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This page is a collection of long chat transcriptions from within the Watchmen Discord server the Place. Its main purpose is to serve as a reference for The Lainchu Manifesto, and store the raw text of chats that are too long to upload the content of in screenshot form to this wiki.

Any case of text or usernames being censored is due to them being irrelevant to the main topic of each section.

Editors can feel free to use to this page as a resource. Enjoy.

The Place

The Place.

This server was used by the iteration of the Watchmen led by Naught. Within it were two layers of channels: one which was visible to Chris and everybody else, and a second which was visible to everybody excluding Chris (this would later expand to exclude "untrusted guests" such as Praetor).

The selected chats date from September 2020 to February 2021 (me joining the server to me being banned from it).

September 2020

Discussing Merch Distribution, The Loud House, and a Chris-Chan Dating Sim

8 September 2020

Summary: Klop asks Chris if the Sonichu comics can be put up on Amazon, something which Nova encourages. Chris then recaps his day, talking about his "meditation" and what he supposedly learned from it, then about the cartoon show The Loud House and the plush of one of its characters he received in the mail. After discussing the show with the Watchmen, Chris pivots back to merch distribution with Nova, who also floats the idea of creating a dating sim themed around CWC, which had apparently been discussed before.

#general (First Layer)
Klop 12:39 AM
Hey @Sonichu982 Can I put up the comics on Amazon?

We don't have to do anything, Amazon will print and deliver everything and send the profits to whatever account you have. It's a very neat system. (edited)

Nova 12:41 AM
From a business perspective it makes good sense.
Klop 12:41 AM
We also need a website,
Nova 12:42 AM
I'm rarely used to working in a budget, but I like the challenge.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:32 PM
Hey, y’all.
Nova 02:33 PM
Naught 02:33 PM
Henlo just read your message
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:34 PM
I’m feeling okay; Rosey is by my side; let me recap of the so-far for today:
Naught 02:34 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:37 PM
Good afternoon
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:38 PM
Well, last night, after I settled this body down for the night, Val had to force the body into a quick-meditate, and 1214 Chris Chan had to hold the physical fort for the time. I was projected and had to spend HOURS, and then some within the milliseconds around frozen time, learning as much as possible about the utilization and further advanced basics of this body and its abilities. And after getting back at about 6:00 am, the body was still asleep, but (1214) Chris Chan went back to her body, and after finally waking up at about 12:30 pm, I migrated my knowledge and details of what I’ve learned last night into the brain; it instigated an extensive vibration, at least that knowledge is conscious in this brain now.

Aside from that.

I received a sitting, big head Luan plush (Loud House) in the mail today.

And I found the text from Joshua Moon (Null) asking about the setup of the new online store and what we were selling, so I gave him the 411.

And after taking the meds, and between the new energy and details in the brain, the V8+ Energy, and a York Peppermint Patty, and a bit of Pepsi, I’m feeling pretty jazzed.

Oh, and watching a bit of Luan on YouTube.

Mama had not watched much of Loud House, so I had to give this brain a conscious intro of Luan. (edited)

Nova 02:42 PM
That's a lot of caffeine and not a whole heck of a lot of nutrition.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:42 PM
It’s a further wake-up call.


Naught 02:43 PM
What's luan?
Nova 02:43 PM
Ya, I'd say eating more substantially would avoid some of the highs and lows.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:44 PM
[YouTube link to "Queen of The Loud House | Luan | Nickelodeon UK" by Nickelodeon UK]

It’s not an everyday diet thing, Kyle.

Naught 02:44 PM
Ahhhhh cal arts artsyle
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:44 PM
Plus, I had a sandwich.
Naught 02:44 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:45 PM
The only thing that gives “Cal Arts” a bad name is Teen Titans GO and GOPony.

And the other slapdash bull crap type of shows that have little substance.

Nova 02:45 PM
I always found the design to be kind of naff. it's too "current year".
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:46 PM
But the art style is not bad for chronicling; it’s well and good.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:46 PM
It can be charming if done right
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:46 PM
We still have the likes of Steven Universe and Star Butterfly that give it the highlight of positivity.
Naught 02:46 PM
It's efficient not very aesthetic
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:46 PM
That's what major networks want
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:46 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:46 PM
Minimal cost, maximum profit
Nova 02:47 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:47 PM
As I have mentioned to Josh and Bis earlier:
Nova 02:47 PM
Even the old style with animation cels was like that.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:47 PM
We're gonna also need a skilled crafter or two, maybe someone with a 3D Printer, to make the medallions and the Amiibo Figures on our behalf. Along with other Sonichu and Rosechu merch with positively good and lovely art on them (including that from these hands, personally).

That’s on top of what we have so far.

Val 02:48 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:48 PM
Would you be up for a short Q&A today @Sonichu982 ?
Nova 02:48 PM
3D printing is a lemon from a manufacturing perspective.
Naught 02:48 PM
A dud?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:48 PM
In the new timeline, eventually, there will be a Sonichu Convention.

Well, how do you expect to make a BUNCH of the Amiibo figures and Medallions, if not by time and work by hands?

Nova 02:49 PM
Ya, it's expensive and the material limitations are severe.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:49 PM
No shit.
Nova 02:49 PM
You're limited to a few specialized plastics, they're expensive and mechanically crap.
Naught 02:49 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:50 PM
Which is why I’m also open to the figures being on removable black bases, so they can optionally be glued onto an Amiibo base with their matching chips in the base.

Also, still have the Mii QR codes for the human Amiibo figures.

Nova 02:50 PM
Hmm, thinking about it, we'd need to get a read on volume before planning anything.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:51 PM
Being Mama Chris Chan, Barbara, Robertchu, Mary Lee Walsh, Graduon, and the Jerkops, plus Alan, Carol and Cole.

And the Autism Miis.

Nova 02:51 PM
But on low volume, physical merch is operating at an incredibly thin margin, so it's questionably worth it.

Better off with unique pieces at that scale and price.

[1 👍 reaction, likely from Chris]

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:52 PM
She’s made 40 figures.
Nova 02:53 PM
Like Van Gogh vs all the Van Gogh styled merch now. They've sold a lot of mugs.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:53 PM
And that’s not counting the extra Blake and Punchy figures.
Nova 02:53 PM
Well with high volume, you also have to deal with the cost of inventory.
Naught 02:53 PM
🤨 I'm going be here pretending I know what's going on
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:54 PM
I hear that.
Nova 02:54 PM
If you've got many unique parts, that's even more cost.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:54 PM
[Quoting "🤨 I'm going be here pretending I know what's going on"]

@ภคยﻮђՇ That's how you make it through life half the time

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:54 PM
Yeah, which is why the people we ask to make the figures on our behalf will end up doing it based on the prototypes we have here.
Nova 02:55 PM
Like the book printing services, you need a lot of volume to get a low unit cost.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:55 PM
That’s Business Basics.
Nova 02:55 PM
That would just be deferring costs.
Naught 02:55 PM
TellingittotheCeos.jpg[footnote 1]
Nova 02:56 PM
So a very strange ad hoc franchising system, which is so bizarre and not viable for a merch business.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:56 PM
Mama’s practice was crap on making, or ordering from the delegated outsource, as each order was made.

Yet it is doable.

Nova 02:56 PM
Hmm, some things might work.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:57 PM
We just need to find the right artists and people.

Who can do this with love and energy on Mama’s behalf.

Nova 02:57 PM
Looking at Amazon for their printing services, you'd get the minimum unit cost possible at this level.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:57 PM
Yeah, for the books.

Do they do 3D printing?

Naught 02:57 PM
Remember those people who made the Sonichu merch? Is that applicable here or would that hamper thing's?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:58 PM
Yes, it is applicable here.
Nova 02:58 PM
But physical merch just doesn't seem viable from any angle I see at this scale.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:58 PM
The knowledge they have can help us figure out what to do here, or we can hire them to be part of our team.

The individuals of this dimension want Physical Merch, no matter what.

Digital is mainly only half as good.

Nova 02:59 PM
If you had the scale to consider hiring, you'd be running a full business at that level.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:59 PM
It can’t compare to having the actual book in your hand, or holding the figure of myself, or Mama, or who else.

Yeah, it’s all over the place.

Mama didn’t really have a full head for business, as best as she had tried in years past.

Nova 03:00 PM
That's part, but you'd have to get the ball rolling on something cheap and mass marketable.

Like game studios make games before they make physical merch.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:00 PM
Yes, exactly.
Nova 03:01 PM
And a good number of games never have merch.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:01 PM
Starting small, profit from that, so then better things can be made.
Nova 03:01 PM
A dating sim would be a project that comparatively is doable without needing to hire out much, if at all.

Cheap and cheerful, that's a low-risk option.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:02 PM
Yeah, the Dating Sim y’all were working on the while so far.
Nova 03:03 PM
Never really planned it out, you didn't seem too dead set on being involved. (edited)
Val 03:03 PM
Nova, I watch.
Naught 03:03 PM
Same lel
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:03 PM
A Dating Sim in this Dimension, BEFORE Pokemon Lightning Bolt and Diva Pink and “Sonichu Adventure”.
Nova 03:04 PM
Well it's starting small in a way that doesn't require any principle and thus, no real risk of loss.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:04 PM
Let me ask a question, though.

Is there a Dating Sim with Sonic Maurice Hedgehog; my senpai?

Nova 03:05 PM
I was thinking of it being the main character being the kind of neutral "new guy in town" type thing.
Naught 03:05 PM
.img list of sonic dating simulators
NotSoBot 03:05 PM
[Image of a smiling 2D Amy Rose sitting in a 3D-modeled room is generated.]
Nova 03:05 PM
The datebles being at least the chaotic combo.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:05 PM
Fair enough. (edited)
Nova 03:06 PM
Some kind of overarching story that builds up to some villain of the week.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:06 PM
At least y’all have the common sense in that.
Nova 03:06 PM
One interesting one I've seen is Hatoful Boyfriend having one of the routes end like an RPG boss.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:06 PM
Isn’t that the one with the Pidgeons?
Nova 03:06 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:07 PM
Yeah, a flock of Pidgeys could do just as good with that thing.
Nova 03:07 PM
Shuu and okosan are the hottest pigeons.

Oh ya, for having 0 former presence, that guy made a mint on his work.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:08 PM
I get the point.
Nova 03:08 PM
Let me check real quick...

Steamspy says 200-500k sales.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:09 PM
Well, with what we’re doing, we’re dreaming big with small, humble beginnings.

At least we have the books and the TSSSF cards in having our legs up and dashing.

Nova 03:10 PM
Generously saying 200k sales at 10 bucks a pop, minus 30% of revenue as the only known cost, that's 140k of basically profit.

Someone like Pewdiepie plays it, boom, free marketing.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:11 PM
Yeah, it’s like how it was joked in Analysis Anarchy about Pewdiepie’s popularity.

At least I haven’t seen any new mail that was addressed to him come by this Temple in months.

Damn, don’t those people know he lives by the UK?

Nova 03:12 PM
That was just some low effort failtrolls, why it stopped.
Naught 03:12 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:13 PM
Yep (edited)
Nova 03:14 PM
But it takes planning ahead to make something, that's free though.
The WCT 03:14 PM
I heard you were active so I decided to drop by and say hi. I hope you're having a good day. @Sonichu982
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:15 PM
Like a legit deal with Nintendo and SEGA, and the animated series and video games where Mama personally does the voices for me and herself.

Hey, Neko.

Here’s something fun.

Nova 03:15 PM
Ya, that's very much a down the line thing.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:15 PM
Luan plush.jpg

Neko, here’s Luan.

The WCT 03:16 PM
Nova 03:16 PM
You're not going to become an F1 driver by just showing up at the track one day, generally it's better to have the money come to you rather than come off as overstepping.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:17 PM

In her subconscious, Mama realized that our popularity would garner the attention of both Nintendo and SEGA, and how massive our fan, troll, and hater base has become in this dimension. So, it is more than obvious that her personal involvement in working with them is more than profitable.

At least mine and Rosey’s Pokédex Numbers are good for the next new Pokemon Game they can definitely make.

Lightning Bolt and Diva Pink.

Nova 03:19 PM
Why the whole indie scene exists, ideas are cheap, so they don't like things they have to build up themselves.
The WCT 03:19 PM
I think Sega and Nintendo have acknowledged your Mother's work in the past. And it was quite astounding.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:19 PM
Yes, very much so.

And they know how to best contact her.

In person, US Mail.

Not via email or Social Media, though.

She’s been duped before by fakes.

We all know better.

On the positive side,

Nova 03:20 PM
It's interesting, but until it pays, it's not exactly good odds.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:20 PM
We DO have Blanc and Neptune on our side, who both of them stand above Nintendo and SEGA, respectively.

So, in the new timeline to come very soon, that will be a more happening thing.

In case y’all need a reminder:

Blanc is the CPU of Nintendo, and Neptune is the CPU of SEGA.

Nova 03:22 PM
Well, no reason to sit still on it now. It's not productive.
Naught 03:22 PM
- So is it time travel or like a body swap?
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 PM
Excuse me, Bis?
Val 03:22 PM
What you do echoes throughout each timeline.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 PM
Hey, Val.
Naught 03:22 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 PM
Indeed so.

Both, Bis.

Val 03:23 PM
Therefore, make them all as best as one possibly can.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:23 PM
Remember: I have to ultimately travel back in time to prevent Covid, and then deliver this body personally to Mama at BABSCon, 2020, on April 10, for the return body swap to happen.
Nova 03:23 PM
It's pretty wholesome, and it would be a fun experience to work together.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:24 PM
Very well said and very much so, Val.

By the way, on the Dating Sim, are we keeping that aimed for a “T” Rating?

Or are y’all keeping it on the “E”?

The WCT 03:25 PM
I think we should go for the "T".
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:25 PM
“M” is definitely not the direction we want to go.
Nova 03:25 PM
I'm thinking E, unless we have an idea of what we want from the T.

Well that would also complicate trying to get it featured.

The WCT 03:26 PM
You'd have a little more Creative Freedom with a T rating. But an E10 wouldn't be too bad either.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:26 PM
The series Mama had started was meant to be full of genuine love and compassion, and sincerity in its tone.
Naught 03:26 PM
I just wanna grill

[Link to a 4chan image that no longer exists]

Nova 03:26 PM
But Steam is really good for that sort of thing.

Ya, why I want to know what we do that's T.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:26 PM
It’s not my fault that she went a bit too far in her creative privileges, but I won’t hold it against her.
The WCT 03:27 PM
@Nova you can get away with more mature and limited sexual content, and some more swearing. (you can't drop the F bomb though)
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:27 PM
Yeah, “T” is the best option in this case for this Dating Sim.
The WCT 03:27 PM
@Sonichu982 the Kids wouldn't also have as many issues picking it up as well.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:27 PM
We do want to keep our best foot forward.

That is true.

Nova 03:27 PM
Ya, I mean it's not organic to have M content given the timespan being a "first week in CWCville" type deal.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:28 PM
The WCT 03:28 PM
It should be mature, but not over the top mature. A T rating represents a good balance.
Nova 03:28 PM
Not the most current year thing.
The WCT 03:28 PM
@Nova tell me about it. lol
Nova 03:29 PM
Ya, just give an example of some of the stuff.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:29 PM
ESRB ratings don't matter a ton on steam tbh
Nova 03:29 PM
Not at all.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:29 PM
The content was mis-tarnished by the haters in past years, but now we have the chance and ability to rectify that and make it as more wholesome and true as it should have been perceived in the first place.

