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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains chats from the Watchmen Discord server The Place during February 2021.

Server members present in the chats below are: Chris (@Sonichu982), Anaxis (@Lainchu), KND, Kyle (@Nova), MKRNightVee (@MKR), Naught (@ภคยﻮђՇ, @crayhans), Peachy, The WCT (Kat), The WCT's secondary account (@Lainchu), and Val.

First Layer chats

Chris and the Watchmen's untrusted guests chatted in this layer.

Merlin's Deal with Chris

1 February 2021

Main article: Thinking with Portals#Merlin's Deal with Chris

Sally Acorn Dream

2 February 2021

Morning. I just woke up from a dream that ended up with me almost having sex with Sally Acorn; this body woke up feeling really sexually, ravenously, dazedly hungry. Take from that what you will.

I tell you all this, as I do feel among friends, here, as well. (edited)

Aside from Rosey, here, Magi-Chan, Chris, and the close others.



Piezoelectric Crystals

2 February 2021

Main article: The Place chats - Piezoelectric Crystals

Praetor and the Taser

8 February 2021

Main article: Thinking with Portals#Praetor and the Taser

Praetor and the Taser, part 2

8 February 2021

Main article: The Place chats - Watchmen-Praetor confrontations#8 February 2021, part 2

Chris Calls The Watchmen Out

13 February 2021

Main article: The Place chats - Watchmen-Praetor confrontations#13 February 2021

Lonely Feelings

17-19 February 2021

Main article: The Place chats - Lonely Feelings

Chris Inquires About Anaxis's Ban

19 February 2021[1]

Chris (as Sonichu)
What did Lainchu do to be kicked out?
I just found them unproductive at times.

If someone can be kept at a distance, as per their function, it would seem more apt to do so.

If you want something out, it'll be out, meantime, I'm personally none too sure.

Chris (as Sonichu)
At this point, especially with Lainchu's role, and compared to how often I type something on this server, being "unproductive at times" is not a valid reason.
Sporadically useful, they're a poor researcher and aren't to sure on their own ethical obligations considering.
Chris (as Sonichu)
What were you having them research?

And surely they could research other things as well.

General information on keeping abreast of whatever malevolent people were trying.

They were invariably a week behind anything I could prove and about a month behind on what I could hedge against.

Chris (as Sonichu)
They do work very hard on that research, and beyond the abuse upon Chris and I. There is a whole lot of effort that goes into waiting and observing input from others online of them being abused by some Hater or really bad individual.

Cut him a bit of slack, since I have been more focused locally and keeping private lately.

Plus, the freaking pandemic and shit.

All the better, his obligation to editorial standards mean that either reporting directly to him, or clearing information for use allows better security.
Chris (as Sonichu)
At the moment, I continue to work on the recovery of this body and brain from the recent realization of lack of cuddling and such, and even further its healing and re-energizing. And I'm fixing to hit the hay for the night (regardless of witching hours affecting this body, which during the time before falling asleep, I meditate).

Please consider letting Lainchu back into the server, Kyle.


Consider sure, as close as we can find advisable is a restricted role.

So, knowing what I know, say that.

Also: "Hi."

Naught's Comments

20 February 2021[2]

New Lainchu

20 February 2021[3]

Masturbation Discussions

27 February 2021

Main article: The Place chats - Masturbation discussions

Second Layer chats

The section covers chats from the second layer of the Watchmen's Discord server The Place.

Chris and the Watchmen's untrusted guests did not have permissions to view this layer.

The Watchmen Freak Out Over the Taser Situation

5 February 2021[4]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
Kyle 01:21 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ Trip?
Naught 01:23 PM
Yeah, caden is taking cwc on a trip with the stun gun to put against electricity so cwc can zap 2 the extreme or something suspicious

With crystals

Kyle 01:23 PM
Dear fucking Christ...
MKR 01:23 PM
They're ganna hurt him...
Kyle 01:23 PM
@Josh Paedo LLC is being an active threat to life and limb again...
Naught 01:24 PM
Hes streaming
Kyle 01:24 PM
Ah, didn't know.
MKR 01:24 PM
As soon as hes done he should be made aware
Naught 01:24 PM
[Defunct YouTube link to "February 5th, 2021 - Mad at the Internet" by Mad at the Internet]


