and check in with us. As Chris would tell Null on that, “Tol a sknaht”. 😢

Hang on, I need to retype some of that.

And Megan, in the half-decade or so of her time with Chris, the two of them did end up getting to know each other, and were close enough (do not read further into that; just leave it at that). Megan can be forgiven for her taking advantage of Chris’ kindness, generosity, and the hormones. 🙄. And we are very well aware that Megan had never ever have a thing to do with the online haters and bad individuals, nor anyone from Chris’ past. And Chris has accepted that she was to blame for all of the very stupid impulses and mistakes that ended that friendship (do not bring up that damned drawing that is very much long-gone, done and over with now).

The irony of it all being that the online trolls are right in the fact that the one individual of this dimension who was the closest to and with Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, ever, in this timeline (other than Bob and Barb, obviously) was the one girl that Chris truly could have had a good and true thing with, had Chris kept her hands to herself, maintained personal space, and controlled her freaking, stupid hormones. On Christine’s behalf, all I, Sonichu Prime, can say is I’m very and truly sorry, Megan Schroeder. 😭

I do not feel it well to bring in any more questions until after January, Lainchu.

Especially considering the timing and the events that are presently in place and about to happen.

This body and I are going to C-197.

Sonichu zap emoji.jpg

Thank you for answering! It is much appreciated by myself and by your followers.

Very well, I will not send more questions for the moment.

I wish you the best, regarding the events going forward!

Questions about the Q&A

5 December 2020

By the way, didn’t think to ask, but where are these questions and answers being uploaded/posted onto? The Cwcki or Kiwi? (edited)
They are redistributed to users interested in you through Discord, primarily. Then, I believe that cwcki editors document the Q&A, and then kiwi farms users pick it up from there for discussion.
I know the cwcki is not always positive, but I cannot deny it's effectiveness when it comes to documenting important info regarding you and your Mama.

Thank you. Perhaps Megan will also get this message of apology and remorse, and Josh may retract his earlier threat on Anna.

Anything is possible 🙂

[Chris reacted with 👍 to the above message.]

And of course, it's my pleasure.

Remember, if there is anything you wish for me to disseminate to your followers, you need only let me know.

[Chris reacted with 👍 to the above message.]

January and February 2021 Reminders

19 January 2021

Hello Sonichu! Hope that you are doing well today. It has a been a little while since we last spoke, so I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing.

29 January 2021

Hello again! Hope that you are well, and in good health. I know that you have been busy with recent events, but since January is drawing to a close, I was wondering if you felt ready to resume the Q&A? I've been practically overwhelmed with questions lately from your followers, wanting to know all sorts of things about you and your mama! Let me know if you feel ready to get back into it. Thanks!

7 February 2021

Hi Sonichu! I hope that you are doing well. I heard about your recent trip with Praetor; how was it? Or has it not happened yet? I wanted to say thank you for all the recent chroniclings you have provided me with; they have been most informative! Do you feel ready yet to take Q&A questions? Let me know, thanks!

13 February 2021

Hello Sonichu! I hope that you have been well. I know that you've been busy of late, but I wanted to ask again if you're ready for the Q&A yet? Just so you know, it's totally fine if you aren't! Just let me know when you get the chance. Thank you!

Discussing the Ban from the Place

19 February 2021

Hi! Just wanted to check in again and see if you felt ready for the Q&A yet. Your followers have been eagerly anticipating your answers. Let me know. Thanks!

I would message you in the Place, but it seems that the others have kicked me out without providing a reason. Sonichuemojiwut.png

20 February 2021

Still sorting out the problem with this body’s trouble with not ever having been cuddled, laid, or kissed, and I’m still healing and re-energizing the body and brain.
Oh, of course. I understand if you're not ready. I just wanted to ask.

I sent you a friend request, by the way.

Kyle said you were unproductive at times.

I told him that was not a valid reason. (edited)

It's hard to be productive when I'm not told to actually do anything

And I have been chronicling everything you've asked for

I would gladly help the others out with their operations but they never ask me

I appreciate you speaking on my behalf

His constructive criticism includes, and I quote, “Sporadically useful, they're a poor researcher and aren't to sure on their own ethical obligations considering.”

