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Chris's increasingly cluttered profile picture.

This page is an archive of Chris's Facebook posts during September 2017. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris's posts, e.g. William Elliott Waterman and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

1 September

I support the American Red Cross

He linked to

Still waiting on a Sweetheart

7 September

I'm feeling a lonesome, sad moment from once again realizing I still need my sweetheart. I have not given up the search; it's still in my queue. I've backed off, also praying she will find me. And from good friendship and earning my trust, allowing me to earn hers as well, that something more sparking and staying on for the rest of our lives (together(?)). I'll recover very soon, but right now it hurts in my heart, to the point of crying.

He later posted the following:

I feel like Chloe Price from "Life is Strange - Before the Storm", waiting and praying for my "Rachel f***ing Amber" to come swoop in and Batwoman me to somewhere safe.

NightStar2891, his sockpuppet, tweeted an image of Chloe Price crying. He then Liked it with his CWCSonichu account.[1]

Amiibo Memory

7 September

Chris responded to a Facebook memory from September 2015

Awesome Prototype Set. Soon enough, we might have them manufactured; collect 'em all.

Lovely Fanart

7 September

Love is Love, and it feels awesome; don't be blind to it. 😉

Chris added two images to the "Lovely Fanart" gallery.

The Jessica Saga Begins

I am with Sweetheart; Please Respect Us

He linked to the video of the same name.

Jessica Quinn:

Thank you sweetie. This means a lot to me
This and your drawing has really cheered me up and made my day.

Testing the Waters

In reference to his Facebook relationship with Jessica Quinn being changed to "a complicated relationship".

The only complication is us testing the waters.
Well... and an entire online community that couldn't ever understand.
Maybe not, but we'll ask them to be respectful of us.
I wouldn't bank on it, but we'll see what happens.

Nicholas Portmann:

I'm happy for you Christine! I hope everything goes well for you two! You deserve it after all of these years

More Fanart

8 September

Chris added an image to the "Lovely Fanart" gallery.

Talmur R.:

How do I submit my fan art?


You can DM or text it to me, tag me on uploading it onto your timeline, tag me on Tweeting it, email, etc.

Blond vs turquoise hair

9 September

Chris responded to a Facebook memory from September 2014

During my Blonde phase; when I had my hair coloured blonde. It was fun, but I like my turquoise hair much better.

Jessica Quinn = Lovely Weather

9 September

I drew this portrait of Jessica Quinn yesterday; she loves it. Also, to answer the "Lovely Weather" question, the name Was a placeholder in lieu of not knowing her actual name when I made and drew my Sweetheart Prediction in Sonichu #10. Take a good look at L.W. in the panel, then look at Jessica.

Jessica Quinn = Lovely Weather

My prediction came true; we are together; it is Awesome! 😊💖💖💖

JessicaQuinnArt.jpg LovelyWeatherPhoto.jpg CWCJessScreenshot.jpg


Fantastic work love! Thank you

Podcast Delayed

9 September

In response to this tweet by @Merryweatherey.

Bonus follow-up, so most kind questions are accepted. No questions about my Sweetheart or our budding relationship, please. Support is good.


Maybe you should've kept the relationship quiet if you didn't want attention about it?


Semi public is ok. I don't have a problem with it as long as people can remain respectful of what we have.


That is the idea.


I trust your judgement hon.

Chris wants to be on MLP

In response to this tweet from Equestria Daily

Wow! Hopefully Night Star will be popular enough to be featured this or season 9. Help me get there, please. I'd Voice Myself! 😉


Fingers crossed


They're not going to put your fan character in their show.


Not with That attidude, Mister Bill.


Theres no harm in making the attempt Will. There's plenty of things that have been suddenly thrust into the pop culture spotlight.

Patreon Update

Pages will be uploaded after the Podcast is uploaded. Enjoy this fourth-wall break from Night Star. 😊

Chris then linked to his recent Patreon post.