Naught 01:34 PM
Angry retard noises..
MKR 01:37 PM
Naught 01:37 PM
Kyle 01:38 PM
Did he set a time yet?
Naught 01:38 PM
Idk, I just heard about this fail fuckery
Kyle 01:38 PM
The Praedovan ain't just coming into the driveway, so thank fuck for that. (edited)
Naught 01:49 PM
ok, i let @Josh know, people see me as a kid or something and they don't listen I kinda hate it
MKR 01:50 PM
Did he not take it seriously?
Naught 01:50 PM
No I mean like in general
MKR 01:51 PM

Yeah, I get that a lot irl

Its babyface

Naught 01:51 PM
MKR 01:51 PM
Like reeeeee I'm an adult >:[


Naught 01:51 PM
I will hurt u if need be


Kyle 01:52 PM
Young Terry?
MKR 01:52 PM
I want to hurt the bad people


Naught 01:52 PM
MKR 01:52 PM
I want them to suffer for messing with my tard


Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:27 PM
[Replying to "Yeah, caden is taking cwc on a trip with the stun gun to put against electricity so cwc can zap 2 the extreme or something suspicious"]

Chris told you this?

Naught 03:27 PM
Kyle 03:27 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:27 PM

Stun gun part too?

MKR 03:28 PM
Kyle 03:29 PM
I wish we had a timeline, ask Chris maybe?
Naught 03:30 PM
Yessir pretty dodgy
Val 03:31 PM
Naught 03:31 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:32 PM
Praetor would have to be absolute fools to hurt the person that's providing them their source of profit
Val 03:32 PM
yep let em do it

its retarded but what the fuck can you do

The WCT 03:53 PM
Praetor will be gone soon. Just wait and watch.

The Watchmen Express Paranoia Over Praetor

8 February 2021[4]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
The WCT 12:17 PM
Is Chris gonna be in this call?

Cause I hope so.

Kyle 12:18 PM
Maybe, want me to ask?
The WCT 12:18 PM
KND 12:48 PM
my bants are silent but deadly
Kyle 12:50 PM
I'd have preferred them not having an easy out.
KND 12:51 PM
i wasn't even speaking.

don't know how they thought i was stepping on your toes.

Kyle 12:51 PM

They're really bad liars.

KND 12:51 PM
Kyle 12:52 PM
They're going to deflect on literally anybody.

They already deflected it on Chris, but that worked because Chris insisted it was his idea.

Basic bitch sociopaths.

KND 12:52 PM
that was my extrapolation as well.
Klop 12:52 PM
trying to create infighting i assume
Kyle 12:54 PM
What a bunch of fucking morons.
The WCT 12:57 PM
Got any early predictions?
Kyle 12:57 PM
For the call?
The WCT 12:57 PM
KND 12:58 PM
use vpns if you are going to voice chat with praetor
Kyle 12:58 PM
They won't offer any info if asked, and will try to deflect smugness onto me even if someone else asks a question.
KND 12:58 PM
have a bad feeling

praetor is obviously going to record the call

but they might also be snatching voip ips

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:00 PM
I think you may be overestimating them, although I guess caution is better than carelessness
Kyle 01:04 PM
Discord runs the VoIP through their own servers.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:05 PM
Right, I was gonna say, as long as you don't click any suspicious links if they post them, you should be fine
Kyle 01:11 PM
Fuck these losers.
Val 01:13 PM
KND 01:18 PM
discord admins have given people info before
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:19 PM
But we're the admins of this server...

And that being said, we don't have each others' information just by virtue of being admins

KND 01:20 PM
i meant discord employees
Kyle 01:21 PM
Its a bad look for them though.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:21 PM really think Discord employees would just give away info of users to another user who asks for it?

Praetor aren't the FBI lol

Kyle 01:21 PM
"We were trying to taze an autistic man and someone said some mean things about us" - PaedoVan LLC
KND 01:23 PM
i was once a satellite analyst on a conspiracy board.

found a secret base in colorado.

one of the admins of that contacted me on u2u (the private message system)

told me "if i didn't slow down" him or someone else would come to my house and do something to me. (edited)

you got weird fucks who work at these internet companies.

Kyle 01:24 PM
Weird, yes. But I only buy a certain level of paranoia.
KND 01:24 PM
discord is known for its weens
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:24 PM
Praetor aren't some evil masterminds, they're just some kids who are trying to make a quick buck off of Chris while simultaneously enabling some of his delusions.
Val 01:25 PM
[Replying to "Praetor aren't some evil masterminds, they're just some kids who are trying to make a quick buck off of Chris while simultaneously enabling some of his delusions."]

agreed, fuck them

KND 01:25 PM
all it takes is one homosexual discord admin to be working on the inside
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:25 PM
I don't think their intentions are exactly noble but they don't seem the type to go to that length for basically no tangible benefit
KND 01:25 PM
you should be using a vpn anyway

The Watchmen Try to Antagonize Praetor (second layer)

8 February 2021[4]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
The WCT 07:10 PM
will Praetor keep their word and start a call with us?
Naught 07:11 PM
The WCT 07:11 PM
I'll enter 5-10 minutes prior.