There is room for you to improve from this.

And I gladly would, had he told me that

But instead he just decided to kick me out and not say anything

Anyway, it's only been a few hours. I don't expect I will be let back in tonight, if at all.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here for you if you need me. Anything you want chronicled, just let me know, either through message or screenshot. Same for the Q&As, once you feel ready to resume them.

Of course.
Thank you again.

[Chris reacted with 😊 to the above message.]

So, the research had you looking up malice any things people were doing; was that limited to Chris and I, or upon everyone in this world, in general, from online Hater and bad troll types?
Mostly focused on you and Chris, but some general research as well.
Well, I, for one, appreciate the effort and work you went through with that. It does get a lot more rough in comparison to just observing as many individuals online as possible, or watching for new posts and videos expressing concerns of themselves being abused like that.
Thank you for telling me that, it feels nice to know that my work is appreciated by you. (edited)

It makes it all worth it.

Warning about the Watchmen and Birthday Cards

I come with a warning. I don't know exactly what the others are claiming about me, but I can assure you that nothing they say about me is true. Why they are constructing these lies to sabotage my character, I do not know, but I want you to be aware that they are indeed lies.

I also believe that they might try to have one of their own act as the Lainchu identity to replace me at some point. This is another falsehood. Do not fall for their deception. (edited)

[Chris reacted with 😉 to the above message.]

They will attempt to have you block me or otherwise cut me off, but I am not a danger to you. I am here to help.

One more thing: I asked your followers to create cards for Chris's upcoming birthday. I was planning on giving them to you on the 24th, but given everything that has happened, I think it best to share them with you now.

Lovedaybdaycard1.png Lovedaybdaycard2.png Lovedaybdaycard3.png Lovedaybdaycard4.png Lovedaybdaycard5.png Lovedaybdaycard6.png Lovedaybdaycard7.png Lovedaybdaycard8.png Lovedaybdaycard9.png Lovedaybdaycard10.png

All the artists have given you permission to tweet their art, if you wish. Happy early birthday, Christine.

Be smart, and be wary of what the others say or do. They are doing this for reasons personal to them, not out of practicality. I'm here if you wish to talk some more. (edited)

Thank you. I will certainly keep that and you in mind.

[I reacted with Sonichuemojishock.png to the above message.]

Paradigm and dimensional shifts.

Checking In

21 February 2021

Good evening, Sonichu. How are you tonight?

22 February 2021

Feeling good right now.

23 February 2021

That's good to hear.

Just wanted to check in. Have the others attempted to replace me yet? (edited)

Love Day

24 February 2021

Happy Love Day, Christine! I've had a couple more birthday cards sent in; I hope that you enjoy them!

Lovedaybdaycard11.png Lovedaybdaycard12.png

A reminder that all the artists have given permission for you to Tweet their art if you so choose. I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Chris's "Return" and Praetor's Golden Church

27 February 2021

Hi Chris! I heard of your return; it's great to have you back!

I also noticed that the golden medallions made by Praetor have been sold out. Congratulations! I'm sure you are all very happy about that.

They set up a Discord server, right? The Golden Church, if I recall correctly? (edited)

I was wondering if I could get an invite; it seems like it may be an interesting place. Let me know if that's possible, thanks! (edited)

6 March 2021

Good evening, Chris, I hope that you are doing well! It's been a while since we last talked, so I wanted to check in. How are you feeling of late?
Feeling well enough right now, but still working through some things between me and my body, and priorities, and stuff.
Of course. It's all about the journey.

How are things with Praetor? Are they treating you well?

7 March 2021

Yes, they’re actually good people.
Oh, I wasn't doubting that. I just thought that I would ask.

They made that Discord server for you, right? The Golden Church?

How are things in there?

Haven’t been on it much, as I end up with most things online, since I mostly do offline these days, especially with the meditation, sensing events, and everything.
Of course, makes total sense.

I don't know if you saw earlier, but I was wondering if I could get an invite to the server. I want to talk to Praetor, and congratulate them on the successful launch. Would that be possible?