"Fancy Greeting"

10 September

A good afternoon to you, @AndreaLibman ; I am but a weary artist here to humbly compliment you on the fancy greeting you spoke in MLP. 😊Cute

Quinn posted an emoji of a pair of eyes.

Christine Weston Chandler Oh, dear. I had just watched the "Daring Done" episode of MLP again, and I liked how Pinkie Pie spoke fancy like that to the fancy-dressed hotel clerk. Andrea Libman was funny saying her line.
Hmm... ok.

It just struck me as odd that you wanted to tell her you liked the sound of her voice. I was waiting for you to get back to me. I get it, it's fine. No worries.

Get back to me when you can ok?

Chris replied

Just did.
That tweet was supposed to stay on Twitter. My blooper. Whoops.

Ok then.

I'm not upset. Just remember... you're mine. JessicaQuinn2.jpg
Jessica Quinn yes, I am yours. I'm not flirting or anything. It's as you had earlier said about Doopie: nothing more than a platonic relationship with an artist/celebrity that I like and have no intention of seeking anything more.


It's fine.

Meeting Quinn in October

13 September

On Jessica Quinn's Facebook page:


Have you met in real life?


We have a date planned for October 6th. That's all I'm saying about it. Nobody needs to know or needs to care what we do behind closed doors, so we'd appreciate it if everyone could just accept it and move onto something more worthwhile to focus on, ok? Thank you.


Tom [REDACTED] yes, please, respect Jessie and I. Thank you, Tom.

Facebook Memory

Facebook Memory brought up a Facebook post from 2014

What a silly-cute photo from my first Pride Festival.

Chris thinks trolls are jealous of him

14 September

The hateful trolls are just jealous that SONICHU and my life has entertained more people than they could ever entertain in their lives.


It's pathetic really, but it's an unfortunate part of the internet. Don't let these humanoid anchors weigh you down!


this is reallt cruel sonicchu save me


You've just got to ignore them in the end of the day. They're the ones wasting their time on you, just goes to say something.


That's incredible! When is the next patreon update gonna be, anyway? I haven't seen any since the sweetheart announcement.


Don't post about it, they keep doing it.


I agree. I would just focus on sharing all the positive things going on in your life. Negativity attracts negativity.


insulting trolls back is no better too.


And passive aggressiveness is just plain obnoxious, wouldn't you agree?

On the subject of bikini armor

15 September

In response to a tweet by @MerryWeatherey

Reminds me of how in games, the most revealing of "armor" is the most powerful? I believe, aside from fan service, that's in reference to more ease of moving yourself with less restriction, and allowing the fullest strengths of the character be released to attack/defend.

Waterman began a reply chain:

What games have you been playing? In GOOD games, that were made in the 90s, the player sprites never change when they equip something. The Assassin and Demoness in Hexen II were just as revealing with 0 AC as they were with 36.
Right, William Elliott Waterman, but we're talking modern-day games and anime now. What games haven't You heard of or played?
Didn't you think "what games haven't you heard of" was an impossible question to answer?
LOL! YES! Great answer!
eh... alright. The freedom of movement thing is supposed to be tied to the SPEED stat, isn't it? So lighter armor has the drawback of defense with a benefit of not cutting your speed. I don't buy that Higher defense = dodging logic.
Yes, but types of defense can vary. And Dodging is a defenseive tactic that allows the character to escape from where the epicenter of the attack would have hit, and causing less/reduced damage onto the character.
Video game mechanics are defined by their programming, not superficial visuals.

Updated Lovely Weather

16 September

Updated, and more accurate, full drawing of "Lovely Weather" as reference to later stories featuring her and I.

Quinn body .jpg

Chris at a gay pride festival

16 September

Good show so far; just chillin'; will give free hugs; come on down!
Sounds fun!


It's a live action adaptation of Sonichu 12




I hope you're having a great time hon! ❤️

Save some hugs for me ok?


You Betcha, Love! 😊❤️❤️


You better! 😊

...keep it friendly, ok?