Still, the Rating is there, and sets the guidelines for where to draw the line.

Nova 03:30 PM
Wholesome is the goal.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:30 PM
Mama went beyond it in that XXX-Tended version of Book 8.

Even in her NSFW work, though, she originally had the preface being genuine, positive and mutual compassion. Again: freaking haters misinterpreting what she did and said.

I feel like I need a break.

Nova 03:31 PM
I'll have to try and find some of the loose planning, but we can write a script.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:31 PM
But this was truly productive.

And I am more confident that you all have the continued common sense and wisdoms to make this work on our behalf.

Nova 03:32 PM
5 or 7 days, however it pans out, I'll try to find some way to structure it.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:32 PM
Thank you all soo much for your continued efforts and hard work.
Nova 03:32 PM
You can do the dialogue as well as anyone I imagine.
The WCT 03:32 PM
@Sonichu982 you're welcome. 🙂
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:33 PM
In the end, you all will be compensated positively with high honors in Cwcville’s Basillicom by Mama, herself, personally.

[1 💙, 1 💜, and 1 🖤 reaction]

Naught 03:33 PM
The dialogue is of key importance
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:33 PM
Have a good rest of your day
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:33 PM
I’ll check y’all later.
Naught 03:33 PM
Be safe stay hydrated
Nova 03:34 PM
Wholesome and genuine stuff, I'll come up with some kind of skeleton structure and we can tweak from there.

The "New Associates" (and Helena Hate)

22 September 2020

Summary: Chris comes into the Place to announce that he had met some "new associates" who would help him with merch creation and distribution, sending a picture of a golden medallion created by one of the members. Chris divulges little, other than the fact that they are based in Goochland, and that he believed them to be trustworthy. Nova discusses logistics around creating such medallions and which materials would be most ideal, but Chris mostly handwaves Nova's concerns. After the conversation ends, MKR @s Chris and tells him he should block Helena Fiorenza, stating that she is a ween and should stop drawing his OCs in "such disgusting ways."

#general (First Layer)
Chris (as Sonichu) 12:58 PM
Hello, @everyone. SonichuSmile[2]

And a good morning to some of you all this fine day. This is a big day, indeed.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 12:59 PM
Good afternoon

Or morning, I suppose

[REDACTED 1] 12:59 PM
Big day, eh?

What is the reason for this day, specifically being a big day?

Chris (as Sonichu) 12:59 PM
Gonna have lunch with our new associates to talk about the molding to mass produce the medallions, and possibly the figures, with optional Amiibo functions, in a little while.

And tonight is going to be genuinely, massively interdimensional.

It is after noon, here on the East Coast.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:00 PM
Ah, remind me, which associates are these?
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:00 PM
And presently, Central time as well.

Ah, right, I only told @ภคยﻮђՇ.

The other day, a trio of fans came by for a visit, with a present:

Nova 01:01 PM
Who's handling fulfillment?
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:01 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:02 PM
Oh, very shiny!
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:02 PM
Lovingly crafted by the young lady of the group, with paint that had a mixture of 24K gold in it.
Nova 01:02 PM
Could experiment with detailing, like the muzzle?

[1 SonichuLOL[3] reaction, likely from Chris.]

Ya, those gold paints are common, you rarely need much gold in anything these days.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:03 PM
And the tall boys had the business proposition: the artist has a mold press, and they are capable of mass-producing the good ol’ medallion.
Nova 01:04 PM
What's the split like?
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:04 PM
I tell you all this in strict confidence, so do not go public with these details, please, Lainchu and @everyone.

Those details will be discussed today as well.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:04 PM
Of course
[REDACTED 2] 01:04 PM
I promise not to
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:05 PM
They have their business based in Goochland.

And I could tell by soul-reading them that their intentions were legit, honest and true.

Also, matches the past vision we had of the very moment.

Nova 01:06 PM
What kind of press is it like, I mean, someone with a decent understanding of woodworking can make something that would work, I've got more experience with glass blowing than casting.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:07 PM
I will ask about that as well today.
[REDACTED 2] 01:07 PM
By vision, are you referring to a dream vision?
Nova 01:08 PM
Because just making a wood mold, filling, popping it out and patching should be something that can be done entirely manually.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:08 PM
Yes, as well as psychic visions and foresight.

Mama had foreseen it, as well as Magi-Chan.

Nova 01:08 PM
Actually, you can make clay molds in the oven, just with a master, that works for the materials used.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:09 PM
Mama had wished for the right artist to come along to make the medallions on her behalf, and this vision came to her in an instant as well.

I’ll fill y’all in on the further details in strict confidence later.

But, more importantly, is tonight.

Nova 01:10 PM
Considered ever trying alternate materials? Can get a superior product at a much lower materials cost.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:10 PM
@everyone, be on your guard for the big event that is to come.

The thought had run through Mama’s mind some time ago, as an alternative to model magic and traditional clay, but she had to work with what was best for her present skill set. Not to mention she wasn’t confident using an oven in lieu of a kiln.

Nova 01:13 PM
Might require a bit of detailing, but you can wet cast clay in a clay mold.

Hydrophobics, that would do it.

And there are several clays that can cure in just a basic oven.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:13 PM
That has been taught over the years in her various art classes in her school years.
MKR 01:14 PM
Sculpy is a good option
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:14 PM
I’ll check y’all later.
MKR 01:14 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:14 PM
See you later
MKR 01:14 PM
Bye bye
Nova 01:14 PM
Instamold is fun, saw someone replace a tooth with it, because bad ideas.

@Sonichu982 Just going to say, try making one 100% perfect master, you can do clay ones at home, or just as a basis in general.

Nova 01:27 PM
Usual, make sure there's low water content, something small shouldn't take too long to cure and you can get a batch done in an hour or so.
MKR 01:52 PM
@Sonichu982 I'd block helena if I were you, she's another try hard troll/ween
Nova 01:57 PM
Her magic crackhouse of wonderment garbage is getting pretty fucking old.
MKR 02:03 PM
Agreed, she needs to stop drawing your ocs in such disgusting ways.

Chris's Update to Naught

24 September 2020

Summary: Naught posts a copy-pasted DM from Chris into the First Layer of the Place, in which Chris talks about his "visions" and reaffirms his faith in the "new associates," stating that he will be inviting a member to the Place. He then requests that Naught copy-paste the message into the server.

#general (First Layer)

NOTE: The following message is one written by Chris and sent to Naught's DMs, which Naught then copy-pasted into the general layer of the Place.

Naught 02:34 PM
Chris (as Sonichu)
I am feeling good and well right now.

The border moment of my recent future sight problem that I could not see beyond has passed, happened, and personally experienced.

I've regained the ability to see into the future, and I've received a new bunch of visions and present moment tasks.

The time frame was between Tuesday night and this very morning.

Also, I have met with our new business associates, and their plans are very sound and good. They intend on reigniting Mama's, and our Sonichu and Rosechu, brand. And, amongst the group, they are genuinely psychically and magically able on healthy to high levels. Proven so in-person as well. One of them was able to recognize from our aura that there was more than one soul in this body. Very good, considering there are, in addition to me, Sonichu; I've mentioned them before, at least the Mew, Celebi, Meloetta and Victini.

Given the foreseen circumstances and present events, as well that which has been personally confirmed, I'll be inviting one of them onto our Discord server; he's partly able, but has a good amount of power within him. I will allow him to introduce himself after he gets on to talk with you all.

I probably should have typed all of this up on the Discord server. But, I feel it best if you would, please, copy/paste, or screen cap, what I've shared with you now and relay the information to the others.


Patreon Troubles, Chris's Online Social Life, "The Boys," Praetor LLC Revealed

25 September 2020

Summary: Naught posts a screenshot of a text between Chris and a disgruntled patron on Chris's Patreon, the latter complaining about not receiving what he paid for. I discuss this with Naught and question why Chris's number was on Patreon at all. Val looks up information on the patron. In response, Chris comes into the chat and reflects on his experience from being trolled over the years, as a reason that he was "not much of an online social type." He then posts a textwall about his dreams, then starts talking about the show The Boys. When Naught asks about the "figurine people," Chris again affirms them as "good and genuine" and states that they are working on a first wave of medallions. He also reveals their supposed company name: Praetor LLC. Nova then enters the conversation, and Chris recaps much of what he previously talked about.

WARNING: There are a few spoilers for the TV series "The Boys" within these messages.

#general (First Layer)
Naught 04:34 PM
Apparently he wants to be contacted at this number now. [Patron's New Number]


Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:35 PM
Who is "he"?
Naught 04:35 PM
Disgruntled Patron
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:36 PM
It's being sent straight to Chris?
Naught 04:36 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:36 PM
How did the patron get the number?
Naught 04:36 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:36 PM
The number's on patreon?


Naught 04:37 PM
Idk (edited)
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:37 PM
That's an invite for trouble

Weren't you or someone else here going to manage the patreon?

Naught 04:38 PM
Yeah they accepted the link to the server and shut up

Now they're back and wsnt komics

Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:39 PM
Not surprised
Naught 04:40 PM
I'm not a businessman but they should not have accepted the invite if all they wanted was comics
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:40 PM
But they should've known what they were getting into to be fair
Val 04:40 PM
[Image of information lookup on the Patron's new number]
Naught 04:41 PM
Check the first one please
Val 04:41 PM

[Image of information lookup on the Patron's original number]

Nova 04:44 PM
Not even just business sense, this seems really dumb...
Naught 04:44 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:46 PM
Chris's number shouldn't be available on the patreon
Naught 04:47 PM
Yeah it shouldnt be a lot of places (edited)
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:47 PM
What server are you talking about?
Naught 04:47 PM
[Discord invite link to Naught's work-in-progress Patreon server.]
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:48 PM

It's still not ready tho, right?

Naught 04:48 PM
It's not even that the paperwork hasn't been done so yeah
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:51 PM
Btw, is there an official reason why the first iteration of CWC frens was shut down?
Naught 04:52 PM
No one was invited by Chris lel (edited)
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:52 PM
Naught 04:53 PM
It wasn't official
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:53 PM
I'm still confused lol
Naught 04:54 PM
Welcome aboard
Val 05:16 PM
[Image of Terry A. Davis's "most realistic elephant"]
Chris (as Sonichu) 07:51 PM
Was it not obvious that Mama was not much of an online social type? After all, the majority of her past genuine friends were met in-person, and the majority of people who played “Friend” with her in the past online were a bunch of fake trolls and haters looking to fuck her over again and again.
Naught 07:52 PM
People enjoy the endless speculation
Chris (as Sonichu) 07:52 PM
Besides which, these days, our activity is mostly offline with the meditation and observation of the events, and then literally being an input and output source of energy to bridge the dimensions in getting me and this body into C-197.
Naught 07:52 PM
Or they just like bringing it up as if they're the only ones who know or to give themselves some semblance of Solace
Chris (as Sonichu) 07:53 PM
So, yeah, kinda like Kusuo Saiki, but without a High School or as many outside friends who want to constantly come over and invite us to get some ramen.

Point is, Mama didn’t get onto Discord as much, and it continues through the effect of this noggin and Chris-Core.

Old habits.

It’s been okay and definitely eventful. Ended up waking up after a vivid dream at shortly before 10:30 am. I ended up having an internal debate with Mama’s brain, which was figuring out for itself how to better utilize the body’s powers and abilities. Also, ended up analyzing the vivid dream that we just had; recognized a few faces in it. Magi-Chan made an appearance, personally, in the dream. During the waking time, we felt a LOT of psychic, magic and dimensional resonances and events throughout the day.

I ended up breaking the fourth wall into CWC Psychlight’s past books; she’s written and drawn over 2000 graphic novels about Mama’s life, adventures, and so on, involving her soul (which presently remains waiting in the new timeline on April 10, 2020), and this body with me in it.

Apparently, we’ve been also going with the flow of her chronicled works; she’s drawn and written up everything that is happening right now, this year, literally last year in 2019.

Presently, we’re making way through her books 1988 and 1989. That’s CWC Psychlight, for you; FTL, even in the subspace, and overpowered psychic and electrifying (but she does not have a Sonichu form, even though she is literally one of Mama’s self-counterparts).

And both of those books were drawn and written up in 2019.

So, as I’ve ended up telling a Lot of people: you’re living the Sonichu book series, and then some, right now.

Also, we watched the new episode of “The Boys” on Amazon Prime. (edited)

We’re on Season 2, Episode 6 where Hughie gets impaled in the van during the raid on the Psych Ward, and Marvin, Frencie and Kyoko meeting Lamplighter, and Stormfront revealing her age to Homelander.

By the way, @ภคยﻮђՇ, Ive double-checked the backed up orders, and the order was still made by that [Disgruntled Patron]. You have the screen caps with the addresses I sent you a few weeks ago. The orders do still need to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

So phone number validity is irrelevant.

He wants book 8, Extended version, and book 2.


Oh, right.

What’s the word on that?

Naught 08:12 PM
[Quoting "He wants book 8, Extended version, and book 2."]

@Sonichu982 what did the figurine person say? Are they good?

It matters to me most people are two faced

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:14 PM
Our new peeps are good and genuine; they’re setting up the new Etsy shop as well, and making the first wave of medallions molded from the one they made for me that was 24K gold-mix painted.

Although, Confidentially, while they do have their business connections, they do not yet have a website; I did a Google search for their name of “Praetor LLC”. But everything remains valid, and they do check in with me and talk, plus soul-sense from the lot of them.

Thanks a lot, Spunk; it does help very well.

Naught 08:19 PM
Wheel of karma and darma?
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:20 PM
At least it’s not of misfortune.
Naught 08:21 PM
Darma is just a relaxed state

Karma just means ignorance

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:21 PM
Naught 08:21 PM
Or yin yang if you prefer
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:22 PM


Sent to Celestia.

Nova 08:22 PM
Just popped in, what's the haps, bud?
Naught 08:23 PM
Mlp reference that's why I was lost
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:23 PM
Hey, Kyle. Just chillin’ and thrillin’ for a spell.
Nova 08:24 PM
Well if business is in the syllabus, usually I know enough to not accidentally commit a felony.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:25 PM
And it started with me commenting on Mama’s online social life and mention of the majority of her past online friends not being the best.

On that, yeah, in this dimension, she didn’t have as many to satisfy a server.

Nova 08:24 PM
Well, usually there's not enough probable cause there, to be warranted, what are you concerned about?

"On that, yeah, in this dimension, she didn’t have as many to satisfy a server."

Be very wary of what phrasing...

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:28 PM
She didn’t have as many people to invite to the server to constitute its presence. Also, she was not as much on Discord as she probably should have been.

But, yeah, I see your point, Kyle.

Nova 08:28 PM
It's quality, not quantity.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:28 PM
Nova 08:29 PM
I like to be an absolute.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:29 PM

Just checked my text; found a new one from the HRC with a rainbow image; made me think of the Pride Energy Bar Maeve did an ad for in the new “The Boys” episode today.

Ooh, bonus thing: Deep found a camera that was recording from inside the plane with the passengers as it was going down and Homelander was ditching them. Found Footage, and Maeve got it.