If not, it's totally fine. Again, just thought I would ask. (edited)

A Medium's Guidance

Main article: A Medium's Guidance

9 March 2021

Good morning, Anaxis, my friend.

I am feeling well right now.

I still consider you to be the one true channeler of our Lainchu.

I will share with you a recent event that I give you permission to chronicle with everything else so far.

I, Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, Goddess, have received guidance from a very insightful medium in this universe. She has served very well in the reading with her tarot cards and communications with other-dimensional individuals, and spirits from the spirit realm.

She answered for me the questions three in regards of: finding satisfactory love, manifesting my powers tangibly in this universe, and about the Dimension Merge in general from her perspective.

I keep her identity concealed, out of respect of keeping her safe from being trolled or bullied.

But, suffice to say, she, too, has been to universe C-197, and so have the number of other psychic types highly sensitive to the events of the merge.

Anyway, it has become better clear to my body and brain that I am at present to focus better on self-love and dipping down further and furthest into myself. My energies in my crown and third eye have, indeed, been overcharged with very good reason. And my efforts and tough work in C-197 did precede me as the medium learned as well.

I am going to take some time from this week to meditate and look inside, as opposed to outside, to get all of the manifestations I desire.

You may share this story with Kyle, or one of the others from the group you still have direct contact with.

Check you later. ⚡️💙⚡️

Thank you for sharing this with me, and thank you for your continued faith in me. I will make sure to chronicle this information.

A Future in Motion (The Lost Chronicling)

17 March 2021

Hello Chris! Just checking in, hope that you're doing well. Is there anything you want me to chronicle, or do you feel ready yet to answer some questions? Let me know, thanks! (edited)
Just checking, but you still have the connection with Lainchu, herself, right? And if so, what is the her present location and her general status?

18 March 2021

Yes, I still have the connection. As of this moment, she is temporarily residing in Dimension X-51, on the planet Dexium, where she is studying among the Whisper Travelers, a group of scientists that dedicate research towards biotechnology, nanotechnology, and most importantly, interdimensional travel and portal creation. The current aim is to find an effective system for quantum tunneling between dimensions that tend to be harder to breach, such as R-484 and, notably, C-197. The Travelers want to open borders between dimensions, and Lainchu is learning from them, seeing if there is technology that can be utilized to help achieve this goal, or at least, attain research that can be brought back to you. She is hard at work, a little tired, but diligent as ever.

Why do you ask?

Good answer. The “Current Host” was trying to demonstrate themselves and their link with Lainchu with me, because they were feeling inadequate compared with you. They’ve told me yet another event involving Lainchu in recent days, but it didn’t resonate with me. But reading your fact resonated with me moreso, so I have verified it further that you continue to be stronger in link and authenticity.

Here is what they said was recently happening with Lainchu, or even one of her self-counterparts, possibly:

As of right now, I currently reside on the planet Sanctuarion, where it has a population of 46,194 OCs that are currently on the run or threatened by the chaos from their respective dimensions. Its capital is Ecumenopolis, named after a philosophical concept of a city that encompasses an entire planet or is almost entirely vertical.

The technology is around 1950s level, industry is still expanding and we're using the skillsets of those from other dimensions to bring about this. We're largely self-sufficient owing to your initial resources and staffing given. So far, everything is going well and we're working on future efforts to decide how to start ramping up operations.

And for a while now, I myself have been helping out the people of Sanctuarion by engineering a system that would allow anybody to travel between dimensions to here. So at the moment, we're trying to maintain isolation as much as is practical when you're dealing with dimension hopping.

And, as I am sharing this with you, I am getting a Deja Vu moment; I have foreseen this event in a dream some time ago. Still on the right tracks.


Ah yes, the impostor. I'm glad that you are able to see past their lies.
My abilities with this body in this universe have improved.

[I reacted with Sonichuemojishock.png to the above message.]

That's great to hear!
The self-love and working with my body internally is working out splendidly.

Still getting a number of things better learned into this noggin on the powers and everything else, but the medium’s reading, as well as their brief lessons about three of the Clair abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairseniance) sparked something big within this noggin.

Back on previous topic, I tend to believe what the impostor was referring to was Kyle’s idea of a sanctuary universe that would have worked with the merge. They did also mention Kyle as a reference to validate themselves, which that was a dead giveaway.