(they're supposed to come in by 5 PM)

Naught 07:11 PM
Oh I skimmed the chat, didn't see that
Val 07:12 PM
Naught 07:12 PM
MKR 07:13 PM
I want to be there :>


Kyle 07:14 PM
At least have one lie on them, that this whole thing was their idea.
The WCT 07:28 PM
uh oh. lol

This call is going to be interesting if it actually happens.

Please get into VC (x5)

@ภคยﻮђՇ Should I ask them if they still want to get into a call? (edited)

Naught 07:40 PM
Kyle 07:41 PM
Fire it up, keep on the high ground, get them mad enough they won't want to leak, give nothing.
Naught 07:42 PM
MKR 07:48 PM
The WCT 07:51 PM
Val 07:52 PM
@ me here if you need me
The WCT 07:52 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ join.
Naught 07:54 PM

NOTE: Several of the following messages are in reaction to statements made during the Taser Discussion.

The WCT 08:29 PM
"you will be".

They're going to regret this.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 08:32 PM
Don't make threats that can't be kept
Naught 08:33 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 08:33 PM
All they're gonna do is laugh
MKR 08:33 PM
@Lainchu go fuck yourself
Anaxis (Lainchu) 08:33 PM
Pleasant as always, MKR
MKR 08:33 PM
Ilyt faggot


The WCT 08:34 PM
should I stop recording once Cayden leaves?

reimufacepalm[9] wrong move Cayden.

i don't know about that one Chris.

MKR 08:39 PM
The WCT 08:41 PM
too late already screenshot. 🙂
Naught 08:41 PM
The WCT 08:41 PM
The misspelling.
MKR 08:43 PM
The fakeass apology
The WCT 08:43 PM
[Screenshot of Praetor's sarcastic apology to MKR]
MKR 08:44 PM


Naught 08:44 PM
Oh yeah

NOTE: The Taser Discussion was over by this point.

KND 09:08 PM
milk twizzlers wow

at least twizzlers have a function now

KND and Nova Argue About How to Deal With Praetor

13 February 2021[4]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
KND 01:11 AM
anyone record the voice chat?

i guess i missed whatever chat this was.

what chris is talking about in #general

chris is willing to tase himself for these people

you might be causing a rift

Kyle 01:15 AM
MKR 01:15 AM
They're already trying to do that on their own
KND 01:15 AM
chris still cares about jacob and i know he hates the use of slurs

like dumbfuck

MKR 01:16 AM
KND 01:16 AM
Kyle 01:16 AM
Chris is used to it from me.
KND 01:16 AM
yes they are trying to cause a rift

so repair the hull bucket the water

i don't think we can push them out just yet

The WCT 01:17 AM
it feels like we're getting close to that point.
KND 01:17 AM
it would almost be infinitely better to eject them from this server instead of saying anything (edited)
Kyle 01:19 AM
I just want to dig them a hole before they leave, it's very possible that they're going to be found out for fraudulent practices someday.
The WCT 01:19 AM
oh they will be.
Kyle 01:19 AM
KND 01:19 AM
yeah, but you cant prove anything by calling people names

you can only cause chris to choose one side or the other

Kyle 01:19 AM
I did, their registration as an LLC in VA doesn't exist.
KND 01:20 AM
it'll take more fuck ups on praetors side, calm heads, and invisible action.

yeah that doesn't actually matter though

The WCT 01:20 AM

they aren't called a group of minor enablers with "edgy ween mechanisms" for nothing.

KND 01:20 AM
LLC is just limited liability, you don't need one to operate a business.

they'll wish they had one though if chris is able to sue them for more then they have..

Kyle 01:21 AM
But they aren't registered in any state records I've found.

If APS is an option...

KND 01:22 AM
you don't have to register a business.

as long as you are paying taxes

Kyle 01:24 AM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:25 AM
None of that will even matter to Chris

As long as they're playing along with him, he'll keep going to them

MKR 01:25 AM
@Lainchu don't you have a server to janny?
KND 01:26 AM
okay i agree in virginia you do have to register it with virginia tax.
The WCT 01:27 AM
Wake up @ภคยﻮђՇ we got a situation here.
MKR 01:27 AM

We do?

