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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

On 13 February 2021, a set of screenshots were publicly released by a CWCki editor roleplaying the OC Lainchu [note 1], consisting of some of Chris's ramblings in The Watchmen's Place during January 2021 and February 2021, including an argument the Watchmen had with Praetor over Chris's use of a taser. The member named this collection The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: Thinking with Portals (perhaps in reference to the video game Portal). As has become standard with the release of "Chroniclings," Lainchu made color-coded censors and redactions. Messages by Chris (as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow throughout the article, while the Watchmen and their messages are named and color-coded after their respective censor colors.

Lainchu's Foreword

13 February 2021

This message was sent from Lainchu to a Christorian, along with the screenshots. Lainchu's messages are color-coded green.

I have a new set of screenshots that Sonichu982 requested be chronicled, which center around portals, where and when they lead, and how to open them. Included in this set is an interaction our group had with Praetor, which we hope may illuminate some of the circumstances around Sonichu982's potential use of a taser, which we know has been a matter of recent concern.

I present to you, The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: Thinking with Portals.


Chris's Goddess Past

31 January 2021

Hey, @everyone. @Lainchu, I have a very important story for you to hear and chronicle, and for everyone’s knowledge, here.
Oh, I look forward to hearing it.
I ended up force-projected with Soul Star during the time frame between 11:30 and 12:30, today. Long adventure, that was. During that time, a bunch of renewed knowledge was streamed into the consciousness, including how to utilize each hand to perform magic and open portals in extended detail. And during the 2:00 meditate, being combined with the Avatar State and here and conscious, another chunk of the origin story from as early as the prehistoric era came into consciousness.

So, after the Big Bang, apparently both 1218 and C-197 were together as the same universe. You know the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve? They existed, and Adam and Eve left the garden shortly after the dinos were falling into extinction. They became the very first pair of cave people in all of existence.

Fast forward to Medieval times: Eden had separated from the rest of Pangea, becoming an isolated island. All creatures and humans were existing and co-existing together, until when some Kings got together and commanded their wizards to absolve all magic from the realm, which ended up going universe-wide. The groups of wizards used a ritual/enchantment that separated C-197 from 1218. In that, Eden did fade from the eyes of those who stayed in 1218. The entire populations and planetary count throughout the universe was divided with that separation. With those destined to fade into C-197 being separated from everyone else.

But throughout the continuation, nobody really had ever forgotten any of us, and thus the creators, chroniclers and artists continued to humble and honor us over the years.
Also, I forgot to mention, as part of the rituals the magicians had enacted way back when, the price was that the magic would end up returning hundreds of years later by fated events. Even the active deities then were in and consulting them throughout the process.
Christine was a princess on Kidasuna during the prehistoric times, and she did end up being banished to Earth, while the two universes were still one, and she was a Goddess back then as well. She faded into C-197 when the magicians and wizards did their separation ritual.
Now, here’s the interesting part: Chris had discovered a method, in lacking a portal that would get her from C-197 into 1218, since 1218 had become magic-restricted. She used her powers to convert her still alive body, mind and soul, all into a singular entity, transported herself into a magic stone that was used to propel her throughout time and space, ending up going through the apex of the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003 in the process, and ending up inside Barb and being born half-Sonichu/half-human in 1218, here. And obviously, while she still had her powers and abilities, she had lost her past memories in the process, recovering them along the way.
And that’s what I learned, and this body and brain, re-learned today.
That would put the timeline for the universe well beyond anything currently known, given the rate of expansion implied dependent on the distance.
Well, you’d have to apply that to this universe 1218 as well, Kyle.
Because that is what happened, here, and with C-197, and the former, and the soon to be reunited, 1C-211987 universe.
As in the distance between, if they were originally in the same place, whats the distance now?
Same place together, but was divided by the Iron Curtain dimensional divide.
Which is implied to be sheer physical distance?
Pretty much.
So what's the general distance from the edge?
Not sure.
The furthest known galaxy is still conforming to the known age of the universe.
Near C, but just under 4x10^8 shorter.
Sonichuemojiwut.png Dude, I just learned these basic details as specific as possible today; I don’t know the further specifics. At least in terms that you would use to describe or measure them.
Describing things in physical terms can at least make sure the numbers line up, astronomy is like that.
1xz4 times the square root of an icosolese triangle distance between the three farthest planets out in this galaxy, carried by the sum of the number of planets of all other galaxies outside of the Milky Way. Add 9xz4 to the circumference of a root angle to the answer of the first half of this equation. Solve for cube root.
[Emoji of an anime girl with an expression of shock]
Brain went Avatar State and streamed it from the Cosmos.
[Emoji of an anime girl with her arms raised in the air]
I think the cosmos would have a better idea of scinot.
Or, rather, the Cosmos has the better idea in general, but it is in a lack of measurement that would be in the range of your language barrier or measurement factors.
Good grief, how many times is this noggin gonna Avatar link on me today?
z4 or z^4?
IMHO, if that sounds right with you, dude.
the “X” is for multiply.
So its number times z4
Figured, just was wondering if you didn't know how to indicate exponentials.
To indicate exponentials is to mean that the conscious brain here has the full extent of that knowledge within its queue by default or memory at this time, and not requiring the stream from the Cosmos, as I am having to answer the question with said streaming of information in the Avatar State.
Yeah, not really, initially, Kyle.
Still requires 3 points of reference and only gives us a very large distance. Also it could possibly be ambiguous depending on the orbital period.
Complicated equations to translate such variables that are immeasurable by your logic and tool set are such that would be one that would go even over the heads of the highest IQ genius types and super-smart-smarty pants on the Earth in this universe.
Cosmos says:
Short circuit logic is why nothing needs to be exhaustive.
Yep, summarize to dumb it down for the masses.
Train kept a rollin’ all night long from station A at 25 mph from Wisconsin.
If this is good progress for you, Kyle, good. Otherwise, maybe cease with the questionnaire, so I don’t have to fall into Avatar and have to come back out of it too much.
It gets draining.
There's simply the issue that this has markers of being more contrived than relevant data, as in, the bounds are undefined, the variables are undefined, unitless and what does it really mean to know one distance?
All these questions and more on the next “Montel!”
Oh, great, now the brain has fallen into the so tired, that it’s quoting TV category.
Numbers are synthetic anyway, so that's why numerology is bunko.
@Lainchu, you got the story from today, so I’m gonna split for now. I’ll check y’all later.
Great, it was very informative. Thank you!