I knew that if the individual was genuine, they would have remained most confident that their intentions would be most legible with me through their energy and aura, and no external reference would have been required.

Indeed. This is pointing towards some form of desperation on their part, although what their aims are, I've yet to figure out.
I could sense that Kyle might be the mastermind behind this particular circumstance. He’s continued to express frustration, because I, nor Sonichu, had not asked for his input on much having to do with the Dimension Merge in quite some time.

My Claircognizance had improved further so as well, after having seeded from my constant link with the Cosmos and other universes, timelines, dimensions, and self-counterparts.

So, if I had a question, regardless of wording, I just simply ask it in my mind or verbally outward, and then I would fairly quick answer my own question with the facts downloaded into my subconscious and streamed into my conscious, and so on.

Hm, I see. Self-reliance is good, although I must admit that it is helpful to get second opinions sometimes. It's all down to how confident you feel in your own answers.
True. But as the medium have made clear from I, and the rest of us, my body had relied too much on external individuals and things for validation. Especially since the greater and more accurate answers were as easily attainable thorough meditation and mental linkages.

Plus, as Magi-Chan and I had foreseen, and in the months’ time over the past year, Kyle’s science and logic were rather proving lacking on certain tangible and intangible details. His knowledge, as high as it is, is best directed towards the project that he has manifested under his own abilities and powers that work well and above his present comprehension, even if he had meditated, as he said, he didn’t do so deep enough.

His plans and project at the present are on good progress, and will not fail for the time in which they are required for these set of events, and then beyond the Merge’s fullest completion. But, some time after 1C-211987 has been brought back to once again by the reunion of 1218 and C-197, Kyle’s project will be destined to fall apart, and everyone within will have to return to their own respective homes in escape pods and so on, those that have chosen to stay behind post-merge, that is.

I will talk with Kyle about this some later on.

Interesting. Yes, communication is key during a time like this.

As always, let me know if there is anything you wish for me to chronicle, and I will gladly do so.

Tell you what, you may chronicle all that I have just told and confirmed of the present event and plans of Kyle’s. 😉⚡️
Very well. Thank you!

Questions for Chris and Barb

25 March 2021

Hello Chris! Checking in again, hope you've been well. Do you think that you have time soon for some questions? I know you've been busy of late, so I thought that this might take your mind off your stresses for a little while. Let me know, thanks!

31 March 2021

Hey, Anaxis.

I do believe not only I, but my mom as well, will be having some time for a Q&A session in the near future.

I request twenty or so questions addressed to my mom.

And I’ll take twenty or so for myself as well, please.

Consider this to be a foreshadowing of a pleasant surprise for everyone online.

1 April 2021

That's great to hear! I'm very happy that you and Barb are ready to take questions. This will be an immense help in the chronicling, and your followers will be ecstatic to hear from you again!

I have compiled the requested question groups. Here are the questions for Barb:

1) Hello Barbara, would you be willing to share your favorite memory of / with Chris?

2) Hello Barbara, what do you like to do in your free time?

3) Hi Barbara, what are your hobbies?

4) Hello Barbara, what is your favorite food?

5) Barb, what is your favourite/least favourite part of your family's online fame?

6) Dear Barbara Chandler, what makes Chris so special in your eyes?

7) Dear Barbara, how do you feel about quarantine and COVID-19?

8) Dear Barbara, are you proud of Chris and everything Chris has done in life?

9) Have you done a lot of traveling in your youth? Where did you go?

10) Hi Barbara, what is your favorite childhood memory?

11) Hello Barbara, what is your favorite memory of Bob?

12) Hello Barbara, how much do you know about the Sonichu comic books?

13) Hey Barb, what is/was the family's favorite thing to eat for dinner? If it's something homemade, do either you or Chris have recipes you might share?

14) If you ever had the chance, would you have another child?

15) What is your most treasured possession?

16) Dear Barb, if you were to go back in time, where would you go?

17) Can you tell us about the Evil Babysitter (Roach/Roche) and why you hired her?

18) Hi Barb, how strict were you raising Chris as a child, like discipline and controlling what Chris was allowed to do?