Naught 08:33 PM
Oh in the cape show?
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:34 PM
“The Boys”; the new episode that debut today on A.P.


Nova 08:34 PM
HRC? Which one?
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:34 PM
Human Rights Campaign
Nova 08:35 PM
I'll be honest, as someone who goes both ways, I couldn't resent either much more.

Dude, fuck that, I just like dudes.

[1 👍 reaction, possibly from Chris]

Pride is a sham anyways.

Sounds like you just got a bit too much to say.

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:37 PM
Mama tried to be on in online chats with strangers, even live chats through a few streamed videos in the past years. She had felt overwhelmed with the influx of the many people typing their thoughts and comments in the thing. She feels safer in a smaller type of chat room where the responses were not coming in too fast for her to catch up as she typed her extensive, digressive thoughts.

When Mama leaves a comment or thought, she typically leaves a lot of thought as possible in them.

Nova 08:38 PM
Well, marketing is a real science.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:39 PM
Just to comment on her behalf: Mama’s noggin has a general, basic grasp at marketing, but when that topic is brought up, the associated feeling is “Whoop! That flew right over my head.”
Naught 08:41 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:42 PM
That topic is easier.

Partly because of the number of ads Mama had watched and seen over the years, and the “TV Talk” that can even at times make her able to sell just about anything with gusto.

Nova 08:43 PM
More than advertising...

Social science I tend to accept because it's not humanities.

If you're going to look at humanity to know it, you've gotta be pretty fucking smart.

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:46 PM
Nova 08:46 PM
Fuck welfare economists, they're all fakers.
Deleted User 08:46 PM
Sup, I'm still in school.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:46 PM
I’m listening to Silver Quill and Sweetie Bloom on YouTube in their stream right now.
Deleted User 08:46 PM
Hey guys.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:47 PM
Nova 08:47 PM
Generally being smart you can dissect and replace.

Gah, shit, I don't know all that much, just enough to move the world.

Deleted User 08:48 PM
[Image of an abstract drawing]
Nova 08:48 PM
Thinking, thinking...

A lot of sci-fi geometry paradoxically likes empty space.

Naught 08:50 PM
Rock formations
Nova 08:50 PM
I just have some experience in art appraisal.

I fucking love architecture.

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:52 PM
Speaking of sci-fi, Rosey, Cryzel and I watched “Mr. Nobody” recently. It was done well enough to explore the number of timelines that branched from that one moment of 7-year old Nemo in February, 1982. But, to not really end it on the timeline that ended up after he took that middle path between mom and dad, felt like we missed something from that.

Heart Rate & Equestria Plot

29 September 2020

Summary: Chris comes into the Place and comments on his high heart rate, attributing it to the knowledge he is gaining through meditation. Nova asks if Chris had any accompanying headaches, but Chris starts talking about a plot that he claimed to see in a dream, of a gaudily-dressed businesswoman trying to destroy the MLP setting of Equestria. They eventually circle back to Nova's question, where Chris talks about apparently experiencing brief paralysis as a result of the high heart rate. Hurtful Truth Level suggests that Chris see his doctor just to be safe, something which Chris seems amenable towards. Nova talks more about his medical knowledge, but Chris shuts him down, stating that he made an appointment with his doctor for the next day. Later that night, Chris checks back in again, stating that he felt better but would still see the doctor.

#general (First Layer)
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:15 PM
Hey, @everyone. I pray all of you are feeling okay and well. I’m okay for the most part. This body and brain have been working a lot harder lately. I have been sensing many a disturbance and dimensional breaches. So much so, it’s jarring the heart rate in this body to high numbers. In further meditation, scanning and reflection, I continue to find the number of disturbances in present moment visions. And I’m still getting future visions as well.
Nova 04:15 PM
Any accompanying headaches?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:16 PM
Also, in this morning’s dream, Discord, himself, showed up to share a very incriminating detail in the back halls of Hasbro’s executives.
Nova 04:16 PM
Brain fog is a kind of vague and indefinable symptom, so I'd hesitate to suggest that.

Like, an evil plot?

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:17 PM
Apparently what appears to be a pricy, gaudy business dressed woman is plotting to destroy Equestria, which would be even worse than one would imagine.
Nova 04:18 PM
I mean, that's so tongue and not terribly creative.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:18 PM
Also saw Discord talking with Princess Celestia about it, and I was able to agree with them that we will make sure Equestria does not get deleted or anything of the sort.
Nova 04:18 PM
At least the gents in finance dress kind of classy douchey.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:19 PM
If you want to argue with the Draconequis God of Chaos, Kyle, that’s your call.
Nova 04:19 PM
So, they, undid it? Kind of weird and shallow motives.

I argue with everyone, that's all Socrates wanted in the afterlife.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:20 PM
Anyway, I felt need to share that with y’all.
Nova 04:20 PM
Could make an interesting fanfic.

[1 SonichuWut[5] and 1 SonichuLOL[3] reaction, both possibly from Chris]

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:21 PM
To answer your question, the high heart rate is having some effect on the body in moments of brief disable and paralysis, but fortunately this body, brain and core keeps a very high constitution and fortitude.

It’s a nuisance, but I’m keeping a good amount of control over the situation.

And I also have mind over matter at work.

I can recover quick enough at mental command.

Nova 04:23 PM
As long as there's no issue with clotting, generally circulatory things tend to be very acute.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:24 PM
I doubt there is clotting going on.
Nova 04:24 PM
Or TIA, generally harmless in and of itself, but never a good sign.
Hurtful Truth Level (hedgehog) 04:24 PM
maybe you should ask your doctor to be safe.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:24 PM
Yes, that is a valid idea.
Nova 04:25 PM
Any localized paralysis is typically very bad news.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:25 PM
My bad, but who’s changed their username this time? @hedgehog

I will make an appointment very soon.

Hurtful Truth Level (hedgehog) 04:26 PM
Oh, I'm friends with Archiver. Haven't introduced myself to you before.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:26 PM

So many like to change their usernames, it gets confusing.

Hurtful Truth Level (hedgehog) 04:26 PM
lol, yeah.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:27 PM
It’s cool.
Nova 04:27 PM
Most common conditions mimicing TIA are either low blood sugar, migranes or some forms of neurological conditions like minor focal seizures.

And generally TIA does indicate a high risk of stroke.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:28 PM
Thanks, Kyle.
Nova 04:29 PM
Contributing factors, weight as well as preexisting heart conditions like afib. You might have a family history of that.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:30 PM
That’s enough, Kyle.
Nova 04:31 PM
I just know things.

If it's at all relevant to bring up, well, it helps to have smart questions to ask your doctor.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:41 PM
Well, I’ve made an appointment with Mama’s doctor. Luckily, he had a cancellation, so I’ll see him tomorrow.

Anyway, the dream, and the events that are happening between dimensions and worldwide.

Thank you.

Nova 04:43 PM
Any specifics on the plot?
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:43 PM
Naught 10:43 PM
MKR 10:43 PM
Hi :3
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:43 PM
Checking in; I’m feeling better.

The Sacral Chakra/Heart Crystal spot was glowing heavily for a long while.

I definitely am sensing the differences, but I’ll still talk with Mama’s doctor about the problematic moments.

The pulse feels calm, but the Fitbit is reading 91 bpm; I’m not sure that is right. Although it was right earlier on the definite heavy heartbeat moments.

Body heat’s been steadily very warm, sometimes hot.

Let out some of the magic and psychic energies out of these hands to help further progress the events, here.

It gets difficult when you have such powerful hands that you have to keep away from the body, or some gaseous pain builds up, unless there was already some pain there, and I focus the energy to be healing.

Aside from that, Rosey, Cryzel and I have been binging Batwoman on HBO Max.

Also, on the further details of the plot with the businesswoman at Hasbro that wants to see Equestria gone (didn’t have much to go on from the dream), but on further meditation, I believe it has something to do between GOPony and this “upcoming” MLP Movie.

Doctor Visit

30 September 2020

Summary: Chris updates the Place on his doctor visit, stating that his pulse and blood pressure were consistent, and that Val, Rosey and Cryzel also witnessed this because they were in the room with him.

#general (First Layer)
Chris (as Sonichu) 06:11 PM
Also, just to let @everyone know in update: I saw Mama’s doctor; the pulse and blood pressure were consistent. Also did a quick EKG which turned up Normal at the end of the appointment. In talking with McGovern, as Val has personally witnessed as well as he was there with me, Rosey and Cryzel.

[4 SonichuSmile[2] reactions]

In explaining the recent details, showing him the heart rate data from the FitBit app, and as he did the usual checkup, McGovern expressed some perplexed emotions and feelings. He essentially played it off, as foreseen and as most doctors would do the same in this situation, as a factor of stress.

Obviously, that is only partly true, as all of you are aware.

That’s all I have for now.

October 2020

Lore Bible Discussion

3 October 2020

Summary: Chris talks about the possibility of creating a "lore bible" for himself, stating that Praetor had suggested this idea just as the Watchmen previously had. He then shows messages he received from an enabler about creating a lore bible. Nova expresses suspicion that Praetor was coercing Chris into doing this, but Chris affirms that the "need" to do this was mandated by his OCs. Nova suggests that Chris create a Twitter poll to gauge interest, which Chris later does. Chris later shares some "additional thoughts" he had in the form of screenshots of text messages he wrote. The recipient of these messages, as well as the overall context, was left a mystery.

#general (First Layer)
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:38 AM
@everyone, an important topic has been brought up before me.

You all had suggested before that a Bible of the words and wisdoms of Mama Chris Chan Sonichu be written.

Well, y’all are not the only ones who have recommended this.

Our new business group (the medallion makers), Praetor, also ended up suggesting the Bible as well.

Nova 02:40 AM
It does come off as, non-linear at times...
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:40 AM
And tonight on the ipad,...

03Oct20 Praetor-CWC1.jpeg

03Oct20 Praetor-CWC2.jpeg

It was suggested to me a third time.

I agree, this Bible of Chris Chan Sonichu is important and an asset in this and the new timeline.

I have a few problems with this, though, because I, Sonichu, alone can’t write this Bible.

Nova 02:42 AM
That's, a very complicated undertaking, target length?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:42 AM
So, yeah, Mama will end up personally writing the fuller extent of this Bible.


Apparently, I have to begin the book within the remainder of this timeline.

Nova 02:43 AM

Are they ordering you and yours around?

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:43 AM
Aside from taking Mama’s experiences, and what she had written on her Twitter about the Dimension Merge, I’m not sure where else to begin.

Mewtwo has informed me of my getting this book started; between him, Magi-Chan, Mama, Fate and Destiny; no one else is ordering me to do this.

The WCT 02:45 AM
No more Idea Guys. Make this purely your thing.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:45 AM
My actions and words are purly [sic] without any trollish influence.

That I can agree with.

Nova 02:46 AM
Well, this has been used as suffix before...
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:46 AM
Anyway, I am open for your input as well in how to execute this.

At least to get this thing started.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:47 AM
As long as you feel right about making what you believe you should
Nova 02:47 AM
Well, we can sort out which projects are most productive and do risk assessment.

The market for this, seems sparse.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:48 AM
Anyway, one thing I do know is that I will have to do the further extensive meditation on this.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:48 AM
But if you feel you are being pushed by outside forces and this undertaking is no longer beneficial to your well-being, you may want to reconsider your path
Nova 02:48 AM
Ever do a Twitter poll?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:49 AM
Mama has, yeah.
Nova 02:49 AM
I mean, unreliable, but at least something to go on if we have some data.

Going from that, figure a timescale and schedule work, so at least something gets done that we think might have a market.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:50 AM
I will take your suggestion and set up a poll for the creation of this Bible, although it is moot at this point. MANY people in this dimenion are asking for the guidance material on the Dimension Merge.

That sounds good.

Nova 02:51 AM
Well, some people buy anything, what options do we have to focus on.

We've got, lorebook(not going to say Bible), dating sim, medallions and I think plushies.

Physical merch constrained by fixed cost.

Plushies take a lot of planning but the setup cost for a low volume higher margin thing, can work if you schedule it right.

@Sonichu982 Was going to suggest a poll of those 4 options, of course you get everyone saying yes to a tweet of "are you interested".

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:57 AM
We’re talking about a really big book with lots of words in it; I feel people will popularly want plushes, medallions and video games as well. Let’s see how many say “Yes” on the Bible, as that will be larger than any video game or plush.

Especially on this noggin.

Nova 02:58 AM
That's a comparatively massive undertaking.

Description, isn't doing too great a job on selling it as viable.

Why options are inherently better then a yes/no, lotta sycophancy and sarcastic yeses.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:28 AM
Just a few additional thoughts I feel I ought to share with y’all as well.

CWCAdditionalThoughts 3October2020 1.png

CWCAdditionalThoughts 3October2020 2.png

CWCAdditionalThoughts 3October2020 3.png

CWCAdditionalThoughts 3October2020 4.png

This brain uses Cosmic amounts of energy.



Nova 03:29 AM
I just like problem solving.
Nova 03:38 AM
Interesting challenge though.

Val Tries to Face-Dox Snoo on the CWCki Server & Gets Kicked

5 October 2020

Summary: Val gets chastised by Klop for posting a YouTube video from Snoo's channel onto the CWCki Server which featured her face, stating that Discord would interpret it as "doxing." I tell Val that his actions were unnecessary as I had already talked Snoo down, and that he should just tell me next time someone from the server was acting up, and I would deal with it. Val expresses defiance towards this and says he doesn't care if he's kicked from the server, so I kick him out, and he responds to my request to ask me next time with "fuck off."

#findings (Second Layer)
NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

NOTE: This conversation occurred due to Val posting a YouTube video from Snoo's channel onto the CWCki Server, which featured her face.

Klop 01:35 PM
@Val that would be doxxing

bad idea

ive got banned for less

Val 01:38 PM
I linked a YouTube video..
Klop 01:38 PM
discord is dog shit

I linked a kf page and was banned

it's notna dox I know

but fuck discord

Do not make threats of violence or threaten to harm others. This includes indirect threats, as well as sharing or threatening to share someone’s private personal information (also known as doxxing).

this will be used and you will be banned

god I fucking hate discord

Val 01:40 PM
It's a YouTube video from their public channel.
Klop 01:40 PM
the details on the kf 0age I shared were publically available

from a linkedin page

I argued with the mods for a week and they told me to fuck off

hurr durr you shared some information that they didn't want to be shared

just be careful

Nova 01:43 PM
And even by that same standard, they don't care about Chris' details being everywhere.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:43 PM
I already talked snoo down

There was no need to post that link

Nova 01:43 PM
It's a shitty and purposely vague policy.
Naught 01:43 PM
it's funny
Klop 01:43 PM
yes. I don't want to risk getting banned again

and they will take action against the server if we don't enforce the policy

which I don't want

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:44 PM
If someone in the cwcki server is being problematic, tell me next time and I will deal with it
Val 01:44 PM
This person specifically endlessly goes on about Chris I'm going to link a video if I want to go ahead and kick me from your server I don't care.


Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:44 PM
Then if they don't back down, you can do what's necessary

Well, you are gonna get kicked if you're going to act that way

Val 01:45 PM
Isn't that what I just said go ahead and kick me.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:45 PM
If you insist
Val 01:47 PM
>if you have a problem come to me

Fuck off..

