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The Internet Dream Lounge was a podcast series, hosted on YouTube. The podcast was known for interviewing people with a sizable following over the internet. The hosts of the podcast are R. Merryweather (aka Merryweathery), a Danish web artist and Easy-K, an EDM music artist.[1]


On 4 September 2017, Chris retweeted Merryweathery, who announced that Chris would be the next guest star for the podcast. Despite the announcement's broadcast date set for the following week, days before the expected release, Merryweathery went on to announce the delay of the video; however, he was accepting additional questions for the interview. Based on one of Chris's Facebook posts, he completed an interview on or prior to 22 September.[2] According to Merryweather, a re-recording was carried out on 3 October, for a 9th of October release.[3]

Chris stated that he accepted the interview for the following reasons:[4]

On 5 September, Merryweathery showed up on the Kiwi Farms in defense of the interview, upon receiving criticism from users that he was not going to get any new information out of Chris. He revealed to an extent the contents of the interview, notably an "interesting answer" from Chris with regards to the identity of the Magical Man.[5]

Merryweathery maintained good relations with Chris after the interview. In December, he tweeted a gift to @WeWuzMetokur of a drawing of him by Chris, saying that Chris had done it as a favor.[6]. Chris later drew an art piece for Merryweathery for his birthday.


Internet Dream Lounge #4 - Chris Chan
Stardate 4 October 2017
Made By Internet Dream Lounge
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos


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Intro (0:00-1:03)

Merryweathery: Welcome to another episode of the Internet Dream Lounge. I'm your host, Merry, and with me as always, my trusty, O faithful co-host, Easy-K. And on this show, we have the honor of presenting to our dear viewers: the eternal hero of love, the defender of autism and the God-Emperor of CWCville. The creator of Sonichu, Christine Weston Chandler.

Chris: Hey, everybody! How y'all doing?

Merryweathery: So how are you today, Chris?

Chris: I'm doing good. How are you?

Merryweathery: I'm good–doing quite fine. We already did this interview already. Uh, just want to re-record it because the last one was quite boring. Uh, and also, a few times, I slipped up and didn't call you by your proper pronouns. So, what was it you told me to do this time–uh, in ca–like, in order to make sure I don't slip up and call you he instead of she?

Chris: Pretend you're–ru–talking with [Speaking in a high voice] Natalie Portman! Hello, I'm Miss Natalie Portman! Let's have [Merry laughs] fun together[?], all right? [Chris chuckles].

Merryweathery: All right.

Easy-K: Dude, is Natalie Portman in the room right now?

Merryweathery: Ap–apparently, she is!

Easy-K: Is Natalie Portman here? [Chris laughs]

Comic origin questions (1:03-#:##)

Merryweathery: [Chris can be heard joking in the background] Anyway.. um. [Merry laughs] Anyway... uh... well, in order to not–uh–not–uh–mess up the pronouns and call her Christine–uh–she instead of he. I will be pretending it's Natalie Portman, so I hope that helps. Anyway, uh, Chris, I want to get straight into things and see that you have actually started your very own merchandise shop recently.

Chris: Yes. [Merryweathery: Good.] My very own merchandise shop.

Merryweathery: [Chris talks over Merry] Yes, we should buy some Christian... uh, Weston Chandler pillows. Uh, the classic ones, the ones with your picture from when you were a guy.

Chris: Yeah, well, something old and then also a bit something new if you wanna go updated.

Merryweathery: Absolutely. So, Chris, could you tell us a little bit about Sonichu, your creation? What's the l- the listeners who don't know about that?

Chris: Yes. Sonichu and Rosechu, are the electric hedgehog Pokemon in the city of Cwcville, Virginia, United States of America, and- with my help, or rather, with their help if I'm- when I'm in danger, we defend [Merryweathery: Yes.] the city of Cwcville from those who want to make true love and feeling and finding it illegal in the United States of America, and around the world.

Merryweathery: And of course the people who want to make, uh, true love illegal, well, that would be the, uh, i-i-in the lore of your comics, that would be the jerkops and Slaweel Ryam, who is based on a person who brought a lot of problems into your life. Uh, I've been asked not to mention her real name, um, but a lot of it is based on your real life experiences and your troubles are in your, um, adult life. I believe, a subtext for the comic is the Adult Chronicles of Christian Weston Chandler, or Christine Weston Chandler as it is now.

Chris: Yes. Give or take, but really the main antagonist is actually the embodiment of my loneliness and depressions. The one of which I have given a name based on one of my depressing life events. The infamous spiritual magician, Count Graduon.

Merryweathery: Count Graduon. And he's, like, the eternal, kind of, your nemesis in a way in the comic.

Chris: Yes, because apparently he was the one that could never feel love and he never could feel it for his son- for himself, he never could find it, so it- so, back in the medieval centuries, he would attack kingdoms and castles and eventually a knight beheaded him, and yeah, when- we had an archaeologist in England, he gets possessed- He finds the orb that he was encapsulated in and Graduon- pur- p- ssssss, uh, here's another one for the blooper reel. Graduon possesses him-

Merryweathery: [laughing] It's alright, Chris, don't worry.

Chris: Graduon possesses him, and in the- in the body, Graduon guides the guy all the way to America. Or at least to be America. And the Cherokee- and the Cherokee clan recognizes this now spirit and exorcises Graduon from the poor archaeologist, and puts him in a new sphere encapsulation and hides that underground. And then in many years later, he is uncovered and put in a museum, the sphere. And that's where he and Slaweel met.

Merryweathery: So that's the origin story of the villains. Can we- can we hear a little bit about how you came up with your title character, the electric hedgehog Pokemon, Sonichu, and of course, Rosechu?

Chris: Oh yes.


The interview offers insight into Chris's sexual orientation and gender identity. In the second (and published) recording of the interview, Chris adopts the name Natalie Portman as a cue for his hosts to use his preferred gender pronouns. Given Chris's tendency to fantasize about inserting himself into lesbian scenes in media, Chris may have chosen Natalie Portman after her leading role in the film Black Swan.

Merryweathery introduces Chris to the game Fuck, Marry, Kill, where the chosen person is given the name of three individuals, and has to decide on whom they would have sex with, marry, and kill. Presented with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, Chris is swift to choose Clinton and Trump to marry and kill, respectively. In spite of the nonconsequential nature of the game, Chris is hesitant to straight up say he would "fuck Obama"–opting instead for a tamer verb. Though Chris claims to embrace the LGBT culture, Chris's discomfort may hint a Freudian slip on his attitude towards male homosexuality. In a second round, co-host Easy-K asks Chris to choose between Amy Rose, Rosechu and young Mary Lee Walsh, to which he selects to kill the human.

Chris's ego is prevalent in this interview. Optimistic for his then relationship with Jessica Quinn, Chris's sense of entitlement led him to expect Jessica will look after his ailing mother in addition to himself. Despite little recognition in the Brony community, Chris is confident he can ride the coattails of BronyCon 2018 by hosting a panel, based on the evidence that people approached him during his 2017 attendance. Chris later goes on to describe President Trump as a "narcissist".

Chris also claims in the interview to have a "psychic link" to his fictional characters, confirming that, despite years of opportunity for soul-searching and growth with his newfound transgender identity, he still adheres to his childlike belief that his characters really do exist in a plane of reality reminiscent of Toon Town from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Interestingly, he prefaces this claim by saying "I know this sounds crazy...", acknowledging an awareness that rational people don't think this way about imaginary electric hedgehogs.

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