19) Dear Barb, how do you feel about the Dimensional Merge and Chris's body-swap with Sonichu?

20) Hello Barbara, what do you think your biggest accomplishment in life was? What is your biggest regret in life? (edited)

Maybe you could film her with your phone while you ask her these questions, so we can see her reactions as she's answering them (like an interview)? If you'd prefer to do just audio, like recording this in Audacity, that works too! Just send me the file when you're ready. (edited)

And here are yours, with a few addressed to Sonichu mixed in:

1) Provisional results from the Virginia Department of Elections indicate two write-in votes from Ruckersville (for the 2020 Presidential election): in response to your intention to vote for Lisa Simpson, can you kindly confirm if actually you did vote for Lisa, and if so, what gave you the courage to do so? I would also like to ask if you encouraged Barbara to do the same?

2) How often do you get recognized in public? What’s it like?

3) Christine, in several of your early videos and in the Sonichu comics, you mentioned that you and Sonichu both frequently used Axe hygiene products. Now that several years have passed, how do the two of you feel about Axe? Does Sonichu still use the Orion scent?

4) Question for Christine - In the past you have made numerous public appearances on television, being cameos to interviews. What is your favourite of such appearances?

5) How much do you still “invest” on the lottery every week?

6) This is for Sonichu, what was it like living in the body of an autistic person? Does Christine's autism affect you as well? Did any autism rub off on you?

7) Dear Christine, what does it feel like living without Bob's presence anymore?

8) Christine or Sonichu could answer this question: It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kel and Naitsirhc since Issue 10, how are they doing?

9) Do Sonic and the other OC's do their own voice acting in their games/movies in C-197, and do voice actors in 1218 do a good job imitating their voices?

10) Dear Christine, what is the highlight of your average day? (edited)

11) What's your favorite part of living in Ruckersville?

12) Christine, what was your all-time favourite scene to write in Sonichu?

13) How do you think your life would have gone if you didn't have autism?

14) Dear Christine, if you weren't a comic book artist/goddess, what profession do you see yourself having?

15) This question is for Sonichu, after spending so much time in Christine's body, have you developed any gender dysphoria or longing to return to your male sonichu body? What is it like to go from a male body to a female body, Sonichu?

16) Hey Chris, you mentioned something about a run-in with another Chris from a different dimension, if I'm not mistaken. With that in mind, who are the most notable "alternate dimension" versions of Chris, and what have they accomplished?

17) With the Sonic Boom alternate continuity, Sonic's arms were blue, and you were quite unhappy to learn about this. What was it that frustrated you so much about the change to Sonic's character design, when said show was not canonical to the events of the original video game series? Furthermore, why did you support the movie that Paramount just made, which shows Sonic with blue arms, when you previously boycotted Sonic Boom?

18) Chris or Sonichu, what is your favorite individual episode of the Comprehensive History series so far, and why?

19) How do you think your life would've turned out had you ended up with one of your past sweethearts?

20) Recently you have been working with a group named Praetor. What can you tell us about your relationship with them? How did it start, and what do you hope to accomplish together? (edited)

These questions you can answer here in our DMs, as usual.

I know that this is a lot, so don't feel pressured to answer everything at once! You can send me what you get done when you're ready. Please keep me informed.

Thank you so much again for doing this! I, as well as many others, cannot wait to hear your answers and Barb's! 😁 (edited)

7 April 2021

Hey, Anaxis.
Hello Chris! It's good to hear from you again.
Soon enough, I will have my mom on for a live stream Q&A, but the specific date and time is still up in the air. I have to work around her feelings and mood as well.

Also, I went over the question list with her; the one question that may or may not get answered with her is question 19.

She only knows Some of the details on the dimension merge/collective shift, and she was mostly passive, but aware, during the months I was body-swapped with Sonichu, as well as Magi-Chan before then.

I have an alternative question in mind that I will ask her in its place, though. Still figuring out how to best word it.

Oh, sure. If she's not comfortable answering a certain question, I can swap it out for another one.
The question being, and consider this a rough draft of the question as I type it up now:

“Hey, Barb, how do you feel about Christine’s spiritual transition, developments and habits? Do you feel this is rubbing off on you as well?” (edited)

That sounds excellent! I think that's a great question.