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:48 PM
I'm the one trying to help you, believe it or not
Val 01:49 PM

Praetor Arrives, Chris Writes his Sermon, More Bible Discussion

15 October 2020

Summary: The Praetor account, owned by Caden, joins the server. Naught and Nova immediately start asking him questions while Chris steps away, mostly asking about their business and the finer details to their relationship with Chris. Praetor answers some of these, including tidbits on pricing and their creation process, though they refuse to disclose the split in income between themselves and Chris, claiming that Chris signed a confidentiality agreement. Praetor then asks questions of the Watchmen. I ask for social medias and they provide me with a Twitter and Instagram handle, as well as a business email. Chris returns and tells us about him hand-writing the script for his upcoming sermon video, and complains about certain content not being easily found on the CWCki.

#general (First Layer)
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:11 PM
Hey, @everyone. I am in the better process of putting together my thoughts in regards to the Dimension Merge details Mama had previously laid out. I am hand-writing what she had typed up, word for word, because this was long overdue needed to be hand-written. As opposed to typed up, which is only around three-quarters as effective, but still works. It’s better to have it written by these very hands, regardless.

I am also making mental notes along the way, as well as using the mechanical pencil to write a few notes.

Nova 04:12 PM
Why handwritten?
The WCT 04:12 PM
I'm curious to see what you write up.
Naught 04:13 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:13 PM
After I hand-write all of that, I will have a better idea of what to write up for the portion of the speech that pertains to the community aspect. Of which, I will include the experiences from the C-197 side and what the people around the Earth, there, have been personally experiencing since then.

Hey, Bis.

Since you’re here, have you found and allowed Caden into our server here?

I’ve texted you his Discord handle.

Naught 04:14 PM
He hasnt responded

Caden's username is Praetor#1330

I sent a friend request

No reply

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:16 PM
He’s messaged me on here; he’s new to the Discord app.
Nova 04:16 PM
I don't exactly get why handwritten is better, it seems less clear and produced, plus typos and all.

Who is Caden?

Naught 04:18 PM
@Praetor hello, who might you be?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:18 PM
Well, I wanted to take a momentary break, anyway.

Kyle, to answer your question, let me refer to the fact that Mama had hand-drawn and written her books and art pieces.

Praetor (Caden) 04:19 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ Hey there! I'm Caden, a friend of Christine.

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Chris (as Sonichu) 04:20 PM
There is a greater effect of magic and power directly from the hand with the pen or pencil on paper.
Nova 04:20 PM
But the text was always typed, in all but the last few.
Naught 04:20 PM
You the one making the medallion?
Nova 04:20 PM
So is the Bible inherently less interesting depending on the version? As in, any copy ever is less interesting?

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Chris (as Sonichu) 04:20 PM
This only mostly goes through if the new thought or event is typed up by these hands through a keyboard, turned into digital text, and uploaded onto the computer.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:21 PM
Hello there Caden, nice to meet you
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:21 PM
Not sure how to answer that question.
Nova 04:22 PM
If it's mass produced, then typed is better, and also more readable.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:22 PM
But, yeah, @Praetor is making the medallions, and other additional things as well, including setting up a new shop on Etsy.
The WCT 04:22 PM
@Praetor greetings! it is nice to meet you.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:23 PM
For now, I’m gonna take a shower, and I’ll return to hand-writing in a while. Please, go ahead and talk amongst yourselves about the ideas and theories of the Dimension Merge, including that thing with the double numbers on the Mayan calendar, the golden disc, and all that.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:24 PM
Speak to you later, then!
Naught 04:24 PM
The WCT 04:24 PM
alright, have a good day Sonichu. I wish you the best of luck in your writings.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:25 PM
Speaking of which, here’s what I’ve drawn of that disc so far (still lacking the text on the in-between segments).

12Oct2020 GoldenDiscArt.jpg

Nova 04:25 PM
Figure out the split yet? Granted the process should not take this long.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:25 PM
Ice-Breaker for between Caden and you all.
Nova 04:26 PM
Doesn't look segmented on that one, but 24 equidistant segments?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:26 PM
Yeah, I’ve drawn the circle and lines on the back for reference.
MKR 04:26 PM
Naught 04:26 PM
@Praetor so you own the shop? Or you're on the handymen?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:26 PM

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And I have mentioned Owen and Annie to @ภคยﻮђՇ.

Naught 04:27 PM
It's some ancient Mayan calendar it was hyped up a couple years ago

Owen and Annie are the ones who heavily suggested there's a link between the merge and the calendar

Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:28 PM
It was used to predict the world would end in 2012
Nova 04:28 PM
When in reality, it just loops.
MKR 04:29 PM
It was a huge hoax I remember that
Naught 04:29 PM
Ive said it's yet another needless addition or a misguided interpretation
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:29 PM
Which was inaccurate even if it was true, since the Mayans didn't have leap day, offsetting the true date of their "apocalypse"
Nova 04:29 PM
Granted, less faith in mesoamerican calendars given how much they sucked at intensive agriculture.
Naught 04:29 PM
MKR 04:30 PM
Not to mention the sacrifice of children and others
Nova 04:30 PM
Well, chinampas were a good idea, but that's about it.

Most of the land sucked and they had no idea how to maintain it.

Some areas did have volcanic ash soils, but the concept of fertilizer goes back as far as ancient Greece.

MKR 04:33 PM
Anyway its probably not a great civilization to try to take much from for the lore. That being said, it doesn't surprise me that someone would try to troll you in such a way. It's not cool.

I wish people would stop

Naught 04:34 PM
It's such a tired routine
The WCT 04:34 PM
It’s all tiresome.
Nova 04:35 PM
Good architecture, but boy did they suck at basically everything else.
Naught 04:37 PM
I'm sure Owen & Annie are lovely people but another couple coming to influence or suggest things are related.. come the fuck on.. just help make the medallion.. keep your conspiracy theories for yourself..
Val 04:40 PM
None of it matters, there's plenty of existing material to go through and put in order.
Nova 04:52 PM
@Praetor So for products, what options are there? Have you sorted out the logistics/fulfillment?
Praetor (Caden) 04:56 PM
@Nova We'll initially be only selling Medallions. These act as a trial run, testing market interest. Along the way, we will add more products. These will include but not be limited to comics, cards, and possibly amino figurines.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:56 PM
Praetor (Caden) 04:56 PM
Thank you!
Nova 04:57 PM
If the costs are right, what's the material cost on a medallion, what's the unit cost looking like overall?
Praetor (Caden) 04:59 PM
It costs about 3 dollars per medallion. We sell them for 25 apiece, as to match our competitors. Etsy brand imposters are selling Medallions for 25-30. To uproot them, we must match or go below their prices.

If business is good, we'll increase sales by discounting them, selling them for 15-20

Nova 05:00 PM
And what percentage is fulfillment? I know there are business accounts available through shipping services.

What's the casting process like?

Praetor (Caden) 05:06 PM
Very simple. In order to emulate Sonichu's original medallion, they are stamped in a mold we made and baked. Then, painted. We mail them from our own company pocket for a while, as it is cheaper then registration with a mailing company. When we get big enough, we can afford to register and get discounted shipping services.
Nova 05:07 PM
So you have a perfect master to work from.

Really that's the most important part, symmetrical and all that.

What percentage of costs are labor and shipping?

Praetor (Caden) 05:17 PM
We've not shipped any yet, so we only have estimates. It won't be more then a few dollars.

The medallions are not large not heavy.

Nova 05:18 PM
Also on that, what's the income split you're figuring?
Praetor (Caden) 05:20 PM
We signed a confidentiality agreement with Sonichu, as we are a company. If Sonichu gives her consent, I can disclose profit splits and profit estimates.
Nova 05:21 PM
Just ascertaining that it's not hopelessly one-sided.
Praetor (Caden) 05:23 PM
Oh no, of course not. We've worked with creative types for about 3 years now. You may recognize a few of my more eccentric clients!

Have any of you ever heard of Molossia?

Nova 05:23 PM
Oh, that guy.
Praetor (Caden) 05:23 PM
Nova 05:24 PM
What kind of merch do you do for them?
Praetor (Caden) 05:27 PM
We don't only do merch. We helped him find someone to write a dissertation on the micronation's sovereignty.

He's using that to try and officiate his territory as a nation.

More power to him, I suppose.

What do y'all do? I'm excited to be working with this team.

Nova 05:29 PM
I'm just the guy with answers for things.
Peachy 05:30 PM
Idk how I’d title what I do 🤷‍♀️ cx
Naught 05:31 PM
[Quoting "What do y'all do? I'm excited to be working with this team."]

@Praetor i keep weirdos away from cwc

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:31 PM
I mark down important information

Chronicling, as it were

Do you have a website, by chance?

Praetor (Caden) 05:32 PM
So we have research, miscellaneous, bodyguard, and scribe??
Naught 05:32 PM
Nova 05:32 PM
Ever work with Phil?[footnote 2] I doubt he was smart enough to make his own merch.
Praetor (Caden) 05:33 PM
I don't know any Phils. We love reaching out to folks though!

Who is he?

Val 05:34 PM
I do everything.

When did you first learn of cwc?

Praetor (Caden) 05:38 PM
I've always known about Christine. She always struck me as unique in the sense that she is probably one of the most famous people ever who has profitted the least from her fame.

When I heard that she had tried to launch a store before, but been overwhelmed, I knew that there was a chance at profit. I run almost everything I do privately, so I reached out to Christine myself.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:39 PM
@Praetor Do you have a website, linkedin, or other business information?
Naught 05:39 PM
Ok and the connection to "Owen and Marie?"
Praetor (Caden) 05:44 PM
I used to have a website, but due to domain costs I took it down. When it comes to clients, I find that it's easier to find eccentric people then to have them find you. If you're interested in partnership or a meeting, I've been transitioning us to social media. We have a new twitter and an Instagram.

Our email is

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:45 PM
Social media are the business tools of the future

What are they?

Praetor (Caden) 05:46 PM
@praetor_llc and the Twitter is @praetor[footnote 3]

With social media, I can find my own clientele. Considering that I'm here, seems like things are working out!

Naught 05:48 PM

Someone owns it you might wanna rebrand


Owen and Marie

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:51 PM
I think it's Annie

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Praetor (Caden) 05:53 PM
Oh no, we know about Praetor LLC. They're actually not trademarked, we've talked to them. Their site is a homedone project. The only internationally trademarked Praetor brand is Praetor Technologies.
Naught 05:54 PM
Praetor (Caden) 05:54 PM
Local trademarks and international ones are different. Local ones are based within a state, and allow for brand witholding within the jurisdiction of a state. They are cheap. The international one is multiple grand.
Naught 05:55 PM
So many people try this I loose track
Praetor (Caden) 05:56 PM
I'm sure you get a lot of unfortunate attention here. Rest assured that it's not the case with us.
Naught 06:16 PM
[Picture of a plush doll with its face covered by a black cloche hat]
Praetor (Caden) 06:17 PM
She sleepin
Peachy 06:21 PM
MKR 06:35 PM
[Art of the character Nights grinning and holding a newly-carved Jack O'Lantern]
The WCT 06:36 PM
tfw you've yet to figure out what Night's gender is. lol
MKR 06:38 PM
[Image that reads:

What is your gender?

Please select one.



I have no plans to purchase a new vehicle]

It's the third one

Nova 06:44 PM
It's a great design.
Nova 06:54 PM
They do data analytics.

The other praetor.

Praetor (Caden) 07:29 PM
The other Praetor is a NERD.


Nova 07:30 PM
I don't think they're too far above board, even their listing has inconsistencies.

Or they don't count officers as employees somehow.

Chris (as Sonichu) 07:32 PM
Hey. Just checking in and catching up on the conversation here. I am half-way through hand-writing what Mama had typed up now; be writing up part 3 shortly. Another reason for me hand-writing all of it is to further ingrain it into memory. That is done better via hand-writing as opposed to keyboard typing. Personally experienced, and proven fact by others.
Peachy 07:33 PM
Handwriting helps me with memorizing
Nova 07:34 PM
Ya, fine for a draft copy, but it seems like kind of a pain for an e book.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 07:34 PM
I'm more partial to typing, personally. Handwriting for me just takes too long.
Praetor (Caden) 07:34 PM
Agreed. I have bad handwriting anyway.
Nova 07:37 PM
It's just more readable with a proper font, take handwritten notes, sure. But I really shouldn't have to explain the benefits of it being typed.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 07:38 PM
Yes, writing it down once means it will all have to be transcribed a second time to typing, doubling the work
Nova 07:54 PM
For the planning stage, that's fine, but it would be a poor stylistic choice to have the whole thing handwritten.
Chris (as Sonichu) 07:56 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ, I thank you very much for texting me the links earlier; apparently in Mama’s third tweet set, as I was going from the direct source on Twitter, a bunch of her tweets in that set got removed. Freaking haters. I am going from the page at this point.
Nova 07:58 PM
So how would it be laid out, if it's just rehashing twitter, that really doesn't help add depth.
Naught 08:52 PM
MKR 09:19 PM

[Image from a Transformers comic of two characters exchanging dialogue that reads:

"The trick is recognizing what you have before it's gone."

"Any tips on how to do that?"

"You can start by telling those you love that you love them."]

Have a wholesome thing

Nova 09:58 PM
Always liked the art and designs from the Ty series.

[Image of the character Ridge from the video game series Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.]

Chris (as Sonichu) 10:13 PM
I have just finished writing out all of Part 3 of Mama’s tweet sets; the Longest one among them all.
The WCT 10:14 PM
can you let us know when you post them?
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:16 PM
Also, on Twitter, a bunch of the tweets were made Hidden from my view for some odd reason, and I’ve had to go with a link from Bismuth with a webpage capture on it, but it left out the last few tweets of that set, and I’ve had to log into Mama’s old Twitter account to get them.

AND, I’ve even tried looking on the Cwcki for the Tweet sets as well; They do not have them on there, or they are very difficult to find.

I will say this now, even though I have written it as a note on the paper page as well:

WHY was all of this NOT on the Freaking CWCKI?!!!!!!!!! (edited)

*sigh and *groan

Nova 10:18 PM
Advanced twitter search any use, they might have a date sort?

Ya, they allow a date range.

Chris (as Sonichu) 10:18 PM
Regardless, this highlights yet another reason why I am hand-writing all of this: to ensure all of it is on one source that can be referenced personally any time.

Yeah, these tweet sets were made mid to late October and early November, 2018.

Nova 10:19 PM
But that's equally possible with text, and easier to index.
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:19 PM
Presently beyond our skill set.
Nova 10:20 PM
Although, aim higher than Twitter: The book (The movie)
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:20 PM
This is also for that Bible as well.
Naught 10:20 PM

([footnote 4]

Chris (as Sonichu) 10:20 PM
Yeah, but I was talking about part 3: You and Your C-197 Self-Counterparts
Nova 10:21 PM
In a bottle, this doesn't elucidate much if its all just a rehash of a Twitter feed.
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:21 PM
Taking a breather before I tackle Part Four.


Nova 10:21 PM
If this is structural, it's a small percentage of actual content.
Naught 10:24 PM
[Image of some of Chris's tweets from 29 October 2018 as shown on an archive site.]
Nova 10:55 PM
[YouTube link to "Star War The Third Gathers - Backstroke of the West (Highlights)" by Kong]

Another classic for movie night.