Thank you for coming out to celebrate pride with us!!

Chris made the paper, wore the pony horn

September 17th

Check out who's on page three of "The Daily Progress" today! Ultimate Participation Trophy! 😊🌸🌸🌸🌈 #CVillePride2017

Dailyprogress print cville pride cwc.jpg


OMG! How cool is that to have made the paper!

Congratulations love!


A participation trophy? Isn't that a joke in cartoons?

Sonichu is now on Tapas

September 17th

**Announcement: Sonichu Books will now be available to view online on Tapas. Currently, only Book 0 is on there, but the remainder, up to now, will be uploaded there. The Pages will No Longer be on my Facebook. And One Month after the completion of the Latest Book at the time, the book will be added onto Tapas. Thank You.

He linked to his Tapas page.

Quinn as a MLP OC

17 September

Second thing for right now: my Sweetheart and I, both have an MLP OC; we are shipped for real. I'm getting the ball rolling with this fresh piece of the two of us; I would like to see us in other lovingly done art styles. I have seen a LOT of MLP ship art that is Just Amazing. I'm a unicorn with Levitation and other powers; she's a pegasus; Please, Bronies and Pegasisters: Make us look as great as y'all can.

Quinn CWC ponies.jpg

Kayla R:

Tony DisapontedMeatballpls draw then


No. Does his art style look like it has Any sincere love in them?


This is so sweet. Thank you for including me hon, I absolutely love it!


I Love You!

Chris then posted:

And here are drawings of her and I, separate, for initial references. There are more of Night Star, but right now, for Diamond Melody, it's just this one and the piece in the post right before this one. Cutie Marks included. Thank You.

NightStar mark.jpg Quinn pony.jpg

More Chris-approved art

18 September

This person can really do Shiny Art.

Chris then added the following image to his "Lovely Fan Art" album. RandomFanart.jpg

Chris spots a ween

18 September Chris posted the following image



Absolutely pathetic, lol.

Sonichu is pony now

19 September

Also to my fellow Bronies and Pegasisters, the lyrics of my New Song (still needs music; read the fourth-wall-break), that I would love to see made into a PMV with Vinyl and AJ, please.

Chris linked to a page from Sonichu #12

Chris is mad that trolls don't listen to him

19 September

Hey! I just heard you trolls are bothering my Jessica; please, STOP IT! Leave Her Be!

He linked to I am with Sweetheart; Please Respect Us.

Sorbet memories

19 September

In response to a Facebook Memory from a year prior

Aww! He was much smaller back then, and I still remember the events of that day. He has grown, and we still care for and about him.


I love that little guy. He looks very similar to my little Clyde 😸

I'm glad to know he's doing much better since the accident. He's very lucky to have such a loving owner!

More fanart

20 September

For me and Jessie, from Mell. Thank you.

Chris added the following images to his "Lovely Fanart" gallery.


I can't believe how nice these came out!

Thank you [REDACTED].

These are actually really cute, fair play


Who is Mell?


20 September

The Equestria Girls versions of our OCs. Instead of a horn, my third eye is really open.

He then added the following images to "Lovely Fanart"

"Psychic Links"

20 September

I just wanted to offer a viewpoint, and agreements, with the @LazyCastPodcast crew. After listening to their latest Podcast, I opened my Cartoon Network app, and I watched The whole quintuple set of Blisstina episodes, plus the two-minute short. I agree with the L.C. on the Professor's motivation(?) towards Bliss, with Chemical "W"? LOL I guess if he had used "Y", it would have been a boy with a female soul. Anyhow, the childhood interest was already long there, but to change that to "competition with an Astroboy clone-maker", that Was not cool. As an individual, I can respect Blisstina as the outcast, and empathize too. None, Blossom, Bubbles nor Buttercup had Awesome Psychokinetic and Teleportation Powers like B.T. does. Her personality may be put into question, but she is who she is.