Of course, you know her better than I do. What do you think her answer would be to that?

Off-hand, and I do not fully speak on her behalf, as she is the only one who can truly speak her feelings; she’s rather passive or neutral about it. I also do see certain influences from the meditative and spiritual energies and habits rubbing off on her.

That’s just my ⚡️💙⚡️ (two bolts and a heart) for now. (edited)

Well, if you think it would give a thought-provoking answer, then I'd say it's a good question to ask. Alternatively, I can source another question to replace the old question 19, but that's up to you.
I feel this is a better question, as it does also address one aspect of the Collective Shift to and from her perspective. (edited)
I look forward to this livestream! Let me know once you've nailed down a date and time for it, and I'll be sure to tune in.
Make sure that it's saved to your channel so that it's preserved for those who can't tune in right at that time.
I will also be moderating the chat personally, since we have two iPads.

Vaccinations and Tea

Also, on another topic, Barbara has just received her first of two vaccination shots earlier today.
That's great news! I'm glad to hear that she's getting vaccinated.
Still not my time for the vaccine just yet; that may change by her second shot appointment.
Well, I hope you can get it soon as well.
Thank you.

Everything is manifesting well on the divine and fated timing on schedule.

Certain things I would like to happen sooner, but they can’t be rushed.

Yes, events are always in motion.

My hubbychu’s favourite word and catchphrase, but still a most valid and lovely word. 😊⚡️

Also, enjoying some warm, fresh Heart Chakra tea.


Tea is good for the soul 🫖

We also have a full set made into a Rainbow Chakra tea in a pitcher.


It’s one of each tea bag.

The bundle value for all seven boxes of 18 tea bags is a really good value.

Wow! That's a lot of tea. How does it all taste together?
Soulfully, it is most satisfying, and some minty and whatnot. Feel free to order a set of the teas for yourself and try them, if you like.

I recommend it.

I'll be sure to check it out!
Combined or individually, you can’t go wrong with energizing all or a specific Chakra with these teas.

More Checking In (April - June 2021)

14 April 2021

Hi Chris! Hope that you're having a nice Wednesday. Just checking in and seeing how you're doing. Do you know yet when you're going to have the livestream with Barb? Let me know when you get the chance, thanks!

21 April 2021

Hello, Chris! I hope that you're in good health. Just wanted to check in again; do you know any more details about the livestream with Barb? Or do you feel ready to answer your own set of questions? Let me know when you get the chance, thanks!

P.S. Happy belated birthday to Sonichu!

24 April 2021

Hi Chris! Checking in again. I haven't heard from you in a while so I wanted to ask how things were going.

28 April 2021

Hey Chris! I hope that you're doing well. Have you thought any more about the questions, for yourself or for Barb? Let me know when you can. Thanks!

5 May 2021

Hi Chris! Checking in, I hope you are well. Have you given any more thought about the questions for yourself or for Barb? Please let me know soon, thanks!

20 May 2021

Hey Chris! I saw that you are now fully vaccinated; congratulations! I hope that you and Barb are healthy and doing well.

2 June 2021

Hi Chris! I know it's been a while, so I just wanted to check in as usual. If you happen to be on Discord soon, let me know how you're doing!

16 June 2021

Hello Chris, checking in. Hope that you are doing well, let me know how you are doing!

Invite to the Knights of CWC

25 June 2021

[Discord invite link]

Hey, Anaxis.

Strictly Confidential: I’ve heard what had happened recently with Neko. I now understand the greater details of the ol’ group. I have my confirmation of which ones were the toxic ones. I know what I will do with that group. But for now, Neko has set up this New group just for the good amount of us. Please, for now, relay the invite to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

Soon enough, I will catch up with your questions.

But for now, I lead y’all in this portion of my flock.

Know you all are safe under my watch and my Goddess powers and abilities. Be safe. I’ll talk on the new server soon.

26 June 2021

Hello Chris, good to hear from you again! Glad that Neko was able to get in touch with you. I will join the server, and I look forward to your answers to the most recent questions!


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