The WCT 01:28 AM
I hope Bis was keeping his eyes open the whole time.
KND 01:28 AM

according to this we could bring down virginia tax on them

or anyone could for that matter.

Peachy 01:29 AM
They probably still file as dependents idk if they would think about that 😅
The WCT 01:30 AM
sup peachy.
Kyle 01:30 AM
I was thinking about the Etsy angle.

There is no way there are 300 sales.

KND 01:30 AM
i almost bought one
Kyle 01:30 AM
Because that counts...
KND 01:32 AM
can i delete the comment about their entity expiring? @Nova

that would be tipping our hand.

Kyle 01:33 AM
Let them waste some money, it would be admitting guilt.

Do what you want.

KND 01:33 AM
chris updated his comment
Kyle 01:36 AM
The Etsy should be reviewed by staff.
KND 01:36 AM
i don't think etsy will review it
Kyle 01:36 AM
I doubt the 300.
KND 01:37 AM
etsy will protect their business foremost
Kyle 01:37 AM
Given it would look like money laundering on their part...

Naught Leaves the Place and Nova Takes Ownership

13 February 2021[4]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
Klop 03:25 AM
@Nova where is naught

he left the server


Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:29 AM
He left CWCki too
The WCT 03:32 AM
he's probably stressed out.
Klop 03:33 AM
I dmed him

he will be available on direct message

The WCT 03:48 AM
@Nova congrats on taking full power. yay[11]
Kyle 03:49 AM
For some reason, that doesn't feel like a congratulation.
The WCT 03:50 AM
yeah, I wish I got it but i'm a little too egotistical.
Kyle 03:50 AM
The WCT 03:51 AM
You also probably made the most sense of every possible candidate. (mostly because you're sane)
Kyle 03:52 AM
Maybe in 30 so years, by your own estimation you'll be fit?
The WCT 03:52 AM
i'm literally skin and bones. lol
Kyle 03:53 AM
All that matters is Chris.

[2 👍 reactions]

The WCT 03:53 AM
okay, we can agree on that.
Kyle 03:54 AM
Anything else we can't?
MKR 03:54 AM
He left?

Probably pissed at what cwc said

The WCT 03:54 AM
sad, but yes he did.
MKR 03:54 AM
I am too, but I wont leave

Lainchu should tho

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:55 AM
And how do you figure that?
Kyle 03:55 AM
Good timing there.

Go ahead, Kat.

The WCT 03:56 AM
like Nova said, "All that matters is Chris".

we can debate all we want about what went down tonight but we got to move on, with or without Naught.

Peachy 03:57 AM
MKR 03:58 AM
I guess that makes Nova and I top dogs here
The WCT 03:58 AM
he's definitely lurking in the Shadows like always but I'm sure he'd want us to continue the mission.

[Replying to "I guess that makes Nova and I top dogs here"]

technically, Nova is the Sole owner of this server.

Kyle 03:59 AM
Megs is the provisional XO.
MKR 03:59 AM

I'm the tits of the operation >:D

Kyle 04:00 AM
That too.
The WCT 04:00 AM
No Coups please.

he'll be back one day.

[GIF of an anime girl with green visual effects rushing past the screen.]

Kyle 04:03 AM
Obviously, I'd just like to know where everyone stands.
The WCT 04:03 AM

in regards to Chris?

MKR 04:03 AM
You know where I stand
Kyle 04:04 AM
Paedovan has a lot of suspicious influence on things.
The WCT 04:04 AM
Protect Chris at all costs.

[1 yay[11] reaction]

MKR 04:05 AM
@Lainchu how do you feel about paedovan?
The WCT 04:05 AM
he maybe slow in the mind, but he's our friend. And we should never abandon our friend.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:05 AM
[Replying to "@Lainchu how do you feel about paedovan?"]

What, now you want my opinion?

MKR 04:05 AM
Don't be a cunt about it. I was asking your opinion, yes.
Kyle 04:06 AM
It would be nice to know where your opinions lie.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:06 AM
Well they're a problem obviously, but I don't know if our current methods of dealing with them have been super effective thus far
MKR 04:07 AM
How would you deal with them?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:08 AM
I'd leave them be for now. Let Vaughn keep leaking information, let public opinion turn against them. That way, when they inevitably fall, Chris hopefully won't blame us for being so aggressive towards them.
Kyle 04:09 AM
Chris generally doesn't operate like that, we need something.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:09 AM
All I know is that the current method of dealing with Praetor is only emboldening them and turning Chris against us
Kyle 04:10 AM
Sooner is better, God knows they might try and get Chris as an "investor" when their ponzi scheme goes tits up.

