August 2009

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On 1 August 2009 Liquid responds to Chris's SingStar Challenge.
On 8 August 2009 Chris provides us with risqué material of Rosechu. Again.
Cover for Sonichu 11, drawn 13 August 2009.
On 17 August 2009, Chris holds up this board at a Charlottesville Council Meeting.
On 27 August 2009, Chris shows high levels of tard-rage over the portrayal of this piece of property.
On 31 August 2009, Chris tells his gal-pal Kacey that he has split personalities.

The first half of August 2009 is dominated by a large war between Chris and the troll CChanSonichuCWC, better known as "Liquid Chris," about who is the real Christian Weston Chandler. Also, it is slowly becoming apparent that Chris has his eyes on Liquid's girlfriend, Kacey. As August draws to an end, Bob complains about video footage of the messy Chandler household being on the internet, fearing that the city housing association could kick them out of their house. Chris tries his best to get the trolls to take these videos down, but the more he pleads, the more the videos are spread. Eventually, Bob shouts at Chris for his incompetence. August ends with a short-lived attempt of Chris to get the trolls to believe that he has a split personality.

Events of August 2009

  • 1 August
  • 2 August
    • Chris uploads his second video to the challenge, "Don't Say You Love Me" by M2M.
    • Chris tells Katie he deliberately uploaded the song an hour before midnight in the hope that Liquid will be disqualified. However...
    • Liquid uploads his second video, "Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme" by Will Smith. (This entry is disqualified for ad-libbing.)
    • Trolls list Chris's 94 Ford Escort for sale on Craigslist, and then call him up about it
  • 3 August
  • 4 August
    • Liquid uploads his third SingStar entry, dedicated to his True and Honest Sweetheart. Hearts around the world melt.
    • Liquid uploads Challenge Video BONUS: #3, explaining the history of his parents, revealing what, according to him, IBAChandler's real name is, and including a mugshot of Chris.
    • Chris demands the truth from Liquid Chris and admits that he (Solid Chris) is retarded.
    • Chris uploads a video showing how he draws Sonichu, in another attempt to get the truth out to Kacey.
    • Chris uploads his fourth entry, "The Touch", by Stan Bush.
    • Liquid uploads his fourth entry, "Think Twice" by Eve 6, as a threat to the impostor, IBAChandler. He also picks "Smell Yo Dick" by Riskay as Chris's encore song.
    • Kacey calls Chris who, still impersonating Liquid, tries to ease her into meeting him.
    • Kacey, sweetheart of Liquid, releases a video she had received from Chris the previous day.
    • Kacey calls Chris again and yells about his sleazy attempt to impersonate her boyfriend.
    • Chris sends an email to Vivian Gee explaining that he has become a better person thanks to his trolls, including Vivian. Vivian sees through the message, and claims he still hasn't understood yet.
    • Chris lets Katie Bay know about how he screwed up his chance with Kacey.
  • 5 August
  • 6 August
    • Liquid uploads his fifth and final entry, "Lift Up Your Eyes" by The Planetshakers.
    • Chris tells Katie Bay that he's spoken with Kacey again and she has calmed down. He is jealous of Liquid.
    • Chris writes an "Address to the Homosexuals" for the CWCipedia.
  • 7 August - Solid Chris uploads a video in hopes of getting Liquid Chris to come clean about his identity and to notify him that he needs to redo his fifth SingStar challenge video.
  • 8 August
    • For the first time in months, Chris comes out with new Sonichu material. He uploads the first nine pages of Episode 20 to CWCipedia.
    • Chris tries to enlist Katie Bay in a new stupid plan to take down Liquid Chris.
  • 9 August
    • Chris founds his third and last DeviantART account, "CWCipedia."
    • Solid Chris uploads a final warning to Liquid Chris. Liquid responds by uploading a phone call (with permission of the Feds investigating the SLANDEROUS IMPOSTOR CHRIS) Chris refers to in the video.
  • 10 August
    • Chris affirms that he is the true Christian Weston Chandler by verifying he is a loser with manboobs.
    • Chris uploads six more pages of Episode 20, to CWCipedia.
    • Chris and Katie Bay discuss vegetarianism and The White Stripes.
  • 11 August
    • Chris uploads the KCWC Top 10 Dedication Special, which consists of him sitting in his bedroom pretending to be a radio DJ, giving shout-outs and dedications to various people from his past (almost all of whom were trolls).
    • Chris writes a resumé for
    • Chris and Katie Bay discuss TV shows and video games.
  • 12 August - In a new video, Chris responds disgusted towards the Guro Pedophile fanart that has been sent to him.
  • 13 August - Chris draws the cover for Sonichu 11.
  • 14 August
  • 15 August
    • Chris rages after Vivian Gee promotes the Audiobook Saga on DVD. He later sends an angry e-mail to her about this, claiming he will use counterfeit laws against her.
    • Solid reacts to Liquid's farewell video.
    • GONE is uploaded to Liquid's account, suggesting that Solid has Liquid tied up in his basement.
    • Chris uploads The Contest NEVER was to Determine Who was Who, to say that the Singstar contest wasn't to determine who was the real Chris.
    • Chris and Katie Bay discuss copyright, publishing, and magic powers.
  • 16 August
    • Chris uploads a video where he retracts all most of his previous Curse-ye-ha-me-ha attacks. At the behest of many, Chris gives a special Forgiveness Blessing to CChanSonichuCWC.
    • Chris writes a cover letter for his resume.
    • Chris tells Katie Bay he plans to put his resume online today. He explains how he curses people.
  • 17 August
    • Katie asks Chris when he plans to finish Episode 20 of Sonichu.
    • Chris appears at a Charlottesville Council Meeting to save McIntire Park, and starts shouting like a retard in public.
  • 18 August
    • Chris tells Katie he's creating a new YouTube account. She criticizes the poster he made for the McIntire Park campaign.
    • Chris creates a new YouTube account, ChristianWChandler, and deletes the IBAChandler account.
    • Chris uploads a CWCFighter video where he shows the Internet his martial arts moves.
  • 19 August
    • Chris tells Katie he will be uploading his comics onto his DeviantArt account.
    • Chris and Vivian exchange e-mails, where Chris attempts to get the FBI to arrest Vivian for the Audiobooks. Vivian, however, claims she can't be sued because she's in France.
  • 20 August - Chris announces he is uploading new pages from Episode 20, along with the rest of his artwork, on his DeviantArt account while CWCipedia is down.
  • 22 August
    • Chris tells Katie Bay he's on the verge of getting a job.
    • In a new video, Chris refuses to stop drawing the comics and demands R-E-S-T-E-D-C.
  • 24 August
  • 27 August
    • In an email, Chris tells a friend that his parents have found out about his video house tour and are furious. Chris is deeply stressed.
    • Chris uploads a video demanding all videos and pictures of his house be removed from the Internet.
  • 28 August
    • Chris and Kacey chat on the phone. She tries to persuade him to apply for jobs.
    • Chris informs a friend that his parents are still upset and distrustful, and that she should hold off trying to talk to them.
    • Chris's last DeviantART account is banned after only two weeks.
    • On CWCipedia, Chris declares that he has been banned from DeviantART.
  • 29 August
  • 30 August - Chris uploads a video, saying that he has received no boxes and that he has a split personality.
  • 31 August - Chris and Kacey have another phone conversation. He pretends to have multiple personalities.