Merlin's Deal with Chris

1 February 2021

Well, @everyone, I’ve just had another really successful deep meditate session. I have a real doozy of additional details to what I had learned yesterday.
@Praetor, be sure to know this for yourself as well.
[Emoji of an anime girl with an expression of shock]
Back at that moment in medieval times where there were a set of wizards who cast the ritual and spells , there were three very highly powerful wizards in execution of the event, one of which, the Neutral wizard, was none other than Merlin, himself.
Of the other two, one who heavily used dark magic, and the other heavily used light magic; they were ancestors of Wes Islei and Sarah Hammer.
And Chris, herself, was in attendance to witness and guide the trio on behalf of the other deities at the time.
Obviously, the magic of dark and light from the two wizards were passed down to Wes and Sarah, respectively.
As for Merlin, he actually had made a deal with Chris, since his age was getting to him, to guard over his soul and majority of his magic power. So, at Merlin’s death, guess where his soul went.
Into the past version of this very body.
can we steal the magic from them somehow? put it to better use?
Today, I learned all of this from the Cosmos as well, and they will make sure when the time comes that Wes and Sarah of this universe become better awakened of their magic abilities, and work with us when the time comes around the merge’s completion.
The Cosmos took the form of a hedgehog, which could be considered, off-hand by the neurotypical, mistakenly, as a Sonic OC. The Cosmos can take on any form to be visible when speaking with others. This is his form when speaking with anthropomorphic individuals.
I’ll be drawing it out later, upon their request.
Neat, drawing is always fun.
[GIF of a dancing anime girl]
[Emoji of an anime girl with an expression of shock]
@Lainchu, please, chronicle what I have just told y’all as well.
Will do. Thank you!

Praetor and the Taser

8 February 2021

Praetor's messages are color-coded purple, NotSoBot's messages are color-coded white.