Paedovan was already as emboldened as they could be when they decided to be the next Idea Guys.

The WCT 04:12 AM
My question is: Will we need Josh to help us out or nah? (edited)
MKR 04:12 AM
He doesn't seem all that interested rn

Probably busy with irl stuff

The WCT 04:12 AM
he's too busy trying to keep the Farms lights on.
Peachy 04:13 AM
[Replying to "Obviously, I'd just like to know where everyone stands."]

I don’t want to distract from this conversation but I just wanted to say where I stand. I’ve been a little absent lately but I’m still dedicated to helping when I’m needed. I want to protect Cwc

[2 yay[11] reactions]

Kyle 04:14 AM
[Replying to "I don’t want to distract from this conversation but I just wanted to say where I stand. I’ve been a little absent lately but I’m still dedicated to helping when I’m needed. I want to protect Cwc"]

Regarding Praetor, options?

Peachy 04:15 AM
I am really not sure what’s best. All I know is that I have info on them if things go really poorly and if it is needed (edited)
The WCT 04:15 AM
I'd say its going down the shitter right now. lol
MKR 04:16 AM
Kyle 04:16 AM
Sometimes that's all we need, I've been looking far too legit for them.
Peachy 04:17 AM
Just @ me or dm me if you want the info 😰
KND 04:37 AM
does chris even give a shit if people start dumping on praetor?

he does when we do it

but, public opinion of praetor is already pretty low

and chris doesn't seem to be phased.

Kyle 04:38 AM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:38 AM
I think it's less about what outsiders think and more about what we think

Because Chris wants all of us to be friends

Kyle 04:39 AM
Praetor will fuck Chris over.
KND 04:40 AM
only guessing but i think chris only likes praetor cause caden is in virginia.

ive been saying it this entire time, its part of chris's love quest

get friends to meet girls

The WCT 04:41 AM
Its all a C.O.P.E.
Kyle 04:41 AM
Part of it.

Almost all of it.

The Watchmen Plot to Dismantle Praetor

13 February 2021[4]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
KND 04:41 AM
what if we got chris a friend in virginia?
The WCT 04:42 AM
[Replying to "get friends to meet girls"]


Praetor Instagram tags copy-min.png

KND 04:42 AM
id turn chris into a pothead, hes probably not that bad to hang out with.

wrong side of the states though

id take chris to bars

oh but barb might get second hand covid.

The WCT 04:43 AM
oh no! he's killing Grandma!
KND 04:43 AM
what if we get chris to become afraid of covid...

then he might not fuck about with these punk asses

The WCT 04:43 AM
hmmmm, interesting.
Kyle 04:43 AM
Chris is very literal, and they've already got a hand in the lore.
KND 04:44 AM
everyone in the lore comes and goes.
The WCT 04:44 AM
just like life.
KND 04:44 AM
besides the originals

annirenee looks hot

Peachy 04:45 AM
Sub to her Onlyfans cx
KND 04:45 AM
not that hot
The WCT 04:45 AM
[Replying to "annirenee looks hot"]

She's cute.

but not hot.

Kyle 04:46 AM
The WCT 04:46 AM
no. lol

She's an 8.

KND 04:46 AM

that smile isn't perfect.

The WCT 04:46 AM
too bad she's another E-Girl.

(she recently turned 18 in October)

Kyle 04:47 AM
She the lesbo in the jacket?
KND 04:47 AM
which one
The WCT 04:47 AM
[Replying to "She the lesbo in the jacket?"]

[Cropped image of Praetor with Chris, showing only Anni Renee.]

KND 04:48 AM
maybe we could start a rift in their ranks

ask the females what they think about praetor trying to zap chris

Kyle 04:49 AM
That ™️ is a fake, soooo...
The WCT 04:49 AM
maybe fake a compromise?
KND 04:49 AM
use the females for info
Peachy 04:50 AM
The tag on the girl in the flannel is the wrong person. Keep that in mind
The WCT 04:50 AM
I'll see if I can hit up Anni if possible. I don't know if she'd be interested in discussing Chris. lol
Kyle 04:50 AM
We need an in to the other people, @KND or @Neko Onyx (Kat) Make a fake insta to DM them.
KND 04:50 AM
nope i can't do social media.
Kyle 04:50 AM
[Replying to "I'll see if I can hit up Anni if possible. I don't know if she'd be interested in discussing Chris. lol"]

Oh you...

