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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
And this body is still wanting to be cuddled or laid with a woman.
Chris, four months before "spiritually cleansing" his own mother.

On 17 February 2021 (three days after Valentine's Day), Chris posted in the Watchmen Discord server The Place on his feelings of loneliness.

He lamented that he "has never been genuinely cuddled or laid with someone", being aware that having had sex with the prostitute Mia Hamm did not count towards a relationship. Chris's usual coping mechanism for his loneliness, the polyamorous marriage to his imaginary friends, falters; he laments that they are in another dimension and thus are unable to assuage his loneliness.

Chris listed three women he was considering for a relationship - MKR of the Watchmen group and Anni and Bella of the Praetor group, tagging both MKR's and Praetor's Discord accounts in his message (Praetor being an untrusted guest in The Place).

Chris also stated that he would not try dating apps for fear of fakers and that he would not repeat his old mistakes with relationships. And he certainly didn't.

Chat excerpts

17 February 2021

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey, @everyone. I have some good news and some bad news, and this remains Strictly Confidential and not to be shared in public anywhere online.

Good news is that I am getting to do some self-help and love for this body that it needs; taking a break, so to speak, and that is a definite key in allowing it to be able to get to C-197.
The bad news, however, is that even subconsciously with the soul star/autopilot, in full sync with the body and brain still has one major issue that is really bumming it out:

Not counting that time in April, 2012, this body has never been genuinely cuddled or laid with someone who Chris (or I at this time for over ten months now) have known, talked with, and have some respect for with a mutual return on that feeling from the other individual. And this body is still wanting to be cuddled or laid with a woman.

This is a major deal, obviously, considering Chris' past track record, and the online bad trolls waiting to lure her in on the false pretenses and shit.

So, unless twist of fate happens that does bring Magi-Chan and/or Cryzel here to 1218, or something, body's got this long drawn bummer of a feeling I can't help or heal so easily.

And the body feels like it has epic failed (regardless of the obvious details in that statement that would shout "Open Season" to any bad or hater) in even reaching that milestone for itself in this universe 1218. (edited)

This remains strictly confidential; I am not going public with this detail, nor am I going to repeat Chris' past errors with a damned paper sign, or whatever.


Chris (as Sonichu)
This body does need re-energizing, the marriage being open, hell no on using any dating app as any one of those is teaming and brimming with fakers and haters, and Chris hardly has a little black book of her own, much less present contacts, we feel would constitute such a mutual understanding or feeling, not to mention the total awkwardness. And yes, we have considered @MKR, and Bella and Annibelle from the @Praetor group in that thought process as well. We do not wish to offend anyone nor make anyone do anything they don't feel at ease doing, including anything for sympathy. Sympathy lay is majorly out of the question.

sonichu please, I know you are lonely but this dimension is really suffering with covid right now.

governments are starting to target people with learning disabilities. refusing to give them vaccines or life saving medicine.

you need to doubly make sure that christines body is safe from this disease. i fear that both of you are very much at risk. @CWCSonichu1982

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey. I finally managed to get some sleep and dreams this morning. The body and Soul Star feel like they're moving on from the lack of being cuddled and laid in this universe.
Yeah, I know all that, [redacted].

Which is why I'm not consciously going on any hunt or whatever. Such emotional moments are felt and addressed and they move on.

Good morning

I'm glad your doing well sonichu. Did you and Rosey have a nice valentine's day? @CWCSonichu1982

Starscream, nightvee and I just stayed home and ate chocolates.


19 February 2021

Chris (as Sonichu)
...And the grief strikes again on the emotions. Pile on that this body respond to the witching hours (plural, from midnight to 4 am), and tonight, I'm on no sleep or dream. Tons of meditation and further successful healing and re-energizing. But in addition to never being properly cuddled or laid with, this body has never been kissed or made out with (hardly anything beyond a facial cheek peck).

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