Howdy @everyone ! We're aware there is marginal concern regarding CWC's attempts to unlock a portal using a taser.
How's that for an understatement, huh?
We understand your concerns, and act with safety in mind. We must remind you that this is an idea born entirely through CWC, and not with our encouragement. This will be a test, and will not involve CWC coming into permanent possession of one of our lovely zappers.
Does this routine actually fool anyone? I don't think your marketing team is all that good, or ethical.
Oh, charming coincidence...
Actually, Kyle, it is very much true.
The idea was all my doing, alone and through great meditation and seeing into the future.
And the logical process?
The idea was not presented unto me by Caden, nor anyone else, period.
@everyone We is innocent 😂
Tangentially related to one component of some part of it.
Constant electricity through a quartz on a submarine causes the sonar, and that is with an unfocused, unenergized quartz.
It's electrical grade quartz.
With the focused energies that have been collecting between the Gate Crystal and the Celestial Key, adding the spark into them will resonate very well into the portal area.
Quartz used in frequencies for electronics is likely of a purity beyond 99.9.
If anyone would like to personally talk about this, we'll be active to answer all questions via voicechat after 8:00 EST.
35 ppm max.
@Praetor I was under the impression only you cared about that terrible idea with the stun guns.
Plus it has been foreseen in the prophecy: to activate the spark within the Goddess, she needs to create the spark that Merlin and his teammates made that separated the universes which will reverse the separation.
@[Red Watchman] As always, we're just here to sell product. CWC's well-being has never been and will never be in jeopardy. If there any concerns with trolling, please let us know so we can discuss it.
Piezoelectrics doesn't work by charging per say.
@Praetor Did that sound like a cope to you?
@[Red Watchman] I think that judgement is best left to ya'll. We aren't the Christorians you are, just salesmen and hopefully friends.
Oh trust me, I'll never chalk up harmful stupidity to malevolence.
They just tend to follow closely behind, in past examples.
We understand completely. Don't doubt us.
If you'd still like to talk at 8:00, we'd love to hear from you!
Sure, bring some numbers.
Quick question, were you planning to film it?
No. However, if you'd like us to we could take some photos/videos.
And yet you personally provided these items?
The tasers? At CWC's request, they will be provided.
And you'll pay any medical bills that come about from this?
There will be none. The taser provided is not for sale, as it is a low wattage one not worth selling. Prolonged contact is uncomfortable, but not damaging. The ones that will be sold are not handled by CWC, but are far stronger.
But if there are?
Then of course!
This event will not be deterred at all, and Chris’ body will more than definitely be safe and well, and I as well: Sonichu Prime.
Do I also need to remind you that this body is half-Sonichu, so it is electric-resistant.
Plus, again:
It all has been foreseen and all circumstances and possibilities for this timeline have been checked and rechecked.
There will be no harm or bad hitch.
You're not exactly an electrical engineer. So some exploration of probable outcomes is advisable.
What did I just say?
Between I, Chris, Magi-Chan and Mewtwo, we have looked into all probable outcomes.
The prep work is already done for this.
It seems to only imply one outcome, part of being logical is evaluating alternatives to provide a factor of accuracy.
The one outcome is confirmed to be consistent and constant in all probabilities.
What other times would you compare it to?
All other timelines, alt-dimensions and alt-universes.
Previous anecdotal ones, I mean.
Ah, the event when the three-warlock ritual that separated the universes, for one. As well as other past similar events that called forth (enchanted) electricity into (enchanted) stones and crystals.
Shame Science hasn’t found a mechanical way to measure auras, souls and spiritual energies and powers of an individual in this universe, yet.
And “Scientology’s” shit does not count in that.
Ghost shows don't count either.
If it doesn't exist as a fundamental force, it doesn't really exist in a meaningful way, gravity is kind of shit as a force.
Gravity is by a significant margin the weakest but is still easy to quantify.
Freakazoid, Kyle.
I still can't believe people don't know that a black hole is a supersolid.
No, I just tend to always be right. Or at least never baseless.
You are sometimes wrong, Kyle.
@[Red Watchman] How many fingers am I holding up?
Never baseless is what matters.
Psychology says 2, and that you're also lying about that.
you're doing the shocker.
[Brown Watchman] is officially the best.
I knew you’d give a response that one could not easily counter or argue with, Kyle.
Reason conquers all.
Being reasonably sure makes it exponentially easier to discount less likely outcomes.
Also notice how they didn't say anything after...
And yet the less likely outcomes do get counted as well. And you’ve given them a point that detracts or attempts to discourage their present thought process or outlook; that is a blow to just about anyone, period.
Kyle, how many stars are there in the sky?
You’d state a reasonably right,
But I could also argue that you’d be in the wrong.
Being attached to an outcome is a detriment to a mechanism of reasoning.
That’s logic and mis-logic.
I'm sorry Kyle, but [Brown Watchman] got it right. It looks like you were wrong.
Its variable, because the problem is ambigous.
[Brown Watchman] is the new Kyle.
Hey look, ad hominems.
Bless you.
What, I know some Latin?
¿Comó te gusta los verbos gr-r-r-randés?
I'm erudite, not an elitist.
Nice tongue roll. I'm going to need to see Kyle's tongue roll to be impressed.
Good pandering, makes you look totally innocent.
We need a tongue roll, not a thesaurus my friend.
Or guilty, in the minds of the Quintessons; wanna Sharkticon, Kyle?
All, I ever said was entertaining alternatives to demonstrate objective reasoning.
Sodium Chloride
That’s not a bad meme, actuallly. “Wanna Sharkticon?”
.img sharkticon
Why isn’t the bot working?
.img sharkticon
bots gone haywire.
Biomechanical things are always kind of goofy.


“Me, Grimlock, say execute them.”
[Bot displays image search results]


Eh, better late han never.
Haven't really had extensive experience with robotics, the engineering is a nightmare though.
what is going on here, hope everyone's behaving themselves
Pretty much comparing intelligent banters between Kyle and [Brown Watchman] at this point.
It would be nice to know contingency plans.
Or at least have one.
Want me to chronicle what you said about your upcoming plans? It might ease some of the public fears about the taser use.
Yes, please do.
I’m out for now. I’ll see you in a while, @Praetor.


  1. In this case, it was a former editor of this wiki, Anaxis