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The following covers Chris's activity on Facebook in February 2013.


  • 2 February - Chris feels lousy.
  • 4 February - Chris wants to attack Mimms.
  • 7 February - Chris displays his Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • 7 February - Chris asks about personality types.
  • 12 February - Chris accuses the CWCki Forums of trolling.
  • 19 February - Chris rambles about his friends, autism, trolling, and himself.
  • 21 February - Chris remembers a local murder victim.
  • 21-22 February - Chris relates to the movie "Smiley."
  • 24 February - Chris receives birthday wishes.
  • 25 February - Chris criticizes a video by Tara Strong.
  • 27 February - Chris defends his criticism of Strong.

Chris's Posts

Sad, depressed, poor, and pathetic

2 February 2013

I am sad, depressed, poor and pathetic. :_(


4 February 2013

I have just found this photo on my ex-card game player friend turned TROLL, Daniel Mimms. According to his page, he still lives in Charlottesville. Does anyone recognize the location in the photo? I theorize somewhere on UVA grounds.


Kim replied to Chris with the following comment:

Huh, what would you do with that information?


I was thinking of if that traitor, Mimms, was residing there, I would personally deliver a letter to his mailbox, or in person, giving him a piece of my mind about him and Lucas taking that first photo of me at the League in 2007, cooperating with my enemies that took my life gravely downhill, how I feel about all that, wanting to deck his lights out, etc. And give him a real ugly look too. Scaring the shit out of that ex-friend turned Troll


Oh wow, that sounds like that'd be very intimidating. Sounds like a plan.

Turtle nostalgia

6 February 2013
Turtles 1.jpg

Don't you just smile at past generation references? I do.

Chris's Lego Turtles

7 February 2013
Chris drew breasts on the female turtle.

Hail! Hail! The full gang's all here! I think everyone would be soo glad to have Venus De Milo in the 2012 show. The Chi is Supreme!

So would Psychic Powers.

Chris believes in dumb things

7 February 2013

I have found through a Couple if Google searches in reference to Personality Types with my sign, Pisces, and my blood type, A-Negative. I have skimmed through some of it, and I have found it quite Does describe me. I would like other opinions as well, so please read them for yourself and comment.



No trolling plans

In this post, Chris screencaps the CWCki Forums and remarks on it.

12 February 2013

"No Trolling Plans"; Who the f*** are they kidding?

No trolling plans.jpg

Chris is grateful for his friends

19 February 2013

I've just downloaded and watched the pilot to HBO's "Girls" on iTunes. I agree with Anna, the music is good, and how the girls have fun hanging out and caring for each other in the show is sweet.

And it makes me think and reflect on the few close friends I have. They are all busy with their own lives, true, but they do offer me caring thoughts and such through email at least. I was blind-sighted from my loneliness with need to be physically close with them and just hang out, like as much as possible to understand that at least we did meet and hang out in a good time for them before it got more busy and complex, and a good time for me as well. And missing the in-person closeness made me blind to the fact that the communication is still there.

Having Autism slows my mental understanding quite a bit, but like my mother keeping on hugging me as I grew up to understand the caring and love, I eventually got it.

And then the internettrolls made things a lot worse for me, and made me fear internet communication altogether with most any person, because when meeting new people online, and having not met them in person Beforehand..., they can very well be shit-headed bastards pretending to be someone else.

I'm not sure what point I am trying to make here, even if it sounds like nonsense rambling, it sort of makes a spot of sense to me, I think and feel like.

Chris commemorates a murder victim

21 February 2013

Watching Girls episode 6; the Kari story and the benefit concert reminds me of what happened to Morgan Harrington here. Very sad.

Within the first few weeks, one Sunday, the note board was up on the bridge in November, I stopped and wrote a note with a little Sonichu and Rosechu face drawing on it. I did not know her personally, but I did read up on everything from "The Hook", and a bit from the television if the events. And like most Sundays, the ones when I go to my church, I drive by memorial plaque; short moment of silence. And it is like I feel for her and her family when I am reminded of the event.

Change of topic: I like how Hannah in the show uses an iPhone too. Except my provider is nTelos. Little fun.

Chris relates to characters in a TV show

21 February 2013

Just finished Season 1 of "Girls"; can't find Season 2 on iTunes, and yet the second season Is Currently in progress. Still a great show; definitely better than "Sex & the City", and I can relate better with the women. I am not as found in life as I'd like to be, and, yeah, our generation does come off more relying on the parental dollar and all that.


Chris made the following comment to his private friends.

21 February 2013

Rented and watching "Smiley". Gee wiz, if only I could do that to the Trolls; kill them off by typing the LULZ statement on their damn Cwcki page trice. But, yeah, the movie portrays them as they should be. Immature idiots who are bored and shit.

Still, what they do "for the LULZ" is still wrong and as horrible as Smiley popping up like Beetlejeuce.

More on Smiley

Chris posted this comment for the public.

