One Blessing, and One Curse

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"One Blessing, and One Curse" is a video uploaded by Chris on 18 August 2009 where Chris asks everyone to stop the hate on Mary Lee Walsh, and begs everyone to give him Vivian's personal information. The video is so named because Chris launches one Forgiveness Blessing at Mary, and one rather pathetic curse at Vivian.


One Blessing, and One Curse
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Stardate 18 August 2009
Performance Style RageRage Rage
Shirt Red StuttgartRedshirt2.png Red Stuttgart, Denim JacketTruckerSprite.png The Trucker
CWC Fighter
CWC Update 20 August 2009
You're doing wrong. Just like Christian #2 did, and look what happened to him. And, I'm pretty much going to do it to you.


Stardate: August 18th, 2009. I skipped the Captain's Log, 'cause I don't feel like saying it.

Anyway I got 2 issues to address in this one video, and going to address now. First of all, to make it more specific. For Mary Lee Walsh of Piedmont Virginia Community College, I am going to give her forgiveness and blessings and apologies. Please stop slandering her name; the one you want to slander is Slaweel Ryam, which is—which is the comic villain. And the name of hhhhhhher facility is Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens, or short, PVCCitizens, and encourage everybody on YouTube who has uploaded such videos who originally hazed Mary Lee Walsh and Priva-Piedmont Viginia Community College to switch it over to Slaweel Ryam and PVCCitizens. And I put in my but—I put in my blessings a little extra to build her reputation up, giving her more care and respect the Real Mary Lee Walsh of Piedmont Virginia Community College. Forgiveness, blessing!

[does stupid hand motions, holds it for a few seconds, flexes muscles a bit]

Alright, nextly... [voice turns annoyed] Vivian G! Thanks for the book. It was good, I referred it to Rocky, but, still, what you're doing—like I have said in my public disclaimer, what you're doing, making a thing and trying to make money off of it. You're doing wrong. Just like Christian #2 did, and look what happened to him. And, I'm pretty much going to do it to you. [holds his hands out in front of him, as if he's going to do a Forgiveness Blessing] I gave a little bit to you, in a little bit of a sample in a private message, but I felt that it hasn't hit you so well, so let's see if this one will work. If this works, since this is my third attack then I know I have THE POWER. Anyway, in addition to the bad luck, extreme misfortune in this curse, I'll be granting you the eventuality of being caught by the police department of your own state, as well as the FBI that come all the way from Virginia and Tom Perillo and eber—everybody else that's involved in the federal government around here, Virginia. I will see you personally in court, you will be sued, and you will be put away. And also, just to make—just to be specific, if there is a chance that Clyde Cash is still alive? Curse him, as well, even though I do not wish death upon either of you.

[stands there for a brief second, then hauls back and performs the actions for a rather feeble...]

Curse-ye! Ha-me! HAAAAAAAAA!

[holds it for five seconds, then straightens up]

And to the rest of my loyal fanbase, I appreciate your continued support. And, uh, also, any information y'all my have upon Vivian G's home address and, uh, phone number? Please call me on my home phone number and let me know about that. My father will take a message.

[turns to the side, shows off the Autobot insignia and, in an Optimus Prime voice]

Autobots... transform and ROLL OUT!

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