I know enough about Chinese to know why they keep on saying fuck.

Although strangely the plot is better than the original.

Chris (as Sonichu) 11:56 PM
@everyone, Woof! I’ve finished hand-writing all four parts of what Mama had typed up nearly two years ago. Dedicated this whole day to do it; Worth It.
The WCT 11:57 PM
Can't wait to see it.
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:57 PM
Tomorrow, I, Sonichu (Prime), will write up my own personal addition to all of that, talking about what the communities should be doing during these present times, as well as my experiences and witnessing some of these events.
Nova 11:58 PM
I have to say, at least the level of knowledge I have on what actually happened, how much is there extra?
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:58 PM
But, all of that which Mama had typed up, hand-written into a compsition book: Seventeen Pages worth.

ROFL, Kyle!

Nova 11:58 PM
Well everyone who knows knows that much, whats the hook like?
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:59 PM
If it were to be written, the number of books that would be written would be into the Billions of pages’ worth.
Nova 11:59 PM
So we distill.

Morality, Possession Question, Philosophical Discussion, Sports

16 October 2020

Summary: Chris and Nova have a discussion about the nature of morality. I ask if Chris has had any other intermittent possessions besides the ones he had informed us about, and he insists that he is always in control. Nova continues the (now mostly one-sided) philosophical discussion, during which Chris pivots into talking about sports.

#general (First Layer)
Chris (as Sonichu) 12:00 AM
For now, the Editor is still on call until after I write up my share later.
Nova 12:00 AM
The Bible, we have anecdotes, but its generally what we can view as moral anecdotes, which is more useful for underpinning morality.

Maybe I'm getting ignored, so at least answer this, what's the point?

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:35 AM
Okay, @Nova, I was not ignoring you earlier; I was going into relief and satisfaction after finishing that hand-writing job, which sealed all that better into this brain’s conscious and subconscious.

And to answer your question, this Bible will not be one that underpins morality, but promotes creativity and exploration in general with short stories of the experiences and adventures of Chris Chan Sonichu and what did, does and will do in helping to make this Omega timeline, the bond between dimensions, and the relationship between Original Creators and Original Creations, a whole lot better for everyone with her efforts and the help of her fellow deities, family, friends and allies.

Nova 01:41 AM
Morals are how we know better.

Nothing is so clear cut without it.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:42 AM
And the point of it at this time is to offer a better sense of faith and guidance in the Dimension Merge that is still to come, regardless of I and this body going back in time to prevent Covid, and all of that.


Anyway, it will all still be worth it.

Nova 01:43 AM
I like to deal in the concrete, don't doubt someone can be more creative than me, but ideas ain't worth jack past your ability to see things through.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:43 AM
I mean, there is a time for Morals, and then there’s the times where you have to temporarily abandon morals to help yourself and others around you.
Nova 01:43 AM
I disagree.

There are constraints, and I always accept judgement.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:44 AM
Good point.
Nova 01:45 AM
I'm still not quite sure, and I dedicate my life to morality and ethics.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:45 AM
Pretty much like I have to accept the fated moment of body-swapping with Mama, and being still in here for longer than six months.

Good for you.

Nova 01:46 AM
It's a testament to a lifetime commitment, it's never a done thing so we always have to consider things.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:49 AM
Meanwhile, I’ve had to take my fair share, and then some, of suffering, especially during those months with IdeaGuy and those freaking Nazis and all that shit. I stayed strong as much as possible throughout all that, and then I let manipulation and temptation get the better of me and I rampaged against Mama and Christine Chan. And Mama tried to help me with genuine kindness that I was too stubborn at the time to appreciate. I couldn’t do much about it until after when Finally Mama uses her aether to undo all of that shit. But I still remember it. I’ve grown from that as well.
Nova 01:50 AM
We care about what we learn from experience, just experiencing things isn't always constructive.

The difference you make is what shows beliefs.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:50 AM
Nova 01:50 AM
Easy to be contrarian, but to learn something, is far harder than explaining it.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:50 AM
I am making a lot of differences now in these events and matters.

And I have learned from these past months.

I’ve realized and accepted my own limitations and inability to do her job as well as only she could.

Nova 01:51 AM
So what shows up that appears to be a contradiction, but isn't because contradictions don't exist.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:52 AM
Sometimes, they’re a blessing in disguise.
Nova 01:52 AM
It is or it isn't, but always doing right demands more elucidation.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:53 AM
Ha, I agree. Funny I actually know that term, “elucidation”, yet I’ve never heard it before.

Shows that this noggin is strongly connected with the Cosmos and the other Chris Chans in all timelines and dimensions.

Nova 01:54 AM
Most basic logic, the necessity of qualifiers, had longer than enough to figure it out, how we weight them shows values, character comes from consistency in something and the ability to explain it.

Anyone can fuck up at any point.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:55 AM
Nova 01:55 AM
It's never an excuse, thought is free.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:56 AM
I came onto Discord to also ask Bismuth what keeps him awake for extensive amount of hours in a week, but I end up getting a life lesson that affirms what I’ve learned and figured out from you.
Nova 01:57 AM
And that asking people can help, God knows I've fucked up, I hate it and we can never go back from anything but change is still possible.

[1 SonichuSmile[2] reaction, most likely from Chris]

Fatalism is a terribly lazy philosophy.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:58 AM
[Quoting "Shows that this noggin is strongly connected with the Cosmos and the other Chris Chans in all timelines and dimensions."]

@Sonichu982 If you don't mind me asking, have you had any more intermittent possessions, such as when Chris of 1214 was here?

Nova 01:59 AM
No fault, only some fleeting gain from not knowing in such a way that it arbitrarily contributes to something again having no fault in, or are responsible for by some strange virtue of necessity. (edited)
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:00 AM
I only allow this body to be additionally possessed by conscious, lucid choice; it is 24/7/365 protected from intrusive, unwelcomed possessions. And any that may slip in are immediately recognized and forced out.

I’ve also had Val come into this body a few times; lately, it’s been for maintanance and upgrade purposes.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:01 AM
Oh, of course. I was referring to any friendly possessions by trusted individuals.

Thanks for answering.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:03 AM
Of course.
Nova 02:03 AM
I tend to overreach in the grand scheme, but I never lose my place. Sometimes things are incontrovertible and inexorable, that's life.

Could get hit by a bus, but in terms of what matters, life being the only paradigm that matters.

That's no challenge, there's nothing to promote yourself to beyond that which is immediately relevant, I'm just stubborn enough to want to argue with God when I eventually die.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:08 AM
Well, I’ve had to take a can of Game Fuel in intervals to make sure this bod and brain was energized to get through all that hand-writing, focus and processing.
Nova 02:08 AM
Would I be more objective if I thought only in geological time?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:08 AM
It’s pretty good, and I like the closable plastic tab on the can; if only all cans would employ that.

I’ll be up for a while longer before the crash kicks in.

Nova 02:09 AM
Sodastream does energy drinks, caffeine is cheap.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:10 AM
Well, we don’t have one of those machines.
Nova 02:11 AM
Permanence may rob everything and living for the moment is something we can all be perfectly fine with, because I don't care if I'll be oil someday, because I'd had that much more experience living without something that cannot possibly concern me.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:12 AM
“Oil” for “Old” and “I’d” for “I’ve”

This brain is on fire.

Nova 02:13 AM
More aside, it's inexorable, but useless in terms of what actually matters and precludes other opportunity.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:13 AM
I ended up finding a few gramatical errors in what Mama had typed; she used “to” twice in the same sentence that required only one.
Nova 02:15 AM
Sagan said: "We're made of star stuff.", but that didn't factor into his goals, because that can't possibly concern them.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:16 AM
Speaking of which on a similar word,

Nick Saban tested positive for Covid.

Nova 02:16 AM
Maybe if I didn't work so hard, I'd marginally delay the heat death of the universe, when you get to rationalizing infinity or indefinite terms , there's absolutely no meaning to it.

You, follow college football?

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:17 AM
He was one of the individuals IdeaGuy tried to pawn off on Mama as someone she should look up to; she even bought a holographic trading card with Saban on it.

Not really.

Nova 02:18 AM
Infinitely simpler that it was a bunch of crap, there's more than enough character evidence against it in that sense.

I've always been amazed by how penetrable law is if you can just put one thing before the other to make arguments.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:19 AM
Mama’s not really big into watching sports, not counting Freshman year at High School when it was her at Manager rank of the Varsity Basketball Team. She had fun.

In her sportsplay, though, her skills in this timeline excel at Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, and Ice Skating.

And Miniture Golf.

Nova 02:21 AM
Wanting to get a boomerang actually.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:22 AM
Mama has a boomerang that she threw a few times; a souvenir from the Luray Caverns gift shop.
Nova 02:22 AM
I've done semi-professional golf, it's an excellent sport.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:24 AM
“Silence is strong at the tee as Arnold Palmer readies his shot on this 18th hole. It is a really tough one, as Palmer takes a meditation and deep breaths to control the strength of his swing and gauge the wind speeds and direction. He takes the shot! He gets very close to the green. Amazing Shot.”
Nova 02:24 AM
I can drive accurately 250, which is into the LGPA range.

Tea, Food, Favorite Musicals & Movies

16 October 2020

Summary: Chris, Nova and I briefly talk about enjoying different teas, with Chris stating that he enjoys making tea for any friendly visitors who come by his home. Nova and Chris then have a cross-discussion about favorite musicals and movies, and food, which I join in on later.

#general (First Layer)
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:25 AM
Mama has yet to play full size golf on an actual range, but she’s played a few golf video games with success.

She also really likes that Lemonade/Tea combination, so it was not difficult to remember Palmer.

When she can, she finds the best combo is at McDonalds with the cup half and half with their sweet tea and Minute Maid lemonade. (edited)

Nova 02:27 AM
Iced tea as sweet tea is kind of crap.

Just freeze some tea, it's great.

Although mostly I hate sugar.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:28 AM
I'm for unsweetened all the way
Nova 02:28 AM
Earl gray is excellent frozen.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:28 AM
Don't mind the occasional Arnold Palmer either
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:28 AM
Well, you don’t have to get the sweetened tea to make the combination.

Mama has tried a few variety of teas as well; she likes Passion Fruit and Plantation Mint. (edited)

Nova 02:29 AM
I was always a shit bartender, I like trying the flairs though.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:29 AM
I feel like most people making AP's use unsweetened, since the lemonade would offset the unsweetened tea's flavor anyway

[1 👍 reaction, possibly from Chris]

Nova 02:30 AM
Most lemonade is sugary crap anyway, I hate how sweet it is.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:31 AM
Mama has also sampled Sakura and Lavender teas to find soothing and good enjoyment.

When she has visitors, she would delight in warming up a kettle and serving tea to her guests.

Nova 02:31 AM
Anyone who is serious about cocktails usually hates the masking for the sugary stuff.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:32 AM
How often do visitors come by?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:32 AM
I tend to think in an alternate dimension, Mama Chris Chan is a practiced food conneseiur.
Nova 02:33 AM
Vermouth is alright, even if gin sucks.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:33 AM
Mostly, we get the occasional fan visits that last for a few minutes, here.
Nova 02:33 AM
Any major areas of focus? I like some of the French stuff.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:33 AM
Oh that's nice
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:33 AM
But when it’s an extended visit, it is good.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:33 AM
As long as they're friendly
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:34 AM
We tend to attract the friendly and kind folks here.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:34 AM
And it's thoughtful to make them tea
Nova 02:34 AM
Always wanted to try ortolan bunting.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:34 AM
A few times in her childhood, Mama actually played tea party with a few plushes or action figures.

She’s watched the act a few times amongst the classics and musicals Robertchu had shared with her.

The etequitte lessons from “GiGi” stuck with her as well.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:35 AM
Oh, which classics/musicals?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:36 AM
And it still stuck with her to this day.


This card alone references four of her favourite musicals.

Nova 02:37 AM
Any general favorite themes of cuisine? At least so far as delicacies are concerned?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:37 AM
Her top three are 3) On The Town, 2) Singin’ in the Rain, and 1) Meet Me In St. Louis
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:37 AM
Wow, impact seems profound
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:37 AM
Mama is open-minded and not picky on cuisine.
The WCT 02:37 AM
I love Singin in the Rain.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:38 AM
I've seen clips of Singin' in the Rain but haven't seen any of the others
Nova 02:38 AM
Why the term "delicacies" exists.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:38 AM
Not my area of expertise, I admit
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:39 AM
Mama actually suggested “Singin’ in the Rain” for the skill of the Kirinu Leaves card the TSSSF people were making with the audience suggestions. Didn’t happen, but she made it happen with this card.

Judy Garland’s and amazing singer and actress.

Nova 02:39 AM
Ortolan bunting is basically like fois gras in terms of not caring.

Loved her in Wizard of Oz, BTW.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:40 AM
Who doesn’t?

Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic.

Nova 02:40 AM
I'm not big on catholicism, but hey. I can't think of much that got an exception.

Ortolan bunting did.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:41 AM
You should at least rent and check out these four musicals.

Gene Kelly sells it well in “Singin’ in the Rain” along with his cast mates. “Make ‘em Laugh!”

Love, Romance, Family Drama and fun to be had in “Meet Me in St. Louis”.

Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra playing it up in scores in “On the Town”

Nova 02:43 AM
I'm not going to say I illegally used gas chromatography equipment, but I might have.

Chemistry is brilliant stuff.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:44 AM
And it’s Not a bore with the growing relationship with overlooking Trolls that were the hoi polli of Paris and the ettequite lessons that developed a wild and fun girl that he loved, narrated and starring as well, Maurice Chevaliez (if I spelled his last name wrong, I apologize), in the movie of the young life of “GiGi”.

Going from Mama’s memory alone, I could go on and on.

Nova 02:45 AM
Etiquette as a field of study is reserved to formal occasions.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:45 AM
Ha-ha, yes.
Nova 02:46 AM
Ever think of doing a cooking vlog, I find it interesting that you defaulted to omelets.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:46 AM
But also for a fun moment in casual get-togethers with friends.
Nova 02:47 AM
Typically those are more advanced in terms of simply eggs.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:47 AM
Mama had considered cooking videos, but she would need someone else to hold and manage the camera while she worked.

Mama is not sure how to make eggs scrambled, but she can fry them as well.

Nova 02:48 AM
Brutalmoose did some, he did highly edited ones, but that would be the aspiration rather than the immediate reality.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:48 AM
With or without the dash of ghost pepper sauce, she can make a good omelette. Even a spinach omelette if she had the vegetable on-hand and ready.
Nova 02:49 AM
It's an excellent effort, give it a shot.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:50 AM
She’s picked up a few extra tips from her two years of Home Ec in High School, and watching Barb and Roberchu; she also did Blue Apron for a few months, before she lost ability to afford that.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:50 AM
Whoa, ghost pepper sauce! I can't handle anything too spicy 🥵

[1 SonichuLOL[3] reaction, most likely from Chris]

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:50 AM
We still have the recipie cards.
Nova 02:51 AM
Those services are a premium on cheaper stuff, I can suggest a few things.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:51 AM
She tried and had troubles cooking roast beef.

She can also cook a good hamburger, as well as grilled chicken.