And I agree with @JessooDessoo (by the way, Happy Birthday, Jess! Couldn't help myself; still a fun thing to celebrate and jest), on the following. It is not usually the best to pass the world and character family to a fan; despite knowing the stories, up to the certain points and whatever, they are unlikely to fully appreciate the how the family and the world fully works. Which is why I stressed how much I need to be involved in the final Sonichu and Rosechu products and series and everything. There are a load of "Fan"-Fics that take a lot of my work, misunderstood, out of context. Adulterated, XXX-rated, offensive garbage. And years ago, when I saw all of that, I had felt that nobody was fully getting the real heart and soul and love and care that only I, as the prime creator of the Electric-Hedgehog Pokémon and the city of Cwcville, VA, with all of my psychic-connections to that dimension and family there, Am the sole able person who can document the history and stories and just about everything in and around there and them.

Just to also comment, the LazyCast Podcast, while foul-humoresque, I find their antics funny and crazy. To all 18 and older, or if you can tolerate them, check out their series on iTunes and YouTube, and their Patreon page. So Hilarious!

Thank you.

Chris takes another internet personality test

20 September

Chris posted the following image


More fanart

20 September Chris added the following image to "Lovely Fanart"

Thank you, Tony.


21 September

Thank you, Kayla Rei.


Chris is fat, doesn't realize it

21 September

Chris's Facebook linked to an identical tweet

Want to naturally grow larger breasts? I eat 12 Prunes a day, and I put soy sauce on Non-Sweets; this Really Works for me!


Can't wait to see the results. Good luck!
Those French fries look amazing by the way.



Yet more fanart

21 September

More Awesome Fan Art! Thank You, Thomas W.

Chris added the following images to his fanart gallery

The next day, he added a photo of fan mail.

Just got it today. Thank you, Alyssa Thomas! 😊 I'm holding my book with it to show the size of it in scale.

Book 0 and fanart.jpg

Chris assumes Sonichu consplayer is unironic

22 September

Chris posted an image of a Sonichu cosplayer/fursuit at the SanJapan convention.

Awesome job!

Chris uses Facebook to evade a Twitter block

22 September

Chris linked to a tweet from Tabitha St. Germain, as is unable to respond to her on Twitter.


Opinion on Sachumo's CWC Documentary

22 September

feeling pained.

I was busy, enduring one inevitable thing that I Had heard, about me, was okay, that I would have to sit through...

How this came up, when I was being interviewed for the Internet Dream Cafe podcast, I was cited as a Legend. I felt lost, because I was so emotionally problematic, to use that term loosely, between 2007 and up to 2014, when I came out. I never really understood why I was a Legend. I do not know for full, during the span of that time or so, how many people I had actually inspired.

Because he addressed me as the Legend, I asked Merryweathery How I was a Legend, or Why. He told me I was very well documented, for one thing. And he linked the more recent video, "Sonichu 101". But then I was reminded of the Documentary, which goes up to 2014, and could do with more updating.

Anyhow, I was afraid of watching the Chris Chan Documentary, as I had thought it would hurt me with a lot of the recounting of the events I was Trolled and Bullied, for the Most part. But on the other hand, there could have been some commentary from various people talking about how they were inspired by me, or something, I don't know.

So! About 8:55 PM, after I had a shower, I turned on and Listened to the Chris Chan Documentary. I felt it would be WAY Too much for me to endure Watching it, so I covered my eyes with my turbie-twist, I had my earbuds plugged into my iPod. I Listened to the whole thing. I cried at some of the pre-2004 topics, as they were Not offensive, they reminded me of times when I was so young, that I was like this or that. My tears welled into the turbie. For about Everything Before 2004, it Was Positive, it Was kind. And then, starting with the early days of my Sweetheart Search, and Megan, and Snyder, Mary Lee Walsh; I had a bunch of Oh My God! moments in response. But that was Cake. And then, I heard the old song I sang, that makes me cringe now, in tune to "I Want It That Way" from N*Sync, "Virgin With Rage", and then the "Sagas" with the Trolls and the theoretical exes; all of That was a medium-size slice of hell to me. So, in my overall feeling of that Documentary, I gave it a Thumbs Down on YouTube; I feel like it is about 45% Hellish, out of the whole hour.