22 February 2013

Just finished watching "Smiley". (Spoiler Alert) I liked it, because the people behind it had a general understanding of the horrible "fad" of Trolling and getting "LULZ" that has found me to be a victim of it for five years. After the initial scare and the move-in, the talk about the "underground" of the Internet: /b/, 4chan, anonymous, and Trolling really sets up the plot well, as well as start up a spot of pent up anger. And after the final death, the majority of "Smileys" were the drunken, bored idiots who get their laughs from seriously hurting people. And come into discussion, "Anonymous"; the central hub of the Trolls.

Even though this was considered a low-budget movie, it really speaks to me, as a victim. This movie, aside from the gory parts and the "R" rating, everyone who has been trolled or are aware of them at least a little bit, should watch this movie, even to have it shown in high schools. I feel it best puts it all into perspective, and it would certainly decrease the suicide rate quite a bit.

No one has to give in for their sick entertainment.

A fan tried to correct him in a private message:

Again you're just blaming everybody for trolling rather than dealing with your stuff. How are Anonymous the "central hub of trolling"?

Before that, you said Snyder was the hub, and before that it was the CWCki, and before that it was Megan, and the further you go back, all you see is you blaming everyone as a "central hub".

How can ALL of them be a central hub? That makes no sense. You're just looking for someone to point fingers at.

And wait, did you just say you wanted a gory R-rated film to be played in HIGH SCHOOLS?

All Chris had to say was:

Fuck off, fuck-face.

Open Letter to Tara Strong

Chris took a moment to publicly blast My Little Pony voice actress Tara Strong for apparently contributing to the cyber-bullying epidemic with the video "Twilightlicious" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wblE8YYLyQ0.

25 February 2013

I fully understand the video, "Twilightlicious", is nearly a year old now, but in due reference to my recent post about "Smiley", I feel compelled to comment on Tara Strong's (voice actress of Twilight Sparkle) contribution towards the very objectionable contribution towards promoting Internet Troll(ing)s/Cyber-Bullies. And I wish my full post be forwarded to Miss Strong's full attention posthaste.

While I do respect her voice acting in MLP:FIM, and she does a good job at portraying Twilight, I feel distraught in hearing her voice not only in promoting Trolling, but linking Twilight with the act. Even as to dare mark the now alicorn a Mascot for Trolling. As a lot of people are aware of me, I have been a grave victim of Trolling for over five long years. I have been emotionally and mentally scarred by the Trolls' deceptions, lies, blackmail, slander of my once good name, and so forth. Now I am like a black sheep of the world for the wrongest of reasons and people are afraid, and misunderstand worse, of me and of who I am and was.

So, I address you, Miss Tara Strong. Did you have any knowledge or acknowledgement of what Trolling was and is, and how these horrible people have and continue to mentally and emotionally damage innocent people with their twisted, sick, demented an evil ways alongside Anonymous and 4Chan behind the veils of the Internet? How do you stand in the name of protecting innocent people from being emotionally and mentally damaged from such bullying? And what were you thinking at the time when you recorded your voice for "blackgryphon's" meme, which obviously depicted and promoted Trolling?

If you had absolutely no regard to the consequences of the people, including myself, who were, are and have been the tragic victims of the bullying Trolls, then I see a lot of disappointed Twilight Sparkle fans and Bronies ready to boo at you.

Please, prove my theory wrong, and make a statement directly from your person, and in the good name of Twilight Sparkle, Bubbles and all of the characters you've given your voice to.

Sincerely, Christian W.Chandler Ruckersville, VA, USA


One troll decided to forward this message to Tara Strong on Facebook, assuming that she'd get a kick out of it. The following day, Tara actually responded:

I don't think I've seen anyone put an ugly spin on something this outrageously for their own attention. Anyone who follows me know that I'm on a huge anti-bullying platform, and even wrote and produced a song about it.

All my "twolling" as we on Twitter call it is completely adorable and makes people smile. Christian's article makes me angry & disappointed. Hope I never meet the guy.

Despite not knowing about Chris at all before reading his rant, Tara seemed to have caught on that Chris is an attention whore right from the get-go. While he had succeeded in what many trolls assumed to be an utterly ridiculous campaign (although one can easily argue that it was Chris's trolls who pushed the pieces into place), Chris's attitude has once again made him a pariah, this time with the Brony community.

Trolling is Abhor-able

Chris followed the previous letter up with a brief note expressing his well-known distaste for trolls.

25 February 2013

Trolling/Cyber-Bullying/Bullying are All just Abhor-able, Wrong and Degrading to us all emotionally and mentally.


I am Very Serious about calling Tara Strong out

Chris responded to criticism that his open letter was ridiculous.

27 February 2013

Yes, I am Very Serious about calling Tara Strong out, because Trolling IS Bullying, and I can hardly stand idly by and allow herself and Twilight to famously promote that which is just terribly wrong.

Posts by Chris's Friends

Chris received two birthday congratulation messages.

From Anna:

24 February 2013

Happy birthday, Christian!

Chris responded:

Thank you.

From Dana Mahri:

24 February 2013

happy birthday christian! hope you had a good day!