12 October 2009

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12 October 2009 (officially "10122009") is a video in which Chris shows Gregg Mays his power. A more apt description is that he throws a temper tantrum in what is quite possibly his greatest display of tard rage. Because of this, the video is also referred to as "Chris Loses It". Notably, at the end of the video during the Walter Grisby phone call, the PSEye suffers a damaging blow courtesy of Chris's phone. After this event, the PSEye would regularly malfunction throughout future videos until Chris began using his Kodak digital camera on October 25, 2009.


Chris Loses It
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 12 October 2009
Subject Matter PowerPower Power
Performance Style ComedyComedy Unintentional Comedy, RageRage Rage, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
Shirt Dark RedDark Red Maroon
Challenge for Clyde
Challenge for Clyde II



0:01 to 0:05: Chris starts the video by screaming randomly and showing his claws, then doing what appears to be the jumping part of the Agadoo.

0:05 to 0:11: Chris drops to his knees and screeches like a cat as he repeatedly hops on the spot with an oddly creepy scowl on his face. He then bends over, making a whooping noise like Curly from The Three Stooges as he rolls over and falls to the ground forward, causing the camera to shake intensely as we hear a thud. As he does this, he gives us a nice view of his underwear and plumber's crack.

0:11 to 0:16: Chris gets to his feet, before leaping up again with another screech.

0:16 to 0:29: Chris rages randomly again, this time failing to break a cardboard box over his head. He then tries to kick a piece of what appears to be cardboard covered in blue cloth. He bends it after the third attempt, and flaps the two ends together before throwing it to the ground.

0:29 to 0:34: After taking a brief moment to pull up his pants, Chris steps on his couch several times before throwing up two claws of fail as he roars at the camera.

0:34 to 0:45: Chris picks up the cardboard box again and manages to actually tear it in half with a yell, and flings it at the ground. He picks up one of the pieces again and sissy throws it at the camera, missing entirely.

0:45 to 0:53: Chris quiets down for a bit to catch his breath after less than a minute of very light exercise, quietly raging at the camera.

0:53 to 1:02: Chris quietly swivels his chair, moves some stuff out of the way, stands on the chair, and falls over and off it, growling as he hits the ground.

1:02 to 1:13: Chris yells and flails about again randomly, with intermittent quiet periods as he continues to catch his breath and pull his pants up every few moments.

1:14 to 1:22: Chris picks up a telephone and "answers" in a normal tone of voice; "Hello? Yes, hello? Is this, uh, Walter Grisby? Who threw the frisbee? Well, you know what?"


1:22 to 1:27: Chris throws the phone at the camera, and it turns around as it topples over. Chris moves it to turn it off.

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Chris Gets a Call from Walter Grisby
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Stardate 08 November 2009
Made By manwithoutabody
Other Info This is how Chris treats white knights.
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