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The University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson himself in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been declared a World Heritage Site and is a famous example of neoclassical architecture, in addition to being consistently regarded as one of the best universities in the United States of America.

Despite the University's prestige and status as one of the most respected universities in the West, this cannot save it from the unfortunate fame of being one of Chris's prime attraction locations for his Love Quest.

As early as 2005, Chris spent time in the Alderman Library and the café playing his DS in hopes of attracting a boyfriend-free girl to be his sweetheart. According to local Something Awful goon vikivil, Chris would also leave some business cards behind in the library with the address to his Sonichu site printed on them. It can be reasonably assumed that these cards might have been one of the early seeds to his later Internet infamy.

Chris was spotted by a student at UVA there on 26 October 2007. He would go on to discuss Chris on Something Awful, marking the first step in Chris's higher profile on the internet and the beginning of constant trolling.

Chris alluded to "the campus" in his 22 May 2009 video, suggesting that he may still have been considering UVA as an attraction location at this time.

The university is also where Chris's half siblings Alan and Carol attended for their studies and graduated in a year of 1984 and 1988 respectively.

Despite the fact that Chris has never set foot on the campus for any other reason than his Love Quest, Chris has taken part in several events held at the university, even making a television appearance while participating in one of them.

Sonichu on UVA

In Sonichu's News Dash #5, "Sonichu" (read: Chris) did a review of the UVA Library:

After hanging at Fashion Square and PVCC, Sonichu, the Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon, decided to give the University of Virginia a try. He found the campus grounds serene and peaceful with its history, scenery and plenty of grass to rest on. He found himself educated within the libraries’ many books, and made like he was in Paris with the outdoor tables and chairs. And the “Corner” stores had an interesting selection of items from pencil sets to DVDs. He gave the UVA 5/5 Lightning Bolts of approval. Thank you UVA, for a very peaceful place to chill at in the city of Charlottesville.

UVA student on Chris

Alderman Library. Imagine Chris here.

On 13 April 2005, LiveJournal user and (at the time) University of Virginia student thereisbeautyin blogged about seeing Chris (who they referred to as "Sonichu") at the library.

So Sonichu returned to Alderman today. I am not sure what to make of him. He sits in his chair and draws his sonichu comics, harmless, i assme. Yet, I feel like he knows he's different. He knows that the world rushing in front of him is not his own. Surrounded by the "brightest" students in America, whatever that means, he sits in his chair and draws. 23 years old. I'm not sure he even graduated high school. In front of him texts of Plato, Faulkner, God, and Kleist swirl. Does he have the capacity to understand these works? Whether he can or not, I am not sure, but their is something in his eyes that realizes that there is a level of understanding and thought that he is unable to partake in. As he slumps lower and lower in his chair with each student he eyes reading or holding a book, he falls into himself- into the markers and colors on the page in front of him. (coffee idea) He seems intelligent enough to understand that he does not understand, and that is the hardest part of all.[1]

Fake number

On 12 March 2009, Chris talked to seven girls at Alderman Library. One of them gave him a number. "But unfortunately it was a fake... but unfortunately it was a bad number" because it was out of service. Chris was emotionally prepared for that though, since he had watched an episode of Seinfeld where Elaine gives fake numbers to guys and a funny situation resulted with her wanting a free sub.[2]

2017 events

Top left, in the white jacket.

Chris attended the Love is Love event on 10 February. It consisted of people wearing shirts supplied by the UVA's LGBTQ center and gathering to sing Good Old Song, UVA's school anthem.[3]

According to Facebook posts, he made plans to attend a date auction charity event at the campus on 9 February.[4]

In June 2017, he attended the UVA Remembers Pulse event, where he was quoted by local news media.

Do not hate. Hate is not so good and to be paranoid is a bust. Feel love that comes from us and try to feel love that you can offer at least from within yourselves, for yourselves.


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