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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

On 13 August 2020, Chris (as Sonichu) answered some questions that were posted on the Official CWCki Discord server through a Watchman, seeming to treat it like a mailbag. Notably, Chris offered more information than users asked for, and answered some questions that weren't there. Chris's answers are in yellow, and questions are in orange.

Favorite Animals of the Chaotic Combo and Punchy's Most Comfortable Environment

I know it's not likely that CWC will answer me but I would love to know what each of these sonichus/rosechus (Sonichu,Rosechu,Blake,Wild,Magichan,Bubbles, Angelica and Punchies) favourite animals are and what kind of natural (non man-made) environment punchy feels most at home in
Weirdly worded, but I get it.

I take it they're asking of animals that are existent in this dimension, and not other Pokemon, Digimon, or what they consider to be a

"Fictional Character"?

But I get it, and I shall answer it.

Angelica likes eagles.

Blake likes big rats (preferably those that aren't hanging out in dumps and sewers).

Wild likes monkeys and apes.

Bubbles likes elephants and dolphins.

Punchy likes kangaroos.

Rosey likes rabbits.

Magi-Chan likes mongoose.

And I like rabbits, too.

Punchy feels comfortable and most at home in quiet places with nature sounds, or a dojo or temple by a forest (that is when he is not at home

binging anime or whatever comedy show is on TV.

Color of Sonichu's Lightning

Can sonichu only make yellow lightning? or is he able to make different colored lightning?
I can make white, yellow and even blue lightning; Mama tends to default to colouring any lightning she draws yellow, regardless.

I am not a big fan of Magikarp or Gyarados (I still have my PTSD moment from that time I almost drowned in the lake).

At least the Mega Gyarados doesn't come a knocking in my dreams too often these days.

That's a heavy project that will have to wait for her return; she will have made a plan on doing so by then.

She has considered commenting on Gino's documentary, at least the highlights.

Mad Max Movies

Have you seen the mad max movies, and if so, what do you think of them?
Rosey and I saw them, but Mama has not, yet she has seen clips through some of WatchMojo's videos. It's an all right movie.

Time Travel Plans

CWC, when you go back in time do you plan to undo anything else or will that alter the time stream too much? If you do plan to alter something else what will it be?
Mainly, undoing the Corona Virus from ever leaking out; not much else from before the date of that event at all.

Leaked Playlist

Chris then answered a question that didn't seem to originate from the Official CWCki Discord, about his leaked playlist:

I'll share the full playlist screen caps later, but it is a mix of most every genre, except heavy metal (with the one exception being Dethklok's "Thunderhorse"); the majority of which in the past and/or present resonated to create a vibration, like that when someone transforms into their super form. Other favourites, aside from that, and some new age relaxation and meditation tracks, along with a few other functional tracks as well.

How Sonichus Can Talk

Next is another answer to a question that is unavailable, asking how Sonichus can talk:

Firstly, there is literally a TM that can teach ANY Pokemon to speak the local languages (and can go multi-lingual with other-country speech TMs as well). All of us special Sonichus and special Rosechus are capable of learning and speaking local human speech without the need for a TM, even to the point where it just comes natural. And we pass that down to our children as well. Those who are not special, though, by default do not learn or speak human in the wild. The trainer who has a Sonichu and/or Rosechu can use a TM to teach them to speak. Between all of us Sonichus and Rosechus, though, rather or not we speak the human speech, we can still understand each other and communicate as normal, as we would with other Pokemon and animals by default. Those from the wild or had trainer(s) who end up domesticating themselves to reside and work with others, by their individual choice, likely will buy a TM to learn to speak human.

There are countless Special and domesticated regular Sonichus and Rosechus that have not yet been chronicled by Chris Chan, herself, but fortunately, we also have everyone around this world in this dimension able to access C-197 and find at least one who lives amongst us, or in other alt-dimensions and alt-timelines, regardless, and draw/chronicle them out as they individually will. For the extra detail, though:

When using said TM, it does not overwrite any of the other moves the Pokemon knows in their attack set in any of the games. On that, out of literally all of us Pokemon, we actually keep all of our moves; we do not forget any of the moves we learn, generally.

It's just the limit the programmers put into the games that only makes us seem restricted from your point of view, as the player.

Level-Up Moves, Taught Moves; we can learn them and use them.

We need not delete any of our moves.

Lickitung never forgets Lick.

Oh, I forgot to mention.

Many trainers realize and learn from other trainers that to teach their Pokemon to speak human speech has its drawbacks, especially if the Pokemon they teach to talk has a lot of grief and a colourful language they might have picked up from their trainer.

It is possible to teach many Pokemon to talk, but most of the time, in C-197, the trainers are not likely to purchase or use this TM. And those who do teach only their best buddy and closest Pokemon partner, and let them speak for and on behalf the remaining team.

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