Nova 02:51 AM
Hey, Walter White was a great cook owing to his chemistry education, and so am I.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:51 AM
Give her a cookbook, and the ingredients, and she can do wonders following the instructions.
Nova 02:52 AM
So try filming some more intermediate stuff, that would be impressive or at least interesting.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:53 AM
Eventually, maybe; perhaps in the new timeline, she will.
Nova 02:53 AM
I've done soufflés, don't try that.

Thinking in the here and now helps a lot.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:53 AM
For now, even though this is still her body and brain, remember who is still in control of it until when I can get it back to her.

We’ve heard that it takes great care and intricite details to cook a souffle.

not to mention a lack of loud noises.

“You’ll wake the baby and deflate my souffle!”

Nova 02:54 AM
More about timing, pleased to say mine lasted an hour, which shows phenomenally peak process.

[1 👍 reaction, most likely from Chris]

Its not a fucking nuke, but it is complex.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:55 AM
I think it was mentioned that one of Mama’s favourite tv shows she likes to rebinge is “Frasier”.
Nova 02:55 AM
Sticking to active things would fulfill a here and now role quite well.
The WCT 02:56 AM
RIP David Angell.
Nova 02:56 AM
Ya, it's a sitcom cliche, I've had friends who worked in haute cuisine.

It ain't like that though.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:56 AM
Agreed, Neko.
Nova 02:58 AM
Bone marrow, that's great shit. 👌
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:58 AM
Robertchu would often treat Mama and Barb to good food and fine dining as much as possible, including the simple diners, like that little restaurant that had a good ol’ Tony who made a really good hot hamburger plate, and they had good hot dogs at Linda’s.

So, yeah, she has an appreciation for all kinds of dining and levels of food.

Nova 02:59 AM
Most small restaurants are fine, it's the pride we can take in our own creations, that's the closest we get to magic,
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:59 AM

The best quality hot dog, I tell you, is in Staunton, Virgina with Riley’s diner; they have a massive foot-long hot dog in a sub roll, dubbed the Dogzilla.

Nova 03:00 AM
Been watching Ratatouille, the end part of that, wow.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:00 AM
Ratatouille's a very inspiring movie
Nova 03:01 AM
In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the *new*. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends. Last night, I experienced something new: an extraordinary meal from a singularly unexpected source. To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions about fine cooking is a gross understatement. They have rocked me to my core. In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau's famous motto, "Anyone can cook." But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist *can* come from *anywhere*. It is difficult to imagine more humble origins than those of the genius now cooking at Gusteau's, who is, in this critic's opinion, nothing less than the finest chef in France. I will be returning to Gusteau's soon, hungry for more.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:01 AM
Mama’s seen clips and heard of that movie; I’m certain we can watch it on Disney+ nowadays.

Mama’s taste buds are hard to displease.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:01 AM
Oh, have you not seen it? It's a great film. You should watch it if you get the chance.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:02 AM
Belive it or not...
Nova 03:02 AM
Critics have a place, we exist to do better,
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:02 AM
Mama has never watched “Frozen” either.

still to this day

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:02 AM
Eh, Frozen's not that great if you ask me

Tho it's impact was undeniably significant

Nova 03:02 AM
Good music, but a really iffy plot in some senses.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:03 AM
Yeah, a lot of people get surprised when they hear that she had never seen “Frozen”.

That movie was definitely resonant with a lot of people.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:03 AM
What's your favorite animated movie (recent or of all time)?
Nova 03:04 AM
Executive decision, we have to watch The Fountainhead sometime.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:05 AM
Mama’s favourite animated movie of all time goes to “Toy Story”, but her favourite movie of all time, in general, is “Mary Poppins.” As for me, though, I can’t say for sure from the movies I’ve watched with Rosey, Cera, Christine and Roberta.
Nova 03:05 AM
Toohey: "Mr. Roark, we're alone here. Why don't you tell me what you think of me? In any words you wish. No one will hear us."

Roark: "But I don't think of you.”

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:05 AM
But, I definitely really like Sonic’s new movie and Detective Pikachu.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:06 AM
Oh, which movies have you watched together?
Nova 03:06 AM
That movie is a fucking classic and I love architecture.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:06 AM
I agree, England has a lot of great buildings and structures.

Mama has always wanted to personally visit London.

Nova 03:07 AM
I'm more familiar with American styles, that's where the money was, wasn't, then was again.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:07 AM

Rosey is into a lot of varying movie formats.

She does like the occasional horror flick, including “Silent Hill”, regardless of how bad video game adapts tend to be.

Nova 03:08 AM
Sorry to say, I did do the architecture thing I recommended to you. It's a good side game for anyone who isn't me.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:08 AM
Interesting, I wouldn't have known
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:08 AM
Rosey also likes JPop.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:09 AM
The good thing about those terrible video game adaptations is that some of them make for some pretty great comedy

So bad it's good type of stuff

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:09 AM
Nova 03:09 AM
Uwe Boll is a hack loser.

But I do appreciate a genuine bit of bad writting.

Executive decision 2: we watch The Room.

"Oh Hai"

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:10 AM
I genuinely cannot believe that Uwe Boll was allowed to directed as many films as he did

The WCT 03:10 AM
he ruined House of the Dead.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:10 AM
I remember that name from a Top Ten on WatchMojo of his movies.
Nova 03:11 AM
All tax credits, I can make a movie nobody will ever see and still come up 1M net profit.
The WCT 03:11 AM
[Quoting "She does like the occasional horror flick, including “Silent Hill”, regardless of how bad video game adapts tend to be."]

that movie was quite faithful for video adaptation standards at the time.

[1 👍 reaction, likely from Chris]

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:11 AM
He's a notoriously terrible German director who made a ton of bad video game movie adaptations in the late 90s and early 2000s

Nova 03:12 AM
I just like the idea I have more fidelity as a person than absolute garbage that's contemporary.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:12 AM
He's made some of the worst films ever

Saberspark, Animation, The Golden Girls & Betty White, Sleep Schedules

16 October 2020

Summary: Chris and I briefly talk about our shared enjoyment of the YouTuber Saberspark, which then turns into a brief discussion about animation. Chris asks us about staying awake for long periods at a time, which results in us (Naught, Nova, WCT, and myself) sharing our sleep habits. Chris mentioning the Hallmark channel causes me to talk about the TV sitcom The Golden Girls with him, as well as actress Betty White. Eventually, Chris states that he is ready to go to bed, and we all say goodnight.

#general (First Layer)
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:12 AM
That’s nothing to “Yeee”.

Dingo Pictures.

Nova 03:12 AM
Oh fuck, I love those.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:13 AM
Saberspark can’t stand them.
Nova 03:13 AM
Exhausted German father deserves at least some of my money.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:13 AM
Oh god, Dingo Pictures
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:13 AM
Nova 03:13 AM
"Your father the black panther is your father?"

I like the mystery of it all, even if I already know it's boring.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:14 AM
Speaking of Saberspark

My reaction to watching Dingo pictures

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:14 AM
Yeah, we’ve binged a number of his review videos.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:14 AM
He's great
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:15 AM
Including his take on Veggietales, and even Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs.
Nova 03:15 AM
Phelous ain't bad, even considering his BS rants.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:15 AM
My life feels just this much more complete now that I've been exposed to the masterpiece that is Joshua and the Promised Land
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:15 AM
Saberspark is a real good and funny card.

Mama also enjoyed his video on genderbent episodes.

And even his take on the certain Totally Spies episodes.


Nova 03:16 AM
Dingo would be good riff material if we wanted to go that direction.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:16 AM
Impressive that he got a girl who could basically imitate his manner of speaking pretty much perfectly for the genderbent episodes review


Chris (as Sonichu) 03:17 AM

I also can’t get out of this mind the Spaghette Bear, and that song from another channel at the end of his review vid. (edited)

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:18 AM
My favorite vid of his is probably the Trolland review
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:18 AM
Mama likes funny memes.


Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:18 AM
I couldn't stop laughing at that video

So many errors

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:18 AM
Trolland; OMCCS!
Nova 03:18 AM
It's nice.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:18 AM
Mars Needs Moms
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:19 AM
Oh man, Image Movers were so creepy

I hated their movies tbh

Nova 03:19 AM
Oh, @Sonichu982 try the bot sometime.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:19 AM
Always scared me growing up, uncanny valley nightmares
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:20 AM
Lawliet (Bot) 03:20 AM
😄 Smile

Sonichu982 is really happy right now ^^

[GIF of an anime girl smiling]

16-Oct-20 03:20 AM

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:20 AM
That’s about all I can do with your bots on here off the top of this head.

Mama’s favourite memes also include “Two Number Nines” and “7 Grand Dad”.


Lawliet (Bot) 03:21 AM
😆 Laugh

Sonichu982 thinks it's hilarious!

[GIF of an anime girl laughing]

16-Oct-20 03:21 AM

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 AM
“I’ll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda.”
The WCT 03:22 AM
[Quoting "Oh man, Image Movers were so creepy"]

I thought they were impressive. The Polar Express was my childhood.

Nova 03:22 AM
The waifu one is fun.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 AM
A waifu bot?
Nova 03:22 AM
The mudae one.

$w does waifus, $h husbando.

Mudae (Bot) 03:23 AM

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

[Image of the Pokemon Primarina]

[1 ♥️ reaction, possibly from Chris]

Nova 03:23 AM
Didn't know that still worked here.
Naught 03:24 AM
Mudae (Bot) 03:24 AM
« No-one knows what the future holds. That's why its potential is infinite. » Steins;Gate
Nova 03:24 AM
That too.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:24 AM
Wow. Mama’s waifus; not sure what to say about that, except you could definitely classify her as a furry, if her Sonichu form did not make that obvious already over a decade ago.

Hey, Bis.

Naught 03:25 AM
Lawliet (Bot) 03:25 AM
👋 Wave

isnaught (ヨッギ) is waving!

[GIF of an anime girl waving]

16-Oct-20 03:25 AM

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:25 AM
Since you’re on, let me ask you: How do you maintain staying awake for multuple days and nights out of a whole week?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:25 AM
[Quoting "I thought they were impressive. The Polar Express was my childhood."]

I could never get into Polar Express, personally. Seemed to be a lot of style over substance.

Naught 03:25 AM
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:25 AM
Just coffee?

And you’re used to going to sleep only once a week. (edited)

Naught 03:26 AM
For the most part yeah
Nova 03:26 AM
Generally it's not healthy, but if you've got a sleep disorder, whatever.
Naught 03:27 AM
Sometimes I'd like to sleep more but i just go with it
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:27 AM
Sadly, with Mama, I would have to agree with you.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:27 AM
The fact that we're all up at this hour indicates we should all improve our sleeping habits, lol
Naught 03:27 AM
The WCT 03:27 AM
I have a sleep schedule.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:27 AM
Me, though, I drank a Game Fuel in incriments to make sure this body and brain kept up its energy in hand-writing all of that today.
The WCT 03:27 AM
2-3 AM is where I usually hit the hay. (edited)
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:28 AM
Guess what time it is where I am.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:28 AM

Near 3:30 AM?

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:28 AM
The challenge was for Neko, but you are right.
Naught 03:28 AM
I try but fail so yeah

I'm not a fan of energy drinks they mess with my tummy.


Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:28 AM
Oh, sorry
Nova 03:28 AM
Been up a lot longer, sparingly.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:29 AM
Didn't mean to spoil the challenge
Nova 03:29 AM
My record is 6 days, 13 hours, DON'T DO THAT.
The WCT 03:29 AM
[Quoting "Near 3:30 AM?"]

yup, Eastern Time.

Nova 03:30 AM
Could have done longer, but then I started caring again.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:30 AM
Speaking from Mama’s experiences with her all-nighters, unless she’s focued with the task that caused her to pull that all-nighter in the first place, after she’s completed the task or called a morning, she dosn’t know what to do with herself, other than watch reruns on Hallmark Channel, or something.

I do not think her body has ever exceeded 24 hours in staying awake.

Nova 03:31 AM
Helps to schedule, but that would require concrete goals.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:31 AM
Oh, I feel that on the Hallmark Channel reruns

Golden Girls will suck me in for hours


Nova 03:31 AM
That moment, I didn't care one iota about anything else.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:31 AM
Again, she binged Frasier, and yes, even Golden Girls.

My psychic sense just went off.

Nova 03:32 AM
Amazingly it wasn't drug-induced.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:32 AM
Those four elderly ladies had better comedic timing than many actors do today

RIP to all of them except Betty White

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:32 AM
a mild one second pang in the left ear, and a swing in the Iron Curtain around me.

Mama actually likes Betty White as well.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:33 AM
She's a legend

Hope she makes it to 100

Nova 03:33 AM
Odds are alright.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:33 AM
She is awesome.

Y’all know she started off in her carrer as a model?

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:34 AM
No, first time I'm hearing this

Learn something new every day, huh?

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:34 AM
There’s a WatchMojo list talking about her life and achievements.

there’s two WM videos on her.

[YouTube link to "Top 10 Reasons Why Betty White is Loved" by MsMojo]

Nova 03:35 AM
Ayn Rand was something in her day, don't read into that.
The WCT 03:35 AM
Betty White is unstoppable. lol
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:35 AM
[YouTube link to "The Golden Life of Betty White" by MsMojo]
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:35 AM
She's a force of nature
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:36 AM
Well, there’s a half-hour or so y’all can take to learn more about her.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:36 AM
Nova 03:36 AM
She exists, that's about how it works.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:36 AM
Nova 03:36 AM
I don't like celebrities.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:37 AM
Apparently, she also made a world record for something.

[YouTube link to "Top 10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Hold World Records" by]

The WCT 03:37 AM
@Nova I prefer E-Celebs. lol
Nova 03:38 AM
Oh, I know.

But it's the psychology of it all that worries me, my life is far more interesting than these people, more relevant, so why should I even?

Naught 03:39 AM
[YouTube link to "Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes" by KimCarnesVEVO]
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:39 AM
Maybe you should make a youtube channel and see then
Nova 03:40 AM
Hollywood is a crapshoot anyway, I make my own options.

Fuck, that's a good movie/show too.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:55 AM
I’m beginning to feel like I’m gonna crash in a little bit. I’ll check y’all later. Goodnight.
The WCT 03:55 AM
Nighty nite! @Sonichu982 🙂
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:55 AM
Sleep well
Nova 03:55 AM
Naught 03:55 AM
Nova 03:56 AM
All I've gotta say is, I'm here, judgement, sure, but you can ask me anything and I feel that might be a disconnect with people who might be less than optimal in terms of ideals.

More Food Discussion With Praetor

16 October 2020

Summary: Praetor pops in to respond to a message that Nova sent about food hours earlier, and the two of them have a brief discussion on the topic, which MKR joins as well.

#general (First Layer)
NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
Praetor (Caden) 04:41 AM
[Quoting "Always wanted to try ortolan bunting."]

@Nova I was just reading through the messages, have you ever seen Hannibal?

Nova 04:42 AM
No, I just scarcely respect the French.
Praetor (Caden) 04:43 AM
Fair enough! That one's my favorite show, ortolan is a recipe they show in it.
Nova 04:43 AM
Cognac is alright, although I'd experiment with a nice whisky.
Praetor (Caden) 04:45 AM
I like quail. You can attempt an ortolan's flavor by soaking a cooked one in armagnac, and having it served flambé

I really love to cook, when money permits it.