KND 04:50 AM
have no personality online.
Peachy 04:51 AM
I’ve tried to get in touch with her. I haven’t had any luck
The WCT 04:51 AM
[Replying to "Oh you..."]

relax, I'm not going to make the same mistakes again.

Peachy 04:51 AM
The WCT 04:51 AM
[Replying to "I’ve tried to get in touch with her. I haven’t had any luck"]

what did you try doing?

Peachy 04:52 AM
Instagram on multiple accounts. I tried the day we learned about Praetor and weeks after. Nothing each time

Oh yeah I also messaged her on TikTok. Nothing there

The WCT 04:52 AM
maybe she's not the kind of person who'd respond to dudes.
Kyle 04:52 AM
@Neko Onyx (Kat) Try some simping, IDK, maybe you have a way with desperate fuggos.
Peachy 04:53 AM
I think she replies to men more tbh
The WCT 04:53 AM
[Replying to "@Neko Onyx (Kat) Try some simping, IDK, maybe you have a way with desperate fuggos."]

oh you...

Peachy 04:53 AM
She has some videos of her messaging boys on Insta found on her TikTok
The WCT 04:53 AM
I don't want to get cocky yet, but what if my simping did end up resulting in CWC being saved?

(I can only dream)

Kyle 04:54 AM
Exactly what I thought.
Peachy 04:54 AM
That might be an expensive endeavor cx
The WCT 04:54 AM
honestly, that would make me the worst kind of hero ever possible.

it'd be funny though. lol

Peachy 04:54 AM
People love antiheroes
Kyle 04:55 AM
We need an outcome.
The WCT 04:55 AM
hey, I got an idea.

Since Chris and I both follow her on Twitter, maybe I could try getting Chris to hit me up with her.

And if you guys have any questions for her, maybe provide them to me.

KND 04:56 AM
honestly you shouldn't narrow your focus too heavily.

im sure praetor has invited chris to a separate discord.

sure would be nice to get in there.

then you have access to all their females

Peachy 04:56 AM
Im not sure. Caden always says he’s a “Discord newbie.”
The WCT 04:56 AM
we're going to need a mole then.
The WCT 04:57 AM
[Replying to "Im not sure. Caden always says he’s a “Discord newbie.”"]

I think he's lying.

Kyle 04:57 AM
Damn, I'd rather have hit on the marginally less fugly one.
Peachy 04:57 AM
I can try to get info out of Owen. I’ve had dms with him before
KND 04:58 AM
MKR 04:58 AM
Sounds good
KND 04:58 AM
lets say caden hasn't got a separate discord...

what if


ban him from here.

that would force him to create one

then we could get a hold of it.

and then we'd have access to all of cadens friends

The WCT 04:59 AM


19 February 2021

Main article: The Place chats - Jahans discussion

Anaxis is Gone

19 February 2021

NOTE: This article or section contains Discord chatlogs mentioning a Deleted User with multiple messages. In Discord, if two or more users chat in sequence then have their accounts deleted, their messages will be mixed together under one "Deleted User" name. Use caution when assuming ownership of a comment made by a Deleted User with multiple messages.

Deleted User
so... I heard Anaxis is gone. I knew it was coming but disappointing nevertheless.


Holy shit
Why did he get banned?

I was a bit busy for a few days and I come back to this, lol

just surprised


Alleged Leak

20 February 2021[12]

Naught's Comments (2nd Layer)

20 February 2021[2]

Voting for Lainchu

20 February 2021[13]

NOTE: This article or section contains Discord chatlogs mentioning a Deleted User with multiple messages. In Discord, if two or more users chat in sequence then have their accounts deleted, their messages will be mixed together under one "Deleted User" name. Use caution when assuming ownership of a comment made by a Deleted User with multiple messages.

Deleted User

You wanna talk man? @Deleted User


There's talk in this server about me potentially replacing Anaxis as Lainchu.
Seems like a natural progression
CatLoPez says he doesn't want to do it, and other than you, I think people in here think I might be the next best thing.

Nova, MKR, I, and maybe you if you're interested are going to have an emergency VC meeting at 5 PM Pacific tomorrow night. (edited)

i vote kat, my time zones are weird - main reason i quit
Yeah, just let kat do it.

Angefly OC

23 February 2021

Main article: The Place chats - Angefly