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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.
This Viral Event is actually a better step in our own developments and evolution, as well as a deity-level test to sort out the weak from the moderate and strong
Coronavirus attacking C-197. Colorized

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019), caused by a virus officially named SARS-CoV-2 and colloquially referred to simply as coronavirus, is a fast-spreading disease responsible for the largest pandemic of the 21st century thus far. It has prompted governments to recommend stricter sanitation routines; and to encourage social distancing practices, such as staying six feet (2 meters) apart, wearing masks when going out, and only keeping essential services open – which, to the dismay of Chris, doesn't include conventions.

In March 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Chris exhibited a juvenile attitude to the nature of the disease and the body's own workings. He believes learning about the symptoms would mentally tire him which would put him at a higher risk of contracting the virus.[1] Later that month, he endorsed watching the anime series Cells at Work! to build one's resistance;[2] the cartoon depicts body cells as people, and is based on anatomical and hematologic science (though with obvious artistic license at play given the show's portrayal) but given Chris's views on OCs, it would appear that he believes it to be a direct, literal depiction of what goes on in his body.

Impact on Chris's fantasies

On 28 March, Chris claimed the pandemic to be a sign of the Dimensional Merge and that COVID-19 was cured weeks ago in his fantasy world, also saying that My Little Pony characters were working to stop the pandemic problems in the real world.[3]

Chris has claimed that this pandemic is a part of the merge used for evening out the population on both sides of the dimensional curtain before the merge. He says this virus will help remove those who are mentally and physically weak.

This disease had also made its way to CWCville in C-197 and some neighboring dimensions, but was somehow cured in all of them by mid April 2020. It is not known if weens and A-Logs have tried to crowbar a more severe outbreak into C-197, but Chris has so far ignored them.

Impact on Chris IRL

Due to COVID-19 being declared a global pandemic in early 2020, multiple rules came into effect, including but not limited to shutting down of all non-essential services. Though the definition of essential was very vague in the USA, conventions were labelled non-essential and were not allowed to open. This stressed our autistic hero as he could no longer go the places that had (somewhat) accepted him.

Chris couldn't deal with the cancellation of the one place where he found people who liked the same things he did and as a coping mechanism declared that Sonichu has taken over his body and his soul has left for CWCville to attend BABScon.[4] Despite social distancing having been enforced in Virginia, this didn't stop Chris (as Sonichu) attending the Leftovermedia livestream with ween Noah and the musician Max Mandu, footage from the livestream clearly showing that social distancing wasn't in place.

Chris also said that a vaccine would be developed within two weeks from mid-March, suggesting that all his knowledge about epidemics comes from Plague Inc and games like it. He then went on to say that we have not applied what we have learnt from past epidemics to this one. During the SARS and MERS epidemics, we were not able to create a vaccine 3 months after they were detected, thereby proving how naïve he is.


Support for artists

Unlike Chris's finances, the hoard keeps increasing

Instead of paying his mortgage or various loans, Chris decided that he will be buying all the garbage that other Bronies have for sale online.[5] He begged his audience to buy his cards and comics so he can then give that money to Bronycon artists. When people called him out for this, he said the cancellation of Bronycon left these people with no source of income and that he was a helpful person Sonichu for buying their trinkets.[6] Chris probably doesn't actually care about the artists and just wanted all their products and gave his stupid reason to justify wasting money.

Stimulus check

Notice the charging cable held together using tape and velcro. History might repeat itself.

On 29 May, Chris purchased an iPad, stylus, and subscription to Clipstudio to draw art digitally, using money from the Economic Impact Payment stimulus money sent out by the Pmurt administration.[7] Chris complained about how difficult the software was to use.[8] It is to be noted that Chris thinks this money came from Trump's wallet and not the Federal reserve.

Item Price Balance
Apple iPad pro 9.7 inch 32GB[9] $500 $700
Adonit Pro 4 stylus $30 $670
Bluetooth keyboard $20 $650
Screen protector $10 $640


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