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Virginia Jeanine Sanford

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Mrs. Sanford, cosplaying as herself.
Chris and Mrs. Sanford.
She was the most influential teacher in my life. During my years at Providence Middle School, she taught me better social skills, how to better cope with other people, bullies and life. With a positive and fun tomboyish attitude, she was a teacher any child would be most proud to look up to and be taught by.



—Chris on Mrs. Sanford[1]

Virginia Jeanine Sanford was one of Chris's teachers at Providence Middle School. She was once Teacher of the Year.[2] Chris has utterly failed to learn anything from her, but Mrs. Sanford is notable for being the only teacher that has had any positive influence on him.

Chris and Mrs. Sanford

If only Chris had listened...

Mrs. Sanford is the only teacher who Chris has ever singled out as having any sort of positive influence on his life. She instructed him on coping and social skills. As late as 2013 he still remembered her fondly.[3] Indeed, she seems to have read Chris very well and offered him germane advice. When Chris was in 8th grade, Mrs. Sanford wrote a message to Chris which he held onto well into his 20s. It would eerily predict his future mishaps:

To Christian-

Well, it's been 3 years now at Providence and it's all over! Where has the time gone to? The most important parting words I can leave you with - well, are to always remember this. You show people where your weak points are located, then they will know how to push your button. If you never show them, they will never know. I hope you will have an enjoyable summer and come back to visit. Do you very best at Manchester, put your best foot forward, and treat others as you wish to be treated.
Mrs. Sanford

In February 2007, Chris recontacted his old middle school teacher, and felt familiar enough to call her "Ginny or Virginia." Primarily he was looking for assistance in remembering the names of old classmates for his epic DVD, then under construction. He promised to send her a copy. He also provided her with a capsule version of his life up to that point, including the insanity of his Love Quest, his clash with Mary Lee Walsh, and his hatred of the Jerkops. He gave her the latest news of his efforts at stalking Megan. Finally, he directed her to his website, where she should read the Sub-Episodes to learn more about his titanic struggles. It is not known how Mrs. Sanford responded.[4]

For some strange reason, Chris included Mrs. Sanford in his list of "The Women in my Life" on the CWCipedia, as if she had been a peer or a potential romantic partner. (Is this why he tried to use her first name?) In any case, he deleted her section shortly after creating the page.


LEGO Mrs. Sanford, made with love in 2014.
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