Nova 04:45 AM
Eggs and organs, those are cheap.

General rule is to theme around protein.

Eggs go well with rice, so stir fry is easy.

Praetor (Caden) 04:46 AM
I agree! The meat is the main course.

Do you like pad thai?

Nova 04:47 AM
I've never found anything I won't eat.

Not big on some kinds of fish sauce.

I'd think that this would be less of a concern for someone who commutes as much as you might, I'm just terminally cheap.

Praetor (Caden) 05:11 AM
Oh no, for sure. Good food is nice, but you know what tastes better in the long run?

Saving money.

Nova 05:13 AM
Most good stuff is cheap anyway.
MKR 05:18 AM
I eat what I can afford, I like to bake things sometimes.
Nova 05:18 AM
Baking is easier for people who like strict instructions.
MKR 05:22 AM
Most of the time I just eat things like ramen with boiled egg to spruce it up.
Nova 05:22 AM
Meat works well, oil is fine too, been adding cream to it whilst boiling, that's alright too.
MKR 05:24 AM
Yeah it's fun to experiment, though I'm still not a big fan or organ meat I'll eat most things without complaining.
Nova 05:25 AM
Liver and kidney sucks, unless you're a Brit who looks like James May.

Heart is just muscle.

MKR 05:25 AM
Yeah, heart seems pretty alright if it doesn't get all tough. But liver is nasty
Nova 05:26 AM
I've wanted to do some experiments with slow cooking, can suggest a few things, its all basic chemistry.
Praetor (Caden) 11:11 AM
Ah, I still don't like baking. I'm not a sweets guy anyway. If you screw up in baking, it's so easy to completely bomb your dish.

November 2020

Chris's Body Shakes

12 November 2020

Summary: Chris @s everyone with "Red Alert," informing us that his body is shaking. Chris insists that it's Dimensional Merge related, but Nova tries to diagnose him. Nova asks Chris various questions, but cannot glean much information due to Chris's insistence that this has to do with his psychic powers. Eventually, Chris states that the shaking has stopped, taking it as a sign that a major event had just occurred.

#general (First Layer)
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:23 PM
@everyone, this is a Red Alert. I am sensing a major problem arising. This body is shaking quite a bit right now, and I am doing my best to keep it stable.
Nova 04:24 PM
Like DTs?

[1 ❓ reaction]

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:24 PM
@everyone, please, report in with your local findings and events.
Naught 04:24 PM
What's happening?


Are dts shakes?

Nova 04:25 PM

How exactly the shakes are described is diagnostically useful.

Seizures have many varieties, tonic is stiffening, clonic is twitching.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:27 PM
Well, considering this body is heavily linked with the dimensions and this planet, the body shaking is a sign that something major is happening. This is not a seizure.
Nova 04:28 PM
But the same mechanisms don't discount that.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:28 PM
Fair enough. Still, can’t ignore this, either.
Nova 04:28 PM
Exactly what I'm trying to do.

Describe it? Depending on specificity can indicate a lot.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:33 PM
Well, it feels like the body is shaking in time with an earthquake, even though there is no literal earthquake on the land mass, here.
Nova 04:34 PM
Any stiffening or rigidity?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:34 PM
Nova 04:35 PM
Signs of unilaterality?

As in, is one side isolated in the symptoms?

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:37 PM
The whole body’s shaking, so it’s not just one side of the body or the other.
Nova 04:38 PM
How long did it last, was it more consistent throughout or did it taper off?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:38 PM
At the moment, the shakes are fading away, but are still present.
Nova 04:40 PM
Generally still aware during the incident?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:41 PM
Yes, very much self-aware and aware of all other things as much as possible.
Nova 04:43 PM
I can think it would be best to try basic cognition exercises just to delineate along less ambiguous terms.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:45 PM
Yeah, this brain and all of its wisdom and knowledge have been getting lots of exercise lately.
Nova 04:46 PM
More of a basic rundown of how effective aspects are that engage different areas of the brain to isolate possible problems.

Very easy to say everything is always fine.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:47 PM
Well, what exercises do you recommend?
Nova 04:48 PM
Counting up in a patterned way generally requires enough effort to engage a few areas.

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Semantic might be harder to test.

Try writing down the names of the first items you see, tests spatial acuity as well as many linguistic areas of the brain.

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Are the motions rhythmic?

This does represent a serious issue for day to day things.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:54 PM
What motions do you mean? The shaking?
Nova 04:54 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:55 PM
Ah. Rhythmic like an earthquake, yes.
Nova 04:55 PM
Approximate period?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:55 PM
Also like a jackhammer hammering away at pavement.

Within the past half-hour.

Also, it should be noted, I had to get up early this morning, because Barb had an appointment in cardiology at 10:15; she wanted me to get up at 7:30 am.

I only got two and a half hours of sleep.

Nova 04:57 PM
From a nutritional perspective the usual things to look at are sodium, calcium, glucose, but that would be far easier to tell.

Generally people with undiagnosed conditions along these lines are heavily discouraged from driving.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:57 PM
Got back home started towards a nap at 3:30. And after 4:30, the body shook.
Nova 04:58 PM
Did you remember to eat today?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:58 PM
Nova 04:59 PM
It would be something to consider, if this happens when you're driving, that wouldn't be good.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:59 PM

And when I turned the coloured light bulb back up, it turned orange in cautionary; didn’t change to a different colour.

Nova 05:01 PM
The last time you went to the doctor, how did you describe these?
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:01 PM
But I did manually change it to blue after.
Nova 05:01 PM
The light is psychic?
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:02 PM
I think I’ve went over the light bulb with you before. And as I say that, this moment resonated a Deja Vu.
Nova 05:03 PM
One of those programmable LEDs, really popular in the last few years.
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:03 PM
You or someone stated possible faulty wiring in the colour bulb or the remote that would contribute to the fated colour changes on days and nights when applicable.

Considering this body has psychic powers, it’s no surprise that it would relay into the bulb.

Nova 05:04 PM
I've built things like these with breadboards. Consumer electronics are kind of crap.
Naught 05:05 PM
You're a godsend nova
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:06 PM
Regardless, a massive event has been indicated by the body shakes.
Nova 05:06 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ Thanks.
Naught 05:06 PM
Nonetheless still applicable to the overall scenario
Nova 05:06 PM
It's generally poor clairvoyance to ascribe a meaning later.
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:06 PM
The shakes have stopped, thank Chris Chan and the deities.

Yeah, it’s not easy to think of using clairvoyance while feeling such a level of physical stress while the event is happening elsewhere.

I will have a look and see what I can find, though.

Nova 05:08 PM
I mean exactly that.
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:08 PM
I get it.
Nova 05:09 PM
There are some basic psychological tricks that people like Miss Cleo used.

In hindsight, almost everyone is almost always right.

Naught 05:09 PM
What's the guy? Randy something? He was an acolyte of Houdini

James Randy?

Chris (as Sonichu) 05:10 PM
I know I could do better, but unlike Mama, herself, who does know better for the latter, I’m still learning and figuring out how this body works and improve on its powers and abilities. As well as physically improve it with my own soulful influence. (edited)
Nova 05:10 PM
Randi. Ya.
Naught 05:11 PM
Soulful influence implies a solid foundation which is what were doing
Nova 05:11 PM
Fucking Prophet Peter "Profit" Popoff.
Naught 05:11 PM
That's a good grift
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:11 PM
Naught 05:12 PM
Not you

Remember the South park episode about mind reading?

Nova 05:13 PM
And that's why we have stringent qualifiers on things, any logical system to make a trick has a logical solution to beat it.
Naught 05:13 PM
[YouTube link to "Stan the Psychic" by Aaron Burton]
Nova 05:17 PM
Its all fun, kind of sick how rich some of those people got, but that's just how money works.
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:25 PM
Clairvoyance showed a mountain range in the background of a forest area in either Minnesota or Montana, possibly around that portal sign in Nebraska.

It was likely a heavy breach between dimensions.

I am going to rest now.

Check y’all later.

MKR Complains About Moderator Removal

23 November 2020

Summary: MKR discovers that she is no longer a moderator on the CWCki Server, so she @s me and Klop for answers. I try to explain the reasoning and assuage her concerns, but she remains adamant that this was a malicious move, and expresses her distrust towards me. Val interjects, believing he was banned from the server, and when I inform him this was not the case, he asks to be let back in. I continue insisting that the Watchmen don't know anything less than I do as a mod, and MKR continues to express her suspicion regardless.

#findings (Second Layer)
NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
MKR 05:01 PM
@Lainchu @CatLoPez

Why am I no longer admin in Cwcki server?

Its pissed me off a little bit to be honest because I've done nothing wrong?

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:08 PM
It's not punishment, we just try to keep the modstaff limited to people who actually mod on the server
MKR 05:08 PM
It feels like punishment

You let pay fags buy admin apparently

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:09 PM
We had a few incidents with people on the modstaff who weren't modding, and since then we've been keeping it limited by design

We don't, who told you that?

MKR 05:09 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:10 PM
It wasn't malicious
Klop 05:10 PM
I'm no longer there btw
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:10 PM
Just a logistical move
MKR 05:10 PM
Most of us aren't and it concerns me
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:11 PM
I'm still there
Klop 05:11 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:11 PM
I've got eyes on everyone
Val 05:11 PM
Im banned too
MKR 05:11 PM
I don't think I trust you lainchu
Val 05:11 PM
From their
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:11 PM
If there's a problem person then I'll let you know

Then you're free to check it out yourself, mkr

I don't know what to tell you

Val was kicked, not banned

Val 05:12 PM
@Lainchu okay send link again
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:12 PM
Okay, just don't post someone's dox again
MKR 05:12 PM
Google hangouts isn't a dox
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:12 PM
Not you, Val

[Discord invite link]

Val 05:13 PM
Thank you
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:15 PM
Idk why you don't trust me, I tell you guys whenever I see something worth reporting
MKR 05:16 PM
Because I don't trust anyone

Especially not people who do things behind my back

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:17 PM
Again, the removal from modstaff wasn't an underhanded move

I'm sorry if it offended you

MKR 05:21 PM
You could have talked to me about it beforehand.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:24 PM
I wasn't the one who made the decision
Val 05:26 PM
@Lainchu so who did?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:27 PM
Idk, maybe the server owner at the time?

I don't remember how high-ranked I was then

Naught 06:58 PM
So fucken predictable
Nova 09:52 PM
IDK, I don't really have a lot of interest in wrangling on there, I don't check the server much.

December 2020

MKR Continues Complaining About Moderator Removal

19 December 2020

Summary: MKR @s me in an attempt to get her moderator role on the CWCki Server back, and I refuse on the grounds that she wasn't actually interested in moderating the server. She responds flippantly, and restates a conspiracy theory about the server. We continue retreading the same ground as it becomes clear that nothing I say will make MKR believe me. I eventually ask why she even wants the role, and her response is "Because you took it away," a reason which I say isn't good enough. The argument ends with her continuing to act antagonistic towards me over this issue.

#findings (Second Layer)
NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
MKR 10:42 PM
@Lainchu how much do I have to buttfuck you to get mod? Lel
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:44 PM
MKR 10:45 PM
You know mokousmug[9]
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:46 PM
Sorry, but I can't give mod if you're not going to actually moderate the server

Besides, I thought you hated the cwcki server?

MKR 10:47 PM
No one actually fucking moderates the server.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:48 PM
Look, like I've said before, if you want to keep an eye on users there, that's fine as long as you follow the rules

You don't need a mod role for that

MKR 10:48 PM
I just don't see why I can't be a mod if you're going to give it out to anyone who gives you tardbucks?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:48 PM
I can tell you that the mods aren't conspiring against us
MKR 10:49 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:49 PM
[Replying to "I just don't see why I can't be a mod if you're going to give it out to anyone who gives you tardbucks?"]

We don't

MKR 10:49 PM
You do tho
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:49 PM
I don't know what to tell you

I'm telling the truth lol

MKR 10:50 PM
Just makes me wonder what else you might be lying about?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:50 PM
I haven't lied about anything

I get that you didn't like the fact that you were removed from the modstaff without warning, and I'm sorry about that, but it took you something like 3 months to notice because you were inactive there

It wasn't malicious, we just had a change in how we ran things, and since you didn't seem to care (until recently) we didn't say anything

MKR 10:55 PM
Hmm 🤔
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:57 PM
You can be suspicious all you want, I've told you the truth several times over at this point, and clearly nothing I say will make you believe me
MKR 10:58 PM
Then why not restore it? (edited)

Get rid of one of the payfags?

Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:00 PM
1. I can't give you mod if you're not going to actually moderate, as I've said already

2. Nobody has paid to become a mod

And again, why do you even want it? Clearly you don't like the server.

MKR 11:00 PM
You say that but I don't believe I've ever said I hated it.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:01 PM
[Quoting "The cwcki discord on the other hand is a cesspool of retardation. Lol"]
MKR 11:01 PM
Yes, but I didn't say I hated it

I like that part about it

Why would I be here helping Chris chan if I wasn't a fan of retards?

Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:03 PM
Fair enough

But if you believe that we let people pay their way in (which we don't), how is me granting you mod powers "just 'cause" any better?

MKR 11:05 PM
Because they were given to me by your predecessor and you took them away without so much as asking me first.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:05 PM
That same predecessor was the one who took it away, not me
MKR 11:06 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:06 PM
I was part of the discussion about removing mod roles from non-mods, but the decision was his, not mine

I wasn't the owner at the time

MKR 11:06 PM
I doubt they would not have contacted me?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:06 PM
I'm just upholding the policy
MKR 11:07 PM
It's a discord server not a business ya dope.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:07 PM
Doesn't matter, I agree with it

I can only apologize about what happened, but the policy hasn't changed

MKR 11:08 PM
Hmm do you have evidence to back up it was in fact his decision to do so?

I don't believe he would have without telling us.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:08 PM

Yeah, he did

We did it to several people who we believed were inactive

MKR 11:09 PM
Inactive> threat
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:10 PM
Can I ask again: why do you want it?
MKR 11:10 PM
Why do you think I want it?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:10 PM
I don't know, but I don't think it's for moderation

You didn't seem that interested in doing that last time

That's why you were removed in the first place

MKR 11:11 PM
I think you're deflecting again
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:12 PM
You're the one who isn't answering the question lol

Just tell me why you want it

MKR 11:12 PM
Because you took it away

As far as inactivity is concerned, I have to leave my discord on offline mode

Otherwise the weens ping it more

Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:13 PM
[Replying to "Because you took it away"]

I'm sorry, but that reason isn't good enough

I know you're upset that it was taken, but I can't give it back just because you want it

MKR 11:14 PM
You can actually

That's how discord works


MKR 11:25 PM
[YouTube link to "Why the fuck you lying vine" by Beastlyprogamer]


It's for you

Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:26 PM
The answer is no

I'm not gonna change my mind

MKR 11:26 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:26 PM
It's not personal

Just the way we run things

MKR 11:26 PM
Seems pretty personal?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:26 PM
You aren't getting any less information than I am
MKR 11:27 PM
I doubt that.