I Really WISH, and I Feel it would do me a Whole Better World of Good for a documentary, or a full compilation of, recorded video testimonies from all of the people who were actually touched by my work, or by my kindness and efforts, in the genuine, Positive words, to outweigh all that four years of hate (07 to 11),... I Want That Video Made!!!

You All wanted me to watch this Documentary; I had emotional difficulties Listening to it! It Is Done!!!

There will Not be any Reaction Video of me watching this "Documentary", EVER!!!


Miss Christine Weston Chandler.

He posted a link to the video.

You are adorable, Christine!
That's what Jessie told me in response after telling her all this. What of my story warranted the compliment of "adorable"?


I called you adorable because of what you said to me after the story! Not because of it, or your reaction to the whole thing.

Calling you adorable after you clearly were experiencing grief and regret is a pretty shitty thing to say.

This was adorable. Not the story.


Imagining you with your turbie-twist over your eyes!! I have to hide my eyes too, sometimes. You're a brave girl
I will give you that.

Ideas for an updated documentary

23 September

An updated documentary, with Lots of kind testimonies, is a lot of help. Especially since the people I've met at at least BronyCon, who all were affected positively, even in some remote way, it is good. A key would be Trimming down the "Sagas", down to a brief summary in each, add in the updates that happened within the Three Years (from 14 to 17), showing off some of the better examples of my kindness and personality, I do believe a better Documentary about me could be made. As I said, I did find positive and good in the first 50 to 55 percent of the previous Documentary.

Also, to add and heavily note, while I did use to be homophobic, my past anti-gay moments; I was really more upset with the mislabelings of my sexual preferences. And when I Had the Cwcipedia website, the adultive male-on-male images, they badly triggered me. I was feeling constantly upset; my better judgment was clouded. I am more tolerant about all that, I'll share a smile and a hug with a gay dude in kindness; just don't force the behind-closed-door content on me.

I am a Lesbian; I am Very Much attracted to women. I am a Transwoman; Total Female Soul in a male to female transforming body. I am with Sweetheart. I have lots of good friends, and I am liked and appreciated by my closest and beyond. I am fully happy and blessed. I also forgive all of the people who have wronged me years to many years ago. I do pray they and I can be friends again, but that's up to them.

Thank You. 😊❤️

Love and Sincerely, Miss Christine Weston Chandler

Yep TV DVD and comics.jpg

"Adultive" is not a word. That said, if you want to put an update on the record, you'd have to do it yourself. Keep in mind however that everything a public figure says tends to get misinterpreted.

Have you considered focusing on work instead?

More EQG shit

24 September

I like sharing kindness, wisdom and good vibes. 😊

He linked to some EQG video on youtube.

Chris wishes it was his birthday now

25 September

I just found this on Netflix, and pretended it was February 24. Thank You, @AndreaLibman . And Happy Birthday to You!

He linked to a MLP happy birthday thing on youtube.

Quinn breaks up with Chris

26 September

feeling heartbroken.

Why did I lie? To protect from a truth? Why did I sneak? To hide from the bullies? NOT worth it when your hearts are on the line.


Quinn mad.jpg

You lied because you thought you could get away with it!

You can't blame "bullies" or anyone else but yourself for this. I trusted you. 😡

Mellanie Chafe:

I know this is off topic, but...your brows are beautiful.


Fuck you 😡

Chris updated both his profile picture and video to a scene of him crying.

Later, Chris posted:

feeling pained.

My head is feeling constricted. I’ll be on break from my phone for a while.

Back together with Quinn

26 September

Chris deleted the posts from the previous update.

He then linked to LazyCast episode 10:

With due respect, this one was the last @LazyCastPodcast I’ll hear; cutting my ties. I’m sorry for unsubscribing.


