CWC Update 8 January 2009

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"CWC Update 8 January 2009" (officially "CWC Update 010808" — yes, Chris seemingly failed to note the new year) is a video in which Christian issues a statement announcing the hacking of by Gregg Mays, demanding that the site be restored. Other than that, very little in this message makes sense: Christian seems to say that he forced someone to fix the site, but still needs Gregg Mays to do something; he threatens to elicit the help of Jay Z but then questions whether this same person is a troll; and he declares his willingness to show his fangs.


CWC Update 8 January 2009
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Stardate 8 January 2009
Subject Matter WebsiteWebsite
Performance Style RageRage Rage, ReasonReason Reason
Saga MiyamotoMiyamoto Miyamoto
Shirt Dark RedDark Red Maroon
CWC AC: City Folk Update
I am STRAIGHT, in my case, is under slow recovery from Gregg Mays' attack on it; some files may be misplaced among my zip discs and HDD, but I'll have it all fully recovered as soon as I am capable.

But, BUG THE HECK out of him to at least confess to me that he's a troll, and to restore the missing files on

This video will not be deleted after the has been fully restored.

I'm not afraid to SHOW MY FANGS!


Captain's Log, January 8th, 2009. [inhales deeply]

Ladies and gentlemen of the Sonichu fan base: unfortunately, due to, uh… a troll having, uh, found access to the, uh… database behind, it is temporary shut down, and, uh, I cannot change the password at the moment. But, uh, apparently, the, uh, guy said that, uh, he can re—he can fix it, so… I pretty much forced him to do it, so… y’know....

Gregg Mayyys! Gregg Mays! At! With three Gs. In the “Gregg”.

[groans] If you do not re-upload… back to the way it was… before you even startedI will come down at you… with my boys from Nintendo and my big—and my lawyer man from the… big—and my lawyer man from Nintendo, Jay Z… [assumes B-boy stance] he gonna come down with his boys from Nintendo and the boys at Sega! They gonna rain d—they gonna track you down. We're gonna punish you for what you did if you don't bring that—bring my website back up to the way it was!

Jay Z, if you were the—one of the trolls that wanted a response… you're gettin' it, so just listen to me, ya jerk! Re-upload it! Or we're gonna rain heckle on you, ’cause I'm not afraid to… [moves very uncomfortably close to the camera for a canine close-up]


[returns to seat and sighs] But I digress...

Peace and love to all the rest of the Son—all the rest of the loyal Sonichu and Rosechu fans. Thank you for your patience.

CWC AC: City Folk Update Chris's videos I am STRAIGHT

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