But this wasn't about information, it was about you taking away a thing I had without telling me. That's pretty rude bro

Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:28 PM
Again, it wasn't me

And again, I apologized

MKR 11:28 PM
Not a good one
Anaxis (Lainchu) 11:29 PM
And let's face it, if I had told you, would you have just accepted it and not be asking for it back anyway?
MKR 11:29 PM

Chris Argues in The WCT's Favor and The WCT is Unbanned

24 December 2020

Summary: Chris argues on behalf of WCT, who had previously been kicked from the Place earlier in the month, to let him back in. Naught and Nova argue against this, but Chris doesn't give in, and eventually WCT is granted access to the First Layer again. In the Second Layer, Naught complains that WCT "told on [them]," while Nova insults WCT's intelligence. I ask about specifics around WCT's kick, and Naught gives a vague elaboration.

#general (First Layer)
Main article: The Place chats - Infighting, Anime, and the Merge
#findings (Second Layer)
NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
Naught 02:11 PM
Wct fucking told on us


I gave cat a limited role

Top part only

Val 02:26 PM
Nova 02:27 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ And now he's finally on the level with Chris, as he always wanted.
Naught 02:27 PM
Nova 02:28 PM
Who am I to argue, he ain't that bright.

See if Dana wants to fuck him or something.

But it ain't like Chris to mention this out of the blue...

Naught 02:29 PM
Nova 02:29 PM
Did Kat bitch to him?
Naught 02:29 PM
MKR 02:29 PM
Nova 02:30 PM
Spycraft is fun.
Naught 02:49 PM
Naught 02:59 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:27 PM
What happened with WCT anyway? Was he really kicked for the info leaking and politisperging, or was that just what was told to him and chris?
Naught 04:29 PM
Yeah, namedrops too much
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:36 PM
Naught 04:37 PM
Saying he hangs out with cwc in a server
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:37 PM
Oh, I see
MKR 09:05 PM
Leaking info is bad

Chris's "Avatar State" and Bella, New Age Discussion, Nova and MKR Distrust Praetor

28-29 December 2020

Summary: Chris compares an "ability" he believes to have with the Avatar State, a power-up ability seen in the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender, and mentions Bella for the first time. He credits her as the one who gave him the idea, and for creating the "Chris Chan Sonichu intro animation" which he had previously posted onto YouTube. Nova and I discuss this idea with Chris, during which Nova discusses the nature of new age practices and medicines. MKR joins in, and the conversation turns to her and Nova calling Praetor "conmen" and claiming they may have committed a felony. Chris pushes back against them, stating he will not entertain the discussion at that time, and he and Nova get into another argument about Chris's thought process.

In the Second Layer, we briefly discuss who Bella is and Praetor's influence on Chris's beliefs.

#general (First Layer)

28 December 2020

Chris (as Sonichu) 09:41 PM
Hey, y’all. Today was yet another real doozy with a bunch more constant meditation. I’ve ended up learning about the deeper meditation that this body tends to do at times that I, as the soul host during this time, or Chris if she was in this body, can resume control and take advantage of. Borrowing the term from the Nickelodeon show: being in the Avatar State.
Nova 09:42 PM
So, like a remote desktop?
Chris (as Sonichu) 09:44 PM
The term was brought to my attention today by Bella, and it piqued my curiosity, so I looked up its definition; even saw the episode titled “The Avatar State”. What this is similar to what happens. It involves Chris Core (of the Solar Plexus (to correct the misunderstood chakra term of Sacral; that’s below the Solar and above the Root) essentially taking over conscious control of the body and brain, and even able to access the powers and abilities from deeper within the body.

So, yeah, I have this topic some further thought. This can also be comparable to when Star Butterfly transformed and flew through portals in her sleep for a time; her Star Core, if you will, taking conscious control over the body while Star, herself, was temporarily disabled and unconscious.

Also watched the movie “Soul” on Disney+ today; really good movie.

Nova 09:48 PM
Should find some of the Dcoms sometime, Ian reviewed some.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:49 PM
Just saw Soul! Really enjoyed it.

[1 👍 reaction, likely from Chris]

Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:49 PM
[Replying to "The term was brought to my attention today by Bella, and it piqued my curiosity, so I looked up its definition; even saw the episode titled “The Avatar State”. What this is similar to what happens. It involves Chris Core (of the Solar Plexus (to correct the misunderstood chakra term of Sacral; that’s below the Solar and above the Root) essentially taking over conscious control of the body and brain, and even able to access the powers and abilities from deeper within the body."]

Who is Bella?

Chris (as Sonichu) 09:49 PM
As for me, though, not totally unconscious, but left in observation mode while Chris Core had control of the body in the Avatar State (I feel like there is a different term synonymous to that), I remain somewhat conscious. And I can regain control should I fell need to and have a reason.

One of our Praetor group friends; she’s the one who made up the lovely animation:

Lainchu (Anaxis) 09:50 PM
Ah, I see
Chris (as Sonichu) 09:50 PM
[YouTube link to "Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation" by CwcvilleGuardian]
Nova 09:50 PM
Hopefully not the one who made those mock edits to the speech.

Oh ya, the gratuitous porny one?

Chris (as Sonichu) 09:51 PM
We are not judging, plus she’s actually cool to talk with.
Nova 09:51 PM
Judgement is good, sycophants are cheap.
Chris (as Sonichu) 09:52 PM
Anyway, pretty much a let-you-know on this bit of progress in figuring out the further details of Chris’ body’s abilities and powers.
Nova 09:54 PM
I kind of prefer something more incremental, if I could do it, well, little question I'd still be the best at it, I just don't see a need.
Chris (as Sonichu) 09:54 PM
What are y’all’s thoughts on the Avatar State and this deeper level of meditation?
Nova 09:59 PM
Well, seems like we don't have a concrete way of measurement or scaling, and it rarely seems to be anything but more of similar things.
Chris (as Sonichu) 09:59 PM
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:02 PM
Not sure exactly how comparable the concept of the Avatar State is to what you're describing. In the show, it's a state in which the Avatar has access to the powers and knowledge of all their past lives. It is shown to be both extremely powerful but also incredibly vulnerable - if the Avatar dies while in the State, then the Avatar Spirit dies, and the cycle of reincarnation ends.
Nova 10:03 PM
I kind of found it funny how Psychic Detective didn't do that, despite all the other psychic trauma type stuff.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:04 PM
When the show started, it was sort of a fight-or-flight instinct that triggered whenever Aang was in mortal danger or was emotionally distressed, and often caused him to wreak havoc in his surroundings, sometimes endangering his friends and allies. Only later was he able to gain full control of it, through mastering his chakras. (edited)

And then, he was nearly killed while in the State, locking his chakras and causing him to be unable to access it until the very end of the show, when it was accidentally unlocked again when fighting the Fire Lord.

So if it the state of meditation being described is one that can be compared to the Avatar State, I encourage caution. I find it very possible, likely even, that one's most powerful state of being is also their most vulnerable.

Of course, this is all in theory.

Nova 10:07 PM
Well, more a sequence of events with only anecdotal information.
Lainchu (Anaxis) 10:08 PM
I'm just going off of the comparison. Perhaps there's a more accurate term for this state of being.

[1 👍 reaction, likely from Chris]

Nova 10:09 PM
Too incomplete to be a workable theory because it doesn't imply as much as can be usefully extrapolated by comparison.
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:11 PM
[Replying to "I'm just going off of the comparison. Perhaps there's a more accurate term for this state of being."]

Yeah, I’d like to know the more accurate term, myself; tried to find that in a search for trivia on what influenced that for their chronicling in the show. Haven’t found the accurate term yet.

But the similarities are there, yet I would definitely not refer to myself or Chris as Avatar benders.

Nova 10:12 PM
Well its got chakras and stuff, that kind of thing is famously subjective.
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:14 PM
Actually, there is great validity in the chakras and all of that; it’s a shame that technology has no concrete way yet to measure the soul activity, much less, in 1218, a viable way of recording dreams and meditations in an imagery perspective as the individual who is dreaming or meditating is seeing all of this in front of or around them during the time.
Nova 10:15 PM
I'm an expert on eastern medicine, it was a horrible bet that only becomes useful rarely.

If it was a science it would have more than dogma.

Like how the age is arbitrarily a factor, but I think you'd still only be 5 out of 7?

[1 ⁉️ reaction, likely from Chris]

I think that was wish fulfillment from some middle-aged mothers who really should have stuck with day drinking.

[1 SonichuWut,[5] reaction, likely from Chris]

I'm more functional at that.

Belief or not, the average new-ager knows nothing.

MKR 10:29 PM
Sometimes monks would turn themselves into mummies through meditation to protect certain areas from natural disasters like earthquakes. Obviously this isn't what we're talking about but I always thought it was interesting that they actually did this.
Nova 10:31 PM
I remember those...
MKR 10:31 PM
A lot of new age stuff can seem dubious, if only because they've basically made a snake oil market for the modern age. (See goop)
Nova 10:31 PM
Although, still an option that some dumbass got lost in a chimney, eastern martial arts are particularly fraudulent.

Oh ya, Gweneth's overpriced garbage.

Jon did a good video on that.

MKR 10:32 PM
Lol yep, that's the one
Nova 10:33 PM

[YouTube link to "Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - JonTron" by JonTronShow]

A lot of this new age stuff coming back is part of a communist conspiracy, more of an internal one.

Don't need to provide healthcare when people think mercury is a panacea.

MKR 10:35 PM
I guess not chenwhat[12]

Avatar the last airbender is a really cool show, Appa is the cutest X3

That being said...

Nova 10:36 PM
Its a very, in-character way of problem solving.
MKR 10:37 PM
I don't think its wise to trust anyone from that group of people. They're obviously trying to scam you.
Nova 10:37 PM
There's also no ethical standard, so naturally, zero professionalism.
MKR 10:38 PM

Not to mention the stun gun comment

Nova 10:38 PM
Kind of the lowest form of conman.

Oh hell, what the fuck even was that?

MKR 10:38 PM

That's what it was

Nova 10:39 PM
Actually, let me check something real quick...
MKR 10:39 PM
I don't trust anyone who treats my friends like that
Nova 10:40 PM
No I mean they might actually have committed a felony, now that I think about it.
MKR 10:41 PM
Really!? That's no good!?
Nova 10:47 PM
Brilliant, fucking morons.

What idiot wrote these codes?

Even if furnishment isn't specifically defined in a general case, obviously it would still be a big fucking problem.

Seems to only be a felony for firearms, but this was obviously the result of someone who didn't care.

MKR 10:56 PM
They wanted to get Christine in trouble by insinuating things.
Nova 10:57 PM
Well that, and weening.
MKR 10:57 PM
Nova 10:58 PM
And probably not paying.

I still have no clue why people like Gweneth even bother, gin ain't that expensive and God knows they ain't smart enough to make more money than their normal non-talented position.

Chris (as Sonichu) 11:20 PM
I am mot going to argue or entertain in that discussion at this time. Will be falling asleep soon, and in state of meditation right now.

The more important matter at this time is getting this body and I to Cwcville.

Nova 11:21 PM
Argument is cheap, I think this is one of the more obvious situations of not being considered.
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:22 PM
And I was mainly talking about the aspect that in recent days by our own observations and experiences, here, have proven consistent and successful in the better progression with this body’s powers and abilities.
Nova 11:23 PM
That would still be in the realm of anecdotal evidence.
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:23 PM
Since learning this term or “Avatar State” earlier today, it has been a thinkpiece that has proven valid with all of this.
Nova 11:24 PM
You tend to have some preconceptions about things that may impair the thought process regarding.
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:24 PM
Well, it’s better than having nothing, especially when at times I managed to find specific answers.
Nova 11:25 PM
Actually having nothing would be a good objective basis.

[1 SonichuAngry[13] reaction, likely from Chris]

At least verifiably nothing.

Chris (as Sonichu) 11:25 PM
But we do not have nothing, we have a lot of things.

Valid things

Nova 11:26 PM
It leads to a proof in more elemental basis.
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:26 PM
Okay, that’s fair
Nova 11:26 PM
Well you tend to relate some of these things similarly to prophetic, how reliable is that aspect?
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:27 PM
Reliable enough.
Nova 11:27 PM
For what?
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:27 PM
Magi-Chan verifies it.

Mewtwo verifies it.

Nova 11:27 PM
That would seem to be biased by nature.
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:28 PM
For the facts towards we being on the right path towards the positive and desired outcome out of all of the infinite possibilities for the Dimension Merge and all related events.

Oh, My Chris Chan!

Nova 11:29 PM
Infinity is a terrible problem domain, unless you can be algorithmic.

Chess is interesting for that and explains exponential growth factors versus reliability.

Chris (as Sonichu) 11:32 PM
Even tonight, I’ve consulted with the memories of every single Chris Chan Sonichu self-counterpart, and found amongst all of their respective Alice and well bodies with the similar situation to have ended up in their respective OC/FC dimensions from their “Reality” dimension, the majority of their instances were instant and sudden. Rather it be the running through a spawned portal, managing to break through their Iron Curtain with their fists, or an instantaneous teleport between dimensions.
Nova 11:32 PM
Maybe I'll try something with AI before I die, who knows?
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:33 PM
I just wish I was in Cwcville right freaking now with this body, and this temple.

I am feeling reasonably upset.

Nova 11:34 PM
It seems to involve a lot of, personal input, man does not fly under his own power.

If I could rip steel in half, why wouldn't boat hulls be made of bones? Obviously material and physical laws have a general advantage.

If I'm wrong, explain. I'm never baseless and I can't remember the last time I was.

29 December 2020

MKR 02:31 AM
[Art of a Pokemon-themed tea plate stand, with a note at the bottom reading "Welcome to Galar Tea Party."]
Nova 02:32 AM
Its a still life, possibly dead, at least less candid.
MKR 02:33 AM
Sometimes it's best to be grateful for the things we have, good friends. A place to stay, food in our bellies, wifi. One day at a time. Wanting and desperation will only lead you to self destruction, take time to reflect on what you do have and get rest with gratitude.
Nova 02:35 AM
I set useless goals, but at least I'm only a certain percentage a failure for not realizing them.
MKR 02:41 AM
We don't know what the future holds so for now let's relax and do our best to just make it through life day by day.


Nova 02:43 AM
Better to plan ahead, not too far, but coasting is pretty bad.
MKR 02:43 AM

Like kicking con men to the curb before you have another money issue...

Nova 02:45 AM
Oh trust me, I knew that.
#findings (Second Layer)
NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

28 December 2020

Anaxis (Lainchu) 09:46 PM
So now Chris is ripping from Avatar?

Good source to rip off, I guess

Who's Bella?

Nova 09:48 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 09:50 PM
Bella is a Praetor, huh? One of them made that animation?

I wonder if she's the blonde one

Nova 09:51 PM
Praetor is talking about the lore and trying to influence it, this is pretty disturbing.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:15 PM
One of the few times I can give a relatively direct answer to Chris's question, since I'm familiar with the referenced show for once lol
Nova 10:16 PM
I've never bothered with anime, I do well enough pulling off wikis.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 10:27 PM
Technically not anime, it's western made


  1. This appears to have been text written by Naught, not an image that failed to load.
  2. I assume that Nova is referring to YouTube lolcow Philip Burnell (a.k.a DarkSydePhil) here.
  3. Both of these accounts appear to now be defunct or deleted.
  4. This link is apparently a subdomain of Kiwi Farms, as currently it leads to a message from Cloudflare stating that the page has been blocked along with the rest of KF.

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