Thank you. You made the right choice.


Just cutting off loose ends.

Later, he posted:

Last comment on this: cutting off these ties, in all prior context, I feel like I’m conceding defeat against my will. But I Promised.


Against your will? ...really?

Peace of mind

26 September

To find Peace of Mind, your remaining demons have to be faced and sorted out.


What is "peace of mind" supposed to mean?

Status change

27 September

Chris changed his status to "feeling loved with Jessica Quinn."

2016 Election memory

27 September

Facebook memory linked to a post from year ago

My mother and I voted for her; I wish we could pretend HE is not president. Drop in the ratings, people. Eh.


I still liked Bernie better. I couldn't justify voting for her when the DNC rigged the primaries in her favor. Trump is a doozy, but I honestly don't think she'd really be any better.

The Jessica Saga resumes

27 September

We’re made up and moving on. Yay! 😊


The past is in the past, and lessons have been learned. Things will be ok

Patreon Update

27 September

He Truly Loves Her!

Chris linked to his Chris then linked to his recent Patreon post.


Truly spoken from the heart.

Chris attempts to offer relationship advice

27 September

A bit of wisdom I offer to All still searching for their Sweetheart and True Love.

Make Friends First. Don’t push for romance. Such a reckless rush could cause a heart burst. From your circle of friends, keep your heart open to all of them, for within the group, you are more likely to find the one with lots in common. Or, otherwise, one of them will open their heart for you, and with further conversation find their emotions confirmed and true. If you make the move to up you two to Sweethearts, do not be afraid to make that first move when you really feel the full motive to start. Or, when the one person opens for you and asks to upgrade, take your time to feel it for yourself; you’ve might have it finally made.

With that I bid you the Best of Luck and Prayers.

You may share this wisdom with others who may need it very much so.

Sincerely, Miss Christine Weston Chandler


Confidence and taking initiative helps too. ❤️

And honesty with oneself - and their partner.

On Twitter, Chris interacted with the weens:

I wish I had a sweetheart ☹️
Have an open heart, don’t be afraid. Your sweetie is likely in your friendship parade.
stream minecraft sonic mods
Not my expertise; sorry.
I wish I had one too... But after a while I eventually gave up on looking. It be nice if I do find 1 but I'm not forcing it. 😥
Keep Heart, Have hope and faith. Life is a coinkie-dink strafe.
it also sounds like you're saying "be friends first and expect one of those friends to date you later on"
Oh, Back Off, go make a rhyme. Love will come your way in good time.

Sonichus and last names

28 September

Another question answered: the Sonichu and Rosechu Surnames. Mainly, there are not any surnames amongst our Electric-Hedgehog Pokémon, including our Prime Sonichu and Rosechu. When they have to put their names down, though, they each made up a Nickname for themselves, or others have made up a popular Nickname for them.

Magi-Chan came up with his nickname during his time being Mewtwo’s protege, as among what was shown to Magi-Chan, he liked the magicians of the world; it was a pun that stuck with him. Wild Sonichu names himself soon enough as he grew up in the wilds of the jungle, even though his personality is more grounded.

After Kel’s Raichu transformed into Rosechu, Rosechu did name Herself that, but Kel gave her the nickname of Rosey, and Sonichu started calling her that as his main term of endearment. Rosechu allowed Rosey to become her unofficial First Name.

Sonichu, names himself Sonichu, after his transformation and day-saving. No Nickname was ever given to him. But he and his Rosey Are considered the Prime Sonichu and Rosechu, as they both were the first of their respective species.

So, to answer the question of how they signed their Marriage Certificate, it was signed as (last name) Sonichu & (first name) Rosey (last name) Rosechu.

In their union, either one can be addressed as Mister Sonichu/Rosechu or Missus Sonichu/Rosechu. They these marriages of a Sonichu and a Rosechu remains without either member having to take their partner’s last or species name.

Thank you.